If you haven’t played 2007’s most immersive and atmospheric shooter, or you’re back for replay, this mod is for you. This is the world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. like you’ve never seen before, with updated graphics and added functionality that don’t change the original story or gameplay. The game hasn’t been changed beyond recognition, but rather enhanced while preserving the core elements that made it the unique experience it is.

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Oct 14th, 2009
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Increases weapon damage and accuracy for a more realistic gameplay. Designed in compatibility with STALKER Complete 2009.

STALKER Complete 2009 intentionally keeps the original ballistic system intact with minor tweaks, it allows first time players to experience the long and dramatic nature of firefights happening in the Zone as it was meant by game developers.

This add-on changes that, it's designed for people who played this game before and enjoy a bit more challenge and realism. Playing on Master difficulty is recommend for better balance.

To install, copy the 'gamedata' folder from this add-on to main S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl directory where the 'gamedata' from STALKER Complete 2009 is located and overwrite all files when prompted.


0.8 - integrated a Weapon Revamp mod by JPJ5624, which consists of Re-Animation mod by KingFriday and elements from FF Mod by Predator_828
0.7 - added compatibility with SC2009 v1.4.4, revised settings and HUD position on most weapons
0.6 - added compatibility with SC2009 v1.4.3
0.5 - initial release

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SC Realistic Weapons add-on 0.8
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kitethefallenangel Oct 15 2009 says:

Great! Next we might need mods which put in the cut out mutants
(Like the zombies), Dynamic A-life from Oblivion Lost and vehicles
(I want a motor cycle and Quad bike!)

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Piuneer Oct 15 2009 replied:

the vehicles would be really fun if the entire game was one big map, but since it's not, most passages to different maps are only small enough for one person. Of course, running mutant dogs over with a 4-wheeler doesn't sound like a bad idea at all in the more open maps. My only concern is bringing a vehicle through to other maps. If you brought a jeep to the Bar, you wouldn't have too much fun...

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BodyOfTheMany Oct 15 2009 replied:

Thank you SO much for adding this. I don't know why I would want to re-live this nightmare over again, but...here i go...

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OrangeNero Oct 16 2009 buried:


couldn t the vehicles be like an item? so you could put them in your inventar and get tru the passage.

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XenuXemu Apr 29 2010 replied:

How do you fit a jeep in your backpack?

I could see it with a bicycle, though.

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EliteAssassin Aug 26 2010 replied:

Well if the player can fit a damn methane barrel in their backpack then I guess anythings possible.

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EliteAssassin Jan 17 2011 replied:

How about a Motor bike while being able to equip the shotgun at the same time?

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tk210 Jan 21 2011 replied:

Terminator style FTW!

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hardcoregamer24 Jun 1 2010 replied:

the reason for parts of a map is because all the data will build up and cause Total LAG.

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MorsTactica Jul 23 2011 replied:

Well the vehicles in Oblivion lost work fine,(In my opinion) Maybe you could merge those into complete somehow?

+1 vote     reply to comment
oXFireClawXo Jul 2 2013 replied:

What are you talking about?! If you brought a jeep to the bar, you'd have a ton of fun! Just glitch out and "accidentally" run everyone over!

+1 vote     reply to comment
LeafRunner Oct 17 2009 replied:

I think things like vehicles would be quite hard to add in a mod.

-4 votes     reply to comment
SecretImbecile Jun 4 2010 replied:

they're distasteful for a game like this

+10 votes     reply to comment
Lobust25nk Jul 11 2010 replied:

How about no? That all sounds terrible. Are you sure you're playing Stalker?

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EliteAssassin Aug 15 2010 replied:

It doesnt give me the options to open the archive for the add-on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MANICMARIUS May 21 2011 replied:

no no no no, removing the zombies will destroy the game experience, insted add more zombies in yantar and the other zombie infested areas.
add a seting in the options when u install the mod with options if u want to play with bloodsuckers, snorks or any other mutants u don`t watn to face in the zone.

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BanMePlease Oct 27 2009 says:

Yes. But re adding some of the removed enemies (like zombies and psydogs, dwarf) could be awesome, like someone else stated.

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zombie_overlord Aug 29 2010 replied:

there is a mod that adds burers into SoC. Its out there you just need to look.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquallGLeonheart Sep 19 2010 replied:

SMP does

+1 vote     reply to comment
ImCrimson Oct 27 2009 says:

Uhm, it's really nice that you have a mod that alters the somewhat unrealistic damage values, but after trying this it was not what I had expected. Marked One's guns are extremely powerful, while the enemies still appear to be wielding pea-shooters...?

What I had in mind when downloading this was a mod that allowed me to actually drop an enemy with torso shots without emptying the magazine (and contrary-wise, making it more risky to put myself in the firing line of an enemy), including mutants (I've always had to run from mutants unless I had a shotgun).

What I am trying to say is that this mod extension definitely doesn't make SC 2009 more challenging ^^

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Oct 27 2009 replied:

Thank you for a feedback, was your testing based on Master difficulty?

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TheUnbeholden Jan 26 2010 replied:

Master difficulty Increases the damage you take. Remember its the difficulty that counts the most when it comes to how easy you die.

+11 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 29 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

ImCrimson Oct 27 2009 says:

Uhm, on a second note... seems like I was playing on "Stalker" difficulty. I started a new game on "Master" and poked the military at the bridge sporting a shotgun and a leather jacket, and got my *** handed to me just as I would expect from the mod.

However, on a different saved game I wore a SKAT-9 suit, went to Rostok and stood in front of a Merc and watched how he just couldn't seem to kill me. I proceeded to put two rounds of 5.56 in his chest and he went down.

Another observation I made was that I could mow down the "Expert bandit group" behind the trains Quake-style (I.E jump out and spray wildly). That's what got me thinking. I'm not sure what difficulty that was on however, I'll have to do some more testing.

Is the mod in its entirety supposed to be run on Master to deliver the advertised experience? Because if it is, I'm the one who screwed up ^_^

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Oct 27 2009 replied:

The way it works, Marked One and NPCs have the same weapon settings. What changes with difficulty is the percentage of how many bullets fired by enemy can actually reach you. It's set to 100% on Master, 60% on Stalker.
Later suits, like SKAT-9, are more protective, so the Merc and bandit suits are weaker by game design.

If it's still too easy on Master, there are a few settings I can tell you about that can be tweaked.

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ImCrimson Oct 28 2009 replied:

Thanks, I'll keep going on Master for a while and get back to you if that happens :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
NarooN Sep 3 2013 replied:

I know my reply is omega-late, but maybe someone else will see this and be enlightened. If you set the difficulty to Master, but then loaded a different save, the difficulty would have been reverted to Stalker (assuming that was the difficulty that was originally selected on that savegame.) I had this problem on a different mod when loading a different save while testing the damage values once. Just one more reason why I always make sure the difficulty is set to Master/Hell/Whatever when I start a new game. ;)

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ImCrimson Oct 28 2009 says:

This weapon add-on really enhances the experiences in basic levels of stalking immensely. I'm having an absolute blast running around the pre-Rostok Zone with a very light backpack & equipment looting, running early quests and having standoffs with bandits.

The mod really brings new functionality to the game in the sense I can run around with my AK-74U and just a few mags worth of extra ammo and still have the ability to get around properly. I could never do this normally, because the game is always an "arms race" where the equipment win your battles for you. This becomes especially obvious later in the game, where you are FORCED to constantly change most of your inventory as you progress. This mod really seems to change that =)

Just had to release the positive feedback I’ve been gathering for the last day of playing *pats back*

On that note, I’ve noticed that since every bullet count so much more now, one cuts up a lot of people quickly. I have no idea how this is determined in the game normally, but would it be possible to increase the frequency at which people drops to the ground as “wounded”? If enemies got wounded more and insta-killed less often, this would be a huge enhancement to the immersion (you’d essentially be given the choice between either executing the victims, or show mercy and walk on).
Just a thought that spawned in my head as I gazed upon the huge corpse piles =)

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Oct 29 2009 replied:

Yes, it's possible to have them wounded more often, will add with next update. Thanks for review and thoughts.

+3 votes   reply to comment
treat Oct 30 2009 replied:

I'm wondering if you could give us a quick run down of how to increase that probability right here. It seems like it'd involve a pretty simple value change, or am I completely wrong?

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Oct 31 2009 replied:

Yes, open this file with notepad: gamedata\config\creatures\m_stalker.ltx

find this line:

critical_wound_threshold = 0.3

0.3 means, they get wounded when their health level is at 30%, 1.0 = 100%, experiment with that number as you like and post your thoughts:)

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ImCrimson Nov 2 2009 replied:

I'll try messing around with the critical wound threshold...

In theory, if you increased this threshold and at the same time increased the base health of NPCs (so that they will go down after taking enough hits but won't actually be easier to incapacitate), we might have a recipe for awesomeness :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Nov 3 2009 replied:

You can try to mess with damage inflicted by your bullets on enemies:
find this section:


health_hit_part = 1.5

1.0 is default i.e. 100%

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Smog Nov 7 2009 replied:

So if i alter the line to one of the follwoing options it should kill easier ?

health_hit_part = 2.0 <----Easy to kill ?

OR do i go with

health_hit_part = 0.1 <----Harder to kill ?

Having completed the game i just like to kill stuff and grab the gear to make the cash to enhance game play (Cheat I guess)

+1 vote     reply to comment
PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Nov 7 2009 replied:

Yes, health_hit_part = 2.0 makes it easy to kill because each bullet does 200% damage. Normally because weapons are already powerful 1.5 or 1.0 is recommended.

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ckrueger Oct 18 2012 replied:

Is it possible to allow you to give even an enemy who is wounded a medpack, and thus change their alighnment to neutral or even freind? I have wanted that from day one of stalker

+1 vote     reply to comment
jag648 Aug 24 2010 replied:

Imcrimson it would probably be better to end there pain cuz if you leave them a pack of dogs or somthing will get them instead but they could survive if you shot them near a base of some sort

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Shadow58 Nov 17 2009 says:

Hay I'm bandwith at the moment is up so I can't yet download you 2009 mod thingy, but I was just gazing my eyes on some of the comments here and was wonder,"Yes, open this file with notepad: gamedata\config\creatures\m_stalker.ltx" does that exist even if you havn't downloaded this 'SC Realistic Weapons add-on 0.5' because if so where exactly can I find it(I got vista, if that info is needed) and what do I open it up with, I found in the \Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl\ files that say things like gamedata.dbc, .db4, .db5, .dbb, so wasn't sure if the're the ones your talking about or if I which one to open, and with what.
So I thought I should rather just ask. :D God bless dude, peace.

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Nov 17 2009 replied:

No it doesn't exist without mod, you'll have those files once you have everything installed. It's recommended not to alter any values if you are not sure.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Shadow58 Nov 17 2009 says:

Sorry about crap spelling by the way. :D

-1 votes     reply to comment
LeroyHotdogs Dec 27 2009 says:

Hey got a minor problem with this add-on

By the way i absolutely adore the 2009 mod, its brought this game back to life for me... top marks for putting so much time into that.

anywho, my issue is that i cant install the realistic weps add on with a steam install
(i dont have a "gamedata" folder to overwrite)

any thoughts or help would be truly appreciated

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PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Dec 27 2009 replied:

If you have SC2009 installed, it should be here for Steam version:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\stalker shadow of chernobyl

or here for regular version:

C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

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klassen.t Dec 27 2009 says:

Just decided to give SoC another run after I found SC2009, so I'll hopefully be able to lend some constructive input after I spend some time with it. In the meantime, I don't know if you have any control over which mirrors serve the Realistic Weapons download, but my attempts kept defaulting to the FDCCDN server, which keeps belching errors. I got it taken care of by selecting one of the ModDB official mirrors, so if anyone's having problems downloading, that's probably the issue. =)

+1 vote     reply to comment
mar3usmc Jan 6 2010 says:

Tried out this mod along with the stalker complete. I love what you have done with stalker complete minus a few things. One, the sight range of enemies I think should be returned to normal (if you can tell me where this variable is I will do so myself). I just sat, crouched out in the open with a silenced rifle taking shots, in full auto at times trying to get the soldiers to see me at 100 meters. Even silenced, once getting shot or hit you will tend to be quite observative of your surroundings. They never noticed me at all in broad daylight. So I stood strait up, nothing.

Also, as a retired Marine, I was trained to shoot and hit a target with iron sights up to 500 meters with an M16A2, and later with an AK-47 up to 300 meters. At 500 meters in the prone I could hit my target 4 out of 5 times on a windy day. The AK-47 has less range do to a slower bullet and is less accurate but you could still hit targets at 300 meters like the M16A2 at 500 meters. Mind you this is with iron sights. Now, I am taking slow, steady shots at these guys and getting MAYBE 1 out of 40 shots. I can't explain how iritating that is.

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ckrueger Oct 18 2012 replied:

from your knowledge as a marine, how accurate did this patch make weapon damage and armour protection, and accuracy of weapons at range?

+2 votes     reply to comment
mar3usmc Jan 6 2010 says:

Part 2

I would like to see an accuracy mod that is, just that, realistically accurate. If you are taking slow and steady shots with full stamina with a rifle, iron sights or not, you should hit your target more often than not. If standing, your accuracy should of course decrease such that about 2 out of 5 shots should hit at 50 meters at the minimum. Walking and running should decrease accuracy significantly, while crouch walking should be better than the former. Last, if you just ran to a new position to get a better shot, until your stamina is max again you should have a decrease in accuracy based on your current stamina. Heavy breathing and excercise can make you shoot all over the place.

If you have any idea on how to implement these things I would appreciate the info. If a weapon is rifled and sighted the biggest factor that determines accuracy is the user not the weapon. Put that weapon in a vice and it will hit near the same spot, within 1 cm, every time.

+9 votes     reply to comment
mar3usmc Jan 7 2010 says:

Found the detection variable. I think 80 is just too short, 100 yards seems more fair as anything more you would start having trouble distinguishing enemy from ally (since most everyone in the zone is wearing something similar)

+9 votes     reply to comment
ckrueger Oct 18 2012 replied:

could you tell us where you found the value, I thought about this as well when I played the mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
PaulDolgov Author
PaulDolgov Jan 7 2010 says:


This add-on is still work in progress, and having it reviewed by a retired Marine with real world knowledge is a valuable addition.

It generally makes the weapons more effective within the game's world rules, but it may not go as far as real combat simulation.

In Stalker bullets have a slight dispersion even when using iron sights (especially early weapons) and there's also higher bullet drop arch. You can visually see that in action, when you are using tracer ammo. To experiment, you can load the first map, then press ESC+T, select Freeplay, check 'equip for level' and Go, this will give you the access to the best weapons, normally found later in the game (stored in your inventory) with tracer ammo supply.

You can control the dispersion in weapon files (.ltx), starting with this line: fire_dispersion_base, you can also compare and copy the values from similar weapon config mods and see if they can give you the desired effect: Stalker.filefront.com

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep us posted.

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mar3usmc Jan 8 2010 replied:

A few things have come to mind over some hours of playing the mod.

1. Before I forget, where can I change the respawn values. I have read that all.spawn file is the thing to change but would require a new game. I would just like things I kill to stay dead at least until the previous bodies disapear. 1 to 2 days sounds good for gameplay vs the 1 or 2 game hours I think it currently is.

2. Is the dispersion of the bullets directly proportional to the accuracy you can read off the weapon statistics, and does a weapon's condition affect this.

3. A bit off topic, but can a get a numerical ui instead of those bars for health, stamina, and armor. Weapons stats would be nice too. :D
Thx for the previous quick response and keep up the good work.

Oh and the black and white night vesion is nice and very crisp, but, although I know that it is suppose to be bad night vision, is it possible to make the bad night vision a bit less blurry. This only problem I ever had with my night vision was little grains of sand getting in the optics such that you would see black spots in some places. thx

+8 votes     reply to comment
ckrueger Oct 18 2012 replied:

do you think that russian night vision goggles would be affected more in considering the harsh radioactive etc conditions of the zone?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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