Thrawn's Revenge is a large-scale mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. It includes the events of the Galactic Civil War after Palpatine's death at Endor, up until the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty. If you own the Steam version of EaW, you will have to complete extra steps to run the mod after installation. Please see the manual for these steps.

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Asdoni Corvette Ingame
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_w_ May 18 2012 says:

everything looks stunning, the stardomes, the models, the textures..

but one thing that has bothered me since release are the lasers, to me they don't really look star wars-ish. maybe even out of place.

but anyway nice new concept and model!

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romnus May 18 2012 replied:

I understand what you are saying, I think that the best lasers in an EAW:FOC mod are the long, cylindrical and bright lasers seen in Rise of the Mandalorians. However, these lasers look really nice, and i mean REALLY nice. perhaps too nice... In my mind the lasers should be simple. :D Please don't take that as an insult, I love your mod and your clever take on many different units from different factions, and I play it a LOT! This is still the best EAW:FOC mod out there, beating RAW and ROTM hands-down. :D

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Med8r May 18 2012 replied:

That's funny, I must kindly disagree. It's funny because in my own opinion, the lasers are one of the best overhauls TR did to the original game. They're thick and...glowy, and they remind me of the lasers/lightsabers from Revenge of the Sith. Other mods attempts tend to look more like...colored sticks flying through the sky.

To each his own, I suppose. ;)

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Jeroenimo May 18 2012 replied:

A laser shot is suppose to be a cut off (I think plasma?) burst, long and thin like the shooting sticks you're talking about. I personally use a lower accuracy in my mod and with small lasers (the "stick" ones) it makes it look like a barrage of a touchable substance, rather than particle lasers which look to...transparant? is the word? It gives more of a feel of actual destructive power, small destructive, powerfull bolds rather than massive transparent lasers with no power to them. I never understood why people like particle lasers more, could you explain why you like it more?

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Med8r May 19 2012 replied:

lol, I've never gotten into the science of what a laser bolt actually is, though I'm sure you're right on that. I guess that's where realism/authenticity meets the gamer's experience, and you have to find some balance to have a game that's fun to play (or to look at).

Actually, the reason I've always liked the particle lasers is precisely because of their transparency! It makes it look more like a gaseous plasma than a solid. Lasers, after all, don't really have a surface (though I'm sure that could be scientifically argued lol).

As with lightsabers, it's all about the light. TR comes closest, imo, to making their lasers look like they're giving off light (as they do in the movies).

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romnus May 18 2012 replied:

I was trying to reply to Med8r, please remove this comment when you have a chance :)Sorry about that. ModDb comment system is messed up sometimes. :D

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romnus May 18 2012 replied:

@ Med8r: I know what you mean about the colored sticks flying around, especially when the camera pans to a position that reveals what the laser really is (two 2-dimensional images jammed together at a 90-degree angle [*Romnus Shivers*]. It is very hard to make good-looking lazers, and this mod has accomplished that, and then some. I would like to thank you for "kindly" disagreeing with me. :D It is refreshing to be able to speak ones mind and hear other opinions without fear of hate or "trolling". You explained your position well, and I understand it and respect it. :D

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Med8r May 19 2012 replied:

Agreed on the "refreshing" part. Cheers mate. ;)

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romnus May 18 2012 replied:

ModDb won't let me respond directly to Med8r for some reason, I apologize for the triple post :)

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Dr_Knickers Creator
Dr_Knickers May 19 2012 replied:

They're not lasers; they're masers!

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Railgunner2160 May 19 2012 says:

Nice, but what brought about the idea to use the cover of Outbound flight as the base for one of your ships?? Was it any of the novels like Survivor's Quest?

(not really sure where Survivor's Quest sits timeline wise...)

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.Corey. Author
.Corey. May 19 2012 replied:

I've always liked the way it looked, and when I was trying to think of designs for EotH ships it seemed to fit in nicely with what we already had.

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Slornie Creator
Slornie May 19 2012 replied:

Maybe the Chiss borrowed the general Dreadnaught-shape after Thrawn trashed Outbound Flight.

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The Asdoni corvette for the Empire of the Hand ingame.

Design: Outbound Flight cover, modified by Corey
Model: Corey
Skin: Kalo

May 18th, 2012
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