Planetwar Total War is a fantasy based mod for Medieval II Total War. It places the human race on an alien planet with many other alien and mythological civilizations.

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crazy but fun mod

Somewhat a really interesting mod. Actually it´s an humor mod. You will have Humans fighting aganist Predators, Shreks, Dinossaurs and many other kind of alien/creature. All this with medieval weapons.

btw, there are some bugs around. Be that missing texts, missing faction icons, and maybe some balance issues, but considering that it´s the very first release, it´s ok.

Needs more improvements.


Like :)

Interesting parody mod even I was thinking that it's serious mod until seeing medieval shreks and Cookie monsters. =D =P XD

Awesome! But need bug fix

amazing mod with very few mistakes love the variety. amazing job with the skins and the units.

good work =)

At first I thought this was just a 'Lol so random' mod, but after playing it for a while I noticed real dedication to the mod in many ways:
-The models are very high-res for quite an old game like this.
-There are many many playable factions.
-I'm pretty sure that most (if not all) factions have unique units and play styles.
-They made a campaign map at least twice as big as the original MIITW campaign map

There are some problems though:
-I get random crashes when I'm in the main menu when I click on stuff (I had crashes when I clicked the 'start hotseat campaign' button and at random moments when selecting factions to play in the campaign) luckely I had no crashes in-game (so far at least)
-At least for my it was a bit overwhelming when you first play it because basically every thing has been modded.

what on earth have i just witnessed...

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