SotSS is a 4x/RTS mod based on the Universe of Freelancer/Starlancer

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I've got so many voice actors to credit at this point along with model and other contributors that I'm putting a dedicated credits section here due to hitting the character limit on the main page!

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Thanks to the Shattered Worlds : War Torn Dev Team for giving permission to use their assets in this mod.
Find their excellent Freelancer mod here:
And their forums here:
credit to Vaporlynx for the Kusari Battlecruiser mesh (Yamato Titan) and Bretonian Carrier (Audacious Carrier)

Discovery Team
for assets:
Thanks to Gurjiv "frozen" Singh, part of the Discovery team who has given me permission to use the models he created.
Thanks to Jinx for the models: 'Mastodon', 'Assault Battlecruiser', 'Shire', 'Shetland', 'Umibozu', 'Ryuujin', 'Geisha', 'Satsuma Imperial Yatch', 'Colossus', 'Uruz', 'Bottlenose', 'Orca', 'Thresher Destroyer', Bullhead Battlecruiser', 'Mako Battleship', 'Resheph', 'Geb', 'Mamoru', 'Spatial Civillian Deep Space Explorer', 'Democritus Luxury Yatch' and 'Junker Salvage Frigate', New BHG Battlecruiser, BHG Battleship-Modern, New BHG Destroyer.
Thanks to Durandal for the Discovery Liberty Gunboat model
Thanks to Dartstriker for the models: 'Bison' (Liberator) and 'Rheinland Carrier'
Thanks to Doom for the models: 'Percheron', 'Royal Cruise Liner', 'Bumblebee', 'Ragnar' and 'ALG mover'
Credits go to Xing for the models: 'Upholder', 'Grizzly', 'Mjolnir' and 'Fafnir' (Xing is MIA from discovery)
Credits go to Angel of Mercy for the models: 'Big Dragon', 'Imperator', 'Praefect', 'Legate', 'Togo', 'Kagutsuchi' and 'Pilgrim Liner' (Angel of Mercy is also MIA)
Thanks to SkyNet for the 'Goliath' class cruiser model, the associated weapon models and the Rheinland Battlecruiser model.
Special Thanks to Jinx and Durandal for their help on the Discovery Forums.

Discovery mod for Freelancer:

Thanks to lordcronos24 for the original design/concept of the Dreadnaught Logistics ability
Thanks to rjhughes67 for making a new main menu for the mod
Thanks to RC-1290 for his Directional Shield FX shader that he made available for modders
Thanks to Valpheus for his Experimental Exhaust Color Mod which will be used as a base to make exhaust faction dependant rather than player color dependent
and Thanks to SolCommand for some missile/torpedo launcher meshes, and the 'restored' Sleeper Ship Model
HUN0R for the Freelancer HD Starsphere pack mod for Freelancer (which I'm using to make the skyboxes)
Kuze for the 'Kuze's Freelancer Ship Pack 3' ships
Credit goes to Digital Anvil and Chris Roberts for Freelancer, and all the original Freelancer assets used in this mod
Thanks to Bailknight for his graphics mod (some elements like explosions are used)

Team and Contributors:
Eli 'Wintercross' - Mod Creator, 2d artist/textures, model conversions, entity coding, sound editing and particle fx
Yholl -
Freelancer music and engine conversions, Liberty Tech Tree designs/concepts

Thanks to Lemonater47 for scouting voice actors
Voice Acting Contributors:

FE4RWULF - Valiant Defender (m)
MagicalPaladin - Gepard Gunboat
Melik - Veteran Valkyrie (m)
ANgrantAN - Starfire Patriot (m), Bastion Orbital Weapons Platform, Nidhogg VHF, Rheinland Adviser (event announcer)
Callum "ProfKranc" Janes - Alternate Starfire Patriot (m)
Res_Novae - LSF Partisan (m)
Michael Green - Defender Heavy Fighter
Becker - Victory Gunboat
Trent Tutt - Patriot-S Light Fighter
Caitlin Buckley - LSF Enforcer (f), Screaming Banshee (f), Auroch Support Frigate, Providence Titan
Brandon "DarkslayerTV" Winkler - Upholder VHF, Liberty Adviser (Event announcer )
Ryan Bimson - Armstrong Destroyer
Ian 'Dagamerian' - Patriot Light Fighter

Jullie Collins - Defender MKII Heavy Fighter
Michael 'Gimrak' Malconian - Independence Cruiser
Lynne Robertson - Gallant Cavalier
Freigeist Van Tazzy - Bismark Battleship (Flagship version)
André Ammermann - Wraith Light Fighter
Martin Jewell - Monarch Battleship (Flagship version)
Annie Kim Gee
- Valiant Defender (f), Ardent Fafnir (f), Dragoon Gunship
Jennifer Spooner - Errant Knight (f)
Pete Bailey - Templar Heavy Fighter
Blake Young - Fearless Crusader (m)
Sage Godrei - Cavalier Light Fighter
Joseph F - Audacious Class Carrier
James T Bowman - Errant Knight (m)
'Shimmy' Nobuaki Shimamoto - Dragon Light Fighter, Atago Gunboat
Sam Jenkins - Grizzly EW Corvette, Mandate Destroyer, Centurion Heavy Fighter
Rebecca Reich - Banshee Light Fighter, Veteran Valkyrie (f)
Richard Cullen - Crusader Heavy Fighter
'Dai' Daisaku Takeda - Murasame Battleship, Infernal Tengu (m)
Peter Radford
- Grizzly EW Corvette, LSF Enforcer (m)
Luke Frohling - Thresher Destroyer
Michael Brzezinski - Archangel Upholder (m)
Sean Rooney - Dreadnaught Battleship
Warren Paul Glover - Monarch Battleship
Michael Davidson - Virtuous Challenger (m)
Julie-anne B - Virtuous Challenger (f), Fierce Barracuda (f)
Giovanni Cappiello - Bretonia Adviser (event announcer)
Barry Mills - Barracuda Heavy Fighter
Heath John - Bloodhound Light Fighter, Percheron Gunship
Michael Sjolander - Claymore Gunship
David Duell - Goliath Cruiser, Glassgallow Heavy Fighter
Stephen Durkin - Kern Light Fighter
Martyn Luke - Liquid Piranha (m)
Anna Watkins - Fulcrum Garfish (f)
Kevin Harty - Challenger VHF
Rick Deakin - Mako Battleship, Shetland Support Frigate, Ark Royal Cruiser, Fierce Barracuda (m)
Rebecca Fowler - Liquid Piranha (f)
Lisa Reynolds - Bullhead Cruiser
Donald Prime - Redemption Titan
Gia Hong - Shadow Enforcer (f)
Joel Svensson - Fulcrum Garfish (m)
Emi Canavan - Devilfish VHF, Raging Dragon (f)
Thomas Morris - Liberator Frigate
Eve Nigro - Typhoon Battlecruiser
Frederik "Rik" G - Emden-B Siege Cruiser
Sophie Hamilton - Leviathan Command Ship
Robert Moore - Order Osiris Battlecruiser, Shadow Enforcer (m)
Chris Groundsell - Pike Battlecruiser, Westerwald Frigate
DJ Rouse - Vagrant Hammerhead (m)
Casey Kynion - Wolfhound VHF, Harmonic Devil-fish (m)
James Stephens - Sawback Destroyer (m), Mako Battleship (Flagship variant)
Amber Cunliffe - Harmonic Devil-fish (f), Imperator Gunboat, Gae Bolg VHF
Aslihan Gulen - Majesty Cruiser
Alanah Parkin - Fury Hellhound (f)
Julia Fresco - Vagrant Hammerhead (f)
Cat Olejko - Archangel Upholder (f)
Peter Theobalds - Lyretail Frigate, Anubis VHF
'What About Ivan' - Apophis VHF
Luke Smith - Piranha LF, Hammerhead VHF, Titan VHF
Dean Michael Smith - Orca Gunboat
Tessa Maxwell - Bounty Hunter's Guild Advisor (Event announcer)
Matt Fleming - Ensdorf Diplomatic Cruiser, Screaming Banshee (m)
Brittany Draper - Fearless Crusader (f)
Jamie Darlington - Churchill Gunboat, Knight VHF
Youssef Jardaneh- Praefect class Cruiser
Thomas Trebicki - Ardent Fafnir (m)
Natsumi S - Barghest VHF
Kevin Powe - Legate Battleship, Dreadnaught Flagship, Bottlenose Gunship
Jenna Long - Admiral Wendy White/ Battleship Missouri (Hero unit)
Shaun Phillip Cantwell - LRM Rhino, Neith LF
Davide Daniele Jakubowski - Rheinland Heavy Constructor, Kaiser Battlecruiser, Landsknect Banshee(m)
Eyjólfur Eyfells -
Landsknecht Valkyrie(m)
Christin Prüstel -
Landsknecht Valkyrie(f)
Suresh P - Breaker Barracuda (m)
Holly Denton - LSF Partisan (f)
Stephanie Kutty - Sawback Destroyer (f)
Alejandro Corsino - Legionnaire LF, Hacha Centurion (m)
Beccy H - Thunderbolt Justice Ace Pilot (f)
Genevieve Donaldson - Rogue Bloodhound (f)
Karl Oskar Tingbacke - Späher LF
Sean Twomey - Rogue Bloodhound (m), Drake LF, Brave Gallowglass (m), Praetorian VHF, Bullhead Cruiser (m)
Koshiro Shibuya - Hayate Destroyer
Naho - Ultima Oni (f), Koi LF

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