War of the Silmarils is a standalone submod for Third Age: Total War, the ever popular total conversion for Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms. Our goal is to faithfully reproduce the heroic First Age of Tolkien's Middle-earth in the Medieval 2: Total War engine. War of the Silmarils will feature more than a dozen new, full-fledged factions, each complete with a roster of new units, a completely new campaign map of Beleriand and the lands to the North, and much more. So if you're one of the many who have been enthralled by Tolkien's mystical world, this is a mod to watch!

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It took the Dark Lord only a few years to undo ere we had made with our hands and sweat, and all that was once fair and noble had burnt down to ashes... all save our grand armada, and the great Havens. When all hope had faded, we had chosen to retreat back to our great Havens, protected by their thick Walls and 'ere awaited for a certain doom. The Walls of the Havens held for a long time, but our defenses were broken, our hearts wavered, and just when the enemy tasted the sweet smel
Faction Roster:
{Eglarest_Guard}Eglarest Guard
A long time ago during the age of the Trees, Sindarin elves felt attracted to the sea and its beauty and settled in a place which would be known as the Haven of Eglarest. There they inhabited peacefully for many years... yet peace was not to last for long, when Morgoth, the dark lord, came from the north with his orcish armies and invaded the Falas. They ravaged and pillaged and burned what was once fair and beautiful, and the Falathrim retreated to their walled havens, and under the protection of its thick towers, rained death over their enemies. Long was the siege, and many skirmishes were fought beneath the walls, and when all hope had been lost, the Noldor arrived into Beleriand and defeated the orcs in the Battle-under-Stars. Years afterwards, the Noldor of Nargothrond came and built magnifiscent walls and harbours, which would endure any but the most determined of onslaughts. Ever since, the Eglarest Guards stand vigilant over the towers and walls of the Haven, to protect their beloved city from certain doom.
Disciplined elite guards who hold enemy at bay using their long pikes.
{Falathrim_Noble}High Nobles of the Havens
The falathrim noblemen carry the best armor found in the Falas, along with high status swords made by the best smiths from the havens. They are the creme of the falathrim army, difficult to replace, but more difficult to bring down.
The elite of the Falas carry heavy scale mail, swords and heater shields.
{falas_coastwatch}Falas Coastal Watchmen
After the Teleri Scouts discover an enemy, these watchmen spread the alert along the coasts and towns of the Falathrim, and are the first to take up arms and shower the enemy with javelins. If that ain't enough to stop the enemy, they close in for melee with their spears. However, they can only stop the enemy for too long, since they carry no armor, only a light yet sturdy shield.
Teleri elves who carry javelins, spears and sturdy shields.
{teleri_scout}Teleri Scouts
Teleri Scouts are quick and lightly armored cavalrymen who shower the enemy with javelins, ever retreating and fighting from the distance. They carry no armor and will be decimated in melee if they stay for too long.
Teleri Scouts are skirmisher cavalrymen, useful for harassing the flanks and running down fleeing enemies.
{Teleri_Spear}Teleri Spearmen
The Teleri have organised battalions of deffenders armed with spears and shields to help protect their marvelous Havens when danger is upon them. They form the most numerous members of Cirdan's armies, yet while numerous they are lightly protected by their everyday clothes. However they are quick and agile, capable of moving in swiftly to cover whatever gaps may open in the battle-line. They are great as support units, but they won't hold for long against heavier armored troops due to their poor equipment.
Teleri spearmen carry round shields, spears, gambeson and a hardy heart.
{falathrim_marine}Falathrim Marines
Together with the Teleri spearmen, the Falathrim Marines form the backbone of the armies of the Falas. These marines are brave and hardy, and have some decent protection in the form of a heavy round shield, a helmet and a gambeson. They are a quick, hard striking force, capable of tackling much heavier foes with their shortswords. They are a surprisingly good light infantry.
These elves carry shortswords, and decent yet light protection.
{sindar_cavalry}Sindar Cavalry
These sindarin elves are cavalrymen who close in with their fast horses in a series of hit and run tactics using their swords, since they carry only light protection.
These cavalrymen carry only light protection.
{brithombar_axemen}Brithombar Axemen
These elven Axemen protect the magnifiscent haven of Brithombar with great energy and discipline. They are among the few teleri armored enough to stand against the heavy infantry of Angband, unleashing their fury against the enemy bashing them with shields in front and axes high. They are superior soldiers who fight blessed by Utumno, the lord of the Seas.
Axemen protected by heavy scale mail, heater shields and helmets.
{Light_teleri_archers}Light Teleri Archers
A long time ago during the age of the Trees, Sindarin elves felt attracted to the sea and its beauty and settled down. There they inhabited peacefully for many years... yet in their hearts a great grief grew, as news came of the kingslaying of their relatives by the hotheaded Noldorin elves, who in their madness took by strength of arms all the teleri ships. The teleri fought bravely, but armed with only bows and short swords, faced against the heavily armored Noldor, were finally obliterated. Now long years have passed and the shadow in the North has grown strong. The Teleri must arm themselves once again with bow in hand, arrow in the other and shortswords and knives to face any who endures the whistling flight of the arrows. Bravely will they fight and die to deffend their fair homes by the sea...
Swift archers who carry but a knife and their clothes for protection.
{Sindar_archers}Sindar Archers
Sindar Archers carry longbows and light, yet sturdy protection against missiles, but less useful against melee weapons.
Sindar Archers carry longbows
{falathrim_bowmen}Falathrim Bowmen
These superior elven archers are armored with scale mail and tall helmets. The discipline and martial skill surpasses any of their foes and they let loose shower after shower of arrows, while being quite capable in close quarters.
Falathrim bowmen carry scale mail.
{Falathrim_Sailor}Falathrim Sailors
The Falathrim are used to hit and run tactics launched from the sea, by advancing fast in their ships unmatched and unopposed by any foe, they usually outflank their enemies and attack from unexpected positions. They take full advantage of their light armor, which hinders not from free movement, by taking the most favorable positions before enemies can reach them. Their light armor does hinder them in prolonged melee since they carry only a gambeson and helmet for protection. They don’t have the means to resist heavy infantry, but over confident troops will soon find a javelin through their chest. Falathrim Sailors pack some power in their charge, combined with their javelins; they can tear light troops apart quickly, and decimate heavy infantry before retreating to a much safer position.
Falathrim sailors are heavy skirmishers who carry javelins, shields and swords.

Faction strengths: Strong late units, strong archer support, fast units, many AP units.
Faction weaknesses: Few cavalry support, few armored units.

Overall: Although they might seem to be outclassed by the Noldor, Doriath & Melkor factions, they still have the means to survive a long campaign. AP is a common sight among the ranks of their infantry, and their spearmen are good enough to hold most enemies for a while. Their late units are top notch: Eglarest Guards can hold for a seemingly endless amount of time, and the Barad Nimras guards can kick heavy units with their halberds. The nobles are as good as the top tier Noldor units, but are better in melee thanks to their heater shields. They have a pair of good javelin units who can be extremely useful against monsters and armored units. They have good medium infantry who can pack a dent on heavy infantry with AP or javelins. Like most of the elves, they have many archers *one per each tier* to sort out both light and heavy infantry. The only area which feels lacking is in cavalry, they only have light scouts and sindar cavalry who aren't heavy enough to break the enemy in a thunderous charge, and are meant to guard the flanks instead and run down prisoners.
Still, good tactics will be needed to defeat the heavily armored armies of the Dark Lord, specially if these include evil creatures.

TATW team.
Shredder for the elven models.
glassakias for some models, encouragement & other stuff


War of the Silmarils - Preview of Gondolin

War of the Silmarils - Preview of Gondolin

News 5 comments

A look at the first faction to be previewed - the Hidden Kingdom of Gondolin.

Hello ModDB!

Hello ModDB!

News 9 comments

War of the Silmarils gets its own ModDB page. Huzzah!

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Just saying that War of the Silmarils is alive.

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"War of the Silmarils is a standalone submod for Third Age: Total War" So I don't have to have Third Age to install this submod?
(Sorry for my enlish, i'm Argentinian)

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This mod has been revived by Ellin Athinaios and is in dev again. See the posts at twcenter

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wil there be news updates on this site?

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Well is the mod dead now. Because I see that no one has posted a comment after Jan 2011 and its September of 2014!!!! I would really like to know, because I cant find any First Age mods out there. So just please let me know if its dead or not.

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earl_of_memory Creator

The mod is officially dead

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There's a Silmarillion mod under development for rome total war.
Expected to be finished by end of year.
Looks like best middle mod so far.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

In order to play that though you need RTW and the Alexander Expansion which I find just foolish

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This is by far my most anticipated mod, I cant wait to see more regions/models. If you guys need help on this mod, let me know.

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I heard this mod was dead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

it IS dead.

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