'Stormaktstiden; "the era of great power”. For over five centuries, the Swedish Empire has long been one of Europe’s greatest powers. Following the indecisive First Great Northern War in the early 18th century, hostilities between Sweden and its northern neighbours, most notably the Russian Empire, continued to rise. The 19th and 20th centuries passed and many conflicts for dominion of northern Europe were waged. Still, the Swedish Empire held firm. By the 21st century, the Swedish Empire has once again entered into its “era of great power” (Stormaktstiden). For nearly fourty years there has been relative peace as Sweden and Russia have been locked in an arms race. After the Swedish King decrees all ethnic Russians within Swedish borders to be either deported or interned, the Russian Empire, led by the young Tsar Konstantin III, launches an invasion of the territories of Estonia, Finland and Livonia. As the Second Great Northern War begins, the various different nations of Eastern, Central and Northern Europe declare their position, either forming a coalition with Russia, or jumping to the defence of Sweden and the Stormaktstiden, spiralling into a truly continental war.'

The World:
The world of Stormaktstiden is very different to our own. The continuation of absolutist monarchies and imperialism has meant that technology has not advanced in the same way as in our reality. Nuclear power and weaponry is never developed due to the world wars not occurring, and computer technologies are not researched to the same extent. Instead the world has stagnated, and this is prevalent in the mod's dieselpunk/retro-futuristic style aesthetic. Socially and politically, society itself has also stagnated. The ideologies such as fascism or socialism that rose out of revolutionary movements across the world are never founded resulting in the grand empires of Europe continuing to dominate almost the entire planet.

The Gameplay:
In terms of Factions and maps, upon the first release (v0.1), the mod will just feature two factions - the Swedish and Russian Empires - and probably around 5-6 maps, but over time new maps and factions will be added through updates. In terms of weaponry and vehicles, as I mentioned above, the mod has dieselpunk/retro-futuristic design elements and so the weapons will reflect this. I’ve designed all of the weapons and vehicles myself. Sound design, as with my previous efforts, will also be of top priority as an aspiring musician and sound designer/engineer myself.

Current Team:

  • NinjaTheCat - Project Leader/Mapping/Coding/Audio/Music/Concept Art
  • illness88 - 3D Modelling/Textures/Concept Art
  • Kiborg_UA - Weapons Exporting/Animations
  • DP-42114 - 3D Modelling/Textures/Animations
  • TheMasterofDeath - 3D Modelling

If you are interested in helping this mod, please contact the team

Be sure to track the mod for updates!

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Our modellers have been hard at work making the fictitious arsenal of weapons for our alternate history timeline, and here we see two Swedish weapons; the Automatgevär m/86 and the Pistol m/88, made by illness88 and DP-42114 respectively.

Automatgevär m/86 (Model by illness88)

“The Automatgevär m/86 is a Swedish automatic rifle developed and designed by Swedish gunsmith Stefan Augustinsson in the 1980s. A prototype version known Ag(P) m/82 proved to be very successful in trials as well as seeing very limited use in the short border war with Denmark in 1983. Following the Ag(P) m/82’s initial success and the eventual development of the m/86 in 1986, the Swedish Imperial Army ordered it in bulk to be the new standard issue service rifle. The Ag m/86 saw widespread service against Russian-led Coalition forces during the Second Great Northern War.”

Will be the main weapon used by the Swedish 'rifleman' class. Model by illness88.

1 11
2 10
3 3
4 2

Pistol m/88 (Model by DP-42114)

“The Pistol m/88 (model 1988) is the standard issue sidearm of all branches of the Swedish Imperial Army. Designed in the late 1980s by Swedish gunsmith Stefan Augustinsson, the designer of the highly successful Automatgevär m/86 two years prior, and manufactured by the Royal Ordinance Board of the Swedish Crown, the m/88 is an exceptional handgun. Very reliable and very powerful, as well as sporting an unusually large 12 round magazine, the m/88 definitely lives up to the hype.”

Will be the main sidearm used by all Swedish classes, excluding the 'anti-tank' class. Model by DP-42114. The textures are only temporary if you were wondering why they seemed weird. You can see a higher quality image in the media section.

m88 pic 222
m88 pic 3

All weapon concepts designed by NinjaTheCat and the team

If you are interested in working on this mod, please contact me (NinjaTheCat) or the dev team directly here on Mod DB. We are actively recruiting and will welcome those of any skill set in regards to Bf2 related modding.


Introduction & Erastfer Preview

Introduction & Erastfer Preview

Feature 4 comments

A welcome/introduction to the mod Stormaktstiden and a preview of the map Erastfer (W.I.P)

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Stormaktstiden Soundtrack v0.1

Stormaktstiden Soundtrack v0.1

Music 1 comment

The soundtrack of Stormaktstiden v0.1; written, produced, performed and arranged by NinjaTheCat

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Will this be a multiplayer mod?

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NinjaTheCat Creator

Hopefully, but it really depends on the situation I guess. As I'm sure you are aware the Gamespy servers for Bf2 and Bf2142 shut down a few years ago and since then the only way to play online has been through the Revive service, which itself very recently announced its disbandment.

Unless a new system pops up - which, as far as I'm aware, there are people working on it - or Stormaktstiden adopts an independent server system like PR or FH2, then multiplayer is not a guarantee. However, it's definitely something I would like to see as I feel the sort of pacing I'm going for in terms of map design and layout would really suit multiplayer PvP gameplay. There's also the other question of getting enough people to warrant playing it online, PR and FH2 already have dwindling player bases as it is. But let's not rule anything out, multiplayer is still entirely a possibility.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

so what happens to Asia on this timeline? would Singapore and Hong Kong still remain British colonies? would Japan remain in the Meiji period because Tom Cruise never came? would China still have an empire?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NinjaTheCat Creator

Yeah, because the world wars never happened and European powers continued to dominate the globe, most European colonies in Asia and the Pacific remained under European control. So the British still hold Singapore and Hong Kong, Portugal has Macau, the Dutch have control over Indonesia, France has parts, and Spain. Much like the rest of the globe, the Europeans have sliced it up amongst themselves.

The Ottoman Empire, the British, French and Persia (Iran) control the entirety of the Middle-East. India is still a British colony as well.

China is still ruled by the Qing dynasty, although a large number of different warlord factions and syndicates broke away much like in our own timeline. On the coasts, the European powers once again have a great amount of influence.

Japan is perhaps unique in the sense that it is one of the only industrialised superpowers that isn't European in nature. Where the US didn't arrive in the 1850s, the British, French and others did resulting in a conflict similar to the Boshin Wars and eventually to Japan's rapid modernisation. Japan then set about expanding across the Pacific and Asia. As of 2017 in the mod's timeline, Japan controls all of Korea and Manchuria, and frequently fights the Russians over those areas. Unlike in our timeline where there was just a single Russo-Japanese War in 1905, there have been a long series of them.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

How did the Europeans cut up the Americas in this timeline?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NinjaTheCat Creator

Relatively similarly to in our own timeline between the British, Spanish, French etc, although with the continuation of all the other European empires, other powers also got parts of the Americas as well. For example, the Swedish Empire, one of the main factions featured in this mod, has a section of the Eastern Seaboard known as 'New Sweden' like in our own timeline although slightly bigger and more expansive. It covers parts of OTL Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The British colonies that surrounded it had a revolution like in real life as well around the same-time although on a much smaller scale. The US as we know it is just a slither of land from Maine down to Connecticut with Boston as its capital, so basically just what is considered as New England. The rest of the Americas remained virtually the same. Slowly over time France, Spain and Britain consumed the rest of North and Central America, with large parts of Canada and the Midwest falling into French hands, the West to Spain and the rest to the UK. Eventually the Native Americans were either wiped out or integrated like in real life, although by the Europeans and not the US. There's some pretty interesting borders going on in the North.

Latin America and the Caribbean remains basically the same as well with Spain and Portugal dominating, and France, Britain, Netherlands etc holding parts of the Caribbean. Oh and Russia has control of Alaska as well, just like they did in our timeline. Hope this answered your question.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

It did, thanks.

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Amazing bro, really amazing, can't waith for this! keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NinjaTheCat Creator

Thanks for your support!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
NinjaTheCat Creator

50 followers! Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's definitely a mile stone, thanks for the support everyone!

Reply Good karma+6 votes
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