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The mod has been delayed a few times. We´re telling you why.

Posted by Gambini on Apr 27th, 2013

Ok. I´ve been asked many times why we keep delaying this thing. We´ve been called names and our mod a hoax because of this.

First of all: There hasn´t been ever a fixed release date. When I created this mod´s profile I´ve been asked for a release date. I had to choose between TBD or an exact day. TBD sounds like in about ten years, so I decided to choose a safe date, which was April 15. Days came flying and that day was above us before we even blinked. With all the repercussion our trailer generated, I deviated my attention from working on the mod to reading the clusterfuck of messages we was receiving from everywhere. I also had to deal with some situations, that if we would have known beforehand that the trailer would cause such things, we would have decided to not show it.

I changed the release date a few times with the intention of calming people down, but it generated the opposite results. The true is that, at the point of publishing the trailer, we had a 95% done mod. And at the moment of writting these news, the mod is about 99.99% done. There´s only one little thing missing and some real life problems prevented us to have it done today.

So, all in all. Be patient, most of you have been waiting 14 years for a game that never came (at least not in the form you were expecting it to come). I give you my word this mod will be released either tomorrow or in a couple of days, as much. We´re the kind of modders that do things at our own pace, we don´t like to be rushed. And if we need a day or two to ensure things are going to be shipped the right way, we´ll take that day and will give a damn about fullfilling a release date. It´s not worth rushing the last step of a 6 months work just because many people is impatient.


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Guest Apr 27 2013 says:

Thank you for some closure guys. I was getting worried.

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sbnewsom Apr 27 2013 says:

I would expect angry people to go through the comments on the page for some answers and not blatantly asking the same old pathetic question? Glad you posted an article on the subject Gambini.

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Gambini Author
Gambini Apr 28 2013 replied:

What do you mean with TX making a big fuss? And we didn´t have no strategy whatsoever. We published a trailer and it lived its own life. We didn´t expect anything from it more than showing what we was doing.

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TheUnbeholden Apr 28 2013 replied:

I mean what you wrote on the forums about Devil Master attracting alot of attention because of the release date debacle, accusing the project of being fake. It's likely that Devil Master was just being impatient and paranoid. Anyways that stuff doesn't matter so relax.

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Xylemon Apr 28 2013 says:

I hope you guys have a smooth release, take as much time as needed.

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Blade_Sword Apr 28 2013 says:

Good luck dudes, I hope people can understand that mods are made with people's spare time.

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TheUnbeholden Apr 28 2013 says:

honestly I would wait another 6 months for this thing if it means being having everything we saw in the DNF trailer and 9-10 hours of gameplay. If you can fulfill the first thing and give us 5-6 hours then thats great to. But it seems that either this is a curse that you have taken from DNF or a tactic to attract attention. Maybe that whole thing with TX making a big fuss over this (about Devil Master and his alternate account, Altered Reality) may have even been yours or Mikko's ploy for even more attention.
Even if it is I don't particularly care aslong as the mod is real and we get it whenever it comes.

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tommacool Apr 28 2013 says:

You should have posted it TBD in the first place. What did you expect?
Not so clever, you are (Yoda voice)

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Bacon28 May 1 2013 says:

Most people dont understand how making a game works, with animations and the artwork the modeling (not sure if this applys in this case) and how not everything you plan works right away....

Awesome mod guys and I'm VERY GLAD you take time with it, instead of rushing it. Otherwise people would be like Oh this mod feels so rushed its crap....ugh

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ceriux May 1 2013 says:

WTFs up with this village people thing? your eduke32 build was unplayable looked like tons of leaks in a map when you play half-life... so i switched to the latest, and it does it too unless i use polymer. but when i do this stupid village people thing blocks my view...

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Gambini Author
Gambini May 1 2013 replied:

You should not replace the provided exe file. Your leak problems are because you have not put a copy of Duke3d.grp in the folder, as the instructions read. You shouldn´t use polymer, as it is not supported.

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ceriux May 1 2013 says:

got it working.

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Guest May 1 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Thales_The_Unstable Jun 20 2013 says:

I must seriously be the only human in the world that had fun with the regular Forever game. I don't get why people did not expect it'd turn out the way it did. Still this looks awesome too, I'm curious.

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