Just Rules aims at increasing the strategic options in RA3. It includes things like a more balanced upgrade system, revised protocols and build limits on each unit design to discourage spamming and encourage diverse unit formations and strategies.

Red Alert 3: Just Rules
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Just Rules
Just Rules Discussion Just Rules Discussion

Gameplay Style (Just_West 7 years ago)

Official build Limit

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Coding Wisdom Coding Wisdom

Soviet Engineer Repair (Just_West 7 years ago)


Training infantry in pairs

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Just Rules AI Friendly Mini Mod
Mini Mod Discussion Mini Mod Discussion

AI cannot build but will use some... (Just_West 8 years ago)

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Balancing and technical reports Balancing and technical reports

Errors reported by Nathan_Fus (Just_West 8 years ago)

Crash Report findings

Making no queues work (Shift key...

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