What happens when a Killzone fan, who is also a modder, gets bored during a night of clan fun with friends? Doomzone, that's what! Doomzone is a GZDoom mod that adds class-based gameplay to the game, featuring 13 different player classes, five grenade types, and a whopping 82 weapons.

This mod *REQUIRES* GZDoom v3.0 or later. Previous versions of GZDoom are not supported.

Mod Features:

  • 82 weapons, split and shared among 13 player classes, each with their abilities and resistances
  • 5 grenade types
  • Active skills, ranging from sentry turrets to spawning reinforcements
  • Particle effects (smoke trails, projectile debris, etc.)
  • Randomized item and weapon spawns
  • Lots of new, tougher enemy types
  • New difficulty settings, with even tougher enemies and behavior
  • Doom Eater difficulty, which starts every map with only a pistol
  • Bloody screen effects and low HP screen pulse
  • Meager HP regeneration at low health (you're still gonna need a few medkits for that rocket in your chest, btw)
  • A different experience for every playthrough!

Special Thanks To:

Razor Volare, Fisk Zinnemann, Teddy Laisure, Nems, XTerra1, Bathy Salts for beta testing
Captain J for custom sprites (you rock, dude!)
Footman for GL dynamic lighting tips under GZDoom
Derrick Drysdale for custom M_DOOM lump and logo (thanks a TON for this, you da 'dillo)
Kinsie for destroyable objects from Doom Enhanced
The good folks at zdoom.org who have had to put up with my insane questions and "user error" bug posts
Gothic for additional Dark Matter Gun coding
Daniel for Mini-Nuke coding
Nash for original gore code base, screen tilt script
saegiru for additional HUD coding
The Zombie Killer for flashlight coding
CaptainManiac and BadMojo for bloody screen and fadeout effects

05/18/2017 - ModDB front page feature!

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Doomzone v1.7 Released!


At long last, Doomzone v1.7 is released! While Active Skills have been the primary focus of this update, a lot of other changes and fixes have also been made. Take a look at the changelog below for more information on what's updated since v1.6.2.

Note: You will need GZDoom v3.0 or later to run Doomzone.

General Changes

  • Switched up some sounds for the M66.
  • Changed complete sound set for LS57.
  • Updated reload sound for Riot Shotgun.
  • Changed reload sound set for M224-A1/A2.
  • Adjusted M224-A1/A2 recoil frames.
  • Default player soundset has been assigned to UAC Elite.
  • Updated key placement on HUD.
  • Lava Nailgun no longer spawns on Rocket Launcher spots.
  • Interpolated Axe frames.
  • Pointman now starts with the LS57-P.
  • Demolition now starts with the StA-18SE Pistol.
  • Support now starts with the M82SE.
  • Support's weapon loadout has shuffled a bit. M82SE/LAR have shifted to slot 4, LS57 has shifted to slot 5, and UAC11 has shifted to slot 6.
  • Support's StA-52 now comes equipped with the EGLM.
  • Extended homing missile in-flight sound.
  • Changed Berserk pickup sound.


  • New generic sound set for Gunner, Tactician, Marksman, and Recon.
  • New tough sound set for Mercenary, Pointman, and Heavy.
  • New lady sound set for Support.
  • New tough chick sound set for Demolition.
  • New custom sound set for Colonel.
  • New Quake sound set for Slipgater.
  • New Shadow Warrior sound set for Samurai.
  • New mute sound set for Pointman.
  • New skin for Support, Tactician, Demolition, and Marksman.
  • New mod feature: Active Skills! Default key is Mouse3.
  • New active skill: Medikit (Support). Tosses a medikit for yourself and allies to use. Cooldown: 30 secs
  • New active skill: Turret (Gunner). Sets up an automatic sentry turret to attack enemies. Explodes after 3 minutes. Cooldown: 60 secs (Sprites: SgtMarkIV)
  • New active skill: Spawn Grenade (Tactician). Tosses a smoke grenade that summons allied marines. Vanishes after 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs (Sprites: Skulltag Team, Captain J)
  • New active skill: Disguise (Demolition). Disguise yourself as a zombie to confuse and disorient enemies. Disguise wears off after 60 seconds, or if you take damage. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Ghost (Colonel). Activates a ghost cloak that both makes the player invisible and allows projectiles to fly through. Cloak wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Boost (Heavy). Increases movement speed by 130% and regenerates 5 HP every second for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • New active skill: Carapace (Mercenary). Activates a hex shield that protects from hitscan and projectile attacks from the front. Shield lowers when you fire. Wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Drone (Recon). Throws a beacon that summons a sentry drone to attack enemies. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
  • New active skill: Reflex Time (Pointman). Slows down the surrounding world for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds after activation.
  • New active skill: Cloak (Marksman). Temporarily cloaks the user in light-bending energy. Moving while not crouched causes the cloak to reveal your presence. Cooldown: 90 seconds after activation.
  • Added some additional pain and death states to all player classes.
  • New friendly marines, having a rare chance of spawning on dead player spots.
  • Added additional player corpses.
  • Added vocal sound clips to Nobitsura Kage's shockwave attack.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed new particles and their generators splashing on liquid flats.
  • Fixed some weapons being able to switch mid-reload sequence.
  • Correctly applied Heavy's translation to his sprites.
  • Tech column now correctly plays its pain sound, and no longer interferes with its idle loop.
  • Fixed issue that prevented some passive skills from activating in multiplayer.
  • Assault rifle zombie now correctly aims at players during their double tap bursts.
  • Nailgun/Boltgun projectiles now properly inherit from FastProjectile.
  • (Hopefully) fixed blood floating in midair when colliding with fast moving platforms.
  • Fixed fists' animation when using hand grenades.
  • Fixed casing spawners interacting with terrain.
  • Fixed issue with the Spoor switching to the wrong fire mode when pulling the trigger too quickly after a failed charge.
  • Heavy's max HP has been reduced to 100, pending a fix for a vexing bug.
  • Fixed issue of STEP# textures drawing invalid data from footstep sounds.

To install, simply overwrite the old version with the new. No previous versions of Doomzone are required, as this is a full release. Older versions have been archived.

If you happen to stumble across any bugs or crashes, please PM any bug reports or crash logs so I can have a look. The more information, the better.

As always, happy fragging!

v1.7 In Final Stages

v1.7 In Final Stages

News 1 comment

More new active skills have been added, mod now in testing stage!

v1.7 Update In Development

v1.7 Update In Development

News 4 comments

Development continues on Doomzone updates, with new features and cosmetics.

Compatibility Patches

Compatibility Patches


Not all mods play nice together - That's what these patches are for!

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Doomzone v1.7

Doomzone v1.7

Full Version 11 comments

Adds new Active Skill feature, fixes numerous bugs.

Doomzone Compatibility Patches

Doomzone Compatibility Patches


Compatibility patches for running Doomzone with other mods!

Doomzone v1.6.2

Doomzone v1.6.2

Full Version 5 comments

v1.6.2 update. Features improved support for online co-op/DM, bug fixes.

Doomzone v1.6.1

Doomzone v1.6.1

Full Version 3 comments

Fixes bugs from previous version, adds particle effects and support for Consolation Prize: Doom 64 Retribution. Does not require v1.6.

Doomzone v1.6

Doomzone v1.6

Full Version 18 comments

Doomzone v1.6 update. Adds two new player classes to the mod, the Pointman and Samurai.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 55)
Lamarr1208 Online

any chance for more guns with Underbarrel options (GL or shotgun?)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Im probably just an idiot but I get a bunch of script errors with this loading in GZdoom. mostly textures effects and sound

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
silentzorah Creator

Doomzone handles a lot of additional textures that aren't present in base Doom & Doom II IWADs, but are present in various other wads. It's normal to see these errors before the game loads.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you play as helghast in the non multiplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

I think the closest you can get to playing as a Helghast is using the Colonel class.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Got any suggestions for setting up a bot multiplayer game?
most of the other mods I have tried were compatible with Zandronum which has a full setup menu in the options menu, while I dont predominantly play like that its entertaining every so often

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

Easiest way to do this is to start the game with -deathmatch -nomonsters, and add bots with the addbot CCMD. It's easier when you bind addbot to a key.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Where should bugs in Doomzone be reported? Ran into an issue earlier with 1.6.2 where turning on the flashlight with the slipgater's pistol causes the pistol to make a partial reload-sound that repeats infinitely until entering a new level. Even saving/reloading does not fix it. Additionally it causes you to be unable to switch or even fire the weapon as well.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

Usually PMs are the best way of reporting issues. Strange, I thought I fixed the Slipgater's pistol. What version of GZDoom are you running?

Edit: nevermind, think I found the problem. I'll make this quick fix, and it should be in v1.7 as soon as that releases.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there any documentation for multiplayer support / setup in Doomzone?

As best I can tell this is how you'd start hosing a 2 player game:
- Launch with gzdoom -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file doomzone.pk3 maps.wad -host 2
- Set the class via the GZdoom Settings > Player Setup menu
- Set the difficulty via the console command "SKILL 5" (0-5)
- Reload map for changes to take effect with console command "MAP MAP01"

Player #2's instructions:
- Launch with gzdoom -iwad DOOM2.WAD -file doomzone.pk3 maps.wad -join [IP ADDRESS:Port]

1: Is that the correct way to setup a multiplayer co-op game?
2: Can players pick different classes without desync?
3: How would the friendlyfire flag / percentage be set?
4: Is there an index of Doomzone pickups that describes what they do?

Any help or information would be appreciated! The mod didnt seem to come with any documentation.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I forgot to add that:
- GZdoom uses port 5029 UDP, need to forward that if hosting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentzorah Creator

To answer your questions:

1.) This is all correct. It's standard setup for a net game, basically. Be aware that when playing with players over long distances, there may be some desync issues.

2.) Players can use different classes without desync, but be aware that there may be issues if anyone is auto-loading something.

3.) Friendly Fire options are found in the Gameplay Options menu of GZDoom. By default, friendly fire is disabled.

4.) There is not currently an item index. I'll see about writing one up, when I have some free time. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the info and the pistol fix! So far quite enjoying the mod, many of the classes feel pretty good overall and have their own strengths and weaknesses to fit a number of playstyles. Gives Doom a much more modern feel while also adding a bit more bang to things. Monster varieties help give the game a bit more longevity in places and provide some unexpected surprises.

Only a couple of minor complaints so far:
1: Footsteps can be a bit loud in solo play and feel out of sync in that often they play on a slight delay from the spot you've moved away from and thus sound like they're coming from behind you or to the sides.

2: Many (noisy) enemies seem to activate long before you've ever seen them. The Serious Sam screamers and any of the cybernetic legged enemies for example can lead to knowing exactly where monster closets are and or just get annoying when you have to listen to a trapped screamer for multiple minutes. They'd honestly be more threatening / surprising and less annoying if they didnt scream until they were close. Additionally cyber-legged humans sound a little louder than you'd expect for how much of a 'lightweight' they are and the lack of any stealthiness seems like it takes away from the tense atmosphere by constantly announcing presence unlike the more ambiguous occasional hisses and grunts.)

3: With so many unfamiliar weapons and ammo types it tends to be a bit tricky to figure out just what picking up a box of ammo is going to do for you and or which weapons use what ammo type, what that type looks like, and what the maximums are. I imagine most of that is learned through play though.

Anyway thanks for all the effort on the mod, its certainly a bit of fun worth exploring with a good level pack and maybe even a friend. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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