Move In! is a tactical combat action game. It offers the player realistic environments, including standard and special issue combat weapons, giving the feeling of total immersion. Move In! is team based and therefore integrates leadership and the comradery that is felt during life threatening situations that highly trained soldiers face on the battle field. The player can experience some of the best military equipment available - Rifles, Pistols, Sub Machine Guns, and a whole host of specialist equipment. Realism plays a big part in the game. 3D environments are set in real life locations from all over the world. Featuring realistic weather conditions - rain, snow, and fog. Move In! has been developed in a way that allows variation in the mission objectives for each map, leading to a totally new experience with every map change. Secondary mission objectives have also been added, these missions do not have to be completed, but doing so will reward you. Features: + New Multiplayer Modes,...

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Its been a long time coming, and we should delay it a little longer, but we've decided to release it anyway. A big thanks goes to everyone who has made this project possible over the years by contributing to it or encouraging those who have! The reason we were going to dealy the release is that

Posted by SwissError on Jan 25th, 2006

Its been a long time coming, and we should delay it a little longer, but we've decided to release it anyway. A big thanks goes to everyone who has made this project possible over the years by contributing to it or encouraging those who have! The reason we were going to dealy the release is that there is a small issue with the installer where you have to select the directory above your "Half-Life" directory, otherwise it will install to "X:/blah/half-life/half-life/movein", so please keep this in mind while installing. Also, there are a few graphical glitches when using ATI graphics cards, such as the overview map will not display properly. The MI team is still dedicated to the project, and we will be releasing Beta v1.1 ASAP to address these issues and to add new content. More download mirrors and game servers will appear in the coming days!

Here is a list of download locations:

» FilePlanet

More mirrors will follow during the day.

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Oromat Jan 27 2006 says:

Jep its a great mod, however, there's lots of bugs inside it.

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lillbrorsan Jan 26 2006 says:

Go to the official forum and post bugs and suggestions but please check if they already have it listed.
Thanks :D

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Mauritz Jan 25 2006 says:

Great mod! I've waited for this a long time.

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SwissError Author
SwissError Jan 25 2006 says:

now you have it :)

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HerrKern Jan 25 2006 says:

Great mod with some bugs. I'm looking forward to play 1.1. :)

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Cs42886 Jan 25 2006 says:

Very cool mod! Def worth the download. A tiny bit buggy, but once you get into it you'll have alot of fun.


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Crispy Feb 3 2006 says:

layed this on my own in a LAN game (since Uni's blocked Steam games), and I was really impressed.

The map design is really nice and has a good range of settings. I was especially impressed with mi_ Although obviously I don't really know how they play because I was on my lonesome :( But I can't wait to play online...

- mi_breath is by far the best looking map. At one point (the stairs area in the southeast of the map) the r_speeds exceed 1000. This is more of a problem because this is right next to an extraction point, so is likely to see heavy traffic. The only other complaint I have (and this goes for a lot of the maps) is that all the doors look the same, leading the experience to be a bit counter-intuitive for new players. If a slightly different texture were used for doors that didn't open, more new players wouldn't get frustrated by being jumped from a door that did open when they were trying to open a door that didn't.
- mi_coast is nice on the whole but the cliffs near the coastal spawn points are a bit difficult to negotiate if you're not familiar with HL games. It could use a few clip brushes to guide the players up the cliff and into the fray.
- mi_com is OK apart from some hideous sky texture problems.
- mi_forgotten seems a bit too large and confusing. What's more, the r_speeds get dangerously high in places. The worst offenders being the southern bridge over the river where it its 1300+!!! and the machine gun at the other end of that long straight where it's over 1700 in places and averages 1500+!!! The other bridge is still over 900 and the same is true of many of the long streets along the river. The anti-spawn camp tank is a nice touch, though.
- mi_laguna doesn't really do much for me. It's nice and colourful but I can't really see it being a fun map to play. It's probably good for small games with a couple of friends as an introductory map.
- mi_lostvillage has a dodgy plant texture problem in the bit with the parachutes on the ground on the left side of the map (just after the long straight from the southside spawn). It also has a really dodgy grey texture for the walkway in the interior section at the very centre of the map. The same is true of the external walkway with the ornate railings, also towards the centre of the map (and numerous other brushes using the same texture - this should be checked on a 'control' system). The Tank on the right side of the map also cycles through numerous textures, including a wooden texture!

- I started with a black screen. But after checking the FAQ on the Move In! site this was fixed by typing fx_fullscreen 0 in the console. In case anyone's interested, I was playing the Windows version with a GeForce II (!).
- Map display feature works well, helping you to find your bearings on the more open and freeform (and foggy) maps.
- Objective icons work well once you know what each one means. Since they appear on your HUD in the first-person view (instead of being shown on the map like in CS), it shouldn't take too long for newbies to learn the maps quickly.
- Loose aim is wicked, although I dunno how frustrating the accuracy might be against live players.
- I love the fact that different classes have different roles. You essentially have a scout 'flagrunner' (except this time it's objectives), the sniper to cover you, the commando to be generally a killing machine and hand out ammo, and the 'demoman' class to unlock/smash open doors (unlocking for the sealthy approach, breaching for the 'hit and run' tactics).
- The medipak in the scout's inventory confused me, as I couldn't find a way to select/use it.
- The bottom of the arm model is cut off in first-person view when you aim up, making it look like you're pointing your gun using a disjointed limb.
- The 'adrenaline' bar is not displayed on the HUD. This is fine, but there should be some indication of how low your bar is. I'd suggest a 'heavy panting' sound to cut in when you've jumped/run too much. This will make the system much more intuitive for players who have never experienced an 'adrenaline' bar before.

Will post crit on the other map type later.

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Crispy Feb 3 2006 says:

(Sorry, I'm not signing up for forums to post bugs and suggestions. Not until I've experienced the actual gameplay and like it enough.)

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