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In science and philosophy, a paradigm /ˈpærədaɪm/ is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field. (Wikipedia)

RACES (playable):

  • human

  • skeleton

  • orc

  • uruk

  • elf

  • dwarf

  • morlok

  • djinii

  • alien

  • halfgiant

  • vampire

  • mutant


  • giant

  • beast

  • demon

  • golem


  • PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF MORLOK – totalitary system in victorian era

  • NECROCORP SYNDICATE – undeads with future tech corporate syndicates

  • ALIEN SHOGUNATE – space aliens in Japan's shogunate opaque

  • FANTASY MAGIOUCRACY – elves, orcs and djiniis in Tolkien's setting

  • UNITED STATES OF RENAISSANCE – historical human faction

  • SANITARIUM CONSPIRACY – far east setting with matrix conspiracy

SUB-FACTIONS: (playable bolded)

  • Justice League (Pirate Hunters, Vampire Hunters)

  • Scoiatael Commando (Elven Rebels)

  • Weimear Rebels (Medieval Knights)

  • Scav Mutated Morloks (Radiated and sick Morloks)

  • Undeads (Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Liches, Draugrs, Vampire Thralls, Assassins)

  • Doomsday Cultists (Evil Ketele Cultist)

  • Alien Pirates (Space Pirates with blasters)

  • Star Gate Expedition (SG human soldiers)

  • Techno Mages (Ghostly cyber techno plasma weapon users)

  • Old Gods Crusaders (Classical Medieval Chivalry)

  • Lost Legion (Roman Empire Legionists)

  • Crazy Pikts (Rotten demoralized elves)

  • Desert Abominations (Desrt skeletons)

  • Angry Dwarves (Rebel miner, chaos dwarves)

  • Corsairs (Sea dwarven pirates)

  • Escaped Mutants (deformed mutants)

  • Cannibals -> Undeads


  • Longbeard Engineeers (dwarven specialists)

  • Fallen Legion (vampires, nosveratu)

  • Tao Dimension Order (unique disc throwers)

  • Digital Legion (high-tech predators)

  • Crimson Brothers (sea aliens)

  • Unknown Experiment Narvik (mutant order)


  • 275 one-handers (swords, maces, axes, wands, katanas, lightsabers, etc.)

  • 106 two-handers (greatswords, nodachis, hammers, etc.)

  • 129 polearms (halberds, staves, glaives, hafted blades, etc.)

  • 26 bows (elven, orcish, uruks, magic, etc.)

  • 26 types of arrows (poisoned, barbed, energy, magic, explosive, etc)

  • 56 thrown weapons (knives, shurikens, grenades, javelins, pilums, jarids, palantirs, heads (yes!), daggers, harpoons, spears, magic missiles, etc.)

  • 24 handguns (flintlock, wheelock, revolvers, pistols, nailguns)

  • 53 firearms (arquebus, blunderbus, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, carbines, machine guns, SMGs,)

  • 36 crossbows&energy weapons (blasters, launchers, panzerfaust, laser and plasma weapons, wands, magic staves, kinetic rifles, unique launchers, etc.)

  • 18 kinds of ammo (cartridges, shock, explosive, dum-dum bullets, silvered bullets, buckshots, nails, etc.)

  • 31 kinds of energy ammo (plasma, laser, flying skulls, red, blue, green, yellow energy, missiles, bio-hazard bullets, bolts, viral missiles, etc.)

  • 73 books & goods (cheese, pyre powder, gunpowder, fisstech, elfskin, mushrooms, human flesh, elven skin, coffee, corn, watermelon, skill-books, crystals, antiques, etc.)


  • 460 armours (plates, mails, mithril, kevlar, teflon, trench, combat suits, uniforms, panzer, energy, ghostly, etc.)

  • 159 parts of different armour sets (gloves, gauntlets, tatoos, boots, greaves, magic, futre tech, modern, military, elven, orcish etc.)

  • 158 shields (magic ritual shield, tech-shield, anti-hack shield; power field, pavise, scutum, kite, board)


  • over 90 different types of mounts and vehicles

  • animals (horses, camels, elephants, deers, pegazes, bears, spiders, ponys, goats, wargs, wolves, stallions, chargers, hunter, etc.)

  • vehicles (hovercraft, techno-brooms, bionic spiders, etc.)


  • elite, artifacts, legendary items with special abilities

  • specially crafted launchers, weapons (paralizing palantirs, energy lances, etc.)


  • huge, detailed map

  • pbod, freelancer

  • modified map AI

  • different scenarios at game start

  • cannibalizing, slave trading

  • autofire (smg, machine guns)

  • explosions, magic effects

  • new towns, people

  • new scenes, settings

  • dynamic, demanding campaign (Doomsday Clock, see details below)

  • sea travels

  • you can establish, banish orders, hire their troops

  • detailed strategy options given to patrol, mercenaries parties

  • new merchants with unique items

  • a lot of new buildings for towns, castles and villages

  • hundreds of new troops from different worlds

  • movement depending on terrain

  • changing to factions/sub-factions

  • new icons, icon unlocker for the player

  • party healing, morale raising

  • new tactics and strategy due to new weaponry and troops

  • fantasy, sci-fi setting

  • new options to honour and relations (you have a lot options for being 'bad')

  • regular, elite, special units

  • 30 interesting, unique companions

  • nearly absolute freedom

  • un-balanced factions (you can choose easy or hard way)

  • improved options for being a faction leader (lords bribing, capture kings to force peace, etc.

  • crafting (create unique artifacts and eqip companions with them)

  • new banners


  • responsive developer

  • listening to players

  • players are also creators (suggestions, demands are implemented asap)

  • articles with lore, background

  • articles describing tactics, races, options


  • new features are being prepared as we speak

  • polishing, bug-fixing (asap)

  • patching

  • save-compactible (as much as possible)

  • improving gameplay

  • always looking for new options, features


As to my knowledge this is only mod or game that gives you ability to use firearms (from flintlock, blunderbus up to AK47) , bows, crosbows, magic wands and staves, laser blasters, side arms (swords, axes, polearms) and even lightsabers in a same, single play. (Let me know if I am wrong).

  1. What is this all about?

Lets imagine everything we know about Roman Empire. As a center of culture, military and administrative organization etc. Lets call it a Roman Empire paradigm.

Now try to recall everything we know about Star Wars. This is knowledge about fictional world, with other than our physics, political situation, etc. It comes from movies, books, comics. Never the less let's call it Star Wars paradigm.

In this game you will experience life with cultures that are created from most different culture, social, political paradigms.

I wonder, there are great "Tolkien" or "Star Wars" mods (for a lot of games, but Mount and Blade is an ideal example). But I have never seen mod that would combine all this worlds into a huge cosmogenic Babel tower.

So this is it. I hope that this mod, which I created to see what would happen if so different worlds would meet, is rather a terrarium with interesting ants, than a tower of biblical chaos.

In my opinion cultures such different are impossible to co-exist in one story only at first glance. Than after some time, you'll see (I hope) what I saw: alittle chaostic, but working mechanism created from very different parts.

PARADIGMS that are in the game:

  • WWII Nazi Germany military forces mixed with medieval chivalry

  • Steampunk mixed with Soviet Russia political hierarchy

  • Japan of samurais mixed with space aliens and Star Wars

  • Orc, uruks, and elves from Tolkien, but living the world in which Sauron won war for the ring

  • Some modern global paranoia mixed with some magic which can have resemblence to times of Prince of Persia or 1001 nights stories.



One of the most important improvement is DOOMSDAY CLOCK. This mechanic somehow balances game as you become more and more powerful the world is becoming more and more dangerous.

Paradigm worlds are on the verge of autodestruction. There is too much hate, evil, cruelty. This world is becoming hell on Earth. The kingdoms, countries are ruled by tyrans and dictators. This is how empires are falling, and everything with them. This is world in which you fight for struggle. Every dishonorable act: bribery, slave trading, cannibalism brings you closer to chaos and anarchy.

As game-mechanics, DOOMSDAY CLOCK is ticking all the time. Every day is a single click. A click to hell. With every click villain parties become stronger and better trained. Lords have bigger parties and use more advanced units.

Some exceptionally good deeds can click-back DOOMSDAY CLOCK. There is only one way to stop the world from falling apart. To prevent DOOSDAY CLOCK from advancing you have to build temple in every town. So you have to conquer all worlds to take all towns to free the world. What an ironny.


    The second most important thing I wanted to do is to create the world when all real and futuristic and fantasy cultures would meet. There are Star-wars, Tolkien fans, fans of cyberpunk and so on. I wanted to create a place where they all could meet. Of course mixing such different worlds can bring chaos and destruction for cohesion of the whole world. It IS strange watching medieval cavalry charge at aliens from outer space. But I think that some kind of balance is possible. Best equipped with modern rifles units don't use any kind of real armor. Beside of tactical shields. Blasters can deadly, but they are slow and inaccurate. And what I cam say: I wanted to imagine who would win, predator or Darth Maul? Nazgul or modern commando? This is place where such an answers can be given. Or better you can take command of each side.


Every unit can be taken prisoner, or recruited other way. Every piece of equipment can be found or bought. There is only one expcetion of this rule, modern troopers, they would rather die, than be held captive. You can imprison undeads, recruit pirate hunters, liches, dark lords, alien samurais, sanitarium inquisitors and everybody else.

Every unit (except mercenaries) has its own culture and can become more advanced. Cannibals die and become skeletons which become viking ghost warriors or dark magus. Scavengers become techno slaves, than cybogs and thechno mages. This are few examples of very rich improvment tree.


  • Modmerged with PBOD and FREELANCER MOD. No Diplomacy mod (and there won't be for sure. I intend to keep mostly vannila diplomacy with my own modding.

  • Tons of new weapons, equipment. (1623 – item count for 16.01.2017)

Weapons – you'll find swords, axes, as well as firearms from flintlock rifles to winchesters. You can use magic wands, staffs, modern firearm, or even plasma launchers and energy blasters. There are lightsabers, living and gaining experience artifact, new kinds of thrown weapons like paralizing palantirs or devils' heads.

  • There are some new products to eat or trade. Some of them are needed to craft special weapons or other artifacts.

  • There is a lot of new buildings you can order to build i towns and castles. Castles are now bases for recruitment elite units, towns are rather centers for improving stats, like relations, renown and honour. Also there are building improving ways to earn gold.

  • Building give acces to elite units. Each building give each week more advanced units.

  • Town's architecture examples: courthouse, bank, local theatre, pirate hunter guild, etc.

  • Castle's architecture examples: blacksmith, armory, training grounds, etc.

  • You get special equipment for joining each faction (as a gift from a liege)

  • A few new companions, rest remodelled (but with old dialogs).

  • You can cannibalize (eat) prisoners

  • Slave trading – for trading slaves you lose honor, but earn great amounts of money.

  • A little something on the field of diplomacy: you can send money to kings to improve relations (it can however worsen relation with other kings). This feature is experimental, as I had some problems with coding. If you think, you can help me with that, I will gladly take it.

  • Each faction have two kinds of troops. Regulars can be recruited from villages, but they can advance to certain point. The elite troops can be recruited only after building additional structures like armory, training grounds etc. They are far more powerful than regulars.

  • This makes game more interesting, I think. It changes the pace of the game. It is no longer an easy task to become independent.

  • A lot of new units, from different factions, sub-factions

  • World map is crawling with different parties, so watch your every move

  • Lots of bandit parties: from Scoiataels, to Scavs, undeads, so on.

  • You can start from nothing, or choose A SPECIAL SCENARIO which varies from starting as Alien Pirate, Mercenary Musketeer to a point when you start a game as a leader of small duchy with a few castles and a town.

  • You can recruit classic troop related to culture, or significant more expensive Personal Guard (custom troops with their own advancement tree)) which has a wide range of weapons and armour to choose from. There is special tree for this custom troop, every with different equipment to choose from.

  • You can bribe lords (if you imprison them) to join your faction. (now this option is available only in CHEAT mode. This is because I have found that some strange things are happening. you can bribe lord if 1. you imprison him 2. talk when in cheat mode

  • Some items give bonuses to skills like books. For example Legendary Cyber Visor have +3 to "archery" and tactics skill.

  • New books with bonuses or special features, also primitive, but magic books.

  • Magical artifact (just one for now) which gains experience and levels. With every level it becomes more powerful, deadlier weapon. On the last level it even gains alternate weapon mode.

  • Some weapons have new alternate weapon modes.

  • New animals as mounts : wolves, wargs, camels, elephants, giant spiders.

  • You can choose any faction and some minor factions if you have enough Right to Rule, and special equipment (possible to buy from scribes – special merchant you can meet in taverns).

  • In cheat mode (activated from option menu) you can run Troop Tree from reports menu (quite buggy due to strange troo tree of this mod ie. Diversification to regular, elite troop, personal unit and so on). However it is always better than nothing. You can check most of the regular troops tree.

If you wanna know more about this mod, its factions, mechanics, please see articles section. Thanks.

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Weimear has fallen!

News 2 comments


Few years ago Paradigm world struck breaking news - Weimear has fallen!

Weimear was a classical medieval kingdom. Purity of tradition, good training and heavy armors - that were faction advantages .

At least this was an image everyone saw. Only greatest lords of Weimear knew real source of their faction power. For decades nobles of Weimear sold their soul to pagan rituals. Year after year once powerful faction descended into corruption and decadence.

Their bodies had still power, but their flesh were slowly mutating. This wasn't primitive mutation - sickness of all cannibals. Cannibals eat human, or elven flesh. Weimear lords sucked vital powers of those who couldn't oppose, their subjects, villagers, towns people.


After all, consequences were more severe - Weimear lords one after one became rotting twisted, evil creatures. Far more intelligent, without chains of morality they could become dominant in Paradigm World. But first, they had to take over rule power on their own kingdom.

Still, corrupted Weimears were minority amongst of all people. Open attack would bring defeat.

Corrupted Weimears in secret started preparing coup. First step was to acquire better, new equipment. To do that, they used knowledge which they gained from ancient, three thousand years old books. There were diagrams of strange items, mix of technology and magic. Technology based upon vital powers of living creatures.


Diagrams were useless without factories which could produce them. So next step of corrupted Weimears was setting-up a Company, of manufactures. On paper this was economic company which target was to produce and conduct trade, especially with Alien Shimizq.

If corrupted Weimears wanted to start manufacturing high-tech items, it was obvious, that they need knowledge far up-to-date than their own. Ordinary trade company wouldn't be able to acquire needed knowledge in short time. Simultaneosly Weimear Company, at those time called "Northern Maunfactures" developed more secret division of industrial espionage.


Even then years passed after Company was able to even start experiments on new weapons.

Someone could ask: how is it possible, that so long lasting actions weren't stopped by true Weimears? At those times Company provided great amounts of dinars to Weimear Reich. It was run by the nobles and quickly became state within a state. Simply put, it become to powerful, to be just shut down.

So, how Weimear Reich has fallen? Was it a war? Uprising? Years of revolt?


True Weimears become extinct. How? The secret is in most powerful, vicious, deceitful weapon ever created - Persuadraton. This item can make a puppet of every living creature. It works only for a short time, most powerful necros - corrupted Weimears - can overtake mind of a victim only for a few days.

Everyone hit by this item can be persuaded to do anything that "puppet-master" wants.


Most powerful people were persuaded to give away their belongings, wealth, political knowledge to the Company. Corruption, blackmail, espionage techniques - there were most common weapons of corrupted Weimears.

Not everyone has been persuaded to join or even like new order of things. But before rebels started to organize, company started a revolution.


First of all, they managed to paralyze true Weimears kingdom by persuading XIV Reichsfuhrer of Weimear - Darlauf Herknagtin to banish some of his best generals. Few actions like that created serious crisis in administration.

Other lords were persuaded to revolt against their liege. This created only more chaos. From outside it looked like Company is only power that could handle such problems.

But then it turned out, that there is no more Company, there is Necrocorp. New system, new power. Even then true Weimears numerous true Weimears tried to oppose new force.

Then Necrocorp shown its true power. Not the heavy knights, powerful cavalry. Fight in the open field is a finality. However Necropcorp is able to handle significant enemy forces.

At lowest level - cannon fodder. If a weak creature would be persuaded to much, it would descend to mindless creature, a zombie. First wave of Necrocorp soldiers are turned to zombies true Weimears.


They are controlled by puppet masters - Hauptmanns, or higher level soldiers.

Ancient technology mixed with knowledge stolen from aliens emerged as one of the most powerful ranged weapon - energy lance. It is generally very complicated energy condenser, similar to lightsabre, but weaker. On the other hand it is able to throw condensed plasma.


Necros developed their own 'cavalry' - raiders using machines - mix of magic and technology.


Last line of offence are best trained, genetically upgraded Necrocorp agents. They use most advanced weapons. But were energy, or bullets are not enough they can handle enemy by using hi-tech blades.


On the top of everything are Neuromancers. They use power of persuasion. They are able to turn - for a short while - lasting one battle - enemy into friend.

Necros are still minority, but most of true Weimears are mind-controlled puppets, mind slaves.



From this point of view Necrocorp - which from a simple company turned into giga Syndicate - can become most powerful faction of the Paradigm Worlds.

Features of the new version

Features of the new version

News 5 comments

I want to show you some new features available in new APOCALYPSE NOW version of PARADIGM WORLDS mod. Theese are not everything I have prepared to show...

PARADIGM WORLDS - new race / favourite order

PARADIGM WORLDS - new race / favourite order


In new article about upcoming new version of mod - PARADIGM WORLDS, I told you about orders and new races. Here is a quick look at one of my favourite...

Paraddigm Worlds: new version, new features

Paraddigm Worlds: new version, new features

News 4 comments

In this news I wanna tell you about new features in upcoming version of Paradigm Worlds.

Version 062 Changelog and new features

Version 062 Changelog and new features

News 1 comment

Some info about new features you can find in new version of my mod: PARADIGM WORLDS, version 0.62.

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PARADIGM WORLDS quickfix 0.92 FIREPOWER Quickfix

PARADIGM WORLDS quickfix 0.92 FIREPOWER Quickfix

Patch 2 comments

This is a quickfix patch for the PARADIGM WORLDS, a Warband mod. Please read the description to learn how to install and what you can expect from new...



Full Version 7 comments

PARADIGM WORLDS: FIREPOWER ver 0.90 is a new version of a mod. Please read the description to see what's inside and how to use it. Have fun.

NativePARADIGM patch 087 'New Intelligence'

NativePARADIGM patch 087 'New Intelligence'

Patch 6 comments

Hi! This is new patch for PARADIGM WORLDS mod. Please read the description to learn the details.

PARADIGM WORLDS 0.86 patch Shades of the Past

PARADIGM WORLDS 0.86 patch Shades of the Past

Patch 6 comments

This is a quick fix for mod PARADIGM WORLDS. Please see details in description.

NativePARADIGM patch 085

NativePARADIGM patch 085

Patch 2 comments

This is a quick fix patch for Paradigm Worlds, a Warband mod.



Full Version 7 comments

Absolutely new version of mod! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE DESCRITION because there are many important changes to the gameplay.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 327)
karolgrodecki Creator

I have uploaded new version, a quickfix. Also, a new article is waiting for authoristion. Probably tomorrow it'll be online. There are some options described that should help you with gameplay. Have fun!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I would keep an eye on this, because it adds some much needed battle tweaks(Mainly the archer one is awesome)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

Yep! archer look great!

btw: probably I will be able to make work recruiters... for everybody. This will take 1-2 days more to release 0.92 but option to create new, different center... well I'll say more tomorrow (as it is nearly 4 am) and I am still typing code, er... copy-pasting from another osp :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I don't exactly understand you now - what recruiters do you mean? I thought that you said that you want them only for the evil characters.

EDIT: Just played and got the explosive cartridge bug again when I fought looters, my soldiers lost and I got captured so I ragequit, heh. Also the small firearm animation on horse looks really strange, and it goes "into" the shield when you have a shield with it.(on foot) Maybe for now it would be a good idea to revert back to the old small firearm animation(the big ones look good though).
Imgur.com (Cavalry pistol)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

I always try to adress all request, so I re-thinked your request and found a solution. There is a good reason, I want to learn how to create new places, like Training Grounds, and code them for MB. This could give us new places like: "Justice League Camp" with trainer, camp master, maybe merchant. This would be a great place to sell new items, or turn on new features, like changing race in mid-game. I had an idea to implement option to cyborgize a player, so Tecno Mages camp would be an interesting place.

What is more, far far in the future I'd like to create 'mission bases' -> Media.moddb.com

This could be a game changer. You could do independent mission, just for yourself, and your (JL, Vampire, TechnoM, Cannibals, and so on).

BTW I ahd used explosive for a long time also by machine guns and had never sucvh a bug. I'll check it more, we'll see. For now, Flintlock Handcannon and Doublebarrel Shotgun are reverted to 'normal one shooters.
Cavarly pistol is maybe last one, that hasn't been transformed to new animations. Yes, I had to transform ALL one handed weapons to work with new animation. I am not doing this back, they will be still needed for new anims.

In the worst case scenario use rifles. Necro Famang isn't to expensive :) Or some new rifles.... not bad.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I don't really use the pistol much, just in the start, but it is good to have the most bugs fixed, so I told you.

I hope you will be able to do the cyborgize thing, too. You talked about it in past and I liked the idea.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello, karolgrodecki i have an issue with my game, i can play the mod but i have no text only some weird text like symbols, it's probably an issue with my warband but iam using other mods and having no problem with them, hopefully someone has a fix.
Thanks in advance!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

Make sure you use english version (en). As I recall I had the same guest with similar problem on the forum here, I checked any possible answers to that, and I don't know does it work.

Do play on mac or pc? But... first of all check the language. Please report did it help you.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
karolgrodecki Creator

There are a lot of new explosions and sfx animations. If you will have problems try turning off particles effect.

In a few days, maybe tomorrow I will start new topic about this mod on TW forum of warband. I will try to recruit people to make this mod better.

I will try to make it on the project, subject basis. For example mod 'new factions', or 'crouching animations', or 'hunting' or 'companions backgrounds', or 'spelling/debugging' or 'item balancing', so you can post your ideas about what should be changed made better.

You don't have to post your 'old' ideas, or comments. All your suggestions I copy/paste to notepad and keep it with me. So when I think, what should I do, I have your suggestions in mind.

Also, if you have any experence with modules any help / suggestions is apreciated.

Also if somebodu would use mid- late- game scenarios, or is playing around 250-300 doomsday clock I am curious if the game:
- isn't too easy?
- did you see any ketele demons within doomsday cultist parties?

Reply Good karma+5 votes


Good idea going to Taleworlds Forum, this will give even more projection for your mod and ppl can perhaps contribute more.

As for your questions in the end I'm currently in a game with doomsday clock around 515 (I'm level 54). The feedback i can give you is this and other things:

-I have 3 towns with 1 temple to old gods in each but the clock keeps getting higher! I'm worried about the enemies that spawn in sanitarium territory (the brown science squad guys), they are spawning in armies of 500-700 or more and are everywhere! This makes it very difficult to move around there and they join the enemy (in this case Sanitarium Conspiracy) when I attack them so this makes sieges a very difficult proposition. I do like to ocasionally raid them but it would be good to make them unable to help major factions;

-Troop wages get too expensive (I guess you adressed this in the latest 0.90 version since garriosioned troops now cost only 1/3 right?);

-I don't think the banks are giving me a weekly return. Are they supposed to give me money on a monthly basis or something?

-No demons in doomsday parties, its mostly cultists riding goats;

-It would be good if ships could be "summoned" when visiting a coastal location so that no money needs to be spent to buy one every time it's needed;

-Some corsair and escaped mutant parties move too fast while on boat. I have like 11 in sailing and a party with 700+ corsairs moves faster than me with 200 troops;

-Looting after sea battles would be great like we are able to do in land battles;

-I can recruit an infinite ammount of Beasts with 1 order license, I don't think this is intended since it says that you are supposed to recruit only 3 per license;

-The castle shd.022 of Sanitarium Conspiracy has issues (the attacking bots get stuck in the ladder and cant get inside) I also fell down from the wall there where I wasn't supposed to;

-In the future consider adding the possiility of fighting as someone else after your main character gets knocked out;

-Allow the increase of battle size, currently it appears to be capped at 150.

That's all for now. Thanks for your great mod and keep up the good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

As to banks. "You shoul;d see message from time to time "Bank owner blabla {lord name} earned some cash. " Within theese messages should be also a info tha you got money. It is dependant on your PERSONAL trade skill. (so even if party trade skill is high, banks revenue depends on character trade skill.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

every 24 day. income is not counted in weekly budget report. I have added "money sound" into a message. This will be in 0.92 maybe even tomorrow.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So I get the money from banks every 24 days right? Can I get it every week maybe? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

About desert abominations. I have changed their relations to neutral for the player, but this would take only on new game. Howver on 0.92 there are enlisted to weekly change to relations, so maybe this would help. However there are two brownies SG and abominations, SG is neutral and abo's are bad, so even then you can't be with good terms with all of them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
karolgrodecki Creator

1. doomsday clock around 515 - wow!!!!!!!!
2. -I have 3 towns with 1 temple to old gods in each but the clock keeps getting higher! - to make doomsday back you would need smth about 20 cities.... I'll try to find some another way to make it back a little
3.No demons in doomsday parties, its mostly cultists riding goats; that'll be fixed - thx for info

4. "summoned" - that would be a little unrealistic
5 corsair and escaped mutant parties move too fast while on boat - corsair captains have 10 sailning skill, but mutants.... well I'll check it!
6. -Looting after sea battles would be great like we are able to do in land battles; - I'll try, didn't really realize that there is no such option
-I can recruit an infinite ammount of Beasts with 1 order license, I don't think this is intended since it says that you are supposed to recruit only 3 per license; - AMOUNT will or IS changed to 10 beasts (order license is very expensive so I think it is ok,), I'll see if it was repaired because I don't see my code repaired here, to be done

-The castle shd.022 of Sanitarium Conspiracy has issues - I'll try to repair that, however strange thing is that I do not know how to change scenes, so it is native original!

- -In the future consider adding the possiility of fighting as someone else after your main character gets knocked out; - That is one of most important ideas, however for now I am still trying and failing. One I can promise that it'll be a one of the first projects to do. I was looking at some pieces of code that could help me to learn to do it, but fr now.... we have to wait.

- -Allow the increase of battle size, currently it appears to be capped at 150. - THIS IS EASY: try to find file rgl_config in the game library folder (for me for example it is at: C:\Users\GAMES\Documents\Mount&Blade; Warband), then open it and find (ctrl+F) battle_size = and change it from 1 to any number you want, I would try a 1.5 or 2 at max.

Thank you for all info, and I remember Your suggestions about continuation, and the rest.

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Hi I just wanted to tell you that the demons are showing up in my game now. I switched to 0.90 from 0.87 so it took some time for them to appear.

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The demons are in the new version.

Did you try battlesizer?

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I'm trying the new version with the old game maybe they show up only in a new game?
I have the battlesizer set to 300 but the battles are still done with 150 counting both sides.

Also the new version fixed the problem of unlimited beast recruitment so ppl can diregard my comment on that.

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Found some bugs:

Sometimes, when I shoot the explosive ammo, I get knocked unconscious for no reason. Happened twice so far. - and no, I wasn't shooting at my feet or anywhere near me. :D

There is some really weird gravity in the Flintlock Handcannon - one bolt flies normally but the others fly super high, far into the sky - heh.

I was also wondering - could you add an enemy to Morloks? Something like the White Army which were against communism - I roleplay as that but miss some "real" soldiers.

Also I may have a solution for your custom troops problem, not sure if it will work: Make more pages of items to choose from, like in some companion equipment mods. Just a suggestion, I don't really know how this coding works. Maybe I didn't understand your 64 items limitation right.

Oh and also if you want to get more creative with soldiers the looters and bandits(which attack the village) are still Native ones. They could use some variety in my opinion because they don't really fit your world now.

I really like the new firearm animations and the new firearm variety by the way - but pistols have no real "reload" animation, yet.

I really like custom troops, do you think that it would be possible to add freelancers into taverns? They are basically custom recruits like in villages, but human - it is part of the Floris Mod Pack, and they are kinda fun. - You know, if you want human only custom troops.

And the last thing: Could you add some recruiters into taverns? Like the ones who sell prisoners, but for the "good" players.
They are in Tocan's Calradia mod, and there is a source for that. Maybe they could sell just recruits, so it would be more balanced, but it would be nice to get ability to get special troops as a good character who isn't a lord or a king yet.

Should be just a copy paste of the code from the evil recruiter, but for the honourable characters - with weaker troops basically.

I know I suggest some complex things, but the really hard ones are included in the other mods with released source, I wouldn't suggest it otherwise. Others are just a matter of adding a new faction to the map(without holdings), not really hard. And furthermore, this is the only mod I play, so... yes. :D


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karolgrodecki Creator

Sometimes, when I shoot the explosive ammo, I get knocked unconscious for no reason. Happened twice so far. - and no, I wasn't shooting at my feet or anywhere near me. :D ---- I'll check it.

White Army - yes... but: every enemy to main faction is a big disadvantage. They stop lords from conquering other factions. This leads to inoperativity on the world map. But: I will look into kaos rebellion kit, this would be great to implement, and then to modify that rebelliants won't use standard faction troops, but modified to White Army, cyborg-Sanitarium, opposite troops to faction. This will need a lot of time, (I checked the code, but didn't have too much time to search in details).
Flintlock Handcannon - the same. (this can be caused by new anim)

Also I may have a solution for your custom troops problem, - yes, it could be solution, i'll check it

- pistols have no real "reload" animation - that can be resolved by changing the skeletons only, as I wrote to you

- I'd rather implement option to change races, doubling custom troops could be chaotic

- And the last thing: Could you add some recruiters into taverns? ------ rather not. As much as I like this idea, nope. Why? Because being bad is still really hard. You have bad relations with lords, you have problems with relatins with kings (they don't believe you), you are on a warpath with powerful good factions like technomages. So on, so on. So, just to make life little easier and attractive to outlaws I ve created those options. If 'good' payer could do the same, being an outlaw wouldn't give any real benefits. For now bad have at least their own merchants with own weapons.
What's more it is not so hard to make friendly with outlaws, by lowering your honour and then reverting to be good again.
It is a game of choices. And choices have to have consequences.
I hope you understand my way of thinking.

- ability to get special troops as a good character who isn't a lord or a king yet. ---- that is a whole idea of buildings, that you cannot normally have so powerful units.

- on the other hand there are so many troops that can be freed from captivity (and so available for recruitment) that it should not be a problem).

- however I have something to cheer you up, a line from the 0.92 quick patch:
"- new troop from Morlok faction (Mr. Huspire - specially for You) - Elite Line Grenadier, 2nd upgrade to line infrantry (models, thanks to Blood and Iron OSP mod)"

and - custom notes on lords (right click on lord map icon)

KAOSthing are absolutely great but THIS mod is too complex changed that I could implement them in one mod or modmerger, however REBELLION from Kaos is great and I will certainly look for any leads that could help me implement this. Those are very complicated things, that need changing in every part of the mods, but I know them and as I said, try to look for ways to implement them. We'll see what will happen when I go to taleswords forum, ceratainly need help on many things.

On the other hand I had 4 (yes, four) aproaches to imlement autofire, and at last I did it, even with some anims, so with some time everything is possible.

As always, great thanks for all info, feedback and propositions!

By the way 0.92 (just quick patch, nothing big) will be very soon. With some things you asked!

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Thanks for the answer, I agree with the KAOS thing being great, it adds kinda revolutionary features for Warband. I understand that it is complex, so take your time. Great about the soldier, thanks - I just love Morloks, heh.

Do you plan to add majority of the KAOS Politcal KIT features?

I like mainly the civil war and claimants rebel without you influencing them ones.(Oh those are actually the major ones, hehe)

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Oh yes also it would be nice to have an option to check where the orders reside.

This is also kinda cool OSP to implement:

And here are a few more nice OSPs:

Forums.taleworlds.com - leave kingdom whenever you want.

Also check this out:

I like mainly the morale depending on unit level thing, civil wars and claimants rebelling without Player's help. You can get the source in KAOS Political Kit.

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