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Jul 20 2012 Anchor

As i said in the comments, with new units along with the mod, i feel we should also get new buildings that affect gameplay options.
EG,Having higher Tier Research Stations,New Superweapon structures.

Here's one of mine for the Illuminate based on the Tactical Missile Launcher unit.

An Improvement of the old FA T2 Aeon Air Unit, The Mercy Missile.

The Kyrie Elesion Tactical Missile Launcher.

(Go google those words, it does sound like a fitting improvement over the Mercy Missile in name too.)

Tech Tier - T 3 - EXP/T4
It is the Tactical Missile Launcher Equivalent of the Oblivion.
Like the Oblivion However, it is usually firing in "Single Mode".
An activated ability which will cost Energy, will allow it to use a "Full Auto" version of it's normal Missile bursts.
But, it must be targeted manually over the area.

Each missile inflicts the "Scorch" AOE Effect on the enemies that hit,like that upgrade on the T1 Aeon Weedoboth Bombs.

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Feb 14 2013 Anchor

I think we might have enough superweapon structures as it is. Think of something not damage related, but has a unique mechanic. For example, a bouy (small pillar that is easy and fast to deploy) that siphons mass and energy from nearby enemy installments within a very local range. The siphon amount would only be 5% of total enemy production in range per bouy. Give them a cloak from radar.

Or a Highway system to move units quickly through your base...

Feb 21 2013 Anchor

I just had a thought that bothered me in the vanilla sup com 2. It was that every factory (land/air/naval) would have a radar (or sonar in naval case) add-on. It just seems like it might be more useful to replace that add-on with maybe a basic point defense as you are going to have (should have) many factories and having radars available on all of them seems very redundant whereas basic point defense would at least be a little more useful. Just though if this was possible to do, that maybe you would like to look into it, if not well that's how it is.
Anyways, great job Revamp Team on all the hard work you've done it is much appreciated :)

Feb 23 2013 Anchor

Maybe radars should stack in distance? COULD THIS BE DONE?

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