This mod has to be used in conjunction with Brutal Doom. (on the latest build of gzdoom.)
There is a batch included so you can more easily launch the game.
Though ZDL, makes running this a whole bunch easier, just be sure to run it AFTER brutal doom.
This has to be ran with gzdoom with the latest version of zdoom installed.

This is not a Call of Duty mod for Doom, Weapon graphics have been ripped from call of duty along with weapon sounds, all other remnants of Call of Duty will be removed from this mod as it progresses. Included is a (very taxing) flashlight script, Brightmaps for nearly every character (I definitely didnt do that, a lovely team of zdoomers did), Overhaul of every monster and mechanical sound (pfenh) added effects, shrapnel, explosion replacement and overhaul, all looking to enhance but not infringe on your brutal doom experience.

If you are running into issues running this mod, you can read the very long-winded, very caps locked description of how to do so.

-all guns that have shotgun shells and rifle rounds eject shells. everything but two guns eject shells when shot.
-preserved all the deaths from brutal doom so barons still grab your ass and rip you in half, chainguns still blow your arm off. its good.
-all the deaths and explosions are preserved...heads blow off...grenades demolish entire rooms...barons blow into a bunch of pieces.
-changed the sprites for pickups so that they dont obstruct view when much. definitely need to figure something new out but its presentable.
-changed grenade and rocket behavior. (added dynamic lights)
-weapons have tracers (has been buggy)
-weapons eject magazine according to if he throws the mag to the left it doesnt fly out of the front of your body. stuff like that. a lot of detail and fumbling wiht shit has been done with this. the shotgun ejects the shells behind you, stuff like that.
-a lot of thigns have been changed that not many are going to notice but i couldnt help but change because it has to be on par with brutal doom..and i know hes put a lot of work into that.
-removed regeneration and went with health packs. cant stand regen...and it just isnt doom,
-removed anything that isnt in the original game besides guns. its all about guns with this one.
-added dynamic lights to all guns, explosions, etc. its fuckin awesome. (be sure to run lights.pk3 immediately after gzdoom)
-brought back fast doomguy (fuck being bogged down by weapons, thanks for the input ussr!)
-got rid of the annoying muzzle flash and replaced it with buttery ass dynamic lighting. its better. trust me.
-fixed weird enemy smoke puff, and replaced it with COD style smoke. removing the weird square smoke from previous betas.
-imported all pain effects. (screens cracking, blood on screen ETC)
-removed all RGA features. not a fan. dont want em. sorry.
-Overhauled almost every explosion for effect on monsters and damage.
-added brightmaps (thanks pfenh) to all monsters and textures that would use them.
-changed all sounds. besides revenenants. they dont deserve any treatment...those fuckers.
-am working on optimizing code.


If you cannot get it to run just drop me a comment and I will gladly walk you through set up (or point you towards zdoom launcher). Dont say it sucks because you cant run it, or its missing content...its beta...and will be periodically updated throughout development. Just ask, I'd be glad to help.

Thanks for playing. If you dont like it and you drop me a 0 vote...youre also just kind of an asshole.

While playing keep in mind there is a pretty large comfortability curve that comes with adding 25 guns, and turning the effects up to 11. play through one wad with it, and i guarantee youll dig it. Also this pack adds real guns to doom. So that obviously takes some get used to. It's (for any google searchers) a real guns weapon pack for doom.


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just download it. give it a shot. brutal 19. brutal 19.

basically the last version of opinhuman that i dropped wasnt up to par but ive been dealing with stuff on my end (the usual grown up stuff, nothing crazy really.) so it hasnt really all. so im going to come back and polish this bad boy up. im a perfectionist and i really want to see this thing back out of beta and more in line with "this is insanely detailed and awesome" again...because right now its in "thats good neough" mode and thats not good enough.
and im also working on a brand new super awesome map pack, so the mod has taken a huge back seat, especially since the moderators are content with letting music packs and stand alone mods that are just giant copy and paste fests knock mine and all the other actual add-ons to the bottom of the list. basically i just wanna make good doom and moddb community isnt really my thing. plus im making the map pack i have wanted to play since i started dooming that i havent ever seen. so it should be pretty awesome.

anyway, this article is super duper boring and really sucks compared to the last one i posted, but it is what it is because for whatever reason they archived my last one (an explanation would be sweet by the way moderators...if its the swearing it would be nice if you just let me know so i could edit it instead of just archiving it.) so yeah, once again, that really makes me just want to continue to ignore moddb even more and focus on the real doom community. im just kinda sick of the whole "ITS GOT A BILLION MORE GORES THAN EVERYTHING EVER!" mods, and im also sick of people telling me to add stupid stuff to my mod, or to help them with their mod...when all theyre doing is stealing stuff and not crediting the original author. (in other not help you with your project and im not going to change mine. i like it, it plays well...and i am going to come back and polish this baby up for another release soon. especially all the people that cheat and then complain that all the guns arent yeah duh. dont use cheats.)

sorry to sound rude, but archiving my last post was like "really? okay well i think ive had enough with the whole "you cant post this here because its not an add-on but all the other stand alone not addons are totally fine. you cant post that article on your mod because it uses adult swear words. you cant blah blah blah." i just wanna say what i wanna say and make the mods i want to make without every 14 year old gun cheating basement dweller coming in and complaining that there isnt enough blood or whatever. i just wanna do my thing, and im trying to, but right now the mod has taken a back seat. the map pack is really what im interested in right now because its looking insaaaane.

Operation Inhuman update.

Operation Inhuman update.

2 weeks ago News 0 comments Report

So as many of you sick fucks may know, the last "beta" version of OPINHUMAN was kinda rushed out the door...if you don't know that, now you do. i

BD 20 updates might be closer than i thought.

BD 20 updates might be closer than i thought.

4 months ago News 9 comments Report

So... i kinda sorta got my hands on a test of BD20 from may. and its righteous. and ive been fucking with it all night, really trying to bring out all...

New beta posted. new features and all that.

New beta posted. new features and all that.

4 months ago News 1 comment Report

Okay, so i just posted a new beta, and its really just trying to tie up all the loose ends that i left open with OPINHUMAN in the first place. all the...

Update coming, but it'll have to wait guys.

Update coming, but it'll have to wait guys.

1 year ago News 12 comments Report

Okay so I know that sarge is working on a new version of brutal doom. So of course I'm going to be working on a new version of Operation: Inhuman.

Operation: Inhuman beta (BD 20 READY!)

Operation: Inhuman beta (BD 20 READY!)

4 months ago Weapons Model 101 comments

The heaviest hitting, most realistic and balanced Brutal Doom weapon/enhancement pack. Period. This is a Weapon/Effects/Sound enhancement for Brutal Doom...

Operation: Inhuman Beta (BD20 READY!)

Operation: Inhuman Beta (BD20 READY!)

1 year ago Full Version 24 comments

Standalone. Newest version uploaded on 2.3.14. This is a newer beta with fixes and more suiting pick up sprites, some lighter loads (getting rid of excess...

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+Pain+ Aug 10 2015 says:

When your weapon is full you can reload again your and that consumes a little bit of ammo.Can you fix this problem?

+1 vote     reply to comment
cortlong50 Creator
cortlong50 Aug 11 2015 replied:

nah man, i think its chill, it expends the one round in the chamber.
just dont reload when youre out of ammo, ive even beent hinking of switching to clip based ammo system, because i cannot for the life of me run out of ammo on guns with my mod.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DooMGuy141 Jul 16 2015 says:

^ That mini gun , nice pump action shot gun and even a chain saw that would bring a more doom feeling too it also on a side note is the RPG meant too one hit kill the cyberdemon and master mind ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
psicosomático Jun 24 2015 says:

Hey. Do you know where I can find the addon of the red eyed monsters at dark places that this mod uses? I've googled it, but nothing found..

+1 vote     reply to comment
cortlong50 Creator
cortlong50 Jul 6 2015 replied:

try this one out home boy.

+2 votes   reply to comment
psicosomático Jul 9 2015 replied:

Oh thanks man, thanks a lot.

+1 vote     reply to comment
undeadfan666 Jun 6 2015 says:

i played this with bd 19 theres one thing i wish youd do, kick when any weapon is equipped as well as offend ect

+2 votes     reply to comment
might_of_christ Jun 3 2015 says:

Christ's Mighty Review:
It's great. I've been with this mod since day one, and have not been disappointed ever since. I am sad some of the weapons(Tac Knife Revolver, Famas, and M104 Riot Gun) do not work, but I trust you will have it taken care of. The damage outputs of these guns are amazing. I don't ever feel under-powered. I would like to see the grenades explode on contact, versus just sitting around waiting to explode, but they're pretty ballsy none the less. Keep it that way. I'd also like to use my boot when in hand to hand mode as well, but again, it's still good regardless. I love how this mod is not skimpy with Berserks and Demon Runes. The gore is grand. Stay Metal \m/
"Demons Run When A Good Man Goes To War."

+2 votes     reply to comment
G0r3L0v3r Apr 29 2015 says:

I've found a problem with weapon names, not sure if someone else has pointed it out, but when you scroll through weapons (I have it set to the wheel)they are named wrong. In the game, the KSG is named the Spaz, the M14 Sopmod is named FAL, the Dragunov is named M14 EBR, the PKP is named MG4, the P99 is named USP .45, the MP7 is named the Vektor TDI, the PPM90 is named the Mini-Uzi, the CM901 is named the F-2000,and the G36C is named the AUG HBAR. BTW, if you want the G36C to be an LMG, you should actually head for the MG36. Even with the JHP rounds, the G36C is still a compact assault rifle, the compact part denoted by the 'C'. Just a heads up.

+2 votes     reply to comment
cortlong50 Creator
cortlong50 May 26 2015 replied:

just go ahead and turn off the weapon names while youre scrolling.
ive run into this issue too and never got time to iron it out when i was really working on this mod...which i dont do anymore.

also the compact g36 wouldnt make hollow-points any less head exploding...and also decorate. Ive fixed it in the newest verison i have which this comment actually makes me want to upload.

+2 votes   reply to comment
G0r3L0v3r Apr 29 2015 replied:

Oh, and the MSR is called the Intervention.

+1 vote     reply to comment
G0r3L0v3r Apr 29 2015 replied:

Too bad nobody adds the SCAR-L into their games. That's a badass weapon in its own right.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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