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Poll: Which is the better T6 building? (27 votes)
Paragon or Hacker? (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mods : Paragon or Hacker?) Locked
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Jul 4 2013 Anchor

A friend of mine and I had an interesting argument which brought up a good question: Would the paragon or hacker be a better T6 building? (Note: they aren't T6 buildings at the moment.) Hackers produce more energy and are easier to defend, but a paragon can adjust its production. That's just a few of the reasons we fired at each other.........What do you think?

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Jul 4 2013 Anchor

I would say the paragon gets a huge advantage when Aeons unlock the ability to build on water.

Jul 4 2013 Anchor

Tier SIX? Thought there was only three...

Anyways, which is produced earlier? I haven't ever tried out the hacker, but the Paragon once built is a simple win button for me. ^^

Jul 4 2013 Anchor

Quick Tier System Sum-Up:
Tier 1 -- Basic units
Tier 2 -- Medium untis
Tier 3 -- Good Units
Tier 4 -- Minor Experimentals
Tier 5 -- Major Experimentals
Tier 6 -- Super-Experimentals

The hacker would generally be produced earlier, as it costs much less than the paragon in the way of research. However, the paragon has a much quicker build time.

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