The events in this mod occur 10 years after the story of Freelancer.

Not all of the Nomads were pulled through the Hyper Gate by Edison's
work, in fact those events led to another group being awakened and
consequently getting another shot at taking out the colonies. However
this group is larger and more experienced than the previous ones awoken
by Rheinland, and they're not happy about being separated from their brethren.

About 5 Years ago: all the trade lane and jump-gate
technology 'inexplicably' failed, however thanks to some breakthroughs
by Ageria Technologies, Cruise drive speed has been increased to fill
the gap left by the failure of the trade-lanes. They also developed a
system to allow a cruise drive to be 'super charged' in close proximity
to a star, allowing for long distance jumps between systems. While not
as fast as jump-gates it helped to keep the colonies in contact.

4 Years ago: the relative peace shared between the colonies since the
nomad infestation started to breakdown. The Kusari Empire annexed GMG and raised the
export taxes to Bretonian space, raising the cost of vital H-fuel.
Bretonia responded in kind cutting back on the raw resources they were
exporting to assist in Kusari rebuilding. Once Liberty de-regulated
Ageira Technologies' new cruise drive upgrades and shared the designs throughout
the colonies Rheinland was no longer held back, and started flexing
their muscle again. Focusing on moving their newly rebuilt fleet to gain
a foothold in contested space.

3 Years ago: the first Corsair
capital ships were seen. A large Bretonian military convoy carrying
supplies and materials were ambushed by a Corsair fleet led by a cruiser
of unknown design. The cruiser destroyed the escort gunboats with ease
and raided the transport ships. Corsair raids become more frequent and
daring requiring the houses to devote more resources into their military
and police.

2 Years ago: Secretive 'Nomad Cults' have been on the rise,
these Fanatics believe that the Nomads were the messengers of 'God' and
that Edison is the Devil Incarnate who tried to stop mankind hearing their message.
While they were thought to be a few harmless kooks at first,
they have recently become quite aggressive and militant;
and their insanity is quickly spreading.

Current day: relations between factions has
deteriorated even more. With increased military focus due to piracy and
border disputes and the political situation quickly turning sour,
all-out war could break out at any moment.


Thanks to the Shattered Worlds : War Torn Dev Team for giving permission to use their assets in this mod.
Find their excellent Freelancer mod here:
And their forums here:

Discovery Team for assets:

Thanks to Gurjiv “frozen” Singh, part of the Discovery team who has given me permission to use the models he created.

Thanks to Jinx for the models: 'Mastodon', 'Assault Battlecruiser', 'Shire', 'Shetland', 'Umibozu', 'Ryuujin', 'Geisha', 'Satsuma Imperial Yatch', 'Colossus', 'Uruz', 'Bottlenose', 'Orca', 'Thresher Destroyer', Bullhead Battlecruiser', 'Mako Battleship', 'Resheph', 'Geb', 'Mamoru', 'Spatial Civillian Deep Space Explorer', 'Democritus Luxury Yatch' and 'Junker Salvage Frigate'

Thanks to Durandal for the Discovery Liberty Gunboat model

Thanks to Dartstriker for the models: 'Bison' (Liberator) and  'Rheinland Carrier'

Thanks to Doom for the models: 'Percheron', 'Royal Cruise Liner', 'Bumblebee', 'Ragnar' and 'ALG mover'

Credits go to Xing for the models: 'Upholder', 'Grizzly', 'Mjolnir' and 'Fafnir' (Xing is MIA from discovery)
Credits go to Angel of Mercy for the models: 'Big Dragon', 'Imperator', 'Praefect', 'Legate', 'Togo', 'Kagutsuchi' and 'Pilgrim Liner' (Angel of Mercy is also MIA)

Special Thanks to Jinx and Durandal for being very helpful on the Discovery Forums!

The Discovery Freelancer mod is hosted here:

Thanks to rjhughes67 for making a new main menu for the mod
Thanks to RC-1290 for his Directional Shield FX shader that he made available for modders
Thanks to Valpheus for his Experimental Exhaust Color Mod which will be used as a base to make exhaust faction dependant rather than player color dependent

and Thanks to SolCommand for some missile/torpedo launcher meshes, and the 'restored' Sleeper Ship Model

HUN0R for the Freelancer HD Starsphere pack mod for Freelancer (which I'm using to make the skyboxes)

Kuze for the 'Kuze's Freelancer Ship Pack 3' ships

Credit goes to Digital Anvil and Chris Roberts for Freelancer, and all the original Freelancer assets used in this mod

Team and Contributors:
Eli 'Wintercross' -
Mod Leader, 2d artist/textures, model conversions, entity coding, sound editing and particle fx
Yholl -
Freelancer music and engine conversions, Faction Tech Tree designs
Lemonater47 - Voice Actor Recruiting
lordcronos24  - Design of the Dreadnaught Logistics ability

Voice Acting Contributors:

FE4RWULF  - Valiant Defender

MagicalPaladin - Gepard Gunboat

Melik - Veteran Valkyrie

ANgrantAN - Starfire Patriot, Bastion Orbital Weapons Platform, Nidhogg VHF

Callum "ProfKranc" Janes  - Alternate Starfire Patriot

Res_Novae - LSF Partisan, Crusader Heavy Fighter

Michael Green - Defender Heavy Fighter

Becker - Victory Gunboat

Trent Tutt - Patriot-S Light Fighter

Caitlin Buckley - LSF Enforcer, Screaming Banshee, Auroch Support Frigate, Providence Titan-Battleship

Brandon "DarkslayerTV" Winkler - Upholder VHF, Liberty Adviser (Event announcements)

Ryan Bimson - Armstrong Destroyer

Kheva Kins  - LRM Rhino CF

Ian 'Dagamerian' - Patriot Light Fighter

Jullie Collins - Defender MKII Heavy Fighter

Sins of a Solar Empire Forums Post is HERE

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Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Bretonia is joining the fight!

1 comment by Wintercross on Jun 23rd, 2014

So while you are all patiently waiting I am working away on adding stuff to the mod =D

Yholl and I have talked about plans for the planned research overhauls while it probably won't be in the next update and is still subject to change (more about that in a later news post)

For the next update I am going to start incorporating Bretonia as a playable faction.

The Bretonians rely on a fairly 'safe' approach to battle, they have good shields and armor and have ships that act as tanks. (though not as sturdy or heavily armed as Rheinland ships, they are a fair bit more mobile)

The Bretonian military has a proud history and they like to stand their ground.
As a result the majority of Bretonia's capital fleet have powerful forward guns, but have less point defence weapons than other factions.

Due to the forward guns they are good at chasing down fleeing enemies as they can fire while in pursuit.
However they are vulnerable to flanking maneuvers due to having most of their armament at the front.

Another key point, Bretonian Particle Conversion Shields are able to siphon a percentage of an energy weapons damage into their reactor capacitors (absorb energy-like ability) to help fuel any abilities.

Their favored weapons are usually Tachyon cannons for long range and Particle cannons for mid to close range. They also have powerful Flechette cannons on some ships that shred fighters with ease.

They also make good use of all missile types.

Other stuff I'm working on for the next update is some new abilities, a few new ships for the other factions, some new pilot voices for a couple of ships and also some minor adjustments here and there.

Also the 'Specialization' planet upgrades from the forbidden worlds DLC is being altered. You will now have the choice between economic and military specialization.

Economic raises population and trade income (encouraging growth and open trade) while reducing influence (culture) and ship production.

Military obviously does the inverse of that.

I'll be posting some pictures of Bretonian stuff over the next few days as it gets implemented into the game =D

Media RSS Feed Latest Video
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SotSS Alpha 0.2

SotSS Alpha 0.2

Mar 5, 2014 Demo 36 comments

The latest version adds Rheinland as a playable faction. Also some other tweaks and additions to Liberty This is a Full Version, not a Patch!

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

Nov 16, 2013 Patch 6 comments

Just another small patch. This one contains the same changes as Alpha 0.11. Install over the main Alpha 0.1 mod.

SotSS Alpha  0.1

SotSS Alpha 0.1

Nov 14, 2013 Demo 10 comments

Alpha 0.1 featuring Liberty Most of Liberty's ships are added, but more will come in future updates. Research has not been worked on and only one or two...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 287)
Wintercross Jul 24 2014, 7:13am says:

Been getting some pretty great voice actors recently. So expect some more custom unit voices in the next update =D

+1 vote     reply to comment
gmmll Jul 21 2014, 8:40am says:

I can't wait to see what great things come from this mod, I loved Freelancer back in the day, so glad to see someone still has the passion for it :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 16 2014, 12:25am says:

This is all coming together nicely!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wintercross Jul 16 2014, 2:15am replied:

Thanks! =D

+1 vote     reply to comment
SniptheFox Jul 15 2014, 2:21am says:

So I've noticed that the VHF bombers can basically wipe out cruisers and frigates, and I understand that they are using the equivalent of a Shiva (Halo guy), but is there any way to lower the damage down a small amount, or just make the bombers more fragile to balance out the fact the pilots are practically sitting on a pile of nukes?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wintercross Jul 15 2014, 11:37am replied:

VHF generally are very, very weak against Combat LF's like the Patriot and Banshee. In fact those light fighters do 2x damage against them.

Of course the numbers probably need balancing, but the idea is that you can counter capital ships with VHF bombers, and counter VHF spam with Light Fighters (Most VHF's can't even damage LF's)

+1 vote     reply to comment
KhevaKins Jul 13 2014, 9:43am says: Online

Looks pretty sweet. Hoping for a great mod.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wintercross Jul 9 2014, 10:52am replied:

Hopefully =P
Depends if I have the time and motivation to get them done.
It's a lot of work converting the ship models, the station models are even more complex and require even more time to get in game.

I would like to get more done though

+2 votes     reply to comment
Rempy Jul 10 2014, 6:02am replied:

Why not replace some of the rheinland stations with liberty stations as palceholders?
A lot of the same orbital stations where used by all factions in freelancer.
Same can be done to bretonia.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wintercross Jul 10 2014, 9:32am replied:

that's what I'm doing to an extent.
Though I already have a Trade port and Supply Depot for Rheinland.
The next update will likely be a full version rather than a patch because I've made quite a lot of changes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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