No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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"No More Room in Hell" is/will-be a free to play HalfLife 2 mod. It's a multiplayer, 8 player co-op survival horror game with a focus on semi-realism. It was inspired by the "Of The Dead" zombie franchise which is were it gets its namesake.

Posted by Dman757 on Oct 26th, 2011

Well folks it feels like a great burden off my shoulders to finally announce our planned release date. Rather than write a long speech I'll just let this video do the talking:

"No More Room in Hell" is a free to play HalfLife 2 mod. It's a multiplayer, 8 player co-op survival horror game with a focus on semi-realism. It was inspired by the "Of The Dead" zombie franchise which is were it gets its namesake.

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If you are interested in hosting a server on release we will have a build ready by Oct 29th. Feel free to contact us at for more info.

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R3bornSh4dow Oct 27 2011 says:

I'm looking forward to play it! :D

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sgccode9 Oct 28 2011 replied:

I cannot agree more with you, after MONTHS and MONTHS of patience and watching, I am happy to see my patience pay off as soon as I saw this article!


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RaptorXL Oct 29 2011 replied:

More like years and yeas of waiting! Finally this mod is coming out, I'm so excited, iv'e been tracking this mod for a loooooooooooooooooong time.

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๖ۣۜLé~TeslaShoe Oct 29 2011 replied:

this is the first infection, 2 weeks later, l4d tells the rest of the story

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sg1221 Oct 29 2011 replied:

I agree :)

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sgccode9 Oct 30 2011 replied:

I disagree xD

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ajikan Oct 31 2011 replied:

I also disagree.
The things in l4d are more like the ones from 28days/weeks later. Not classical zombies.

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Banana_Gun999 Oct 31 2011 replied:

The infected

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STOKK-E Oct 31 2011 replied:

When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth!

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nlr Oct 27 2011 says:

At last!

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azultain Oct 27 2011 says:


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Null-Entity Oct 27 2011 says:

WWooo great news, my birthday as well !! :D.

My only question to you guys is once the mod is released will you allow 3rd party maps ?
There was a Racoon City map someone was making a while back and it would fit this so perfectly.!

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Smiley_Riley Creator
Smiley_Riley Oct 27 2011 replied:

I don't know why we would disallow access to the .fgd, but we aim to release it along with the client release

This means people are free to make their own Resident Evil remakes :p

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Null-Entity Oct 29 2011 replied:

Thats awesome :D

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Alex2the3gr8 Oct 27 2011 replied:

Your birthday is on Halloween?! Cool...

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Null-Entity Oct 29 2011 replied:

Yup my Bday is Halloween :D

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Dr.Goupyl Oct 27 2011 buried:


Not big surprise.

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Jurjee Oct 27 2011 says:


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biodude Oct 27 2011 says:

Was NOT expecting this actually. This will be awesome for sure

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plasmasword Oct 27 2011 says:

OMG,my social life is fighting against battlefield 3 and you backstab it.
This is a mortal dose of awesomness, i hate you !

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aidas2 Oct 27 2011 says:

Looks awesome! Is it me or does one of the playable characters look like Walther from The Big lebowski?

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Chinaski Oct 30 2011 replied:

You are entering a world of pain, Donny shut the **** up, they peed on your ******' rug Dude, etc.

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Andrey(Rus) Oct 27 2011 says:

This is tremendous! It will be the best Halloween in my life so far :D

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ildamos Oct 27 2011 says:

Very impressive video!

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KEEP_IT_UP! Oct 27 2011 says:


awesome made trailer, is that the crazy boiling guy (john goodman?) from "the dude" movie, and christian bale? xD

can't wait to play it!

questions: how did you manage to get such a great transfer from all the great details of that character models (especially the zombies), thats incredible! (normal maps etc.) :O

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Newbez Oct 27 2011 says:

can't wait! it's been a long time since i've touched any hl mod.

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gordanfreeman99 Oct 27 2011 says:

Freaking jackpot!

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Syl2r Oct 27 2011 says:

I got to say the trailer is better than a lot of AAA game trailer's!

Good job can't wait to play it!

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InsaneStorm Oct 27 2011 says:


I Can't Wait to play!

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Gandbon Oct 27 2011 says:

this is more game then mod. looks like da old brainbread but it is not it is a mod with more stuff then the nazi zombie mode on cod 5 and 7!

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darkapples Oct 27 2011 says:


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Mr_Cookies Oct 27 2011 says:

will it need a source game to play, or it will be like that others free source mods, where we can play the mod without a source game ?

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Xendrid Creator
Xendrid Oct 27 2011 replied:

The only thing you need is Team Fortress 2. Which just happens to now be free!

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CrazyMatt Oct 27 2011 says:

I personally am not certain if it will need a source game. Though I believe it may need one. You can just download Team Fortress 2 in the mean time. Though I know valve plans on having the source SDK as a base for free for all steam users. (god i'm glad to have a break from working on this game!) lol.

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[nmrihdev]-Maxx Creator
[nmrihdev]-Maxx Oct 27 2011 says:

You need anything that gives you Source Shared.gcf and Source SDK Base 2007, which could be anything from TF2 to Portal to DoDS to HL2Ep2

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FuzzyMcFluffenstein Oct 27 2011 says:

When he looks up in that classic half life 2 way and fires away.. Most epic Machinima video ive seen in awhile.

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Only-Dave Oct 27 2011 says:

cant wait for my Halloween Treat! :D

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NiikkOxz Oct 27 2011 says:

31 october first beta!!!!! **** Yeahh!! :D
Great job !

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Wolf0x Oct 27 2011 says:

Looks pretty cool so I'm looking forward to it

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Mkilbride Oct 27 2011 says:

You are always on mind ~

That commercial.

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KiiNG Oct 27 2011 says:

Thank you for keeping this mod alive all of your tackers will love you even more now :D

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Vcc2cc Oct 27 2011 says:

@ 0:27 looks like a slimmed down John Goodman... but that can't... possibly be.

Guys, I'm proud to say I've been here since the beginning, and I cannot wait. So proud that the dev team picked themselves up time and time again, to make a free to play game on Source, that didn't die at concept.

Here's to playing with all of you online!

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xXMaNiAcXx Oct 27 2011 says:

I really can't wait anymore! Come on halloween, come on!

Wow really, that trailer was brilliant! I just hope that the mod itself have that atmosphere and the soundtrack to be as good or better than that!

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averageinternetguy Oct 27 2011 says:

finally! can't wait to start mapping for it!

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kazumo Oct 27 2011 says:

God damn! This is freaking awesome, I can't wait to play it with my friends!

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Matqo Oct 27 2011 says:

YES!!! Roll on monday!

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|Tyler| Oct 27 2011 says:

What the fuuuu....just 4 days left!!
I already love it!! :D

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TrashCan-Man23 Oct 27 2011 says:

Damnit, have to change my pants now.

Really though, this is awesome, can't wait!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Crighton Oct 27 2011 says:

YESS!!!! No longer shall i huddle in a corner crying myself to sleep, for now their is hope! Hope in the futre! for an AWESOME MOD NEAR ITS RELEASE!!!

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GmansFan Oct 27 2011 says:

Can't wait, but will we be able to build barricades?

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Xendrid Creator
Xendrid Oct 27 2011 replied:

Unfortunately not in Beta 1.0

Only objective mode will be in 1.0, Survival mode will come in a later update in which barricading will be a big feature.

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Smiley_Riley Creator
Smiley_Riley Oct 28 2011 replied:

To clarify, the barricade tools are actually coming in Beta 1.0

It won't be as much of a big thing in Objective mode (in our current official maps at least) though I'm pretty sure some skilled map makers will make good use of it in custom mapping :o

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