Move In! is a tactical combat action game. It offers the player realistic environments, including standard and special issue combat weapons, giving the feeling of total immersion. Move In! is team based and therefore integrates leadership and the comradery that is felt during life threatening situations that highly trained soldiers face on the battle field. The player can experience some of the best military equipment available - Rifles, Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, and a whole host of specialist equipment. Realism plays a big part in the game. 3D environments are set in real life locations from all over the world. Featuring realistic weather conditions - rain, snow, and fog. Move In! has been developed in a way that allows variation in the mission objectives for each map, leading to a totally new experience with every map change. Secondary mission objectives have also been added, these missions do not have to be completed, but doing so will reward you. Features: + New Multiplayer Modes,...

Move In! Release V1.0

9 years ago News 8 comments

Its been a long time coming, and we should delay it a little longer, but we've decided to release it anyway. A big thanks goes to everyone who has...

Deadline, Pics and Manual!

Deadline, Pics and Manual!

10 years ago News 6 comments

We're currently completing the final steps to get Move In! public beta 1.0 ready for distribution. All our fans will be happy to hear that we have...

Move In! Release confirmed!

Move In! Release confirmed!

10 years ago News 7 comments

We didn't give you MI for Christmas 2004, we didn’t give you MI for Christmas 2005, we didn't even give you a teaser video for the new-year...

Move In! - Status report

10 years ago News 1 comment

You all should be playing Move-In! by now, but there is no playable version available yet. But I can offer you some more detailed information on our progress...

Ingame Footage for you!

10 years ago News 6 comments

Just short News, we finally made a (very) small Teaser for you! Move In! - Teaser Movie The footage hasn't been edited except cutting/trimming ...

New Year - Screens

11 years ago News 0 comments

Hey folks, to New Year we would like to apologize for all the delays. We had some internal problems, which have stopped the coding progress for some weeks...

Programable Shaders in HL!

12 years ago News 0 comments

I have finished a test version of the new shader system which allows the mappers to do some nice surface effects. The shader system is fully customisable...

Getting closer every day...

12 years ago News 0 comments

Today n3m3s1s told me that snipery and teppic finished ALL of the models for MI, and they should arrive on my doorstep soon! Also I released another beta...

MoveIn! neads YOU (or maybe that guy over there...)

12 years ago News 0 comments

Move In! Mod is in need of experienced Skinners and Meshers to complete the final work on the mod. We just have some skins+meshs that have to be finished...

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