18 BBY/2IY: Supreme commander of the Imperial Fleet, Lord Vader ordered the execution of Queen Apailana of Naboo on the charges of committing treason against the empire by harboring fugitive . The 501st was sent to eliminate her but the battle became a disaster the empire for a number of unexpected setbacks:
On the land the 501st was shocked to see that the defenders of Naboo was leaded by their former brethren's from the from the famed Torrent company, the most veteran company of the 501st under the command of the traitors captain CT-7567 "Rex", the former second-in-command under Lord Vader. Under his command the Naboo defenders put up a deadly resistance and then lunched an even more deadly counterattack that drove them from the planet. In the bloody engagement, the 501st lost an entire battalion, entirely composed of veteran troops from the clone wars and Operation: Knightfall.
In space, the Imperial HIGHCOM ordered the commander of the fleet to execute Base Delta Zero on the planet Naboo. However as soon as the fleet entered bombardment position, three Lucrehulk-class battleships jumped out of nowhere and attacked the Imperial fleet. The Imperials, caught completely off-guard, suffer heavy losses and retreat. The Lucrehulks then quickly jump away from the system. In this short but devastating space battle, the empire lost no less than 20 warships of which 6 of them were brand new Imperial I-class star destroyers. The strength of the 501st was dropped down to three regiments. This badly weakened the Imperial hold of this sector and the garrisoning forces became helpless when Queen Apailana ignited a sector wide revolt. This disastrous defeat setback empires many operations' for years as they begun to consolidate their positions and gather forces for a decisive counterattack on the Chommell sector, which is now declared independence and re-equipped themselves with many clone wars ship and equipment that were mothballed in the Aostro'gar system by the Empire, including one Mandator-II class star dreadnought that was, unfortunately for the empire, was undergoing refit on one of Aostro'gar's shipyards.

17 BBY/3IY: The Empire received rumors that a former CIS engineer is building a droid army on planet Mustafer. Due to their recent defeat and preparation for their invasion on the Chommell sector, the imperial HIGHCOM decided to send a single Victory-II class star destroyer under the command of the newly graduated captain Tyber Zann to investigate. However the ship disappeared with no trace with only a single distress call saying that they are being attacked by ships from Corellian Security Force. The HIGHCOM, eager to make an example to the galaxy at large, ordered Imperial troops to execute Diktat Dupas Thomree and kill all CorSec command personal. However the message was intercepted by Bothan spies and was relayed to the Dupas. Dupas, upon receiving the message decided that it was no longer beneficial for him to work for the Empire and declared the entire Corellian sector independent and free from Imperial control. The small imperial garrison forces were wiped out by CorSec and Corellian civillians alike. The Corellians started to produce new ships and stared to reactivate multiple fleet's equivalent of clone wars era ships that has been abandoned or mothballed by the empire in the system.

Two week after this event, the Empire, desperate to make an example, declared all signees of the Delegation of 2000 traitors and ordered to execute not only themselves, but their families as well. While nearly two third of the senators were was successfully wiped out to their roots, the surviving senators took refuge in planet Alderaan and decided that the time of negotiations is over and it is time to take direct action against the Empire. They sparked what became known as the "Tri-system rebellion". The Bothan, Brema and Alderaan sector altogether started a successful organized revolution from their Imperial occupation and declared independence. Only a day after the rebellion, they send diplomats to both the Corellian and Chommell and singed the famous, or rather, from the Imperial point of view, the infamous "Corellian treaty". With the treaty, all of the sectors became united under the banner of the "Republic Constitutional Authority" or RCA and started to co-operate with each other. Ships from Corellia and Sullust stated to re-enforce all other sector fleets, the massive war factories of Alderaan and Aostro'gar started to produce countless war machines and the Bothan's stared to wreak havoc on Imperial supply and logistics using their vast network of spies and saboteurs. Only days after its formation, many other independent worlds and system declared independence and joined the RCA.

One mount after the establishment of the RCA, the Empire briefly lost contact with their base in Kamino sector. However they soon reestablished contact and said they had to deal with a rebellion attempt. Two days later a similar incident happened on the Calamari sector, although this time the delay was a little longer. Both of them were ignored by Imperial HIGHCOM as they were constantly getting reports of similar incidences were happening all over their territories.
16 BBY/4IY: The Empire took the initiative to destroy the RCA by launching an all out strike against the most lightly defended sector of sector of the all 5 rebellious sectors, the Chommell sector. While the RCA forces put up a deadly resistance, they soon pushed to the breaking point by the sheer might of the Imperial fleet. When all hope seems lost for the RCA and they were about lose control of the Chommell sector, Imperial forces was suddenly attack by unknown multiple fleets of ships all over the entire sector, the Empire once again caught completely off guard and performs a hasty retreat. After the battle was over, the fleets ware revealed to be of Mon-Calamari origin and the troops manning them were clones recently created by Kaminoans. Apparently, the Kaminoans had secretly launched a covert sector-wide uprising using their newly created clone army; however they used faked transmissions to fool Imperial HIGHCOM into thinking that their forces were still in control. Then having their clone army disguised as imperial re-enforcement, they assaulted and liberated the Mon-Calamari sector. The introduction of these two forces sparked the first RCA diplomatic crisis. While the Mon-Calamarians were a welcoming sight, the idea of introducing the clones to the RCA Armed forces was received with mixed repose by the RCA senators. While some of the senators were please to have an un-questionably loyal army that was virtually infinite in numbers, others question their moral stands as they follows any orders, good or bad, without hesitation as seen during the final days of the Clone wars.
While the senators of the RCA senate continues to bikers about introducing clones into their defense forces, the Imperial fleet, still nowhere out of the fight, prepared for another offensive against RCA, this time involving all of their surviving super capitals. As they do, nearly all of the RCA fleets with the exceptions of the clones manned ones should they be required for a quick retaliation, strike the Imperial shipyards over Kuat. However, unknown to them, that is also the same place where the imperial armada is gathering for the second offensive.

As soon as the RCA fleet jumps over the shipyards of the Kuat, both sides were caught completely surprised and the imperial were once again caught off-guard with 1-3rd of their vessels still in dry dock. However they still have enough battle-ready ships to match the RCA fleet and the space over Kuat soon became a deadly battle zone. After a battle that lasted for nearly 8 hours, the nearly devastated RCA fleets withdrew from Kuat, with the secured knowledge that they have inflicted far more damage to the Empire and denied the imperials the use of Kuat's shipyards for quite some time, thus achieving a strategic victory. However, as soon as they came back to their territory, their joy of victory shattered as they learned that many of their shipyards along with majority of their military facilities are destroyed by a massive droid armada. Others only survived thanks to the action of the clone forces they left behind. They later learned similar event happened in the Imperial territory and the imperial managed to destroy the armada but only after suffering heavy damage to their war machine.Two days later, the attacks revealed to be committed by the "Consortium of Independent Sectors" lead by a "Supreme Commander of the Consortium Forces" Tyber Zann, as he transmitted a galaxy-wide transmission claiming responsibility for the attacks and calling all former Confederacy worlds to join the Consortium to "Fight the Tyrannical and oppressive Empire and RCA to ensure their safety and sovereignty". This lead to many worlds, both Imperial and RCA, to break away from their respective factions and join the new CIS. This event even more badly hampered both factions ability to wage war and forced them to focus on recovering their losses. This was exactly what Tyber Zann wanted as this bought him the time necessary to prepare the dormant CIS war engine against the galaxy.

15 BBY/5IY: All three factions have successfully recovered enough to continue their war against each other. One side waits for the others to make the first strike and spark the Second Clone Wars. What will happen next? Which side will triumph? Only the commanders can decide.

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All good ideas don’t have a happy ending. Some of my final(?) works..... Some of my final(?) works.....

Well I suppose this was quite obvious to some of you guys already but this mod cannot go on any further. Not with all the burdens we have on our shoulders.

CaptainFordo, the creator and leader of this project is now a proud student of DigiPen Institute of Technology, committing most of his time to hone his skills to become a better game developer. With his skills as our main coders unavailable, we're not able to input any new futures into the game for now.

OsoDEADLY, our main mapper and assistant 3D artist is now busy with his senior year projects and have very limited time in his hands. And without his mapping skills, very little can be done to expand this game to the levels we intended.

EddieSmithWCHS2013, our beta tester has been out of contact for some time. We can understand this as we really wasn't able to present much to him for testing in the first place as most of the concepts we had took way too long to mature. And since there is now zero development of this project. He is free to utilize his valuable skills elsewhere.

As for me, well things have become a little rough. I lost my father at August 5th 2014. His loss was something I was not ready to accept and it took our family some time afterwards to adjust in his absence. I'm currently a student of Stamford University Bangladesh, focusing my effort to become a good journalist. Since studying journalism involves a lot of moving around, I have considerably less time to focus on something as time consuming as modding.

So with great sorrow, we're putting this project on an indefinite hiatus. We may resume work on this project sometimes in the future; maybe start over in a new engine but for now we have to manage our daily lives and secure our future.

As a parting gift, here is a hi-res detailed render of the 4M "Hammer" attack tank. I had made it to use in loading screen and for promotional uses but since this project is now coming to a close, I see no reason to hold onto it.


RCA 14th Elite Clone Legion

RCA 14th Elite Clone Legion

1 year ago News 19 comments Report

Article detailing the RCA 14th Elite Clone Legion. This may or may not be subject to change...

Help us fans, you're our only hope

Help us fans, you're our only hope

1 year ago News 8 comments Report

Thanks to the devotion and interest of our fans we have grown from the small scale mod that this once was...But now, we have more than this small team...

Unit Production Structures

Unit Production Structures

1 year ago News 4 comments Report

The unit production structures in this mod. This article will explain how the production of generic space units in this mod will work.

What is worth fighting for.

What is worth fighting for.

1 year ago News 3 comments Report

After a tiresome meeting with the RCA council, Bail Organa returns to his room with a heavy heart and lots of worrying thoughts.

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 5

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 5

1 year ago Patch 38 comments

Five patches, damn, that means we're that much closer to release. Install like any other patch, copy and paste into the mod data folder. Also, please...

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 4

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 4

1 year ago Patch 25 comments

Fixes Victory SD, Landbombing crash, Republic Medical Facility. I remind everyone to play only the "Equal Footing" GC, as it is the only stable one. Install...

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 3

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 3

1 year ago Patch 17 comments

This solves units not deploying, the scale issues and the defense structures issue, I tested the turrets, and they work, but just in case I have uploaded...

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 2

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1 Patch 2

1 year ago Patch 28 comments

A patch that fixes Republic Troops not deploying, extract and dump into XML folder, and just dump the Models folder into you art folder, that should fix...

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.1

1 year ago Patch 18 comments

Enclosed in this are the missing art assets and the Giant Clone Trooper Fix, as well as the Victory missing HPs. Uncompress the file, then uncompress...

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.0

The Second Clone Wars Beta V 1.0

1 year ago Demo 57 comments

The Second Clone Wars (TSCW), by Fordo's Modding Team Here it is guys, information in the read me. Credits too. You will need 7z to extract it , so go...

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Guest Sep 9 2015 says:

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Guest Sep 9 2015 replied:

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StephenG2014 Aug 18 2015 says:

Hey, how do you build Jedi Knights, I'm on the "Equal Footing" GC, at tech 5, and have built a Jedi Temple, yet I still can't build them?

And is Vader's Fist (501st) buildable in this mod?

Thanks, Stephen.G.

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Mobkiller65 Apr 22 2015 says:

how do i install the patches ? Im just not familiar with that.

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Darth_Saber Apr 25 2015 replied:

Step 1: Extract the zip file to a location of your choosing. Then select the data folder and use the right click context menu to select "cut."

Step 2: Go to where you have the mod installed, and open the mod folder. The folder you "cut" should be titled "Data." After you open your mod's main folder, you will see a folder entitled: "Data."

Step 3: While in the main window of your mod folder, with the folder "Data" clearly in view, right click anywhere on the screen and select "Paste." When asked if you want to replace the files already there, click "Yes."

Step 4: Delete any left over empty folders from the extraction process (Step: 1).

Step 5: Play the game friend, for you have just installed the patch!

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Mandalore17 Apr 14 2015 says:

You plan have the Mandalorians in this?

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darkyuri Apr 10 2015 says:

Good mod.

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MMFestus Apr 4 2015 says:

Its been about a year you back yet or will you ever come back? This mod is amazing and the story behind it. I really hope you come back and fully release and fix all the bugs. Its amazing work and i am a fan. Don't let all this work be for nothing!

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mylesjwright Mar 28 2015 says:


Caps locks got turned on to lazy to retype

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