In science and philosophy, a paradigm /ˈpærədaɪm/ is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. (Wikipedia)

As to my knowledge this is only mod or game that gives you ability to use firearms (from flintlock, blunderbus up to AK47) , bows, crosbows, magic wands and staves, laser blasters, side arms (swords, axes, polearms) and even lightsabers in a same, single play. (Let me know if I am wrong).

  1. What is this all about?

Lets imagine everything we know about Roman Empire. As a center of culture, military and administrative organization etc. Lets call it a Roman Empire paradigm.

Now try to recall everything we know about Star Wars. This is knowledge about fictional world, with other than our physics, political situation, etc. It comes from movies, books, comics. Never the less let's call it Star Wars paradigm.

In this game you will experience life with cultures that are created from most different culture, social, political paradigms.

I wonder, there are great "Tolkien" or "Star Wars" mods (for a lot of games, but Mount and Blade is an ideal example). But I have never seen mod that would combine all this worlds into a huge cosmogenic Babel tower.

So this is it. I hope that this mod, which I created to see what would happen if so different worlds would meet, is rather a terrarium with interesting ants, than a tower of biblical chaos.

In my opinion cultures such different are impossible to co-exist in one story only at first glance. Than after some time, you'll see (I hope) what I saw: alittle chaostic, but working mechanism created from very different parts.

PARADIGMS that are in the game:

  • WWII Nazi Germany military forces mixed with medieval chivalry

  • Steampunk mixed with Soviet Russia political hierarchy

  • Japan of samurais mixed with space aliens and Star Wars

  • Orc, uruks, and elves from Tolkien, but living the world in which Sauron won war for the ring

  • Some modern global paranoia mixed with some magic which can have resemblence to times of Prince of Persia or 1001 nights stories.



One of the most important improvement is DOOMSDAY CLOCK. This mechanic somehow balances game as you become more and more powerful the world is becoming more and more dangerous.

Paradigm worlds are on the verge of autodestruction. There is too much hate, evil, cruelty. This world is becoming hell on Earth. The kingdoms, countries are ruled by tyrans and dictators. This is how empires are falling, and everything with them. This is world in which you fight for struggle. Every dishonorable act: bribery, slave trading, cannibalism brings you closer to chaos and anarchy.

As game-mechanics, DOOMSDAY CLOCK is ticking all the time. Every day is a single click. A click to hell. With every click villain parties become stronger and better trained. Lords have bigger parties and use more advanced units.

Some exceptionally good deeds can click-back DOOMSDAY CLOCK. There is only one way to stop the world from falling apart. To prevent DOOSDAY CLOCK from advancing you have to build temple in every town. So you have to conquer all worlds to take all towns to free the world. What an ironny.


    The second most important thing I wanted to do is to create the world when all real and futuristic and fantasy cultures would meet. There are Star-wars, Tolkien fans, fans of cyberpunk and so on. I wanted to create a place where they all could meet. Of course mixing such different worlds can bring chaos and destruction for cohesion of the whole world. It IS strange watching medieval cavalry charge at aliens from outer space. But I think that some kind of balance is possible. Best equipped with modern rifles units don't use any kind of real armor. Beside of tactical shields. Blasters can deadly, but they are slow and inaccurate. And what I cam say: I wanted to imagine who would win, predator or Darth Maul? Nazgul or modern commando? This is place where such an answers can be given. Or better you can take command of each side.


Every unit can be taken prisoner, or recruited other way. Every piece of equipment can be found or bought. There is only one expcetion of this rule, modern troopers, they would rather die, than be held captive. You can imprison undeads, recruit pirate hunters, liches, dark lords, alien samurais, sanitarium inquisitors and everybody else.

Every unit (except mercenaries) has its own culture and can become more advanced. Cannibals die and become skeletons which become viking ghost warriors or dark magus. Scavengers become techno slaves, than cybogs and thechno mages. This are few examples of very rich improvment tree.


  • Modmerged with PBOD and FREELANCER MOD. No Diplomacy mod (and there won't be for sure. I intend to keep mostly vannila diplomacy with my own modding.

  • Tons of new weapons, equipment. (1623 – item count for 16.01.2017)

Weapons – you'll find swords, axes, as well as firearms from flintlock rifles to winchesters. You can use magic wands, staffs, modern firearm, or even plasma launchers and energy blasters. There are lightsabers, living and gaining experience artifact, new kinds of thrown weapons like paralizing palantirs or devils' heads.

  • There are some new products to eat or trade. Some of them are needed to craft special weapons or other artifacts.

  • There is a lot of new buildings you can order to build i towns and castles. Castles are now bases for recruitment elite units, towns are rather centers for improving stats, like relations, renown and honour. Also there are building improving ways to earn gold.

  • Building give acces to elite units. Each building give each week more advanced units.

  • Town's architecture examples: courthouse, bank, local theatre, pirate hunter guild, etc.

  • Castle's architecture examples: blacksmith, armory, training grounds, etc.

  • You get special equipment for joining each faction (as a gift from a liege)

  • A few new companions, rest remodelled (but with old dialogs).

  • You can cannibalize (eat) prisoners

  • Slave trading – for trading slaves you lose honor, but earn great amounts of money.

  • A little something on the field of diplomacy: you can send money to kings to improve relations (it can however worsen relation with other kings). This feature is experimental, as I had some problems with coding. If you think, you can help me with that, I will gladly take it.

  • Each faction have two kinds of troops. Regulars can be recruited from villages, but they can advance to certain point. The elite troops can be recruited only after building additional structures like armory, training grounds etc. They are far more powerful than regulars.

  • This makes game more interesting, I think. It changes the pace of the game. It is no longer an easy task to become independent.

  • A lot of new units, from different factions, sub-factions

  • World map is crawling with different parties, so watch your every move

  • Lots of bandit parties: from Scoiataels, to Scavs, undeads, so on.

  • You can start from nothing, or choose A SPECIAL SCENARIO which varies from starting as Alien Pirate, Mercenary Musketeer to a point when you start a game as a leader of small duchy with a few castles and a town.

  • You can recruit classic troop related to culture, or significant more expensive Personal Guard (custom troops with their own advancement tree)) which has a wide range of weapons and armour to choose from. There is special tree for this custom troop, every with different equipment to choose from.

  • You can bribe lords (if you imprison them) to join your faction. (now this option is available only in CHEAT mode. This is because I have found that some strange things are happening. you can bribe lord if 1. you imprison him 2. talk when in cheat mode

  • Some items give bonuses to skills like books. For example Legendary Cyber Visor have +3 to "archery" and tactics skill.

  • New books with bonuses or special features, also primitive, but magic books.

  • Magical artifact (just one for now) which gains experience and levels. With every level it becomes more powerful, deadlier weapon. On the last level it even gains alternate weapon mode.

  • Some weapons have new alternate weapon modes.

  • New animals as mounts : wolves, wargs, camels, elephants, giant spiders.

  • You can choose any faction and some minor factions if you have enough Right to Rule, and special equipment (possible to buy from scribes – special merchant you can meet in taverns).

  • In cheat mode (activated from option menu) you can run Troop Tree from reports menu (quite buggy due to strange troo tree of this mod ie. Diversification to regular, elite troop, personal unit and so on). However it is always better than nothing. You can check most of the regular troops tree.

If you wanna know more about this mod, its factions, mechanics, please see articles section. Thanks.

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First of all, I have bad news: there will be no new "big" factions. Unless I get help from some experienced with it modder (every help is welcome). I lost 3 weeks and ended in the start point. I was angry because I wasn't sure that I got a good idea for new factions. They were ok, but not great. So, someone, moved my attention, to existing factions eg Weimear Reich, which is not so intersting as it should be. And I can tell that I will work on it.

Moreover, generally I will try to make better one, existing thing, not adding more stuff, which is... well not great.

For now, good news! As you see, with a new map, full of water, comes sea travels, and sea battles! I've tested them, with some new options, and I think that they're something really interesting.

With new sea options, comes new skill - sailing, which improves speed of sea travels.

Another question - why someone should even use ships? Answer is gives by new strategic changes. For now all terrain have very different spped travel, forests are significantly slower, and sahara sands and snow is very hard terrain to travel. On the other hand sea travels are very, very fast. Over 15 points of speed on the world map!


With new travels, you will meet new enemies, for example - Corsairs! Corsair are (I know, this can be strange) dwarven. Yes, someone here asked me if I created elves, where are the dwarves. They create far more problems than elves which are just smaller humans. Dwarves are made - for now - in a very simple way, so I am not 100% proud of them, (well actually I am 85% happy) but they are fun to play, and fight againts.

mb18 1

All new units use new items, new weapons, new shields and armours.

Another great change is the look of the cities. I made them more like I imagined them - post-apo, so the mod look more like I wanted him at the beginning.


Now houses look like they are made from scraps of metal. Or some old parts of our world.

I think that I will be able to tell the right story: world which grown up on the pieces of our world. Mix of Mad Max, Fallout, and so on.


Of course, new world is weirder, stranger, sometimes harder to perceive. Well, I think overall it is more interesting.


I think that some of you would feel disappointed after info about lack of new factions. Well I have some very, very good news.

There will be ORDERS. If someone played Prohecy of Pendor, he would know what it is. To the other I explain: some of towns, castles will have some additional troops, highly leveled, super well equipped.

I wanted to create something fresh. I managed to create 6 new orders. All of them are equipped with interesting weapons and armors. Many weapons have alternate modes, also they have new fresh look.

Orders for now - created:

- Longbeards Engineers - Dwarven Warriors, good for sieges, new gun - Nailgun. Heavy armor, good short range onehanded - ideal for sieges. They will use explosives.

- Fallen Order - Heavy armored order - race: Vampires. Yes, there is also new race - Vampires. However they are more like animals, than human-vampires.

- Tao Dimension Order - mixed races. Unique weapons : throwing disc, called mandalas. Here are some pictures:



Each order have four members:

- Order Sergeant

- Order Knight

- Order Paladin

- Order Beast (WIP)

Order Hero (diplomat) - he will be something between information / merchant agent. Probably he would lead some bigger parties. You will meet him at every court that has order.



Each order have unique look, have some common estheathics.



Most powerful, but also harder to recruit will be Order Beast, biggest, most dangerous math@#$ker ever existed in the world (except heroes). I have ideas, and I know what to do with them... There should be no problem.


(on the picture - group of Tao Paladins).

other ORDERS: Digital Legion - I know many people liked Techno-Mages, and Cyborgs, I hope you will like them. Here are some pictures:


They use many weapons, but most intersting weapon is heavy carbine which has alternative mode as long axe. mb122


I would say that this is my favourite order, but there is also Unknown Experiment Narvik - order of mutants.

And yes - there is new race : Mutants. I will show them in another article.


Player will have an option to 'invite' order to his town or caste, of course not for free.

So new version: (ALL IS DONE and working)

- new orders: 6

- new map

- new races: Vampire, Mutant, Beautiful Woman, Dwarf

- new strategic possibilities - different rules on different terrain

- sea: sea travel, sea battles

- a lot of new items

- new towns and cstles (3 new towns, 3 castles, few new villages)

- new enemies: Escaped Mutants, Angry Dwarves, Corsairs

mb10 1

- in the castles courts of towns you will meet new kind of heroes: priest-healers. For certain amount of money ( based on party numbers, and doomsdayclock) you will be able to heal party, or improve party's morale


I have to prepare just only one last thing: Order Beasts. Then I will go online with mod.

PARADIGM WORLDS - new race / favourite order

PARADIGM WORLDS - new race / favourite order


In new article about upcoming new version of mod - PARADIGM WORLDS, I told you about orders and new races. Here is a quick look at one of my favourite...

Paraddigm Worlds: new version, new features

Paraddigm Worlds: new version, new features

News 4 comments

In this news I wanna tell you about new features in upcoming version of Paradigm Worlds.

Version 062 Changelog and new features

Version 062 Changelog and new features

News 1 comment

Some info about new features you can find in new version of my mod: PARADIGM WORLDS, version 0.62.

Paradigm Worlds - 0.60 upcoming!

Paradigm Worlds - 0.60 upcoming!

News 3 comments

I am still waiting for authoristation of 0.;58 version of Paradigm Worlds. But it has been over 3 weeks and I managed to create new vrsion, with many...

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NativePARADIGM patch 085

NativePARADIGM patch 085

Patch 2 comments

This is a quick fix patch for Paradigm Worlds, a Warband mod.



Full Version 7 comments

Absolutely new version of mod! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE DESCRITION because there are many important changes to the gameplay.

NativeParadigm 065Patch

NativeParadigm 065Patch

Patch 11 comments

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION INFO BELOW! This is 0.65 patch, called "Mercenaries" Patch. It repaires some problems stated by the players on the mod comments...

NativeParadigm 064Patch

NativeParadigm 064Patch

Patch 9 comments

This file is a PATCH 0.64 to the full version 0.62 of PARADIGM WORLDS. Installation: Download version 0.62 The Giants Update - Full version PATCH 0.64...

NativePARADIGM 063 update

NativePARADIGM 063 update

Patch 1 comment

This is update for Paradigm Worlds Mod. It fixes amount of parties on the map world, and some minor bugs.

PARADIGM WORLDS MOD 062 'The Giants' Update

PARADIGM WORLDS MOD 062 'The Giants' Update

Full Version 7 comments

This new version is unfortunately NOT SAVEGAME COMPACTIBLE. However, from this point I will concentrate on improvements, that should not break gameplay...

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Well, that's different.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This is one of the more... Stranger mods. But that isn't a bad thing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Make hotter faces for the ladies ;) hehe

Alright seriously stuff. Some suggestions for you

There are still some spelling errors. However I don't think this is important (for now)

In my option, another human faction would be good, a modern human faction that uses weapons like today ie Ak-47, M4s, M16s. Etc.

Add diplomacy

Freelancer would be amazing

Right now custom troops are labeled as "person" instead of "(faction name)(troop type)"

Thank you for your consideration. Keep up the good work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Have you even played the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There IS freelancer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Loving the mod (the added space makes the AI become lazier than wal-marters on motorcarts during war campaigns, and the healers in castles always charge me for blessing even when I want a quick healing) but I see that in alien territory we have shimiq, yethu, thregoshi, and some other syndicates. What are these disciplines? Is there somewhere to get the lore?

P.S How do I "enable all textures" Mal-Dragorth stopped being a mountain and became a generic town.

P.P.S For those of you whom struggle against magiocracy cav and archers, the cure is found by engaging them in mountains. Goodbye mobility, hello archer punishment. This failing, get morlok shield units and have them use those beautiful mini-walls that they carry to screen the small missile batters that you can field if you go on a solid recruiting run.

Note: Renaissance ranged units (that don't come from the pikeman line) are worthless. Don't even bother unless you're looking for cheap castle fodder, and even then don't expect them to hold an adamant enemy out

Epilogue: The rambler went on to describe the ugly magiocracy "ladies", ask about the insertion of more small yet skilled parties like SG squads for other factions, hate on the giants who ruined countless tournaments for hime (THOSE WERE MY KILLS!!!), discuss how the ocean is a deathtrap and needs sea sheriffs, ask about establishing Scoiatel culture/female elves/elven ladies/major Scoia uprisings/related elf-loving liberal nonsense (his inner DF player was disgusted), and generally waste time and space talking about the game instead of playing it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Prison Breakouts are a trap. The "Lords" You're saving turn on you and you cannot leave until you wound them, forcing them to stay behind.
I love this small commentary on the ingratitude of the powerful and how we inevitably hurt the people we love/ rely on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
karolgrodecki Creator

HI GUYS! I've uploaded small fix to mod, that changes some things which were mentioned in comments. (yes, perdote, I'd fixed shotgun;) ekhm modern blunderbus. That should be in few hours time on-line.

I play on this fix, and everything is ok, but as always I would advise choosing another savegame slot for fix. Details are in the post. I will be away for a few days, workin' at photo courses in the wilderness, well away from wi-fi, so if there are any problems I will adress them no sooner than in monday.

However, please give me some info, if you can on what's happening in your games with strategic world map, ie, does AI works for you, is it ok and so on.

Have fun, seeya!

Reply Good karma+5 votes

I'll do some testing with the world map / AI. I was about 115 days in or so, but didn't notice too much attacking between nations. This could possibly be due to the fact that there are massive warbands patrolling territories which discourages the AI from moving too much. I don't know what a fix would be, since the warbands that roam around really do fill in the massive world map you have created. Without them, it would feel much more empty. Factions ARE attacking each other however.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Not to mention that they add a bit of immersion to the game. Surviving desert bandits in their homeland and coming out with some sweet camels and armor makes for an in game adventure rivaled only by that of conquering a series of fortresses while keeping on the lookout for counter-attackers. I have an idea though based on the following observations

-usually in warband mods the quantity of a certain type of bandit (which many of these warbands can be chalked up as) depends on the presence of hideout(s) in the surrounding area.

-After hideouts are eliminated, teams of factions and "Good" bandits (i.e manhunters) tend to destroy stragglers

-Player intervention is almost always the only way in which hideouts are eliminated, allowing for the player to help their faction of choice prosper in trade and general transport

In order to reduce the quantity of bandits, the player usually has to eliminate these hideouts. Now, if some other trigger (quests, presence of some sort of hostile warband in a set proximity, time, would destroy a hideout; it can be inferred that, over time, the quantity of bandits would drop. But that still leaves existing warbands on the field, some of which can be 400+ units (just had to slog my way through SIX HUNDRED pirate hunters, which was incredibly fun for me, not the parties that reinforced me)

A possible solution would be to have those parties suffer the morale realities which the player must. No hideout to resupply in? No friendly towns/villages? Starving troops desert more quickly than an absentee father who's hit the lotto. And if these troops Slowly Trickled out of these armies (perhaps forming splinter deserter groups?) the factions could sort them out on their own.

Or, you know, we could spawn massive spam armies periodically to kill existing ones, never learning our lesson like cartoon characters.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

Hi! Mechanics of Paradigm Worlds is complicated enough, I would welcome simplier solution.

As for giga-parties: there are some giga-parties leaded by bosses, and yes, they are absolute threat especially to low-leveled character. However bigger factions, also leaded by marshals should or could handle them. Of course not always.

Please remember that THERE IS already mechanism that lowers amount of troops in the parties, or makes it higher. It is a doomsday clck. You can build sturctures in towns that slows (or with controlled enough towns) revert back doomsday clock.

What's more, you can revert doomsday clock if you catch a boss.

At the start parties are not so powerful, and there is a lot less parties than in advanced game.

It is up to the player: to start from zero, or with basic scenario (for example as Morlok rebel) or to start as a duke of own faction.

Also, I wanted to create a game that would be challanging. I know that it can be hard but:

- PLAYER has 30 companions that can boost your party stats
- Companions have exceptionally powerful stats (not all of them) and items (sometimes) they can make you very quick so you can outrun every party on the map, have very high medic skill which is very helpfull

- I've opened option to recruit really powerful troops as Strange / Star gate Faction, you can recruit / find imprsioned Tech- Wastelanders and upgrade them to Technomages

- You can create diverse, powerful mix of troops, where npc ai can use mostly their faction troops

- You can edit however you want your character stats

I could give you a lot more examples that give player advantage over npc ai.

So this is mostly question of making choices and understanding consequences. Please read related articles in articles section.

Howver I don't say your idea is bad or what. I try to implement as much as you all players suggest (I hope, that new version of mod is best evidence of it, it is heavily based on players suggestions), but I have to also keep changes within rules I've created.

For sure it is not a game for a few hours to learn or understand. Idea of quests is very good, but first of all I have to polish what we have now, rebuild some things that are most important, before I add smth new.

Thanks for suggestions, and have fun!

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