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Nerfwaffle Sep 9 2011 says:

not gonna lie, sirs, i like this very much!

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N.Aaroe Sep 9 2011 replied:

And so do I. This is a great presentation and I think that you are all doing really great on this mod. Weapon kicks seems fair and cool at the same time and I really like that last kill in the end where the guy is thrown back by the impact to his chest. Almost went through the window there :)
I am aware that this is not the focus but the environmental textures are also really nice.

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DrBlizzard Author
DrBlizzard Sep 9 2011 replied:

Actually, one of the better things about this mod is that several other modders lent us their work, so we could incorporate the best of them all.

For example, in this demo, you can probably see a lot of the COMPLETE textures, but you will also see CrommCruac's Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures being used as well; they really mesh well in my opinion and work to create a deeper sense of belonging and realism in the Zone.

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N.Aaroe Sep 9 2011 replied:

The ppsh41 sound surpriced me the most. I really think the sound is WW2 authentic and cool. Please keep it. The reaload animations could be a bit less robotic though...

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jjawinte Sep 9 2011 says:

- Love that Bison - wicked weapon ! It's already my favorite !
- love the " spray and pray " PPsh-41, ( it'll be handy outside the swamps.)
- the increased kick is nice.
- very sharp AK sound ( greater ROF too, no ? ), but it seems the recoil should be a bit higher.
- nice work on the SV-98. I like that look. Optional high-contrast upgrade would be nice.

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DrBlizzard Author
DrBlizzard Sep 9 2011 replied:

While I believe the high-contrast upgrade would require a different gun (scope textures in CS are tied to the weapon, where-as in CoP you can define multiple scopes for a weapon), the higher recoil on the 47 is definitely something I want to look into.

Admittedly, in my pre-Mikhail Kalashnikov biography video watching -days, I tried to justify it with the idea that the 47 weighs more. My post biography watching days, and reading several books on the subject, have educated me enough to know better now. :)

7.62 will be a great round in this mod; but as you can expect, it will weigh more and it will cause higher kickback than the 5.45.

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SetaKat Creator
SetaKat Sep 9 2011 replied:

I was messing around with trying to add in such an upgrade when I was redoing the vanilla upgrades for PreSky. No luck, since its not an adjustable section.

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HQ4L Sep 9 2011 says:

Maybe you have to optimize the textures of the SV-98 expecially on the PKS-07.
But the rest of the weapons looks really nice and make an reallistic impression to me.
Keep up your great work.

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Lito.LV Sep 9 2011 says:

FN-57 sounded definetly better, I liked it. :)

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DrBlizzard Author
DrBlizzard Sep 9 2011 replied:

What? Really? A positive comment on the FN-57?! This is amazing!

In all seriousness, I do like that gun - and was hoping to find something that sat with you guys a little better than the previously demoed ones. It's come a long way since then.

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OoAlonso Sep 9 2011 says:

sv-98 would be fine with better texture but most important, that repeater sound doesnt fit
in general for every gun: remove the animation for repeating after reloading a gun when it still has a bullet in the barrel, thats so unrealistic, that animation should just come if the magazine is really empty (add one shot plus (the one in the barrel) after reloading)

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DrBlizzard Author
DrBlizzard Sep 9 2011 replied:

The SV-98 Snaiperskaya is a bolt-action rifle; it is magazine-fed, however, as in traditional bolt-action sniper rifles, you need to cycle a round by operating the bolt each time.

So you discharge a round, and to eject it, you cycle the bolt.

For more information, see also: Youtube.com

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SetaKat Creator
SetaKat Sep 9 2011 replied:

Its more the fact that there is a round chambered, and the reload animation on loading a new clip has the bolt work, chambering a new round.
Sad to say, its just the way that the engine works. It doesn't have Crysis's weapon reloading smarts, so you'll have to put up with some inconsistencies.

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Gulp343 Sep 9 2011 says:

I really see some major improvements, especially with the sounds of the AK and PP-19 :) the SV98 also looks great and I like the scope system, but maybe you should change the sound of the bolt action. The reload animation of the ppsh doesn´t really look fluid, but otherwise great job on everything!

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GlassPirate Sep 9 2011 says:

The GP-100 is just about perfect as it is, my favorite pistol in the video. Might I suggest adding the sound of a jumble of bullets clinking against each other and the ground when the chambers are cleared, though?

MP40 animations are alright, but they need some work. The magazine goes straight down and out, and straight back up and in. Maybe tilt the gun a bit, add a bit more implication of force to the mag-pull, jiggle the mag some before it fits in, and add a bit more force to the bolt pull. The firing sound is fine but maybe a bit too rough - I imagine it being slightly higher pitched and more metallic.

USAS-12 is perfect in almost every way, animations are great. My biggest gripe with it is the firing sound, it sounds a bit too muddy. I'd find a higher quality sound that you find appropriate.

The Bizon fire sound is pretty good, the animations aren't anything noteworthy but they aren't bad, either.

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GlassPirate Sep 9 2011 says:

The PPSh sounds good firing, the mag pull and mag insert are fine, it's the bolt pull where the issue comes along. Maybe tilt the gun a bit so the bolt is facing up, then have a more forceful pull.

The Five-SeveN sound is better, but not quite right yet in my opinion. I'd say add a little bit more power and make it snappier - The old sound was too powerful and too muddy, this one is a bit wimpy. The animations aren't anything special, decent except for what seems like a delay between sound and animation. (Stalker games it seems have always had sound delay on pistol reloads... Or maybe that's just me?)

The AK-47 has animations that suit it just fine, but the firing sound in my head should be a bit more metallic - the Kalashnikov family has a distinctive report, and I think that if you added some more clinky undertones to the firing sound, it'd capture that better.

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GlassPirate Sep 9 2011 says:

The M4A1 firing sound isn't... bad, by any means, but it's a bit weak and distant. I'd say make it a bit sharper, make it a bit louder. It sounds more like someone firing the M4A1 100 feet from me. Animations are fine.

The SV98 has a decent firing sound, not my ideal report but definitely suitable enough, you may want to tinker with it a bit to make it sharper and louder. The bolt charge is the main issue - It needs more visible force, and a much more clinky-clanky sound to the bolt. The current sound is grindy, like the bolt is scraping on something, which would be an issue IRL.

For the most part, I'd say you have great work so far - The main focus should be adding a more fluid, human element to the animations, increasing the percieved force behind reloading sequences like replacing magazines and bolt/slide pulls, and then just refining the sounds a bit. I'm very impressed so far. :3

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kenny355a Jan 12 2012 says:

I love seeing new weapons in CS. For some reason nobody really modded that much into this game...

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As a warm up, we warm up the barrels of several guns (some previously shown, some new) to show you some of the things we've been working on.

Of interest:

1) GP-100 .357 with increased damage and knockback
2) MP-40
3) Daewoo USAS-12 (yes, it has a full-auto mode)
4) PP-19 "Bizon" with updated (and IMO better) sounds
5) More GP-100 love
6) PPSh-41 demonstrated with different ammo types showing effectiveness
7) FN-57 with better (you judge) sounds
8) AK-47 with better sounds (the old ones were too powerful, IMO)
9) Debut of M4A1
10) Debut of SV-98 with a not-Gnomus scope (say that three times fast)

Your feedback is partially what triggered this demo; hopefully these demonstrations will show you our efforts to improve some of the aspects that were commented on before.

As always, this is in-progress work and does not represent the final finished mod.

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Sep 8th, 2011
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