Behold the Yuuzhan Vong Army! This mod adds the Yuuzhan Vong Race as a playable faction and all units of this era. We are a community of modders working for the greater goal, so anyone who wants to help or support us is welcome!

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Bakuran Star Destroyer
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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 8 2014 says:

The initial Bakuran Defense Fleet will feature one of these ships.

If the New Republic captures Bakura, they will not be allowed to build them. If the Hutts or the Peace Brigade (Vong) capture Bakura, this ship will be allowed for production.

Ship is 850 m long

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Kharcov Creator
Kharcov May 8 2014 replied:

Always loved this ship, Solid model work.

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spaceship_2012 May 9 2014 replied:

That's the same model as the Watchkeeper from the Chiss.

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Dorin3333 May 8 2014 says:

Nice, love the shape.

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Haize May 8 2014 says:

Wow great one! and great back story too! Nice work =D

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nowhere3pro May 8 2014 says:

What about the Galactic Alliance? will they have access to these? apparently they had access to HIMS tech during the final battle of coruscant and bakure contributed ships to the Defence of Mon Cal

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bardicheassault-07 May 8 2014 replied:

Not only that, but the Bakuran Defense Fleet had several of these ships. During the First Corellian Insurrection, only three of them had the HIMS technology installed. Also, only one of the destroyers, the Watchkeeper, was destroyed. The other ship you're thinking about is the Intruder, a Namana-class Light Cruiser.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 8 2014 replied:

they had 3 destroyers, only 1 survived.

When Luke visited Bakura during the Vong war, the Bakurans were very displeased that they were forgotten about and they never had their navy funding assisted with by the NR.

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bardicheassault-07 May 8 2014 replied:

"Only Defender and Sentinel would return to Bakura following the subsequent Battle of Centerpoint Station."

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bardicheassault-07 May 8 2014 replied:

Also the Bakuran Navy had many more ships than just the 3 destroyers, however they only sent those 3 ships cause, at the time, they were the only ones fitted with HIMS technology.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

They only had the 3 destroyers, with only 2 left by the time of the Vong war. Wiki states this also. They did have several Braha'tok gunships and a few Namana frigates, but overall, their navy was very small, this was part of the reason why they held such resentment towards the New Republic as seen in the novel Force Heretic II: Refugee. The Bakurans simply did not have the money to fund a huge navy.

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Slornie Sep 13 2014 replied:

Following your recent update on the New Class I took another look at Cracken's Threat Dossier and spotted something on the Bakura Destroyer. P136 states:

"The Bakura-class Destroyers are superb combat vessels ideally suited for the post-Imperial era; unfortunately production levels for these ships are at an all-time low: roughly four Bakura-class destroyers are built in a standard year."

This means there must have been far more than three of the class, either in Bakuran, New Republic or other hands!

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 8 2014 replied:

I don't recall any bakuran destroyers at the battle if mon cal. Maybe some bakuran gunships, but no destroyers. If I am mistaken, someone please correct me and cite a reference.

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nowhere3pro May 8 2014 replied:

heres where I got my info from, check the aftermath section

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Revan5678 May 8 2014 says:

It looks so... graceful! Just Wow!

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oOXyroxOo May 8 2014 says:

fantastic ship!
looks somehow like a chiss-design to me

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Striker11 May 8 2014 says:

Great model! I've seen a lot of ships that have only medium turbolaser weaponry so I'm curious what kind of damage scale are you using? I like playing around with the code on just about every mod I download, and it seems most people make a medium turbolaser do around 15-30 damage and a heavy turbolaser is usually double that. Generally most weapons do between 1-100 damage points. I'm just curious if you are going to enlarge the range a bit to get more diversity or if every heavy turbolaser does around the same damage.

In short when you say a Kuati ship has more powerful turbolasers than say a Mon Cal are we talking 1 or 2 damage points per projectile or are we talking a lot more than that?

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

This all stems around an age old debate:

Red lasers vs Green lasers

We made the decision that green lasers were an advancement by the imperials to be of a stronger power. Now, throw all scientific reasoning out the window, for it just doesn't apply to Star Wars , for if it did we wouldn't have to worry about all the custom sound effects needed for space battles...

This rational is based on fictional logic if you will. The Empire had more advanced resources in scientific engineering and relied on short range assault craft, so we deemed that green lasers are more powerful, yet have shorter range. This factored into the rational of the rebels having superior shielding to combat the stronger weapons. Adversely, red lasers did less damage, yet would have a greater range, attributing to the superior tactics and survivability of rebel fleets.

There are light lasers, turbo lasers, and heavy lasers. Each has different damage amounts. We standardized turret designs to make coding the game easier and faster, and it made sense that turrets would be manufactured by companies and sold wholesale, just as engines are (which is why some engines are blue and some are orange: different speeds). So, different races may use the same turrets, but are powered by different types of weapon gas, sort of like different types of ammunition. So, the classic medium turbolaser turret might be on an imperial ship and on a rebel ship, but it will have different range and damage depending if it uses red or green lasers.

We also wanted to create more interesting looking space battles, so we introduced beam lasers and artillery, beam lasers firing a more concentrated beam of damage at a slower fire rate and artillery functioning similar to flack causing area damage upon explosion. Then there are the blue masers of the Chiss, and we figured the Ssi-Ruuvi might have their own laser technology along with the Vagaari.

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Burntstrobe Author
Burntstrobe May 9 2014 replied:

So creates a much deeper tactical diversity. Then there are the Hutts and pirates who don't have access to the latest tech, and they rely on mass driver technology. To balance all this, we determined that lasers would cause more damage against shields than mass drivers , mass drivers cause more damage against organic material, laser do more damage against armor , mass drivers fire faster than lasers, proton torpedoes cause the most damage against shields and armor yet have slow fire rates , concussion missiles do little damage against shields but more damage against armor than lasers, and that long range weapon lasers fire more slowly than short range, anything that is "turbo" will fire multi round bursts of fire and so forth...

Then throw in plasma weapons, molten magma missiles and black hole emitting weapons on top of all that...

It is a bit complicated, but we have it worked out.

Needless to say, "you will be pleasantly surprised"...


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Guest May 9 2014 replied:

That sounds great. Have you guys thought about diamond boron missiles, disruptor beams, and some of the other illegal armaments being used? I've seen another mod use this and I think it would be a really cool idea and give your Hutt faction or pirates some more distinction. I know another mod was doing this and maybe they would be willing to assist. Just an idea.

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Striker11 May 9 2014 replied:

Good I was just worried that the differences in projectile strength might be so small it wouldn't really make much of a difference. I haven't heard that take on red vs green lasers but it is an interesting idea to have red be long range and green be stronger. I guess that's the beauty of SciFi is that you don't have to be scientifically accurate and can define the universe how you want.

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Darth_Raius May 8 2014 says:

looks like its gonna kick some vong a**

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Erick_Auron May 9 2014 says:

i realy like this ship, dont know why, it just seems so sexy XP

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Originally funded by the New Republic, but forgotten about after the first Ssi-Ruuvi-Bakuran conflict, the BSD was a pocket destroyer developed by the Bakurans and funded by the New Republic to help protect Bakuran space. After signing production deals to deliver discounted repulsor craft to the New Republic, the Bakuran people were forgotten about, and after the Corellian Crisis where they lost 1 of their 3 destroyers, their program was never again funded by the New Republic leaving the Bakurans very resentful of the New Republic government, yet very eager to accept other offers from different organizations.

Ship armament:

6 bow mounted proton torpedo launchers
13 rapid fire AA cannons
28 dual medium turbolaser turrets
4 dual medium artillery turbolaser turrets
light ions
2 Point Defense Systems
HIMS Gravity Well Generator
2 squadrons (fighter and bomber)

Model Design: EvilleJedi
Model Edits/Details: Burntstrobe

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May 8th, 2014
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