Wounded Ronin's Vintage Firearms Mod with Lisac2k's vintage firearms graphics is a weapon/ammo mod for Fallout 2 based on the old (vintage) weapons. For more information please refer to the description below.

Wounded Ronin:
This is my first attempt at making a mod for any game. As such, it is very simple and modest in scope, and I would appreciate feedback in case of errors on my part. I have replaced most of the Small Guns and Big Guns from Fallout 2 with real-world vintage firearms such as 1911s and RPKs. I am a big fan of the rugged power of vintage weapons and part of my purpose in creating this mod was to celebrate the idea that "they don't make them how they used to." I have also tried to make combat a little more realistic in spite of of the hitpoint-driven style of Fallout and I've basically done this by making the following changes:

a) Pistols and weapons chambered to fire pistol cartridges do less damage hit-for-hit than those which use shotgun shells or rifle cartridges. As the old adage goes, "Pistols are for fighting your way back to your rifle, which you never should have dropped in the first place." I was always puzzled as to why, in the original game, a pistol in .44 magnum performs better against armor than an assault rifle.

b) Burst fire ammo expenditure reflects two seconds of automatic fire when the game is dealing with a real world weapon. This makes burst fire very deadly and makes use of cover and not just standing out in the open much more important than it was in the original Fallout. It introduces a new challenge to the player who uses burst fire frequently, which is the logistics of maintaining an adequate supply of ammunition.

c) Most of the Small Guns and Big Guns in the game can be thought of in
terms of the following categories: Pistols, which are relatively weak but only require one hand to use, Submachineguns, which require less APs to use than bigger guns and which have the benefit of burst fire, Carbines, which are like beefed up pistols requiring two hands, Rifles, which use powerful catridges and which may have burst fire but which require more APs to use than submachineguns, Shotguns, which are effective at close range against unarmored targets, and Machine Guns, which are unwieldly but absolutely devastating in the right hands. It is my hope that this makes a player's choice of gun more strategic depending on whether he wants to go for slow accurate hits or wants overall lower AP costs.

My hope is that I have created a mod which has more verisimilitude with real use of firearms than the original Fallout 2 did. It's worth pointing out that I did not edit any of the energy weapons.

Originally I had only wanted to change all of the Small Guns to vintage US military weapons so as to stick more to the retro-Americana theme of the rest of the game than I felt modern weapons like 10mm pistols and bozars succeeded in doing. As I worked, however, I ended up realizing that if I wanted to replace most of the "futuristic" Small and Big Guns there wasn't enough Americana weapons and that I would need to make a general Vintage Firearms Mod with Warsaw Pact and German weapons in addition to the Americana weapons. I decided not to change any of the energy weapons as they, moreso than a HK CAWS or PDW, were in keeping with the retro-scifi look and feel of Fallout; personally, I just can't imagine 1930s old radio Buck Rogers wasting an alien with a PDW although I can imagine him doing so with some kind of raygun.

I'm not a big fan of weapon mods, but the Ronin's premise "they don't make them how they used to" seemed quite interesting back in the days, and the mod was already released, so I decided to help him giving it more appeal and charm. At the same time I did help Ronin with any difficulties and problems along the way, reaching the stable version 1.1 of the mod and checking the compatibility with Killap's Unofficial Patch.

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Vintage Firearms Mod v1.1

Vintage Firearms Mod v1.1

Full Version

This is the final version of the Vintage Firearms Mod for Fallout 2.


I can confirm that this mod conflicts with some aspect of the Restoration mod. A few maps won't load, namely the Den and Broken Hills.

The weapons aren't really that balanced. Though I suppose guns aren't supposed to be.

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Is it compatible with the Restoration Project?

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lisac2k Creator

It should be... I never checked it, but there were only gfx and descriptions of the weapons changed, maybe some properties in protos. None of these changes should affect the Restoration Project seriously, you should be able to finish the game with virtually zero bugs. Install the mod after the RP.

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the mod broke my game and now i when i enter the den its just a black screen with me and sulik on it please help because i really would like to play he mod its just broken so if you could give me tips or something that would be great

Mods already installed: restoration pack,hi-res mod,mobster armor mod,survivor mod,weapons redone mod

suggestion: I think guns from this mod and ammo should cost a lot less because I cant do anything in the early game unless I steal ammo and guns from people

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lisac2k Creator

Survivor mod is unfortunately not compatible with the others. It does contain a lot of bug fixes, like Restoration Pack, but it's to be used alone.

Try this order of installation (without Survivor):
1) Restoration Pack
2) Hi-Res
3) Mobster Armor
4) Weapons Redone

If it's not working, then you will have to remove 3) or 4) as well, because they may be incompatible. Please refer to readme files for each mod's compatibility.

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I love almost anything thats vintage. :) Gotta try this one!

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So few comments, looks like a cool mod. The new weapon pics look great. Going to try it :).

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That was always something which I wanted. Thanks!


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lisac2k Creator

Have a good time with it!

You should really thank to Wounded Ronin, most of it is his idea. Unfortunately, his modding days are behind him, so consider this an homage to the great man with good ideas.

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