Daniel is now conscious. Time to rattle through this horrid environment of the underground transportation system. The horror that took place here, should not ever be compared to that of what Daniel is about to experience, but should not be dismissed(!)

Take control, as much as you can. Hope is dying, slowly, the inevitable is coming & the underground -
... Is closing.

Disclose why you are here, as Daniel. What lead to your placement in this Hell-like position. Beginning-to-end, the horror will never cease; with paranormal essence roaming around your location, you'll nether know why and what is behind your back.

Surviving is not a simple action when you have little-to-none assets to use to your advantage.
Remember you'll not always be alone, Caan, something from the deep prerequisites of Daniel's mind creates a friendly beast. A dog, which will bring the sense of paranormal behavior framing into the game, the experiance of this horror will be that of an interactive movie(!)


  • The story of The Underground is being written by two professional writers, one of which has a large understanding of human psychology, and has a large training-set in psychology.
  • More than paranormal occurrences; this is a horror made for the illusion of the mind. Physiological tricks are dished through this experience to keep the flow of horror apparent.


  • Very defined and appealing characters will be along-side you in The Underground, including Daniel's dog. The emotion and feeling is strong when it comes to the character-set in TU
  • Daniel is alone, and has been for a long time. There is no hope, someone needed to come-along, so something did. Daniel's extreme mind created is new companion, Caan`, a long-lost childhood memory of a dog.

Developed by TU-Dev studios | Written by Ian Brun | I
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