The Worry of Newport is a two part Horror/Mystery built upon Crysis 1. It is an interactive narrative and story built upon the first person perspective around immersion, story, and atmosphere.

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A concise but worthwhile article looking at how the new narrative system works. It's more complicated than you would think.

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In Worry of Newport - Part I the main goal is to introduce you, the player, to the story I am telling. This story unravels by you interacting and exploring the game world but most importantly following the narrative and surviving. The remake, you see, watches you play. It rewards you for immersing yourself, it punishes you for skipping and dodging and rushing.

This dynamic engine allows me to fluctuate the world like a movie. Basically, if you play the mod, you have no issues. You will get from the start to the end. If you are immersed, engage most of the side gameplay scenarios, and read the logs, you will be pleasantly rewarded. Said rewards are new areas to explore like a cave, a creepy barn, or even if you're good enough an entire subquest in a town called Hamlet will be opened up.

So basically there are four versions, all subtle:

First is the total experience. Both side areas unlocked, Hamlet is accessible, and the entire main narrative is intact.

Second is the main experience. This is achieved by passing on some logs or gameplay areas and aggregates how you explore. You get from start to end, might get a side area or two, but not hamlet.

Third is the barebones. This is achieved by skipping ALL the optional sequences and just wandering the world, barely playing logs or anything.

Fourth is the idiot's version. If you really don't play any sequences, pick up any logs, or do anything at all, the game is just going to cut you off and collapse on itself.

Random Content

I'm now adding a metric ton of random events to enhance replayability. Within the game there are over two dozen random areas that can queue something. A howl in the distance, a barrel flying off an edge, something moving away just out of sight or nothing at all for one example. Something may swim by, howl at you, splash water at you, a building might collapse from being weathered, an explosion might queue in the distance... the randomness to these will create a distinct atmosphere every time. Time of day might be night when you enter the forest. Or it might not be. The rain could stop or start, and so forth and so on. Hundreds of little variables have been added to enhance the immersion and the experience and unfold side stories dynamically. Based on what you do, what kind of books you read and how you play the game, certain areas will open up (A creepy barn, a cave, etc). If you miss out on these the first time you can try to unlock them the second, always opening up new avenues of gameplay.

This random, dynamic scare engine will allow you to replay it two or three times and discover new things. The optional areas, designed around how closely you follow the narrative, will not contain crucial information, so you won't miss out on the MAIN story, but they unfold the backstory of Newport a little.

Now you know a little bit more about how much polish has gone into making the remake a truly unique experience for each of you.


I'm really excited by this. Does that it mightbesnowy ala thatonescreen you showed?

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C-zom Author

Can you rephrase the question? lol

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lol, sorry. My space bar acts up =/ I was referring to your comment about randomized environments. Beyond raining, or not. Does snowing or not come in the package? =)

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C-zom Author

The snow flashbacks are actually not randomized, they are crucial to the story, so will be the same experience for everyone. But almost every other area in the game will have some random treats to change up the atmosphere like said.

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