Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles is a total conversion for the fantastic game Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of corruption. This total conversion will replace every single Star Wars asset of the original game with Stargate assets. This includes units, buildings, icons, sounds, videos and so much more. Pegasus Chronicles offers 3 playable races, the Ta'uri (alliance between Earth and the Asgard), Anubis (a mighty systemlord) and the Wraith. Beside these 3 playable races, you will meet many non-playable ones like the Replicators, the Asurans, the systemlord alliance, the Aschen, the Ori and many more. Each faction will have several space and land units, well known from the series or completely new ones. Contrary to our first full version for the normal Empire at War, the next release will offer finished GC maps, in which you can play through the known Stargate storylines and experience a lot of never seen missions and adventures.

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Hello dear Community, With this May News we want to give you some impressions about the upcoming ground part of our mod. Everything what you could see in this news is still work in process (W.I.P.) so it could be changed until the final version of Pegasus Chronicles.

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Hello dear Community,
With this May News we want to give you some impressions about the upcoming ground part of our mod.
Everything what you could see in this news is still work in process (W.I.P.) so it could be changed until the final version of Pegasus Chronicles.

Many of you started to wonder what would be the ground units of the Wraith in our mod beside the well known ones.

On this topic we have uploaded three pictures for you the last few days.
Because there is a "bit" fog in this pictures people saw many different things like Atlantis...

Take a closer look ;)
Take a closer look V2 ;)Take a closer look V3 ;)

To bring this to an end we made a little video for you:

Of course it's the Wraith Warrior as the most of you realized after the last picture.
Wraith Warrior:

Wraith WarriorWraith Warrior

The cloned Wraith Warriors function as standard ground troops. They are wearing a face mask and are equipped with a self-destruction device on their breast instead of personal armor. All Wraith Warriors are available en masse and are not specially trained expect some melee technics. However the Warriors are possessing a significant healing rate. Also their squad of 6 Wraith Warriors is equipped with innovative Plasma Rifles. Wraith Warriors are less effective against aerial attacks.

Credits: Model&Texture: Wolf V.2

As addition we have:

The Wraith Harvester:

The Wraith HarvesterThe Wraith Harvester

Harvesters are used for gathering and vehicle defense. By their long legs and the insectoid shape these huge walkers appear very threatening. They're moving very slowly however they are capable of collecting any biological life form nearby through their transport beam. Despite that the Harvester is also able of dispatching soldiers for ground support via the transport beam. Heavy Plasma Canons mounted on the hull provide additional fire power. However Harvesters are unable to repel aerial attacks.

Credits: Model: Wolf V.2

The Wraith Mantis:

The Wraith MantisThe Wraith Mantis

The Mantis is a six-legged Walker with a versatile cockpit. It is designed as a light vehicle to defend against infantry and air units. It is equipped with 2 strong upward Plasma Guns on the two claws and a Light Plasma Cannon mounted at the cockpit. The organic structure allows it a short recovery from damage. Also the Mantis is able to fire an acid jet on enemy infantry temporally.

Credits: Model: Wolf V.2

Wraith Mantis and Harvester

And the Wraith Seeker:

The Wraith Seeker
The Wraith Seeker

The Seeker is a Scout Bike and is mainly used for searching a planet's surface. Its shape is similar to the cockpit of the Darts. Since it is able to glide, the Seeker is capable of moving very qickly on any terrain. Due to its scouting purpose, it is only armed with 2 Light Plasma Cannons. The Seeker is extremely agile and is piloted by a Wraith soldier.

Credits: Model: Wolf V.2

Furthermore has our Facebook community grown to 1.468 fans until today.
We gave you a picture for every additional 50 new fans and we will keep doing that so keep telling your friends about us and share our profile whit them.

For those of you who miss some of the pictures out here is a little selection of pictures who came up after the last news.

Thanks for 1250 Thanks for 1350
Thanks for 1450

These pictures are not all we have uploaded after the last news.
If you want to see more visit our Facebook profile or our image gallery here on Moddb.

Also beside the shown units and "Thanks for ... likes" pictures we want to say sorry to xxdabtxx again who create the basic model of our ZPM hive. We forgot to give him credits for that in the last news.
This mistake was solved after it pop up but we want to make this clear ;)

As the last point of this news we want to announce that will post our news too from now on.

Have a nice month!


great work, 15/10 lol

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every moment of waiting will be worth it when its finally released

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woot yay yay

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Great job, good luck finishing the mod =D Im waiting forever if i must =D

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love it

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Srsly,have been playing SG to EAW now for 4 Years or somthing...i can't wait for Pegasus!!!!!!!!

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