Star Trek: Armada 3 is an upcoming mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Beginning around the time of the Dominion war the mod will progress on it's own branching timeline. Players will have access to four races initially on release...
"Best Star Trek Mod for any game period."
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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A quick preview of the Prometheus Multi Vector Assault Mode.
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that1guy! Mar 12 2014 says:

That is just too cool.

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Veritas Mar 12 2014 says:

Dam that's awesome! =)

+1 vote     reply to comment Mar 12 2014 says:


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Andrew657 Mar 12 2014 says:


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starfox37 Mar 12 2014 says:

YES YES YES YES! Will she be a Titan ... she totally deserves to be a Titan.

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Garak(KillaBC) Creator
Garak(KillaBC) Mar 12 2014 replied:

She's not going to be a Titan.


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Napalm-Knight Mar 12 2014 replied:



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Guest Mar 12 2014 says:

Just awesome....great job modteam... thx

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mangomango999 Mar 12 2014 says:

Multi-Vector Assault Mode (for the win)

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Wookienator Mar 12 2014 says:

I wish this game is about exploring the universe, nit fighting the enemy :)

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Centurian128 Mar 12 2014 says:

How on this Earth did you guys pull that off? That's fantastic!

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Railgunner2160 Mar 12 2014 says:

Nice, though if you guys could make the ships computers' seperation voiceover play when the ability happens that would be awesome!!


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Opr8er Mar 12 2014 says:


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23-down Mar 12 2014 says:

What happens if one of the pieces gets destroyed how will you reintegrate?
And a lovely job indeed. Why they need to warp out before reintegration is a mystery to me but I assume it's necessary as work around?

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OrionShadow79 Mar 12 2014 replied:

The Romulans win if a piece is destroyed.

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Lavo Mar 12 2014 replied:

The "warp out" effect you see is in fact the death animation of the ship. The piece died according to Sins.

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djnoob Mar 12 2014 says:

*jaw hits floor* wow. just wow.

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usndiesel Mar 12 2014 says:

Galaxy Class saucer separation coming soon????


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VeniVdVici Mar 12 2014 says:

You might want to look into reintegration as an ability, not sure the AI would otherwise. You could also code different versions on each third for when chunks are destroyed that cost resources.

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Lavo Mar 12 2014 replied:

You don't even know how the ability works, or even watched the video, and you're going on about expanding M.V.A.M.? I don't say this often, but you're a ******* idiot. If you look at the video, you see one of the three pieces being scuttled, aka. killed, and then all three parts reintegrate together.

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VeniVdVici Mar 12 2014 replied:

Lavo, I watched the video multiple times, even zooming in to see how health was handled in case that was a clue and emailing it to the people I play this mod with. If you read what I was saying, it is extremely rare for me to see the AI scuttle anything. I also have been watching sins mods for a while and know that there is a very limited amount you can do, and how damn impressive what you have going is. Maxloef partially explained below how a destroyed piece would effect reintegration, which is something that comes to mind as a concern. He doesn't say though how it would effect the total health if the sub-ships took damage before reintegrating, or if the components were in different grav wells etc. From the demo, it seems to be a level one ability which means I will see it a lot. The cool down time does not seem to be very long either; so a full would be pretty effective. As an awesomesauce observes an unkillable prometheus class is an obvious concern. I observe that for an AI to have a ship stuck in MVAM (the segment selected was ability free) might have an ability and upgrade free cap ship that they can't fix. Clearly you have a death script and I am guessing it could be converted to an ability script. I am also intelligent enough to know that it would take 4 abilities on each segment to handle the destruction of other segments if you were to allow for rebuilding of segments. etc. etc. etc. Its an amazing ability you have, but I wonder what its limitations etc are.

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Lavo Mar 12 2014 replied:

Dude, I made that ability, and that video features a human, not an AI. I also run a whole mod on my own, Sins of a Galactic Empire, and have done so for over three years. With this knowledge in mind, it is safe to say that I have considerably more knowledge about Sins than you; the absolute hogwash about "scripts", which are non-existent in Sins, further cements this.

You also make several assumptions about the ability that are false, such as it killing the first spawner, and that it -requires- four abilities on each segment in order to reintegrate, which is false as each segment has no abilities and reintegrates without issue, be it AI or human. Further, the assertion that this ability will be overpowered, is amusing seeing as how this is clearly a test run and is not the final product.

I'm going to ask what "qualifications" you have that make you "certified" to criticize this ability, in particular when you do not even have the code for it.

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jonsin1459 Mar 12 2014 replied:

I think he's more inquisitive, wondering how it will work out than critical.

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m468 Mar 12 2014 replied:

If he is trying to be inquisitive he is not doing it right.

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Lavo Mar 12 2014 replied:

I do see that I was a bit rough there, so I apologize for that.

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VeniVdVici Mar 12 2014 replied:

Lavo, its fine, I will send my message by PM. was over 2k characters.

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Awesomesauce935 Mar 12 2014 says:

so the pieces will only reattach if one is destroyed?, please give it an outrageous cooldown to stop unkillable Prometheus'.

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Maxloef1990 Author
Maxloef1990 Mar 12 2014 replied:

the parts are "unkillable" but once you kill a piece its forced to reintergrate, at that point you can kill the main ship.

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Napalm-Knight Mar 12 2014 replied:

How tough will each of the parts be?

Because as long as you could get it to live longer than the cool down takes then it would be invincible.

Or will the ability only cool down if it's all together?

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Nanoelite001 Mar 14 2014 replied:

we need to be able to delete comments, I posted this without realising something and so now i'm writing this

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Napalm-Knight Mar 14 2014 replied:

You can delete comments. :P

You do it from your profiles comments tab.

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방탄_수도사 Mar 12 2014 says:

what the **** did I just see XD

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ExoticTofu Mar 13 2014 says:

I love that pulsar in the background.

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darklordzx5 Mar 14 2014 says:

as a vivid fan of the Prometheus Class and STO player that use one I must say that I'm going to enjoy this unit alot. :)

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Hellstormer321 Mar 19 2014 says:

Absolutely awesome :)

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Universae Mar 26 2014 says:

That is just ace!
A fantastic piece of work there =D

i'd love to see an atrox, despite it being a cryptic ship :p

brilliant game, Cant wait for the updates!

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SFC3 Creator
SFC3 Jun 14 2014 replied:

atrox no please no

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Guest Apr 26 2014 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

λpone Sep 12 2014 says:


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reece101 Nov 8 2014 says:

The Sovereign Class requires Saucer separation aswell.

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centralplexus001 Mar 23 2015 says:

great, i love it...its realy amazing

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A quick preview of the Prometheus Multi Vector Assault Mode.

Mar 12th, 2014
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