The year is now 2037. The Tiberian World now stands with a very uncertain fate. The two most powerful and influential forces on the planet are trapped in a never ending dead lock of war and combat. Whilst the Global Defense Initiative has suffered many blows and military defeats, the faction itself still stands strong and has shown the world its amazing ability to endure harsh punishments and has recovered much lost ground. The Brotherhood of Nod has struggled and triumphed over its enemies, only for its victory to be short lived by the death of Kane the Messiah, causing an ever lasting deterioration through the Brotherhood and leading to defeats and chaos amongst the large faction. With the end of the First Tiberian War comes the dawn and age of a new, second Tiberian War, with new terrifying possibilities and potential. The fate of Earth lies dangerously unknown.

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Campaign: Nod Mission 9 Preview
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JonnyBoy0719 Jun 25 2013 says:

my face when i will play this mission "*evil laugh* >:)"

Can't wait to play this and awesome work so far :P

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Nuttah Jun 25 2013 says:

And the GDI version of the map then has to fortify the exit and shoot everything that comes out while engineers prepare to blow it, right?

+8 votes     reply to comment
FekLeyrTarg Jun 25 2013 says:

Muhahahahaha. :D

+4 votes     reply to comment
Swirekster Jun 25 2013 says:

The doctor is in...

+5 votes     reply to comment
Jeffman12 Jun 25 2013 says:

If that's an AI adjutant like CABAL, I don't think it would use these inflections. "Send your infector /in there/" doesn't carry the same gravitas as "Send forth the infector." And "the events of today will haunt the enemy for years", really? How many years, two, maybe three? How about decades, centuries even.
Just plop "to come." after years and it instantly sounds better.

The use of the exclamation mark is misplaced as well. It's not a command, it's a statement, the exclamation mark makes it seem giddy instead of sinister.

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Jeffman12 Jun 25 2013 replied:

Something I forgot to add:
The use of the words "help", "victim", and "lovely" seem opposed to each other. The sentence would really give a better narrative if you chose it to convey that process was to be considered good or bad. If you want it to sound good, replace victim with patient.
If you want it to sound bad, replace help with force or something to that effect, keep victim, and change lovely to ghastly.
Alternatively, you could change it to sound, and I think this is the right choice for anything like CABAL, devious. "The Infector's Web Grenades will 'Compel' (or) 'Encourage' the 'Subject' to consider 'joining our efforts'."

+2 votes     reply to comment
Q45 Creator
Q45 Jun 25 2013 replied:

This is not CABAL or any other AI speaking. He's a made up character called Dr. Incandela, a Nod tiberium specialist and lead researcher. This is indicated by a line of text not visible in this screenshot.

You got some good points there though, I'll make a few changes to the text triggers.

+5 votes   reply to comment
Jeffman12 Jun 25 2013 replied:

This seems much more appropriate in that case, I thought that might be the case but didn't want to assume.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Nuttah Jun 25 2013 replied:

From the perspective of Nod, tiberium and all its mutations are rather lovely.
And there's also sarcasm. Even if hard to convey with text.

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Reborn:X Jun 27 2013 replied:

The funny part is that the words "abomination" and "lovely" don't fit eachtother too well. "Horribly" also sounds weird as I am sure the Brotherhood of Nod is already accustomed to the realism of the Tiberium world.

"Horribly mutated tiberium abomination" does not just... sound right for a Nod officer unless this was a hidden statement on how GloboTech sees Tiberium mutants. Shouldn't it also be "enemies" instead of "enemy" as GloboTech isn't their only problem?

Also, his sadistic personality is dumbly exposed IMO. It looks like he only cares about killing & mutating a bunch of random civilians in an GloboTech encampment situated in a forest rather then using this operation as a chance for testing latest technology.

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Gzegzolka Jun 25 2013 says:

Awesome, that's look like challenging mission.

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BioDestroyer Jun 25 2013 says:

I always liked to mutate infantry with the Infector, and now there is a campaign mission with him, with the sole objective to mutate people. Awesome.

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theonewhonevergivesa Jun 28 2013 replied:

Yeah, same goes for me. I like to wreak havoc inside enemy bases with Visceroids, and I like Infectors - in concept and as a unit. "The fun has been doubled" as some people say.

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Jun 25th, 2013
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