The events in this mod occur 10 years after the story of Freelancer.

Not all of the Nomads were pulled through the Hyper Gate by Edison's
work, in fact those events led to another group being awakened and
consequently getting another shot at taking out the colonies. However
this group is larger and more experienced than the previous ones awoken
by Rheinland, and they're not happy about being separated from their brethren.

About 5 Years ago: all the trade lane and jump-gate
technology 'inexplicably' failed, however thanks to some breakthroughs
by Ageria Technologies, Cruise drive speed has been increased to fill
the gap left by the failure of the trade-lanes. They also developed a
system to allow a cruise drive to be 'super charged' in close proximity
to a star, allowing for long distance jumps between systems. While not
as fast as jump-gates it helped to keep the colonies in contact.

4 Years ago: the relative peace shared between the colonies since the
nomad infestation started to breakdown. The Kusari Empire annexed GMG and raised the
export taxes to Bretonian space, raising the cost of vital H-fuel.
Bretonia responded in kind cutting back on the raw resources they were
exporting to assist in Kusari rebuilding. Once Liberty de-regulated
Ageira Technologies' new cruise drive upgrades and shared the designs throughout
the colonies Rheinland was no longer held back, and started flexing
their muscle again. Focusing on moving their newly rebuilt fleet to gain
a foothold in contested space.

3 Years ago: the first Corsair
capital ships were seen. A large Bretonian military convoy carrying
supplies and materials were ambushed by a Corsair fleet led by a cruiser
of unknown design. The cruiser destroyed the escort gunboats with ease
and raided the transport ships. Corsair raids become more frequent and
daring requiring the houses to devote more resources into their military
and police.

2 Years ago: Secretive 'Nomad Cults' have been on the rise,
these Fanatics believe that the Nomads were the messengers of 'God' and
that Edison is the Devil Incarnate who tried to stop mankind hearing their message.
While they were thought to be a few harmless kooks at first,
they have recently become quite aggressive and militant;
and their insanity is quickly spreading.

Current day: relations between factions has
deteriorated even more. With increased military focus due to piracy and
border disputes and the political situation quickly turning sour,
all-out war could break out at any moment.
Due to character limits I've made a separate Credits section which details all the people who have contributed in some way as well as the list of great voice actors who have helped out.

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Bretonian 'Crusader' Heavy Fighter Bretonian 'Crusader' Heavy Fighter Bretonian 'Crusader' Heavy Fighter
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4 comments by Wintercross on Aug 1st, 2014


So, Sins of a Solar Empire has the whole artifact system, where you may find special items on random planets (or set planets on maps that define it) that can give you a range of benefits from extra damage to better trade and so on.

This system will allow me to do some cool stuff with SotSS since in established lore there was a powerful alien race (The Dom Ka'vosh) who previously occupied the Sirius sector and created the 'Nomads' before disappearing.

In fact, most of Ageria Tech's breakthroughs, like the now defunct tradelanes and jumpgates were based off a Dom Ka'vosh archive (intended for the Nomads) discovered by Liberty.

So the plan is to replace Sins' existing artifacts to more appropriate artifacts.
Here is a rough idea of what Yholl and I discussed and are planning to implement
(note: This is subject to change)

These Artifacts will generally have a lower bonus than default Sins, but they will also open up new experimental techs that can be researched though reverse-engineering when held

Nomad Cloaking Device
The intact remains of this cloaking device cannot be removed from the ruined ship, but can be studied to reverse engineer it's effect.

-Unlocked research allows construction of special ships with cloaking devices for each faction.
-On it's own it does nothing.

Nomad Energy Weapons
The Ruins of a Nomad found here has mostly intact weapons we can study. The technology within is far beyond anything Humans have been able to develop.

-Increases all non-missile weapon damage slightly.
-Unlocked research improves energy weapon damage for your faction.

Proteus Tome
This ancient cache of knowledge will be hard to decipher but who knows what untold discoveries may lie within?

-Decreases research time.
-Unlocked research improves research speed and cost for your faction.

Dom'Kavosh Scriptures
This ancient manifest as far as we can tell has a collection of philosophical, intellectual and scientific theories and discoveries. While there is nothing that would directly improve our society, the knowledge and ideas are compelling to say the least.

-Increases culture/influence power.
-Unlocked research improves resistance to enemy culture/influence for your faction.

Hypergate Artifact
There is enough of this hypergate intact to study and glean some understanding of Dom Ka'vosh propulsion and long distance travel technologies. Further study could help develop a way for detecting cruise signatures at long range.

-Allows travel between different stars at high speed.
-Unlocked research enables detection of all cruise jumping ships.

Nomad Torpedo
A large cache of Nomad Torpedoes was discovered intact on a ruined nomad ship. It turns out they were not pure energy as speculated but in fact have a unique crystalline structure. Further study could help improve our own missile and torpedo technology.

-Increases all missile type weapon damage slightly.
-Unlocked research improves missile weapon damage or range for your faction.

Crystalline Frames
Parts of the this crashed nomad ship are still partially 'active'. It seems that the unique crystalline structure is able to repair itself over time while also incredibly hard and resistant to damage.

-Increases fighter passive hull repair rate substantially.
-Unlocked research improves armour for your faction.

Nomad Power Core
This discovered power core while damaged is still intact enough to gather some idea of the principles used in it's construction and energy production.

-Increases antimatter/Energy regen.
-Unlocked research improves antimatter/energy capacity for your faction.

Dom'Kavosh Stablilizer
This Artifact seems to contain properties that allow unstable jump holes to be stabilized, much like the way Jump Gates used to work. With further study we may even be able to take some of the principles and apply them to the field generated by a cruise drive.

-Allows travel through unstable Jump Holes (Wormholes).
-Unlocked research improves cruise speed for your faction.

Alien Bacteria
A previously undiscovered bacterial life form unique to the Sirius Sector, these micro-organisms are remarkably efficient at metabolizing certain elements into oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. When seeded in an immature planetary environment they can accelerate the terraforming process tenfold, or provide a rich, abundant source of food for other organisms in more mature planetary ecosystems.

-Reduce the cost of upgrading planetary infrastructure
-Unlocked research increases maximum population and growth rate.

Dom'Kavosh Nano-Assemblers
Far more advanced and complex than the rudimentary repair nanites used in human fighter craft.
These machines are able to construct complex electronics and other vital components in a modular fashion far quicker than conventional methods, allowing more efficient assembly of the end product.

-Decreases cost of construction slightly.
-Unlocked research increases construction speed dramatically

Energy Field Anomaly
a strange anomaly that with further study could allow impressive improvements to shielding technology

- increases shield Regen and max shield points slightly
- Unlocked research provides Shield Penetration Blocking.
(for Nomads it will give an extra energy boost)

The plan is also that several of these artifacts will be required to unlock the ability to develop the Artifact Ships aka Titans.
This plan is still in it's infancy and may change a fair bit, but overall I really like the idea of further limiting use of Titans by making some hard prerequisites.

It may be that only a couple of artifacts that suit the Titan's abilities are required, or I might be mean and make you need them all! >=D

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SotSS Alpha 0.2

SotSS Alpha 0.2

Mar 5, 2014 Demo 39 comments

The latest version adds Rheinland as a playable faction. Also some other tweaks and additions to Liberty This is a Full Version, not a Patch!

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

Nov 16, 2013 Patch 6 comments

Just another small patch. This one contains the same changes as Alpha 0.11. Install over the main Alpha 0.1 mod.

SotSS Alpha  0.1

SotSS Alpha 0.1

Nov 14, 2013 Demo 10 comments

Alpha 0.1 featuring Liberty Most of Liberty's ships are added, but more will come in future updates. Research has not been worked on and only one or two...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 299)
TheSauro Aug 18 2014, 4:04pm says:

I was wondering, will Corsair ships be kind of sluggish "immortals"? Personally I think that Titan should really be a "titan" and blow everything up. Corsairs had the toughest ships in Freelancer after all.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wintercross Aug 18 2014, 9:03pm replied:

Well, ships need rebalancing otherwise Liberty ships would be crappier than the civilian VHF.

But generally the corsair ships will be very tough.
To balance it out Corsairs will take longer to expand.
Their economy will also heavily feature piracy

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wintercross Aug 18 2014, 1:17pm says:

Ergh. The Crusader was a pain to get the Tangent looking right.
So far the one I managed seems to look ok =P

+1 vote     reply to comment
RIPStPalmer Aug 12 2014, 1:29am says:

How come there is no crystal/H-Fuel asteroids? I've played several games and there are only metal asteroids. The only way I can procure H-Fuel is to 'buy' it from from the market. I don't mind buying it, but actually having a rare strategic resource the A.I. can go after and fight over would be worth it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wintercross Aug 12 2014, 10:54am replied:

Yeah, the way it works is you only find them in uncolonisable 'clouds' (like the ice field or plasma storm etc) or sometimes orbiting gas giants.

If the map you play on doesn't have any of those then you will have to rely on the market.

I do still need to tweak it a bit and when I get to making custom maps this will get better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rempy Aug 9 2014, 1:51am says:

The banshees need green kinectics :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wintercross Aug 9 2014, 5:20am replied:

Yeah about that... Banshee's are going to have Plasma cannons instead in the next update >=P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rempy Aug 9 2014, 7:56am replied:

Nice one!

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheSauro Jul 31 2014, 9:16am says:

Recently when I was playing Disco it reminded me the cloaking Valkyries from FL singleplayer. I bet that Rheinland still keeps some of the research data. What about adding a high-end tech for rheinland that would give them a special cloaking fighter? Some kind of elite forces.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wintercross Jul 31 2014, 9:43am replied:

Here is the plan: the vanilla artefacts are going to be altered to Dom Ka'vosh and nomad relics/technology.
One artefact will be a nomad cloaking device which when obtained allows you to develop ships with cloaking devices.

I'll write up a news article about the planned artefact changes!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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