Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

Report content Third Age Total War 1.0 (Obsolete)
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Apr 27th, 2009
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Zip file containing both parts 1 and 2 of the install files for Third Age Total War plus the hotfix. Enjoy!

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Third Age Total War 1.0 (Obsolete)
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Warlock_23 Apr 28 2009 says:

Thanks for uploading makes a lot of people's life easier to play this mod!

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LOTRuler Apr 28 2009 says:

what is that hotfix

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christensenct Apr 28 2009 replied:

In the release 1.0, players were reporting that the command menu in battle was invisible, and the hotfix corrected the issue.

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LOTRuler Apr 28 2009 replied:

ok thanks. i am gonna download it right now.

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ExecutorTassadar Apr 29 2009 says:

Am I the only one who can't connect to FileFront?

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funnybutsadlytrue Apr 29 2009 replied:


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tj43 Apr 30 2009 says:

thx i love it!!!!

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Pronkkie Apr 30 2009 says:

so cool, good work guy's

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Damagd May 1 2009 says:

how do i install this !

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Misterkill800 May 4 2009 replied:

You place it into the Med 2 Kingdom's folder under your Program Files. It's easy to do.

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herodotus2006 May 11 2009 replied:

Okay, the modders say to put it into the Medieval directory, and Misterkill says to put it into the Kingdoms directory. Which one is it guys? Another thing. Does anyone know how to get rid of the stretched look that widescreen monitors get with a res of 1680x1050? Looks dreadful.

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Danishdude Jun 6 2010 replied:

so if i have the kingdoms expantion "Crusades" installed should i put the mod there?

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Guest May 12 2014 replied:

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Misterkill800 May 4 2009 says:

This is the biggest mod I have ever downloaded. But am going to love it. I can already tell! This is the only think I need for the whole year! lol! Thanks guys! I love you man(not in a gay way)! lol!!!

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blueguy08 May 18 2009 says:

Is this mod for the kingdoms expansion?

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gman6817 May 20 2009 says:

you need the kingdoms mod for this to work? If so, do you need all the campaigns?

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macca1976 May 22 2009 says:

Down loaded this last night and played about 1 hour on it thought it was cool, only problem I had is when in battle mt generals horn does not make a noise lol!!! Thanks guys you have done a brilliant job I think if this game would have come out on general sale it would have been a hit!!!

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gman6817 May 22 2009 says:

when i try to assault a city and play the battle, game crashes.

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98jacksonm May 27 2009 replied:

ive had the same problem i dont know why its happening could someone enlighten me please!!!!!!! ;D

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Schoon May 25 2009 says:

the download does not work

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Dan123 Jun 2 2009 says:

file front says invalid session set or something

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rockerdood Jul 3 2009 says:

file front says the link is not there, and i cant download it from moddb it keeps saying the archive ended unexpectedly

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Dev4stator Jul 3 2009 says:

i seem to be having truble downloading from filefront i get half way then says compleate....

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mrlion Jul 8 2009 says:

its just me or everyone cant download it, it stops in 3 mb, what the hell!!?

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bbaum2 Jul 17 2009 says:

Does anyone else have trouble with the battle mode? Everytime I try to do any kind of battle whether it be custom battle or on campaign map, my game crashes. Can anyone help? I have Medieval 2 total war Gold running on windows XP.

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bigwookiejed Jul 23 2009 says:

Do you need any expantion packs?

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tiger123321 Aug 2 2009 says:

help me i have downloaded it 3 times but the shortcut never comes up on my desktop

(dont comment on the name its my brothers acount )

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Wilbo99 Aug 3 2009 says:

Hey can someone help me out? I was downloading the mod and accidently pressed 'X'. Now when i try to do the same thing i did originaly to download it it takes me back to the previous page when i press download. How can i get it to download again?

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medival2totalwaar Aug 7 2009 says:

you seriously need kingdoms to?!

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Numanor Aug 19 2009 says:

when i click on the download the screen just goes white and nothin happens can any1 help me here

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Icedmetal57 Aug 20 2009 replied:

Really? I had no problem downloading it from here. Is it possible that it requires pop-ups to be allowed or something and you don't have it allowed?

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Numanor Aug 21 2009 says:

since i cnt download form here can someone tell me or give me a linkto another site in which you can easily download 'the third age' and where you don't need any manuel work to sort it out, where it does it for you

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maddog1111 Aug 29 2009 says:

I downloaded tatw 1.0 successfully but everytime I try to extract part 1 to the medieval 2 folder it says "access denied cannot create Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War/TATW"
Anyone know what to do please?

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TallaFerro14 Nov 1 2009 replied:

You must either you an administrator account or give your account full access.

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medival2totalwaar Aug 30 2009 says:

i dont got kingdoms ;(

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Geowulf Sep 11 2009 says:

much better to download from here, much faster and my virus protection tells me there are 7 computer threats on the other site

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idblue Sep 13 2009 says:

everytime i click ,download now, i get a pop up for gears of war, how do i download.

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Rampaned Sep 17 2009 says:

i downloaded this and i can launch the game the shortcut for it or anything

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bambis4ever Feb 21 2011 replied:

I have the same problem!

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Prince|of|Venice Sep 23 2009 says:

too bad the seige battles are the same oh well its still good.

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Prince|of|Venice Sep 24 2009 says:

for some reason i cant use those nazguls/dudes with the two handed swords in black robes, i cant use them or even find them and im using the 1.2 patch can any one help me.

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GongasFaria Oct 11 2009 says:

i have to download all the patches to play this mod ? pleasse anser me


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DarthCommanderCody Oct 13 2009 says:

Nice mod !!

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HamzaRasol Oct 18 2009 says:

i need help....could you pls post a link that you can download like 1 link for Part 1 and another link for Part 2 because i cant download this mod. every time when i get to 90% it says that the address is gone and download the file again!

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chankahaha Oct 20 2009 replied:

me too... i got up to 96%...

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djhirst7 Oct 20 2009 says:

I dont know how to get the music to work on the interface it never seems to play when i go on custum games or the campaing works on the movie clips just not the game itself can anyone help? :(

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Legolose Oct 23 2009 replied:

Go here and ask for Help ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
scopesDOC Oct 25 2009 says:

can someone please give me a step by step on how to download this?
i am using mozilla firefox and everytime i download it it says the folder is compressed and zipped.

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sootheater Oct 31 2009 says:

I lose the connection before I can download this file. It's just too big.

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coolgubben Nov 3 2009 says:

do you hav to have medival 2 total war kingdoms

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Legolose Nov 9 2009 replied:

Yes you need M2TW and Kingdoms Expantion, and just follow these instructions when you install...

Just follow this

1 : Install Medieval 2 Total War update to latest patch. {which is the 1.3}
2 : Install Kingdoms " just one campaign is needed" make sure it is the 1.5 if not update to the 1.5
3 : Install The Third Age part 1 & part 2 to in Medieval 2 Total War main directory will look something like this 'Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War'
4 : Install The Third Age Patch 1.1 in same directory as the mod.
5 : Install The Third Age Patch 1.2 in same directory as the mod.
6 : Install The Third Age Patch 1.3 in same directory as the mod.
7 : Play game by hitting desktop icon "looks like the Ring"

Hope this helps

If you have any problems leave me a comment on my profile and I will get back to you as soon as possiable...

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masterkunox4 Dec 27 2009 replied:

Legolose how do i get to the medivel total war directory.
I got Mediveil total War And kingdoms from steam if you know them

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masterkunox4 Dec 27 2009 replied:

Nvm i got first and second part and hotfix and opened them with mediviel and i got the ring on my desktop now when i open patch one it takes me to the the folder and thier is only a uninstall folder please help

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kingofmacedon Feb 19 2010 replied:

after i install medieval 2 total war and kingdoms(all of them)
i downloaded third age total war(which i had a bit of trouble with)
but when it was done i installed it and everything it worked except one thing, i forgot to update my kingdoms parth to 1.05 and i don't know but i wonder if that is the reason the games keeps shutting down when i try to play battles. it keeps saying that the graphics options were too high so i put them all in low, but even then it still says that, and when i try to play kingdoms it says that same thing please help?
i really like this game(bwt i already played third age total war a couple if months ago but i had to fix my computer so i had to delete everything and reinstall everything)
please if u know what to do help
thanks for your time.

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carnage557 May 1 2010 replied:

I am having a terrible time download the first patch part 1&2 mod. When the first mod dowmloads it brings me to the zip page. from here I go to program files, then sega file, then METW program and extract everything to this. Is this correct? I have done this 4 times and it still has not downloaded the mod.
do I do this with every patch up to 1.4

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TotalFan Aug 15 2010 replied:

Hey legolas i dont understand what the difference is between the third age total war and the New Shadow only that u need to have mtw2 to the third age and barb invasion the the shadow?
i only got the barb invasion so which should i get because i downloaded the New shadow but when i go to pla is telss me it cant find skeleton 'fs_mumak_small'i am stuck and donĂ t know wat to do but want the lord of the rings total war game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
KingThranduil Dec 30 2010 replied:

i need help my third age total war is working perfect but i don't now did i install it coreect i just install medieval 2 total war and expansion to C/PROGRAM FILES/SEGA/MEDIEVAL 2 TOTAL WAR AND THE THIRD AGE TO is this corect????????!!!!!!! or i must do some changes

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Guest Jan 6 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

lolyjoly Jan 14 2010 replied:

And is there any other possible way, if u have medieval 2 total war and 1 kingdoms, to play third age tw?

+1 vote     reply to comment
gamefreak12 Jan 30 2010 replied:

do you have to save it inside the medieval 2 total war folder or by the side of the folder ??

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