Set in an alternative history universe in which the grand European empires of the early modern era never fell. With almost the entire planet dominated by these empires, Stormaktstiden takes place between the years 2017-2021, and focuses on the 'Second Great Northern War' between the Swedish and Russian Empires as well as their respective allies.

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Map of Europe in 2017 (Stormaktstiden Universe)
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okay. how much time until this becomes a HOI IV mod too?

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NinjaTheCat Author

I considered it as HOI4 is very good for alt history scenarios, but I don't actually own it myself, the only one I've ever owned was HOI3. For now we will stick to Bf2, but perhaps eventually we will branch out in to different areas, perhaps even a full standalone game one day if it ever gets that far, but that's a long shot. Several HOI4 alt histories such a Kaiserreich or Emperor of the World have definetly been an influence

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yeah was just joking... I bought Recently, if I for some strange reason decide to enter the moding scene, I gonna try to contact u

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"For centuries the great powers of Europe had maintained supremacy over the globe, although by the 21st century, this dominance was beginning to wain. Populations were rapidly growing in size and internal dissonance and political strife were becoming commonplace, particularly amongst the various European powers' many overseas colonies. By 2017, it was clear that some form of breaking point was looming. The British and French had began working on their proposed 'Atlantropa' project, which involved the construction of several dams across the Mediterranean Sea resulting its eventual evaporation and the foundation of supposedly fertile lands to be farmed and settled, much to the dismay of the Italians and Spanish. In Northern Europe, Sweden and Russia, two ancient enemies, were once again poised to go to war dragging in their various allies. Europe was being divided up, buckling under its own weight; picked apart by different nations like a pack of bickering vultures."

Just a bit of context/lore/background stuff for the Stormaktstiden universe, just so you actually know whats going on. I've already made a Google Drive folder containing documents concerning the lore, so if you are interested go and give it all a read here: There will be some new game related updates soon, sorry for lack of updates throughout February but I've been fairly busy in my personal life, but rest assured the team and I are doing are absolute best.

Map by NinjaTheCat

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