NEOTOKYO° is a first person shooter that aims to provide a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. NEOTOKYO° takes place in and around a fictionalized Tokyo approximately 30 years in the future. Mankind has begun to fuse with technology. Government and corporate corruption have transformed Tokyo into a deadly dystopian nightmare. After a near-successful military coup by ranking members of Jinrai, the National Security Force (NSF) is formed - answering directly to the Prime Minister, it's mission is to investigate and eliminate all threats to Japan, both abroad and at home. The initial core of the NSF is made from an exodus from within the intelligence branch of the military. With this betrayal begins the war in the shadows between the NSF and Jinrai.

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An interview with Ed Harrison, composer of the soundtrack for NEOTOKYO°

Posted by stenchy on Jun 29th, 2009

Anyone that has expressed an iota of interest for NEOTOKYO° has probably listened to its soundtrack. Ever since its early days, the mod has had an emotive set of tracks that help set the tone and mood for the battlefields of a futuristic Japan. The music features prominently in any video footage, with many fans citing it as one of the most amazing things about it. Ed Harrison, the composer for NEOTOKYO°, recently released the OST on CD — featuring 27 tracks created for and inspired by the total conversion.

ModDB had the chance to talk with Ed about his work on NT°:

ModDB: Great to talk to you, Ed. Tell us a little bit about yourself before we start.

Harrison: I'm 23 years old, grew up in and around classical music and a firm believer in games as art. I was inspired to create music for games by the old Lucasarts point&click adventures. I'm a qualified audio engineer and enjoy sugarless black tea. I believe the universe is a manifestation of consciousness. I hope to eventually get into film-making and about due for a hair-cut.

ModDB: What equipment do you use to create your music?

Harrison: I have a pretty basic core setup consisting of a PC running Pro-Tools, Reason and an array of related music\audio software. I record parts in with an 88 key electric piano. I have a couple of high-end condenser microphones and soundproofed booth to record in. I love analog synths and equipment, but as of yet lack the money to really delve into that world. The only analog synth I have at the moment is a kinky vintage soviet synth called a Maestro (which features on 'Nimbus'). I have some digital synth units (such as a couple of JV-1080s), but software has taken over their role recently and none of them were used in the soundtrack.

ModDB: How did you end up working on NEOTOKYO°?

Harrison: I used to be very active on forums relating to Half-Life 2. I was a passionate fan of the original Half-Life and couldn't wait for the sequel. I had recently seen Akira for the first time and knew that anime was about to become a big part of my life. I was also finishing my courses and was on the lookout for something interesting to work on. The moment I saw a post by Grey/Justin scouting for people to work on NEOTOKYO° I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. There was no mention of needing music but I responded and sent some pieces I had recently worked on. The reaction was positive and soon enough I was sketching out ideas for NEOTOKYO°'s music. I watched Ghost in the Shell and was an instant fan of both Oshii and Shirow. For a while I became a sort of anime vacuum cleaner; as my appreciation for anime deepened so did my passion for NEOTOKYO°. I feel really lucky to be a part of it.

ModDB: The developers behind NT° have cited inspirations from Shirow and Otomo. Where do the external influences for NT°'s OST come from?

Harrison: I loved the music in both Akira and Ghost in the Shell and wanted to bring a few hints and flavors of those to the soundtrack, but I didn't want to imitate. At the time I was just getting into a lot of electronic music, especially artists on Warp records such as Boards of Canada. I was obsessed with Radiohead albums (particularly Kid A and Amnesiac), as well as a lot of 20th century classical music and minimalist composers like Steve Reich. I was also listening to post-rock bands like Tortoise. All of that music helped define the possibility space I was working in. Ultimately, I wanted to come up with something new and distinctive that would be recognizably "NEOTOKYO°".

ModDB: Can you describe the process you go through in creating a track?

Harrison: I would usually spend a lot of time looking at concept art and early screenshots before starting work on a track. Pushbak's artwork has been a major source of inspiration as he's brought so much flavor and authenticity to the NEOTOKYO° world. I'd let my mind wander around the setting for a while until I found a feeling or concept that I wanted to express, then I'd open up Reason, sit at my keyboard (located directly to the left of my computer) and come up with something to record. The result would be a starting point which I'd loop and start adding layers to. Some would become core song elements and others would be ditched alltogether. By the time this first section had evolved into something listen-able, it would be apparent where the track wanted to go, and I'd flesh it out until I felt it had enough interest.

At this point I'd bring each part into Pro-Tools as separate tracks, where I'd refine it further by editing, replacing some parts with live recordings, mixing and processing. I'd also make musical changes and come up with new parts during this process. Basically, I'd just keep messing around with the track until it felt complete and cohesive enough. Some tracks came together overnight. Others grew slowly with months of tinkering. The lack of hard deadlines gave me the freedom to rework tracks and experiment constantly — it's been an amazing chance to learn.

NEOTOKYO° trailer featuring 'Departure'

Which tracks are your personal favorites from the OST?

Harrison: That's a surprisingly hard question to answer. I know it all too intimately to judge it. I suppose I could say I'm pretty satisfied with Annul, and other early disc-1 tracks. I quite like Hiroden 651. Mostly, though, I hear the soundtrack as a list of lessons learned. I feel as though I've barely scratched the surface of the musical possibility open to me.

ModDB: I understand you did some sound work for the mod too?

Harrison: I have done bits and pieces, such as the ghost sounds (which were a lot of fun) and thermoptic camo sounds (which, I think, are one of the few surviving assets from Neotokyo UT2k4).

ModDB: So after working on NEOTOKYO°, do you have any interest in working on music for games professionally?

Harrison: Absolutely.. My initial attraction to modding came from a desire to work in the game industry. Years ago I spent much of my time creating music for amateur adventure games, RPGs, and various 2d games of my own creation (somewhere, I have a folder backed up with around 700 midi files of game music, many created when I should probably have been studying). I've been focused on game music for a long time, so I would love to be able to make a career of it. Film music is something I also hope to do a lot of, in time.

ModDB: Many people have come to love the mod for its soundtrack, are there any other albums you've produced?

Harrison: The response so far has been really encouraging. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who bought the soundtrack. There are a lot of costs involved in putting a CD out yourself and to be honest, I doubted I'd make my money back. We thought releasing a soundtrack would just be a cool thing to do and it's been a huge bonus that people have taken an interest and responded so positively.

To date my only CD releases are the NEOTOKYO° soundtrack and my band's first EP (Lazyboat - Run Button). The band has evolved a lot recently so I expect the next release to be vastly different. I've also worked with a few different artists as a producer\engineer and co-writer, so hopefully some of those projects will see CD releases in the future.

ModDB: Any plans for what you're working on next?

Harrison: There are a lot of things on the horizon, such as a short film soundtrack, new band material, and some musical experiments of my own which will hopefully yield an album or two. I'm currently working on a website ( ) which will detail current and future projects as they come up. Outside of music, I've been (very slowly) writing some film scripts, which I hope to at least turn into a short film within the next couple of years. I would love to get into game design and writing too at some point, but for now music is my focus.

ModDB: Finally, are you any good at playing NEOTOKYO°?

Harrison: I haven't done a lot of playtesting, so I don't expect to have a big advantage over new players on release. NEOTOKYO° is very much my kind of game though, so I can't wait to really sink my teeth into it on public servers.

Thanks for your time, Ed!

NEOTOKYO° will release with just over half the songs included in the OST CD. If you like what you've heard, pick up the full soundtrack at

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SandeR2 Jun 29 2009 says:

dude one day your gonna be a famous game music composer! :D
Annul is my favorite as well :D

+10 votes     reply to comment
draxt0rm Jun 29 2009 replied:

I think he already is a famous game music composer :)

nice interview gj

+8 votes     reply to comment
Nickel_Dare Jun 30 2009 replied:

lets see if he will be that famus like Kelly Bailey ;)
I hope it for him ..

+2 votes     reply to comment
cW#Ravenblood Jun 29 2009 says:


+5 votes     reply to comment
mindsystem Jun 29 2009 says:

Awesome. Good luck with future works!

+6 votes     reply to comment
Scroll20 Jun 29 2009 says:

I have to say that the music for this mod sounds really professional. Really knocked my socks off and I can't wait to hear more in game.

Only problem it might leave me vulnerable when I'm distracted by a particularly awesome track.

+5 votes     reply to comment
monk024 Jun 29 2009 says:

this mod is going to be so awesome

+4 votes     reply to comment
bhyssk Jun 29 2009 says:


+3 votes     reply to comment
Dnst Jun 29 2009 says:

Nimbus is my very favourite song. It has a nice and above all "new" sounding basic beat (the instrument that sounds a bit like a trumpet) and it evolves everytime.

+4 votes     reply to comment
medve Jun 29 2009 says:

srapio is the best track among the released tracks. really well done.

+3 votes     reply to comment
windlab Jun 29 2009 replied:

I love the usage of stereo sound in Scrap IO; especially notable toward the beginning.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Stubby Jun 29 2009 says:

wut happen to releasing nt.

-2 votes     reply to comment
exanity Jun 29 2009 says:

Great interview! I picked up the NT soundtrack and the Lazyboat EP. They are both awesome pieces of art. Can't wait to see more work from him in the future!

+3 votes     reply to comment
nt_logic Creator
nt_logic Jun 29 2009 says:

Oh man, I wrote too much. It didn't look like so many words when I sent it off.

+8 votes   reply to comment
DjozeR Jun 29 2009 says:

I think I have to buy the soundtrack. Very awesome <3.

+4 votes     reply to comment
badtrip712 Jun 29 2009 replied:

Ya it's good music, bought it couple months ago.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Emil_4444 Jun 29 2009 says:

Looks GREAT! and love the music! very very good no very very very awesome !

+3 votes     reply to comment
Glasseater Jun 29 2009 says:


+4 votes     reply to comment
OkeiDo Jun 29 2009 says:

TINSOLDIERS! Remember, you can only listen to the OST with no pants on.

As for the NT news coverage, NT has been in development for years in silence. With the release coming up they deserve publicity and it's actually interesting to get an insight in one of the most polished and professional looking HL2 mod there is around. If the ModDB staff feel they deserve the attention, let that be the case. They've done articles on other mods in the past but right now NeoTokyo is a good mod to cover.

+8 votes     reply to comment
Armageddon104 Jun 29 2009 says:

Great interview!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Krono Jun 29 2009 says:

Dear Ed. Please find enclose the two internets you have won. Thank you for your time.
This is amazing, really good stuff! I see you ripping a big hole in the music aspect of the game/film industry.
Fav tracks are Scrap I/O and Tin Soldiers. Annul is up there too ;).
Btw I'm buying the CD next weekend once I has got payed!

+5 votes     reply to comment
Nemesis@zombotec Jun 29 2009 buried:


Nice track.
but one little thing.....


-10 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jun 29 2009 replied:

Even if meant as a joke, holy crap man.

Yeah, the music is epic though.

0 votes     reply to comment
Glasseater Jun 29 2009 replied:

i've been waiting for 4 years, you nubs have nothing on me!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Lithium-Powered Jul 7 2009 replied:

i've only been waiting for a few months!

yay for avoiding excruciating waits!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Martin44 Jun 29 2009 buried:


I love how I expose MODDB for what it has become and my comments get deleted.

-15 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jun 29 2009 replied:

For what it is? You mean a place for modders to share their work and get it recognized, at no cost to them?

+2 votes     reply to comment
r8gato Jun 29 2009 replied:

Are you a modder Martin? If you are, i don't understand why you are so angry at NT getting some light shined on it? The NT team hasn't looked for the spotlight in all the years we've been working on this game, to the point of being criticized and called a 'dead mod'. I don't believe any NT devs have ever raged over the news/media posts of other mods here. NT is very close to release, after that we will go back into the shadows and stop annoying you. So how about some respectful reciprocation as a fellow mod developer?

+8 votes     reply to comment
Martin44 Jun 29 2009 buried:


I have nothing against NT at all, in fact I think it is an amazing mod that deserves recognition. However, I feel that many other hard-working modders are being left in the dark. My comments in no way have been meant to dilute NT, I just feel obligated to point out Stenchy's biased treatment towards the mod. I wish you and the team best of luck.

-10 votes     reply to comment
Mkilbride Jun 29 2009 replied:

SO he likes the game, are you saying he's supposed to be unbiased?

No mod is getting left in the dark. They all get all the spotlight they want, if they deserve it. Does Zombie Panic's new 1.6 version deserve an article? No, but it gets one. Does every little piece of information about some mod that'll NEVER see the light of day matter? No, but it gets an article.

NT's just cashing in all it's credits for almost 0 hype before it was almost done. :P

-4 votes     reply to comment
Martin44 Jun 29 2009 buried:


There's no problem liking a mod and posting a few articles about it, but when literally every single MODDB feature is devoted to a single mod, then I think there's something wrong with that.

"They all get all the spotlight they want, if they deserve it." So you are saying out of the thousands of mods out there, only NT deserves to be talked about by the editors?

-7 votes     reply to comment
DjBourgeoisie Creator
DjBourgeoisie Jun 29 2009 replied:

Martin, I suggest in the future if you have a problem with a moddb staff member you send them a private message instead of filling up our news comments with a completely offtopic discussion. You are suggesting "other mods" deserve just as much attention, why don't you recommend some to Stenchy via pm if you feel so strongly. Please refrain from using our news updades as your complaint/suggestion box in the future, thanks.

+9 votes   reply to comment
PrivRyan Jun 30 2009 replied:

its amazing ur staying so calm :) professional as always eh? heheheh ^_^'

+2 votes     reply to comment
purplehaze412 Jun 30 2009 replied:

It is truely good to get some insight into the man behind the music, I love Scrap I/O because of the transitions in which the speed can be done, I've never seen this before, I wish I could buy the soundtrack :/

Martin, I disagree with you on this, For one sole reason
Although I admit that I have not be a very long term follower of this mod (Less than 2 years)
They really have done some quality work, And if you must know, I have read every single article put before me, Why? Not because Im obsessed with NT (Im a fan) But because of the way they present their media, And also the quality work on all fronts, Not even regarding the amount and type of media put at the public's feet.

I'm not sure where you came to hate Moddb, But if you hate Stenchy or Moddb in the first place, I could never see why.

Basically, When you talk about "However, I feel that many other hard-working modders are being left in the dark." I do not see where you are about this, I have browsed the mods page through and true, and I have picked out (Pay attention here) The ones that best grabbed my attention/showed their mod.
While I admit that I have picked up some of my mods off the front page, The mods page is where most users find their mods. None is left in the dark, Unless it is truly not allowed to have a mod page, Which I would hope never happens

I hate to extend this ongoing arguement, but I felt that my personal prescriptive seemed to fit in place.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ansob Jun 29 2009 says:

The one thing I've found striking about the OST is how much it sounds like something which might have come from a new series of Stand Alone Complex. I don't regret buying it, which is high praise coming from me. :P

+2 votes     reply to comment
Darth.Hunter Jun 29 2009 says:

Great work! Granted, it's not my personal favourite direction, but it is a very unique musical style that fits a rather unique game and its atmosphere. Very well done!

+1 vote     reply to comment
yoplait Jun 29 2009 says:

ed you rock!! and good luck to you in the future!

+2 votes     reply to comment
astrogfx Jun 29 2009 says:

omg this mod is going to amazing

+2 votes     reply to comment
Esoj Jun 29 2009 says:

soundtrack is very nice been listening to it for a few days now on loop while I game. everyone should definitely get it. now we wait for the release of nt.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Joel8160 Jun 29 2009 says:

This mod is going to be so much full of win when it is released!! ^^

+3 votes     reply to comment
rellik_pt Jun 29 2009 says:

the mod is a win already

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bobes Jun 29 2009 says:

I hate Ed Harrison!Because of his great soundtrack I have to go work so I have money to buy it :D Love it! great job :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Herterich Jun 29 2009 says:

Ed you made some beautiful music!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kaneda13 Jun 29 2009 says:

Why do people complain about 'how long it's taking for mods to come out'?

I read these comments all the time, not only in this forum but in others aswell. For those that do complain, how about showing some appreciation. The people who create mods like Neo Tokyo and the like do this in their free time. They earn little to no money from it. And the mod ends up being free, you don't pay one dime for it. It's something that is created for you, the gamer, out of a labour of love.

And if a mod hasn't come out yet, tough ****! But don't vent your simple minded comments out against the creators. Show some respect and be patient.

+7 votes     reply to comment
Jesternz08 Jun 29 2009 says:

Incredible music in this mod, that early scene with the shotgun to the back, the music really has an incredible effect. Never get sick of watching that trailer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ppernik Jun 30 2009 says:

Awesome job dude, can't wait to hear some of your work in game!

+1 vote     reply to comment
zzzonked Jun 30 2009 says:

Buying Ed's album is the best you'll do for a long time!

+1 vote     reply to comment
voxeleater Jun 30 2009 says:

Another Reason user, yay :) I'm sorry to say that's all I really took away from this lol.

But I am pretty excited to try out NT :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrMattWebb Jun 30 2009 says:

This guy has a nice soundtrack to throw on his resume thanks to the major success of this mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
abacadabbra Jun 30 2009 says:

Please release this game already! Theres been like 20 interviews/previews and nothing about a release date! ARGGG!@#!#!#@

/lunatic rant!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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