Thrawn's Revenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. It includes the events of the Galactic Civil War after Palpatine's death at Endor, up until the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty. If you own the Steam version of EaW, you will have to complete extra steps to run the mod after installation. Please see the manual for these steps.

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fFoxfire says

Early access review 53 agree 5 disagree

Great mod and with in it makes the game much more appealing and the fact that this game follows after the events of the battle of endor, makes this mod feel like a full expansion to the game as this mod is at times fells more or less like one. To me the mod seems to have put better effort into there work man then the actually developers at times. Many new factions tons of new units and a lot of new worlds, while not every planet from the original game are here it makes up for with at least 50 more new ones. If you looking for a way to make Empire at War FOC even better do not pass this MOD up!


jbscomputer says

Early access review 31 agree 2 disagree

Great mod!!!


General_Nuisance says

Early access review 27 agree 3 disagree

Despite my initial wariness of all things expanded universe, I downloaded this mod just to try it out. I was impressed so much that now it is the only FOC mod I play. Thrawn's Revenge is an enormous improvement on vanilla FOC (Forces of Corruption for the uninitiated) that completely overhauls the graphics and certain gameplay aspects of the original. Replacing the Rebellion, Empire and Zann Consortium factions are the New Republic, Imperial Remnant and the Empire of The Hand.

The old technology tree system is gone as well, instead you advance through different eras of time by killing the current imperial leader. A particularly welcome change in my opinion is that once heroes are killed in galactic conquest mode, they do not come back. Dead in TR means dead once and for all. Each faction gets a largish batch of heroes in each era, and you must be careful how you use them to avoid losing them entirely. The EOTH is particularly well-done for a third faction, especially considering that the developers had to pretty much engineer this faction from the ground up.

The graphics are stunning, barely resembling the original game. The game is just beautiful to look at, sometimes you just want to sit back and watch cinematic mode during a space battle. The ground maps are amazing as well, and much more fun to play on now that you don't have to scramble around looking for reinforcement points. I probably should have mentioned that before; but yes, now you can just land your entire invasion force and charge in. Land battles are fun, but somehow it seems they just didn't get as much attention as their space counterparts. The ground combat system of the original game had an alarming tendency to devolve into just throwing units at the AI, with not much strategy or tactics involved.

Now this mod isn't perfect, there are some minor niggles such as reusing maps for different planets, but I still give it 10/10. Why? Simply because its still the best mod for SW: EAW out there.


Starkiller2356 says

Early access review 20 agree 2 disagree

Great mod continues to make me want to play SWEAWFOC!!


Akalonor says

Early access review 16 agree 1 disagree

One of the best mods out there! Only a few minor issues concerning balance but the AI improvements and models are great!


Käptain says

Early access review 16 agree 2 disagree

Great Mod with a large of new units and planets.

Maybe you should put some abillitys to the ships (like the star destroyer) but the rest is awesome.


ZeronTR says

Early access review 15 agree 3 disagree

Great AI, very funny, models are great, little to no lag.


Stormraven40 says

Early access review 14 agree 3 disagree

The crowning achievement of this mod are the FX. The lasers in particular make this the best thing ever to happen to Empire at War. When the few issues of AI and some skins are fixed up, this will easily be the greatest mod for Forces of Corruption.


AK151 says

Early access review 12 agree 2 disagree

A very impressive mod, with some fantastic models. I understand that it's still in partial development, but still, it is incredible. The AI leaves a small amount to be desired, especially with Galactic Conquest, but it is still a very good mod regardless.


Johnyboy1{S1TH} says

Early access review 9 agree 1 disagree

Awsome mod . there is only a few bugs but overall , it deserves 10/10.
a few years back , i read the books in the thrawn trilogy and thought
"Hey wouldn't it be great if the thrawn trilogy went past books" and last year i was browsing the internet and found this mod =)

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