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Could Revamp bring SupCom 2 into E-Sports? (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Ideas and Concepts : Could Revamp bring SupCom 2 into E-Sports?) Locked
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Feb 16 2013 Anchor

This should be decided during the balancing phase, but who thinks that it is very possible to bring Supreme Commander 2: Revamped into E-Sports? For fun we could host a tournament in beta and cast 3v3 or up to 6 player FFA (with 2 seats left for spectators to cast, unless spectators can still join with a full 8 person lobby). I would even host the tournament myself and cast if any are in favor. This would tell us if a competitive scene is even possible with enough balancing.

The Revamp Team has the power to make mechanics and units that can ultimately balance the three factions and even make for many interesting plays and epic armies just going at it. I'll always be making my own suggestions on the balancing and thinking of new units to add. This doesn't have to be any sort of Starcraft II complexity or anything like that.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, If you would like to participate (or even help commentate / cast) in such a tournament please note that on this thread as well.

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