(3/30) Neofeud Needs votes on Steam Greenlight!

Neofeud is the spiritual successor to Terminus Machina. If it sells well enough, there could be a Terminus Machina II in the making!

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Support Terminus Machina and get the

"If Eternity was stopping it would of course be set going shortly."
-E. M. Forster, The Machine Stops

The Future. Benevolent God-AI runs the world? League of Evil Asshole Masterminds manages the clockwork Earth from the shadows?

Nope. Just a lot of buggy paramilitary drones blowing up schools, incompetent elite wrecking the planet with endless financial crises, and mass unemployment as robots shove workers out of offices and into endless breadlines run out of bread in bankrupt states. Yeah, it's a mess.

There's a Tahrir Square, an Occupy Revolution every day as robots replace 60% of humans in the workplace and crushing austerity measures create unresolvable social unrest and upheaval. Countless popular and revolutionary movements have sprung up across the planet -- from grass-roots resistances like World Class War to Humanitarian NGOs like Fenix foundation to armed-insurgents like the Washingtonians. But as New York, London, and Tokyo crumble into Detroit-like necropolises scarred by class warfare between jobless insurgents and robotic riot-soldiers, trillionaires bunker into the "Pluto-claves" -- private cities run by AI and defended by fleets of autonomous drones armed with gatling railguns and tactical nukes. The Archangels' smartbombs wipe a dozen Occupy Movement-saturated blocks off the Manhattan map, daily. The class war is stacked against the 99% as the kleptocrats have holed up behind a dozen feet of steel and Skynet armies that make the Pentagon look like a posse of peashooters.

But as veteran hackers will tell you -- no security perimeter is fully impermeable. Machines run the world, but no machine is foolproof. There's always a back door, a security hole.

Take on the role of an operative in the Hex Gen network, a decentralized movement of hacktivists resisting the economic pillaging conducted by the unholy alliances of Big Tech, Big Military, and Big Finance. United over a loose constellation of ad-hoc mesh-internets, Hex Gen (AKA Generation Hex) are a new class of freedom fighter. Though necessarily shrouded in secrecy, Hex Gen thus far is the only group to have carried out successful attacks against the Plutos. They've dealt crippling DDoS attacks to crooked corporations, tanked corrupt investment banks with electronic financial manipulation and successfully taken control of drones and androids in the armies of CyberSec -- the leading "counter-insurgency" military/law enforcement contractor. Still, some believe Hex Gen is just a gang of criminals and thieves in it for their own profit. Perhaps time will tell.

Ubiquitous 3D fabrication means everything from smartphones to TVs to cars can be printed in your living room. The Marxist Egalitarians have declared the Age of Abundance -- except the Copyright Cartels have bought ownership to not only every mp3, movie, and book ever written, but also the "fabprints" to every physical object as well, and won't hesitate to have a Predator drop a hellfire missile on your home if you're caught pirating a Honda Civic. Oh, and Big Agro also owns every species of plague-resistant food crop in the plant and animal kingdoms. Starvation, they say, is the ultimate motivator.

The superhighway to the Future is leading toward a sixteen car pileup, and no one's behind the wheel but idiotic megalomaniacs making their Golden Parachutes as Rome burns and crap software hacked together by low-paid Chinese sweatshops. Fasten your seatbelt.

Will you join the code warriors, the Info-Pirates and rip the global kingpins a new one with your wits and technological know-how, or will you become a Made Man with the white-shoe Monopolists, live it large in orbital villas far away from the artificial famines below?

* Facial, vocal biometric capture devices
* "Nohface" electronic face projector for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city
* Wireless internet-Darknets: all web activity is fully surveilled, thus you need stealth not only in meatspace but in cyberspace
More types of hacking: cryptography, DDoS, spoofing.
* Write your own malware, unleash it on the internet to infect machines to create your own botnet army.
Hunger: experience real economic destitution as you slowly die of starvation and are forced to beg, steal, or even kill for a piece of bread.
DIY: Upgrade your hemp trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid.
* Mechanical hacking: Take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, reverse engineer a captured police-state drone into your own personal bodyguard.
* Nature Punk: set up a hydroponic garden in your squatted flat so you don't have to kill for every meal.

* Biohacking: play God with your own DNA to give yourself bone-hammer knuckles, bat-like sonar, or cheetah-like musculoskeletal structure. Just be careful not to turn yourself into Frankenstein or give yourself an artificial cancer!
I'm right now a one man army here working two other jobs, so if you can spare some help or a donation to help me focus on this mod it would be hugely appreciated!

I've also got a Youtube Channel that I'll be posting Let's Plays and stuff to.

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First off, apologies to all loyal Terminus Machina fans, superfans, acolytes, Ameribank busters, et. al. for the conspicuous absence of updates.

Secondly, I'm happy to announce the:


Let's Play! Terminus Machina Competition

I've recently received a few requests for help completing Terminus Machina, which is apparently the, "Most challenging Deus Ex Total Conversion".

If anyone is interested in doing a solid Let's Play of Terminus Machina, I'll consider adding it somewhere on the TM website and/or to a News Update.

I'll give out some special awards for "Fastest Time", "Most Creative Playthrough", "Funniest/Most Entertaining Playthrough", if there are at least a few takers!

On that note: please comment here if you're interested in doing this.

Alright revolutionistas, Illuminati-busters and Hex Gen hacktivists: let's get re-installing Deus Ex! #reinstallsDeusEx

And now, what you've all been waiting for:


Many commenters have asked in one form or another, "If/when can we expect to see some updates or an expanded version of Terminus Machina with more maps, missions, and generally MORE of this game?"

As a preamble: Thanks for playing the game, and enjoying it enough to want more! I'm glad that so many people have loved it enough to garner such a high rating! Actually let's do a quick scorecard in celebration of Terminus Machina's achievments:

  • 9.6 rating on Moddb!
  • Almost 1700 downloads and counting!
  • 230 members!

Release Pics

YAY!!! Dystopic Cyberpunk Block-Party Time!

Now, onto the less sunny story. On completing Terminus Machina, I discovered myself suddenly in a life phase of mass-disruption, which included complicating factors such as:

a.) Needing to get a full-time job

b.) Having a family

a-b.) Needing to keep full-time job for the family

c.) Great Recession Depression 2.0 making all of the above more difficult.

As such, I discovered I would not have the time nor the headspace to continue game development unless I really tried to put out something with commercial viability. Basically, it was going to be difficult or impossible to make games on par, quality-wise, with Terminus Machina, unless I was making some money from the endeavor to keep my lights on, keep a roof over our heads, keep the babies fed, and all of that reality.

Real Burning

This is your life

I tried along with a small team of volunteers to put out a big expansion pack of levels and such, with myself as the distantly attached attache, providing directional, cultural, and moral support sort of like a Queen of England doing my "Royal Wave" of approval toward concept art or the Dalai Lama, briefly making appearances Forum-side to drop a few cryptic and possibly-inspiring koans of wisdom to the developers.

Unfortunately, this was probably unrealistic to even attempt, and I apologize to all the diehard volunteer TM modders who put work into building the Terminus Machina II ship only to see it capsized by Captain Silverspook's RL-storms and general unavailability. Absent at the wheel.

I realize now it was more difficult to materialize without the kind of continuous, undivided attention that I put into this total conversion from 2011-2012 when I created it.

Still, keeping my head down in a somewhat unfulfilling job far outside the scope of my college major (sound familiar!?!?) left me feeling like I was living life with blinders on.

There was a splinter on my mind, and it was the need to know what The Matrix is. Topple MJ 12 make awesome games.

Knowing that I would need to pursue any future projects as commercial ventures, and that the scale of a full-3D game in a -- let's face it -- archaic, tough-to-debug engine like Deus Ex 1 would involve world-devouring amounts of time, time which I did not have.

I would need to pare down the scope and shoot for something most likely 2D, with way less physics. So I began shopping for other engines and platforms.

I loved the equally cyberpunk Shadowrun Returns, and kicked around the idea of doing an SR module, but that turned out to be too difficult. I tried playing with Unity, but it also turned out to be too headachily beyond my reserves of attention to figure out how to do what I wanted.

Ultimately I happened upon Adventure Game Studio, and it was love at first point-n-click. Ability to release as commercial game? CHECK! Super-easy development with short learning curve? CHECK! Thus I began Project Neofeud:

Proto-J Version 3.0Robo-Junkie

Sentient Services

Here I could focus on the sci-fi / spec-fiction story, which was always my favorite part of Deus Ex/TM, without having to take on the many hats of 3D animating, mapping, programming, etc... So I started building the story, a kind of inverted Terminus Machina, where the AI and machines are not here to destroy us, but rather become a new underclass. "2033 - We create AI. Sentient robots arrive, but not as our Terminator overlords or our Singularity saviors -- conscious machines are humanity's unwanted bastard children."

So this is where I am now, deep into development of Neofeud.

What does this all mean?

There is always the possibility, but unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment for the scale of game development that an expanded Terminus Machina or Terminus Machina II would deserve.

I have been kicking around the idea of crowdfunding (i.e. Kickstarter campaign) a bigger, better, awesomer version of Terminus Machina which would feed a core "engine" of developers from 2D/3D artist to mappers to programmers, with myself as design director, spiritual guru, resident game Tyrant, etc...

A couple of preconditions would need to occur, before the TM reboot, though. Namely:

1.) I'd need to finish Neofeud. It's almost too much just working on Neofeud, working a day job, and shuttling kids to preschool etc., so doing both simultaneously would require me to become Doctor Manhattan or produce an ACTUAL quantum teleportation/time machine. I.e.: not possible.

2.) I'd need to find a new engine, or some work around the extant issues of the DX1 engine and IP issues. As much as I love DX, I think I'd need to take Terminus Machina II to an entirely new engine, one which might make things easier to implement and debug, and less legally un-sellable (Eidos or Squeenix or whomever owns rights to DX and so we can't sell Terminus Machina). Again, the old Maxim: "Time is Money."

Release Pics

Artist's rendering of what happens to Terminus Machina non-supporters

So the TLDR: a reboot/resurrection/full-length version of Terminus Machina is possible, but it depends on several factors including the kind of support that can be rallied by the fans.

So please, keep on spreading the good word and thank you again for making this mod possible! I surely would've given in to The Man(s In Black) sooner and ceased and desisted on Terminus Machina development except for all of the encouraging words from you all. Just hearing one positive comment can make it all worth it!

Besides words, if you have donated to Terminus Machina in the past, bought the soundtrack or do donate in the future, please let me know. I am also trying to compile a list of such supporters to add to the site, as well as a spot in the credits of Terminus Machina, when I get to doing an update. Any donation amount is appreciated!

Oh, and before I forget: a special shoutout to Deus Ex: Nihilum, the most awesome and faithful total conversion of Deus Ex in existence. Period. Don't be a philistine tool of the System: go get it, NOW!

Also, special thanks again to the post-2012 release Terminus Machina devs:

AlphaCodeOverride for undying support in terms of testing, cheerleading and a whole variety of other contributions.

JCDenton2000 for some great mapping work

xen0phile for taking on programming tasks after I tapped out in 2012.

AlvinD2008 for putting together some great modeling and animations.

January 2014 Update

January 2014 Update

News 4 comments

Plans for a satellite and moonbase, laser-destructible drones, deep fried pigeons, Chinese ghettos, wireless signal jammers and more! SilverSpook has...

Terminus Machina Rises

Terminus Machina Rises

News 3 comments

Due to a recent influx of able-bodied modders offering their services, Terminus Machina has officially re-entered development after a brief summer hiatus...

Terminus Machina Patch 1.1

Terminus Machina Patch 1.1

News 1 comment

Terminus Machina patch 1.1 is out! This patch irons out the couple showstopping bugs that slipped into the beta, fixes missing/wrong conversation voices...

Terminus Machina RELEASE!

Terminus Machina RELEASE!

News 12 comments

Terminus Machina is RELEASED! Implemented features include: wireless hacking, cryptography, malware-as-a-weapon, full crafting system, facial biometric...

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Terminus Machina 2.0

Terminus Machina 2.0

Full Version 12 comments

At long last, a Terminus Machina update, complete with installer! I'm asking any TM fans out there, or anyone interested in playing a big, ambitious Deus...

Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1

Patch 1 comment

This patch irons out the couple showstopping bugs that slipped into the beta, fixes missing/wrong voices, adds more social engineering functionality...

Terminus Machina

Terminus Machina

Full Version 29 comments

Terminus Machina is a total conversion mod for Deus Ex. It takes place in its own completely original world, which might be best described as "In-progress-apocalyptic...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 166)

This is awesome, good to see that great mods are still being made for deus ex.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SilverSpook Creator

Thanks! Great to see that there are folks still out there playing mods for Deus Ex! :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

About the engines:
a) Well if you want to develop it as a mod and want it to be more visually appealing you could try the enhanced engine of the 2027 mod or try modified unreal engines of other games but there are not other unreal engine rpg games with the filling of deus ex (bioshock and invisible war are exceptions)
Hmmm and you could wait till system shock remastered(which is more like deus ex) is released and when they release a sdk you could mod it ,but unfortunately i think it lacks features like buildings, roads etc that deus ex and terminus machina had.
Or even you could mod it as a "Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines" mod which has an open world feature, but it is source engine so it is Proprietary software

b) if you want to develop it as your own game with your own company you should find the list of all engines in wiki and it has divided the open source and the non open source and 3d or non 3d.
Wiki does not mention these 3d open source engines: Leadwerks, Urho3D, Neoaxis, Esenthel, amazon's lumberyard, GameGuru and CryEngine V

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SilverSpook Creator

Thanks for the info. I don't yet have the time or money to create a more complete version of Terminus Machina, but it's nice to see that there are still folks around who are interested in games like it! I am definitely keeping the option open for future Silver Spook Games projects.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Having voiced some of the characters in this game, I can't wait for its release!!!

Panda Campbell (Jean-Luc Campbell's sister)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi Panda, AlphaCodeOverride (Your brother) here. Yes I still have the game and all of its updates. All you gotta do is ask. I also still have all of your voice acting lines and recordings (english accent, as well as normal voice) in zip form if you would like a copy. LOL

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SilverSpook Creator

Thanks Panda!

You can ask Jean-Luc if he has it around somewhere. :)

I believe you play the bartender in the club, as I remember. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Well done for completing your project " Neofeud " SilverSpook. It seems like a
true cyberpunk game. I sense we players will learn a lot of things from Neofeud.
I hope you continue your work with terminus machina and release it as a mod of deus ex or even release it as your own game from an open-source engine or from other rpg editors if you have the support and time.
Good luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SilverSpook Creator

Thanks, theabraxusentity!

Do you happen to know any open-source engines that have ports from Deus Ex 1? I would be willing to look into it at some point, depending on Neofeud's success. :)

By the way, Neofeud is now on Steam Greenlight! Needs all the votes it can get :) Steamcommunity.com

Reply Good karma+2 votes

having trouble hacking wireless networks.. i try to sniff, and i have the option to "stop sniffing" but nothing seems to happen aside from that

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
SilverSpook Creator

First I think you need to up hacking skill at least to lvl 1. After you do the sniff, you should get packets, and it takes a certain amount of time to get each one. Then you have to unscramble. Did you get any packets from the sniffing?

Reply Good karma+3 votes

never mind, seems i forgot to move terminus.ini to the proper folder

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Terminus Machina is a very interesting mod, you can do things that you couldn't do in Deus Ex. It has new skins, textures, items, skills, music, and augs, as well as a level of design that is superb. Very nice mod!!!!!

Jun 8 2013 by AlphaCodeOverride

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