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'It is the Dominion of Men, the Age of Peace, but the roots of Evil run deep and always after a defeat and a respite the Shadow again seeks to assume some new form...The inevitable boredom of Men with that which is good, their quick satiety with peace, has already begun to make itself felt in Middle-earth and fostered another Evil, darker than the shadow that clouds the hearts of Men...

The New Shadow has arisen.

This is The Fourth Age: Total War!'

'The Fourth Age: Total War' is a modification for 'Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion' (v1.6). Our aim with FA:TW is to accurately portray the lands and peoples of Middle-earth as we think they existed approximately two centuries into the Fourth Age. It is based on the works of Tolkien, and especially on his unfinished and abandoned sequel to 'The Lord of the Rings', entitled 'The New Shadow'. With an aim to staying true to the works and spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth, whilst also aspiring to original creative excellence, 'The Fourth Age: Total War' is a must-have for anyone who loves the setting and peoples of Tolkien's mythic world.

As of July 2007 we have released 'The Fourth Age: Total War - The New Shadow' which is a provincial campaign encompassing roughly half of the full campaign map, in which players can choose to play the Reunited Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor, the Kingdom of Rohan, the Chiefdom of Dunland, the Chiefdom of Rhûn, the Kingdom of Adûnabâr, or the Empire of Harad. It is the 238th Year of the Fourth Age of the Sun, and over 200 years have passed since the Return of the King, and the downfall of the Dark Lord. The Reunited Kingdom is beset on all sides by foes, and now even her own people are rebelling. The new Kingdom of Adûnabâr has seized Mordor and all its lands to the East of the Anduin. Their alliance with Rohan is faltering, as the Rohirrim are in open war with the Dunlendings. To the East the hordes of the Easterlings are once again moving, and the Haradrim are mustering their forces for yet another invasion. And as if that was not enough, rumours of a dark cult have been spreading through the lands of Gondor…

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2 comments by FeánaroTWC on Aug 31st, 2014

The Principality of Harondor

Harondor isn't the smallest faction, nor the faction with the poorest lands. But its strategic situation and tactical options make it my candidate for the faction with the most difficult start in Dominion of Men. 

To see why this is so, you need first to take a look at the campaign map (there's a screenshot of the WIP starting positions in the screenshots thread). Harondor is sandwiched between the Empire of Harad and the Kingdom of Adunabar, with its next-nearest neighbor being the Reunited Kingdom across the mouths of the Anduin. Put plainly, this four-province faction begins play surrounded by the three largest factions on the map – with no nearby rebel-held provinces for easy picking. You know how with most factions you can do a little light conquering in order to establish yourself before going after the bigger threats? Not an option. Right out of the gate, Harondor must decide which of these behemoths to strike – if the Principality manages to strike first at all. 

Secondly, consider that the troops available to a Prince of Harondor are essentially the Haradrian types, with a strong presence of plainsmen (the skirmishers and mounted skirmishers) and some heavier-armed swordsmen. Harad can make good use of the basic Southron roster because the Empire can afford to produce them en masse (as anyone knows who has ever played as a Dunedanic faction in TNS. Plus, Harad can train Mumakil...). Harondor, thanks to its connections with the nearby Dunedain, can construct some small-scale siege engines, but otherwise must largely rely on its relatively fragile infantry and skirmishing cavalry in the early years. 

“OK,” you think, “the land game looks pretty hopeless. No problem – we've got boats! I can just migrate to better pastures.” Well … maybe. Although Harondor does have access to the Sea, the much larger navies of Harad and the Reunited Kingdom lurk offshore. Any seaborne invasion must run a gauntlet of stronger and more numerous ships before making landfall, at which point all the problems of a delicate unit roster resurface. 

In many ways, Harondor's situation is similar to that of Numidia in vanilla RTW. You've got sparse lands and threatening neighbors which you must face with an... idiosyncratic military. So what does a Harondorian Prince have going in his favor?

In theory, the starting position is quite defensible. Your starting realm is bounded to the north by the river Poros and to the south by the river Harnen – each of which can only be crossed at a single point. To the east loom the Mountains of Shadow, blocking any enemy advance. And to the west is the Sea. If you can train enough troops in the early years to hold those river crossings – with a reserve army in the interior in case of a disastrous breach – you may have time to grow your economy to the point where you can take the fight to the enemy. (The downside to holding river crossings is that your infantry isn't exactly bridge-defending material. Harondor's armies perform best on relatively open plains, where they can use their skirmishers to best advantage and pull off some cavalry charges against tired-out enemy troops. So when defending those crossings, it's more effective to stand your army back a tile or so from the crossing itself, and give them room to maneuver in battle.)

In reality, though, the southern border is likely the most problematic. Adunabar may border you to the north, but its nearest town, Emyn Arnen, is far away from you and close to the opening moves in any RK/Adunabar war. It's likely that your northern neighbors are going to be occupied with each other for many years before one of them decides to annex your lands.

Meanwhile, the Empire of Harad has many settlements within striking distance, and no large foe to distract it. As far as the Emperor is concerned, your Principality needs to be brought under his control, the sooner the better. All those seemingly endless armies of Haradrim that poured into Ithilien in TNS will first be funneled through your lands in DoM. 

That may sound frightening – and it is – but it's better than the alternative. When fighting the Haradrim, you at least have the benefit of facing a fairly similar troop composition. If a Dunedanic faction were to invade your lands early, the heavy infantry would be unstoppable. But though the Haradrim are numerous, it is possible to defeat their lightly-armed troops with your own and use superior skirmishing and cavalry tactics to win the fight elsewhere. You'll need to know where to stand and fight, and where to hit and fade – and because of the varied nature of your troops, you'll need to do both in the same battle. The hectic nature of battles as Harondor – and the high stakes involved, since each battle lost brings the foe one step closer to wresting away one of your few towns – make your victories all the more satisfying when you pull them off. 

Harondor's weakness is a kind of strength as well. Because of your status as a small faction, you are attractive diplomatically to the other powers. (In RTW, large factions become a target for the others, while small factions are viewed as less threatening.) It may even be possible to leverage this to drive a wedge between allied foes and break their alliance by first cease-firing and then allying with one of them. If nothing else, such diplomatic maneuvers can buy you some time. 

Time for what? Long term, probably the best strategic option for Harondor is to push back the Empire of Harad, particularly those potentially trade-rich settlements along the coast. Harad shares a culture and alignment (Men of Darkness) with Harondor, and you can beat them in battle with a little finesse, so they make the likeliest target. Expect to get some aid from Far Harad and/or Khand, both of whom may come into early conflict with the Empire's eastern forces.

The first step in such an advance (and one that can be accomplished fairly early) should be to take the nearby isle of Tolfalas from the Haradrim. This gives you a refuge in case the mainland fight is going poorly, and can be a jumping-off point for a surprise attack against a lightly-defended Gondor, if you're feeling adventurous. Taking Tolfalas also gives Harad another target, which may lessen the pressure on your mainland armies. 

Playing as Harondor, you have to be an opportunist, on the battlefield as well as in your grand strategy. You may spend years building up one of your towns, only to burn it to the ground to deny the resources to an advancing enemy. You may betray a decades-long ally whose undefended settlements provide the only means to fund your wars elsewhere. You may end up sacrificing soldiers in a doomed raid along Harad's coastline just to buy you enough time to build that crucial infrastructure upgrade. In order to survive (let alone thrive), you'll have to choose your enemies and your battles carefully, strike out unexpectedly – and pray for a little luck.

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SirLanister101 Sep 21 2014, 12:29am says:

Not a valid Win32 app... What to i do now?
pls reply

+1 vote     reply to comment
billymom2 Sep 13 2014, 11:38am says:

hey I looking for unit ids for dol amorth if I spelling that right I cant find them any were any help be useful

+1 vote     reply to comment
kylestyle147 Sep 2 2014, 5:21pm says:

how do you install for steam? when i tried, it just loaded up then closed down and said it doesnt support some sort of file? i have the gold pack on steam which includes Bi expansion but i dont think im installing correct? this is the error

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vethcar Sep 10 2014, 10:23pm replied:

Right click on Rome total war and go down to properties at the bottom and go to laucj options there type in mod:bi/ci then when you run it should go to Fourth Age

+1 vote     reply to comment
FeánaroTWC Sep 3 2014, 1:43am replied:

There is guide in the mod's forum here. Check the technical support section.

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kylestyle147 Sep 3 2014, 10:06am replied:

i followed the steps precisely and i just got the steam error "failed to launch"

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FeánaroTWC Sep 4 2014, 4:31am replied:

Do you have both Rome and Barbarian Invasion?

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RichardTheImpaler Jul 24 2014, 1:42pm says:

I really like the pictures of Minas Anor/Tirith. Will I be able to place my catapults in various places in the city so I can shoot the enemy without a large chance of hitting my own walls and buildings like in the vanilla version? Also, where can I find a tutorial to modify settlements in the manner pictured in your teaser pictures?

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FeánaroTWC Jul 24 2014, 2:22pm replied:

From what I've seen, there is probably enough space to place siege engines on the walls, although I've never tested it myself.

As for making custom settlements, here is a link:

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FeánaroTWC Jul 10 2014, 5:58am says:

If you are interested, visit our facebook page!

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