Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Experience the world of Morrowind in a new light, try out Morrowind Rebirth today!

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Here's a small preview of what you'll get in 2.2! Let me know what you think and if there's anything else I should do/fix. I hope you'll like the changes and the mod so far. Until next time!

Posted by trancemaster_1988 on Mar 27th, 2013

Ebonheart WIP

Ebonheart WIP

Rebirth Fixes

* Rebalanced the lengths' (again) of the spears. The reach of the spears should differ depending on the length of the spear (in-game mesh size), something which I didn't take into account the last time.
* Golam Urellas's and Fairne's shacks' had the wrong script attached to the doors, making it impossible to enter either of them.
* The door Chun-Ook (The big ship in Ebonheart) had the wrong teleport marker (took you to the ashlands).
* Changed "Jhamondile Dremon's home" to "Jhamondile Dremon's House", also fixed some floaters inside.
* Somehow I managed to remove the travel-markers for the Slave Market in Suran, all fixed now.
* Jhamondile Dremon, a imperial In Caldera were incorrectly set as a trader.
* The Black Goblet in Suran had the wrong script attached to the doors.
* Tarvyn Faren, a dumner at Vivec Entrance had duplicate records.
* Corrected a missplaced door on top of Lighthouse in Ebonheart.
* Removed Skooma bottles and Nordic Mead from Shenk's Shovel.
* Fixed a floating doorframe in Shenk's Shovel.
* Added ownership to all lanterns in Caldera.
* Some minor adjustments to Vivec Entrance.
* Fixed a few floaters.

Rebirth Additions

* Better sorting for some misc items. Example: Wooden items have "Wooden" prefix, "Wooden Bowl", Silverware items have "Silverware" prefix, "Silverware Knife" etc.
* A major overhaul for Ebonheart. The inner courtyard have been redesign along with better visuals for the main plaza.

Vanilla Fixes

* One centurion spider used the wrong blood texture - "Red", instead of "Gold". Also removed its soul value.
* Adjusted a travel-marker in Murberius Harmevus's House that sometimes leave the player stuck.
* "Draugr" and "draugr_co_3" didnt have the proper spells and immunities.
* Junal-Lei in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Angoril in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* Madres Navur in Pelagiad had no AI-package.
* "Bound_Helmet" changed to "Bound Helmet"
* Some small landscape fixes.


* Guild chests have less potions (cheap ones removed). Also removed the arrows/bolts from the Fighter Guild's Supply Cheast, replaced them with something more apporopriate.
* A major damage overhaul for one/two-handed axes and swords. Blunt weapons are up next (Spears/Halberds/Arrows/Bolts/Bows have already been "fixed" in 2.0).
* Some changes to artifacts and magic items. Here's a few examples:
- Aryon's Dominator & Aryon's Helper, greatly reduced the duration of the enchantments and cut the charges to half but raised the money-value.
- Amulet of Shadows value from 750 to 6750, also reduced the charmelon effect from 80 to 50 and the duration from 60 seconds to 30.
- Murdrum Ring value from 50 to 1250. Reduced the invisibility duration from 30 seconds to 10.
- Gothren's Cephalopod Helm value from 50 to 3750.
- Robe of St Roris value from 40 to 2800
- 6th House Amulet value from 2000 to 350
* Some skills are now a bit harder to raise
- Athletics: In vanilla MW you level up too fast just running around. Not a huge tweak but at least enough to make it balanced.
- Long Blade, Short Blade, Blunt, Spear & Marksman: A slight nerf in progression rate.
* Raised the value for Guar, Alit, Kagouti, Netch skin/leather.
* Reduced the value and AR for Dark Brotherhood Armor.
* Reduced the cost for enchanting.

And a lot of other stealth fixes ;)

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Envy Mar 28 2013 says:

Reduced the cost in enchanting - monetary or enchantment cost?

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Mar 28 2013 replied:

What you will have to pay for it, just a slight nerf. Mainly cause I've reduced a lot of the main sources to get money.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Executor-64- Mar 29 2013 says:

oh good now things are as neat as they can be

+1 vote     reply to comment
EricBoyceU Mar 30 2013 says:

Is there a changelog of all these fixes and re-balancing issues?

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Mar 31 2013 replied:

Check your inbox.. keep in mind that It's probably just 50 % of the changes/fixes.

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krkrkrk Apr 4 2013 says:

Hi again Trance, 60+ hours into Rebirth 2.11 now, running with MGSO 3.0. So far no problems. Having a great time in the enhanced Morrowind. Your hard work smoothing landscape bugs etc certainly shows!

Good to hear you're planning to tweak Suran - wondered where the Slave Market had got to :) I shall wander elsewhere and return after updating to 2.2. Will saves from 2.11 be compatible or will I have to bite the bullet and learn Wryemash? Oh well, if needs must...

All the best and good luck with further developments of your fantastic project.

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Apr 4 2013 replied:

Hi krkrkrk! I'm glad you like it and that you haven't had any major issues!

Saves for 2.11 have to be repaired for 2.2 otherwise you'll have a lot of trouble on your hands. The changelog is rather massive and the preview I made doesn't really tell the whole story :]

+1 vote   reply to comment
demonknightlord Apr 18 2013 says:

Is this mod compatible with Indybank and Main Quest Enhancers?

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Apr 19 2013 replied:

Probably not. Main quest Enhancers might work, you'll have to try and see for yourself.

+1 vote   reply to comment
demonknightlord Apr 19 2013 replied:

nyeuurgh!!! is 2.2 comin out soon? I tried upgrading from 2.03 to 2.11, but it just got messed up because i used other mods, and then morrowind just exploded. T.T.

Also! What happened to the Slave Market in Suran? I used the Special Slave Companions mod (which utilizes the internal cell in Suran Slave Market only), but I couldn't find it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Apr 20 2013 replied:

2.2 will be out in a few days!

The slave market was bugged in 2.0 and I didn't know about it until a few weeks ago. It will be fixed in 2.2 :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
demonknightlord Apr 22 2013 replied:

any estimate as to how many more days until release?

+1 vote     reply to comment
demonknightlord Apr 26 2013 replied:

DUUDE! When is 2.2 coming out? almost a week man. to anxious

+1 vote     reply to comment
trancemaster_1988 Author
trancemaster_1988 Apr 27 2013 replied:

Mohaha.. I hope I'll have it done for tomorrow or monday. LOADS of additions and fixes.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Apr 28 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

demonknightlord Apr 28 2013 replied:

that was me, i forgot to login

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demonknightlord Apr 30 2013 says:

DEAR LORD! is it out yet??

+1 vote     reply to comment
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