Thrawn's Revenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. It includes the events of the Galactic Civil War after Palpatine's death at Endor, up until the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty. If you own the Steam version of EaW, you will have to complete extra steps to run the mod after installation. Please see the manual for these steps.

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The Galaxy of 2.0
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Hunter_[XT] Mar 5 2012 says:

very nice

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V.Metalic Mar 5 2012 says:

I dont know, but isnt the map little... moved? Byss is supposed to be in the center of the galaxy, not Coruscant. That have to be more on north.

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.Corey. Author
.Corey. Mar 5 2012 replied:

The background galaxy model rescales itself slightly after a battle. This was done by creating a GC with every planet and no enemy forces, so initiating a battle was impossible, meaning the background image is a little off initially, as well as being from a different perspective than what you'll normally be seeing it from, which also has an effect; ingame, everything will look a little farther north than it does in here.

However, Byss was not at the direct center of the galaxy, it was actually slightly south (outside of the deep core). Considering that the bright dot at the center of the image is the center of the galaxy, too (right between Tsoss and Pakrik), Coruscant isn't at the center in this image.

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Enceladus Creator
Enceladus Mar 5 2012 replied:

After you play your first battle the galaxy shrinks to about the size seen in this picture (Note: these are old planet positions):

Why the texture initially bugs out is beyond me; but it's fine after the first battle.

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Gilly6666 Mar 5 2012 says:

wow, thats alot of planets.... good job!

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EclipseStardestroyer Mar 5 2012 says:


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brodur Mar 5 2012 says:

I want it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrPerson Mar 5 2012 says:

thats one huge galaxy to conquer. yay for killing free time!

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HTRK74JR Mar 5 2012 says:


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Ori`verda Mar 6 2012 says:

And here I was thinking that 1.3 was final and that the FX and JCW mods would come back, silly me.

I guess you still are perfecting the TR mod which is pointless... Its already perfect IMO.

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.Corey. Author
.Corey. Mar 6 2012 replied:

For one thing, we still have lots of units to redo, a lot we wanted to add (we've barely touched land) and a lot we wanted to change in TR.

And for the other thing, why would we restart those mods? FX is just effects and some gameplay changes, so if we wanted to come up with new gameplay stuff (which we are) why do it in FX and have to deal with the rest of FoC when we already have TR? Besides, when it died that mod was being run and done by Filo, who Codeuser had given it to, and who wasn't even part of the TR team so it's not like it was put on hold for TR. And it's not like AoSW all went to work on TR either. That entire team ditched except for me, Kalo and Codeuser, so we just stopped working on it and kept working on TR, and now Kalo's not even modding anything anymore, and Codeuser only makes the occaisonal contribution. None of the art assets for AoSW even exist anymore. It died almost four years ago, it's not coming back.

Right now, the TR team is me doing almost all art, having only ever been a minor contributor to AoSW and FX, Slornie and Zer who were never on either team, Enceladus, who was barely involved in either of them, and Codeuser who was running AoSW and started FX, but is only doing occaisonal contributions for TR because he's pretty busy in life. Starting an all-new Old Republic mod 6 years into this game's life when I'd have to do basically all of the art assets does not really appeal to me, and it wouldn't even be feasible.

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Jeroenimo Mar 6 2012 replied:

Infact that's not entirely true. I still have most of the art assets of AoSW, the ones kalo send to me on occasions. I don't use them anymore but if you need them back for some weird reason that probably wont happen imo I can send them back to you.

A few quality old republic mods would be nice as I'm running out of time because of YVaW and the last few that have poped up haven't much going for them imo. To bad you wont start another though, your TR quality would translate really well into a OR mod imo, but time in real life restricts us all I suppoes.

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.Corey. Author
.Corey. Mar 8 2012 replied:

What Kalo sent you were mostly the old assets which had already been replaced.

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flyingdonuts May 25 2012 replied:

Mods can't be perfect..

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Wariscool Mar 6 2012 says:

Question:Are the planents in the right place(cannon?)

+1 vote     reply to comment
.Corey. Author
.Corey. Mar 6 2012 replied:


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myxale Mar 6 2012 says:


I doubt I will ever be able to conquer all those! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
KorbisBarkly Mar 6 2012 says:

I wonder how long it will take me to loose...

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheTriangulum Apr 7 2012 says:

dude your going to kill my computer with these GCs xD you already did with my last one

+1 vote     reply to comment
pincuishin Aug 19 2012 says:

soo many planets lol

+1 vote     reply to comment
DartAzat66 Aug 29 2013 says:

млечный путь?

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A map showing the replotted locations of all of the planets from 1.3, as well as the 20 or so new planets in 2.0.

If you don't view original, this will probably just look like a small unreadable blur.

It was made by stitching together about 300 separate screenshots of the map ingame, so ome of the planets might be about a centimetre off of their actual ingame location.

Mar 5th, 2012
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