Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Unknown unit 3
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Res_Novae Jan 14 2013 says:

I'm immediately calling Cybran on this. However, that does not mean that I know what it is.

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Avitus12 Author
Avitus12 Jan 14 2013 replied:

haha :)

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borralho Jan 14 2013 says:

Probably a gunship or a boat

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Vegas Jan 14 2013 says:

Reminds me a bit of this very nasty mega gunship from Avatar. Oo

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jan 14 2013 replied:

hmmmm. a dropship gunship combination that dropped only loyalists...

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Normon Jan 14 2013 says:

Did the Cybran make a hover tank?

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TheOmegaPyro Jan 14 2013 says:

Cybran air craft. looks like a Soul Ripper.

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tt0022 Jan 14 2013 says:

cybran turtle.

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BrandonPotter Jan 14 2013 says:

A new kind of Soul Ripper Id guess.

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Rtys8 Jan 14 2013 says:

Another cybran surprise i bet.....When are we going to see some awesome UEF Tanks or Aeon Mechs surprises ?

Don't get me wrong,the designs are good,but i feel the bias is strong here lol.

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VOLKSCULT Jan 14 2013 says:

Yes i think it´s a new soul ripper,or a flying fortress like UEF has, but maybe it can be a exp supmarine or ship to ???

What ever it is 100% Cybran ;)

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KonaTek Jan 14 2013 says:

soul ripper III

that is my thought..

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cheesy_fof Jan 14 2013 says:

I think it is probably a Cybran air unit, it looks like it could be a new soul ripper (as others have said)

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Avitus12 Author
Avitus12 Jan 14 2013 says:

I'll give you a hint one of you have guessed it LMAO

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drich147 Jan 14 2013 replied:

Soul ripper 3?

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ReaVen_LEAD Jan 14 2013 replied:

Could it maby be one of this Alien warsips from the movie Battleship? Or its just a ******* pimpt up Soul Ripper! ^^ What ever ist is it looks nice, even when I only can see the shape!

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jan 14 2013 replied:

just one or have multiple?

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Mr.Defender Jan 14 2013 says:

Its a exp. Ship that can go on Land. . and its called Trilobite!. . or
smth around those lines :P
well with a **** ton of legs u know? xD

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jan 14 2013 says:

looks like its not land based. definitely cybran. this would be a perfect head to the kraken, and now that i think about it, those things from battleship were much more submarine based. im thinking this is the kraken but you took the legs off so it wouldnt be so obvious.

mr defender's trilobite idea is also something i wouldve guessed.

if its not the kraken, this is definitely something to do with the cobra. an experimental version. maybe this is a submersible flying air fortress, like the helicarrier from the avengers. a new version of the fattened soul ripper 3.

another guess would be a submersible battleship. i can imagine the spikes on the sides moving like cilia on a pseudopod.

my last guess is a revamped megalith that works like the ships. unfold the legs when on land and hides them underneath and submerges when it goes out to sea.

it was my bday yesterday, i turned 21 and did not go out drinking. if this is a revamped megalith, its the best bday present evar.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jan 14 2013 says:

question, does the 1.05 have any units that you guys made from scratch? like the storm strider or the t4 tank? why do i not see any ported uef units?

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VOLKSCULT Jan 14 2013 replied:

1.05 have only units from FA but only this makes supcom2 more fun to play ;) and if 1.2 released.... OMG it will be AWESOME !!! Btw the Kraken idea can to be true but lets see ;)

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Ovid Jan 14 2013 says:

I'm gonna have to go with some sort of sea based unit, because you have weapons on the top side. If it was a soul ripper or aerial fortress, the weapons would be on the bottom. maybe you took the idea from the subships from the battleship movie and made a very quick battleship design that has a flying leap ability. Maybe you are using the game's fuel system to make a temporary flying battleship?

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Guess what...

you will see very soon :)

Jan 14th, 2013
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