Deus Ex is one of the best PC games in history, but even it isn't without its faults and shortcomings. Shifter addresses these and then some. Unused game content, buggy scripted events, several completely useless items, and certain design choices that can only be described as "annoying", all fixed (or at least "improved") by this little mod. I started Shifter in 2002 to fix just one of the latter -- the fact that weapons equipped with a laser sight won't turn it on automatically -- and the project has expanded exponentially since then. A few new weapons, some additional uses for existing items, new augmentations, and several fixes for existing Deus Ex bugs all exist in Shifter, along with a new multiplayer component. The mod is so popular it's been featured in Game Informer's July 2007 edition of Mod World; how many Deus Ex mods can say that? (only 3, to be specific) Shifter: "Removing the suck from Deus Ex" since 2002.

Report article RSS Feed Shifter v1.8 BETA #7.. err #8.. err #9 is out; release in two weeks or less!

Beta #7 has officially dropped. Once you good people to bugtest it for me I can officially release v1.8. Huzzah!

Posted by Y|yukichigai on Jan 30th, 2008

The countdown to v1.8 officially launching has started. I've completed everything I really wanted to in this version, so the rest is up to you. Except for a few minor changes (compatibility with external texture packs, mostly) BETA #7 is everything I want v1.8 FINAL to be, barring any bugs you come across of course.

As per usual, a brief summary of what's new in this version:

  • Full support for optional skins for the Magnum, RoF mod, and others, which will be part of a separate download. With massive thanks to Sgt. Kelly for making them.
  • New methods for adding custom text to datacubes, books, news terminals, and so on. I have made use of this new code already, just so you know.
  • A few working phones! (As in you get a dial tone and a keypad to enter a phone number on)
  • NPCs given non-standard ammo by NPC Random Inventory will use it in their weapons if they can. Watch out for NPCs with flare darts; those things HURT.
  • A new unique ammo type for the various shotguns: Dragon's Breath Shells. (AmmoDragon for those wanting to use the summon cheat)
  • The Light augmentation is now upgradeable. Upgrades improve the distance the light beam will travel as well as the ambient light glow present around the player.
  • Fixed the lack of music in the final Hell's Kitchen map. (a Game of the Year version glitch)
  • You can now pick up Datacubes/etc. once you have read them. Just click "use" on the item again while the text window is active.
  • Fixed the "lock-pick then pause" exploit (and related) completely. All things which require time to elapse will not continue counting down while the game is paused.
  • Weapons loaded with 10mm Explosive ammo will now show the proper damage amount in the info window. Take a look sometime; it's pretty damn impressive.

The download for the latest beta can be found here: You should also check my Savefile Project Folder later, as I may upload an early version of the optional texture support pack sometime today.

-- The Shifter Tieam


UPDATE: BETA #8 is out after fixing some quickly-reported bugs. There is one bug I know of in it which can be ignored: no delay on the recharge time on repair bots. Report any other bugs to me.

UPDATEx2: BETA #9 is out. A few more bugfixes and a couple of minor adjustments per user feedback. Test it and let me know what's what.

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MasterPhW Feb 1 2008, 4:06pm says:

I really looking forward to this release! Is the multilanguage support already in? I'm waiting for a translated version!
Keep it up!

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Y|yukichigai Author
Y|yukichigai Feb 1 2008, 5:38pm replied:

Translations are supported via the file I've included with the mod. Replace the text in that file and the corresponding text in the game will be updated. Unfortunately I am not multi-lingual so it's up to someone else to do the actual translation. The only translation out there I'm aware of is one being done by a Russian fan.

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JC_Fenix Feb 8 2008, 9:30pm replied:

A crash that might be of interest to you:

The four cat killing greasels, one had a GEP gun. I used ADS, and he blew himself up. Two other greasels were near his gibbed corpse, and when I looked back at his corpse the game froze and then came up with this crash.

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Y|yukichigai Author
Y|yukichigai Feb 10 2008, 3:23am says:

Okay, that's weird. I'm looking into it, but the runaway loop is actually in the function that CALLED SwitchToBestWeapon, not the function itself. If you could, say, manage to reproduce the same circumstances and send me a save that'll let me test it repeatedly it'd sure make things a lot easier.

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JC_Fenix Feb 10 2008, 6:26am replied:

Unfortunately I moved past that point, though I did try to recreate it , and... lets just say greasels don't like guns:
(Threw a GEP gun at an attacking greasel so it would pick it up and I could try it again.)
(This happened after a greasel shoot me with a gep rocket, I dodged it and the game froze as it was reloading.)

Also in my testing the random inventory gave one of the greasels a "Default ammo name report this as a bug" in their inventory.

As for the original crash I couldn't manage to get it again. I think it might have been one of those things that takes perfect timing.
Like; the greasel frobbed the other greasels corpse before it was gibbed, but it the gep gun didn't carry over to the greasels inventory, but it kept thinking it had it...
I even went so far as to summon 250 greasels, 500 gep guns, and 250 security bots. Yet the only crash I got from that was an initializing inventory runaway loop crash when i summoned 250 greasels.

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Y|yukichigai Author
Y|yukichigai Feb 11 2008, 12:03am replied:

What's your log file look like? Most functions that are liable to have a runaway loop will also make a log entry of the fact.

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JC_Fenix Feb 11 2008, 12:58am replied:

Hmm, I got the "switch best weapon" crash again, this time there was no death or anything. Just the greasel shooting me with a gep, hearing the reloading sound, freeze, then crash. Just like the getweaponbestrange crash(I also got a getweaponrange crash under the same conditions.)

The log came up with this: (The 325, and 32d warnings repeated about 20 times)

ScriptWarning: WeaponGEPGun 10_Paris_Catacombs.WeaponGEPGun1 (Function DeusEx.DeusExWeapon.Tick:0325) Accessed None
ScriptWarning: WeaponGEPGun 10_Paris_Catacombs.WeaponGEPGun1 (Function DeusEx.DeusExWeapon.Tick:032D) Accessed None
ScriptWarning: mpchild 10_Paris_Catacombs.mpchild0 (Function DeusEx.DeusExPlayer.PlayDodge:0041) LoopAnim: Sequence 'Strafe' not found in Mesh 'GMK_DressShirt'
Critical: appError called:
Critical: Greasel 10_Paris_Catacombs.Greasel3 (Function DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.SwitchToBestWeapon:0198) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)
Critical: Windows GetLastError: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. (997)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError

If you want I can send you the save. It's a very simple one, all I did was use legend, and cheat all the factors in.

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Y|yukichigai Author
Y|yukichigai Feb 11 2008, 4:33am says:

Yeah, shoot it over to my hotmail and I'll take a look. I may have added a little bit of code to my working build that will eliminate the problem, so we'll see.

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JC_Fenix Feb 11 2008, 4:55am says:

Okay, emailed it.

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Y|yukichigai Author
Y|yukichigai Feb 11 2008, 4:38pm says:

No joy. I'm looking into the issue further. You're sure it's only GEP Guns + Greasels that make the game crash?

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JC_Fenix Feb 11 2008, 7:41pm replied:

I just tested it again, this time with the normal JCDenton model. It took the greasel shooting me three times for the crash to come up, so it doesn't happen every time for some reason....
Just now did some more testing: Try dodging, double tapping, and all that. I just stood still and gave a greasel 3 perfect shoots at me, then I dodged and BOOM! freeze. Also try cutting of the greasels line of sight by running behind a corner after it shoots.

One of the crashes that is very easy to reproduce though, is the "shouldcrouch" one. So far I've only gotten it with the GEP, and LAW. Simply un-cloak, and throw one of those at the head of one of the greasels.

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TheUnbeholden Aug 11 2008, 8:12am says:

Does anyone know the summon command for the Light Rocket ammunition ?

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TheUnbeholden Aug 19 2008, 12:41am replied:

thank for Y|yukichigai for telling me this..

For the ILAW, to summon its ammo, use the AmmoRocketMini command. Also to summon the super secret weapon, use the WeaponPrototypeSword command.

and thanks for the above summon command for the dragon breath shells....(AmmoDragon)

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