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The events in this mod occur 10 years after the story of Freelancer.

Not all of the Nomads were pulled through the Hyper Gate by Edison's
work, in fact those events led to another group being awakened and
consequently getting another shot at taking out the colonies. However
this group is larger and more experienced than the previous ones awoken
by Rheinland, and they're not happy about being separated from their brethren.

About 5 Years ago: all the trade lane and jump-gate
technology 'inexplicably' failed, however thanks to some breakthroughs
by Ageria Technologies, Cruise drive speed has been increased to fill
the gap left by the failure of the trade-lanes. They also developed a
system to allow a cruise drive to be 'super charged' in close proximity
to a star, allowing for long distance jumps between systems. While not
as fast as jump-gates it helped to keep the colonies in contact.

4 Years ago: the relative peace shared between the colonies since the
nomad infestation started to breakdown. The Kusari Empire annexed GMG and raised the
export taxes to Bretonian space, raising the cost of vital H-fuel.
Bretonia responded in kind cutting back on the raw resources they were
exporting to assist in Kusari rebuilding. Once Liberty de-regulated
Ageira Technologies' new cruise drive upgrades and shared the designs throughout
the colonies Rheinland was no longer held back, and started flexing
their muscle again. Focusing on moving their newly rebuilt fleet to gain
a foothold in contested space.

3 Years ago: the first Corsair
capital ships were seen. A large Bretonian military convoy carrying
supplies and materials were ambushed by a Corsair fleet led by a cruiser
of unknown design. The cruiser destroyed the escort gunboats with ease
and raided the transport ships. Corsair raids become more frequent and
daring requiring the houses to devote more resources into their military
and police.

2 Years ago: Secretive 'Nomad Cults' have been on the rise,
these Fanatics believe that the Nomads were the messengers of 'God' and
that Edison is the Devil Incarnate who tried to stop mankind hearing their message.
While they were thought to be a few harmless kooks at first,
they have recently become quite aggressive and militant;
and their insanity is quickly spreading.

Current day: relations between factions has
deteriorated even more. With increased military focus due to piracy and
border disputes and the political situation quickly turning sour,
all-out war could break out at any moment.

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Since Rebellion recently got a new patch and DLC, looks like I'll be moving ahead onto that version.
Will try to make the mod compatible with the DLC as best I can despite not having it as well as get everything working with the latest version.

[Original post below]

Hi to everyone still following this mod!

Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately, I have had a lot of stuff on my plate and not enough time to really get much work done (apart from a bit of audio editing now and then)

Anyway, just letting everyone know I am currently working on getting the mod working in the latest opt in beta (v1.83), then probably proceeding to try and get the research worked out for Bretonia and Rheinland while refining and completing Liberty's tech tree as well.

After work on that is done, then I will probably look at getting Kusari playable.

This means the next update I release will require you to choose to opt in for the Rebellion 1.83 beta
So stay tuned and hopefully I'll have it ready soon! =D

New update: 'Hero' Units

New update: 'Hero' Units

News 7 comments

A quick update on some plans I'm working on to incorporate unique 'hero' type units into the game!

Experimental Shield Techniques

Experimental Shield Techniques

News 3 comments

an overview of the experimental shields I have been implementing to the mod.

Forum set up for suggestions and bugs

Forum set up for suggestions and bugs

News 4 comments

Letting everyone know about the new forum for reporting bugs and making suggestions

SotSS Alpha 0.3 Ready to go!

SotSS Alpha 0.3 Ready to go!

News 5 comments

The Alpha version 0.3 aka the Bretonia Update is heading your way!

RSS Files
GalaxyScenariodef fix for alpha v0.3

GalaxyScenariodef fix for alpha v0.3

Patch 1 comment

Just a quick fix for the issue with Liberty... turns out a few things got jumbled in the galaxyscenariodef file which was causing weird stuff to happen...

SotSS Alpha 0.3

SotSS Alpha 0.3

Demo 12 comments

NOTE: This is a full version, not a patch. Delete your old SotSS folder before installing this one! ALSO REMEMBER TO DISABLE RANDOM EVENTS if you have...

SotSS Alpha 0.2

SotSS Alpha 0.2

Demo 42 comments

The latest version adds Rheinland as a playable faction. Also some other tweaks and additions to Liberty This is a Full Version, not a Patch!

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

SotSS Alpha Patch 0.12

Patch 6 comments

Just another small patch. This one contains the same changes as Alpha 0.11. Install over the main Alpha 0.1 mod.

SotSS Alpha  0.1

SotSS Alpha 0.1

Demo 10 comments

Alpha 0.1 featuring Liberty Most of Liberty's ships are added, but more will come in future updates. Research has not been worked on and only one or two...

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It is nice this mod is still alive.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Wintercross Creator

It's nice to know people are still following =P
I know I've been a bit slow on the updates, but that is just reality as a husband and father keeping me busy =P
Still intend to keep working on it as I can.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Are you going to add the new dlc to the mod Winter?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Wintercross Creator

I don't have the new DLC, but I would like to add support for it best I can.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Next update will be for 1.84 right? Does this mean your mod is unplayable until you release the next version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Wintercross Creator

well, it's playable as long as you have Rebellion rolled back to 1.82 in steam.

The current public alpha won't run on the latest update until I get it aligned with the new changes in 1.84, which I will try to get done asap.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Winter why are you going to make it work for 1.83?
They never released the patch and the beta might be unstable.
Does this mean that it won't work anymore on 1.82?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wintercross Creator

Well, now that they've put out the 1.84 patch, this is all moot =P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Wintercross Creator

I want to move to the 1.83 beta because it has a few improvements I'd like to take advantage of.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm sorry to see the mod go. I was hoping for a playable update to perhaps fix some of the issues I have with the mod, but with the 1.83 requirement, I simply cannot opt-in due to the numerous other mods.

Hope to see you on the flip side.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wintercross Creator

1.84 has been released, which as far as I can tell is compatible with the 1.83 beta update I was working on, so moving forward it will be on the now released 1.84 =D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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