Behold the Yuuzhan Vong Army! This mod adds the Yuuzhan Vong Race as a playable faction and all units of this era. We are a community of modders working for the greater goal, so anyone who wants to help or support us is welcome!

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Errant Venture : a mobile shadowport
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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 says:

So, this is our take on the Errant Venture. The ship was a mobile spaceport, so I wanted to capture that feeling of having a modified star destroyer allowing ships to dock with it easily, yet still allowing the ship to be able to perform war time maneuvers.

The entire ship will be painted red, for the most part, but some areas that are shown in the first pic that are still grey will be used as billboard advertising, showing discount sales and advertisements from things in the galaxy.

The Superlaser will be able to cripple a cruiser in a single shot, and will have a recharge rate.

The docking platforms on the sides of the ship, if destroyed, will deactivate the passive repair abilty.

Just in case it is too hard to see, underneath the ship is a superstructure added onto the hull that features a large radar dish and a very large gun barrel for the superlaser.

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ExoticTofu May 9 2014 replied:

Why does the ship feature a full weapon compliment as opposed to the mostly stripped armement?
(btw im still around, im just working on personal stuff + IRL nonsense, ill be back soon)

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

After the Lusankya was destroyed, they stripped turrets off the wreckage and gave it to the Errant Venture. Star Destroyers were a rare sight during this time era , not many were left and every ship counted towards the war effort.

Glad to hear you are still around :)

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Boda May 10 2014 replied:

Does that mean that the Lusankya will have to be destroyed in order for Errant to appear in game?

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Slornie May 10 2014 replied:

I thought they stripped off the weapons /before/ Lusankya was destroyed (while fitting that reinforced core/spear inside)?

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166248 May 10 2014 replied:

the EV was never totally disarmed. and you are correct, the Lusankya was stripped before being turned into a kamikazi craft.

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DerMajor May 12 2014 replied:

unnecessary poste i accidently did^^

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nowhere3pro May 9 2014 says:

all i can say is bye bye vong, thanks to that superlaser :)
well done guys, great model. I love the external docking bays

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Railgunner2160 May 9 2014 says:

Slight misconceptions in the description, The errant venture did not have all of it's weapons removed. Only as many as was required to bring it under the legal limits under galactic law.

Before Booster got the Venture that limit was really just academic, no ships for the civilian sector had anywhere near the limit prior to the Errant Venture......

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Afro-yoda-ninja May 9 2014 replied:

Good spot, that's true

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oOXyroxOo May 9 2014 says:

absolutely beautifull!

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Boozei May 9 2014 says:

"Black market superlaser" So people could just buy a superlaser on the black market?

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TheTriangulum Creator
TheTriangulum May 9 2014 replied:

I guess a super laser is any particle beam weapon which uses the same premise as the death star except at a much much much much lower fraction of power

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Boozei May 9 2014 replied:

It just doesn't seem like the thing people should be able to buy, even in the black market. I mean the black market where i live just gets you moonshine and power tools...

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Jeroenimo May 9 2014 replied:

You ever visited the dark web with the TOR browser? You'll be surprised at what you can buy if you go deep enough.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

Moonshine and power tools... In the right hands that could be far worse than a super laser ;)

One could also consider the Darksaber to be a black market super weapon also

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166248 May 10 2014 replied:

that and there were special crystals that would enhance the properties of the weapons they were used with, which if applied properly would allow the EV to have a weapon even remotely as powerful as a superlaser without running her reactor to dangerous levels

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oOXyroxOo May 9 2014 replied:

its canon. take a look at wookipedia ;)

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AugustusFlavius May 9 2014 says:

I really need to find a new word to use but until I do. This is AWESOME!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kryptonater May 9 2014 says:

This... Just... This... Need...Play...Now...Much...Now...Play.

+3 votes     reply to comment
predatorator May 9 2014 says:

lol, i'm dying to see that "Downloads" button to become white!!!

+5 votes     reply to comment
oOXyroxOo May 9 2014 replied:

sadly we have to wait a few years to see the downloadbutton... but a mod on this lvl takes time... a lot of time!

+3 votes     reply to comment
predatorator May 19 2014 replied:

They can take all the time they need..i'm pretty sure that what will come out, will worth the wait!

+1 vote     reply to comment
GeneralTantor May 9 2014 says:

So in Game you can actually dock ships to it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Admiral-Ace May 9 2014 says:

"Sometimes I think of that ship as one massive red warning light."
―Mara Jade

+6 votes     reply to comment
AUS_Doug May 9 2014 replied:

Ha! I just started reading 'Survivor's Quest' again yesterday!

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Revanchist_1 May 9 2014 says:

Since it is a mobile trade port it should have a passive galactic credit boosting ability or something like that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

As stated in description:

"Passive build cost reduction of all land/space units"

It makes ships and tanks cheaper to buy

+2 votes   reply to comment
Revanchist_1 May 9 2014 replied:

Oops. Missed that. :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
jabookie May 9 2014 says:

awesome guys can't wait

+2 votes     reply to comment
alenoguerol May 10 2014 says:

hell yes! custom ships ftw!
im glad that you guys make whole new models rather than just a reskin like most mods does.
great team, great mod, great job!

+2 votes     reply to comment
order69 May 12 2014 says:

a lot of details, but some turrets are unnecessary, or too large which makes them easy targets

-1 votes     reply to comment
Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 12 2014 replied:

for our mod, all turrets are standardized, so the same medium turbo laser you see on a star destroyer is the same medium turbo laser you see on the CR90 corvette. The same heavy turbolaser you see on the a corellian battleship is the same as on the star destroyer. This helps with the scale factor.

The Star Destroyer is a massive ship ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Red_5 May 20 2014 says:

so when i'm destroying the vong, they'll know that milk is half off over at the space supermarket

+2 votes     reply to comment
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Booster Terrik is a reknown smuggler and galactic entrepreneur. During the course of the Bacta War, he managed to steal a fully functional and undamaged Imperial Star Destoyer from Ysanne Isard' fleet by tricking the Imperial captain into surrendering. A loyal patriot to the Rebel cause, Terrik was allowed to keep his newly acquired star destoryer as long as it was dismantled of all weapons. Over the years since Bacta War, Terrik painted the ship red so that it would never again be confused with being an Imperial warship, and converted it into a mobile shadowport, or smuggler trade station.

Terrik used the Star Destroyer as his mobile base, traveling the galaxy and conducting black market sales with smugglers and military organizations in need. He adapted his ISD2 over the years to allow convenient docking of various sized vessels for ease of cargo transferring. During the Vong war, Terrik was asked to form an armada of Smuggler Ships which became known as the Smuggler's Alliance to help the New Republic fend off the Vong Invasion. Terrick was given ship armaments back after the NR lost the Lusankya SSD, and after his ship was fully battle ready again, he proceeded to be a vital hero in many battles fighting against the Vong.

The Errant Venture / Booster Terrik (minor hero) Errant Venture Booster Terrik

Ship features:

- Full weapon compliment of an ISD2
- Hanger of 'ugly' fighters and assault shuttles/freighters
- Passive repair of nearby allied ships due to external docking platforms
- Passive build cost reduction of all space and land units due to black market connections
- Tractor Beam Special Ability
- Ventral mounted black market superlaser

Star Destroyer model: Geroenimo
Model Edits and Details: Bunrtstrobe

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May 9th, 2014
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