The Ultimate Apocalypse mod team proudly presents to the Dawn of War: Soulstorm players and fans, an eagerly awaited and packed with epic content game experience, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod! Imagine a mod featuring massive Warhammer 40,000 battles where all 9 races in Soulstorm (and more!) have a chance at epic victory. A mod where there's no shortage of all new units, buildings, abilities, and even titans! A mod where there's nearly no limits holding you back. It's all about all out, massive war. Wanna nuke your enemies? You can. Gloriously epic titan duels are your thing? Ultimate Apocalypse has you covered. Not only that, but Ultimate Apocalypse is continuously tested to ensure the epic battle experience it delivers remains unique while being completely awesome. Thanks to you (yes, you!) and everyone playing, Ultimate Apocalypse has been steady within the top 20 ranked mods for years.

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This news section will deal with all of the donations for a quick short and simple link so I do not have to update every single news. Also, the donate button link seems to not be working on MOD DB for some reason, so this is the reason why this news was re-edited. Thank you so much for reading this news.

Posted by Lord_Cylarne on Oct 14th, 2012

We are not at the time accepting donations due to a minor recognition with paypal. The donations may be up later, but we thank you for coming here to read this.

List of donators will be re represented when we have the permission again to provide donations.

We further continue to mod and we thank all donators involved who made this mod as it is today! :)

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MaxtheUnholy Mar 21 2013 says:

Hey guys, I just sent you a donation, it's not much, but I am studying and wanted to give you the little extra bit of cash I had simply because I think your mod is awesome.

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Mar 23 2013 replied:

Your name is up there! :) Thanks!

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Z3pSk1 Apr 16 2013 says:

Donated for your great work guys! By far the most professional and detailed mod i have seen! Thank you for keeping this game alive!

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Apr 28 2013 replied:

You're welcome. :) We try our best.

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Deuce_Savage Jun 22 2013 says:

Sir! Incoming! At mach 4! Another donation just appeared on the radar! Heading coarse - the target appears to be the UA mod! Bwa ha ha ha!

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malgadish Jul 1 2013 says:

nice job guys, i hope the next pach

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NoizeSeeker Jul 4 2013 says:

Success! Donated. Now if I can just get my friends to do it too...

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ReiFan01 Jul 25 2013 says:

Hey guys,
I just donated a little something (financially it sucks to be a college student!) to give you visible respect and gratitude for your work!
You all put your private free time, creativity and life force (really?) into this great project all the DoW gamers enjoy very much.

Best regards and keep up the great work!

Marcus aka ReiFan01

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Aug 20 2013 says:

Thank you once again for everybody who has donated! It really does keep us moving continuing with the mod even through the boredom and modding frustration. Much appreciated.

As of August 20th, today as I type this message; :p I have further updated the list and made a "special donators" list that is placed up at the top of all donators. So donate more than once and there you go!

Same changes applied on Relicnews.

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nilesplace Aug 25 2013 says:

Just Donated some money which is honestly a first for me..(bad laugh) I played this mod about 10 months ago for a minute, everyday for hours. It's absolutely a fricken awesome game beyond any others scope with this Mod. It's been almost the same 10 months in time since I've played.. Just got the bug today and downloaded from Steam Client and then goggled and Soul-Storm Mod. What an amazing surprise to find you guys (and maybe gals) still at it! Hopefully I will be able to implement Mod. into this downloaded version.. Promise this will not be my last donation to you..
Thank You very much
Nile K.

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Dec 1 2013 replied:

Added, thanks!

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DROKZ_TERROR Oct 12 2013 says:

how can you donate? i cant see it anywhere :/

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stedge Oct 14 2013 replied:

click the donate banner at the top of this page.

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stedge Oct 14 2013 says:

Will donate as soon as my three questions on the mod are answered to the best of the teams ability. it will be around 3 or 4 USD as i have a lot of things to pay for this month and that is all i can spare. =)

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 22 2014 replied:

Err... from October 14th? Better late than never. D:

Well at least you kept your 3-4 dollars then. I won't remember your 3 questions, but thanks for playing the mod! :)

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Deuce_Savage Dec 24 2013 says:

Glad you are getting a team together again! So a donation is in order & please spell my real name right (Tibor Csaky) heh heh

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 22 2014 replied:

Choas to Chaos = remedied.

Sepll to Spell = remedied.

Casky to Csaky = remedied.

Sorry about that.

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Deuce_Savage Jan 25 2014 says:

What about #44. ha ha ha!

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Jan 28 2014 replied:

:S And remedied.

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Guest Feb 28 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Apr 6 2014 replied:

1 month late, though did you contact us via PM?

Anyways, average donation I'd say now is 20-30 dollars. No joke!!! The Apocalypse mod team proudly thanks everyone who donated.

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Seargent1 Apr 5 2014 says:

Gentlemen, I have provided a donation for you as thanks for the good times, now my only question is this: Will the Necron Arks( both doomsday and regular) be implemented or will you be leaving that to the Titanium Wars mod team?

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Apr 6 2014 replied:

You must be *name protected by public domain*. ;)

I sent you an email. :) Thanks!

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Gurra84 Apr 6 2014 says:

Keep up the fantastic work guys/gals!

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne Apr 6 2014 says:

Okay... gotta write this HO MAN...

I... had a huge donation (THE BIGGEST) from Gustav Bengtsson! The most generous amount ever received yet and I want to do something about that...

Tibor Csaky also. Tibor may not have donated the most in one blow like Gustav, but donated huge amounts four times. Gustav may not have donated more than Tibor, but surprised the living heck outta me with huge amounts!

I wanna do something for these two... hug them? Not in online world...
So... this money will be put towards good use. It says more UA, less other things big time, on top of that 72 donators...

Would not have continued modding if it were not for any donators. Thanks! :)

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Kim the elite boy
Kim the elite boy Apr 6 2014 says:

I will donate to this mod one day when I am prepared. It deserves them. :)

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Gurra84 Apr 7 2014 says:

:P Glad to help Lord_Doofus, given how much time i put down and enjoyed the mod, its the smallest i could do.

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ElricVonRabenfels May 6 2014 says:

Donated a tenner a couple of days ago, you really deserve it.
Please keep up the great work, and if the donation nets me access to anything, please do inform me.

I'd be up to do some alpha testing.

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Dawnslayer15 May 7 2014 says:

Ill donate as soon as possible, You guys really deserve it. I also got a question, will this mod always have something new in the updates? Like how next update there is going to be 2 new races and the campaign mode feature then the next update (example) you add more units to all factions and more maps and such? I would like to know this so I can continue donating and play this amazing mod.

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Lord_Cylarne Author
Lord_Cylarne May 10 2014 replied:

I think yes answers all. But to be more clear:

Planning: Version 1.7 = Grand Release

Version 1.71 = patching and corrections phase of 1.7

Version 1.72 = Overall next big version

Version 1.73 = Finalized skirmish for all vanilla races.

1.74 = IDH and Daemons, or new races perfection into skirmish in general.

1.75 = Full focus campaign and XP3 Legends mod.

1.76+ =

1.8 = The Grand Release Gold Edition.

With all new content in each new version.

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PROnoob321 Jun 8 2014 replied:

how can i play a campaign with this mod

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Gurra84 May 21 2014 says:

Great work, and thanks for the updates Doofus and the rest of the crew, will donate soon again!

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Venris Jun 24 2014 says:

Just send donation :).

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