MidEast Crisis is a total conversion for the EA game Command and Conquer Generals : Zero Hour. It is a mod featuring Israel and Syria in a hypothetical modern war setting.

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Hanging out in MEC 2's shadow no more, the popular original MEC mod for Zero Hour gets a surprise HUGE update for the fans, completely changing the way its played and fixing notable bugs. This is MEC 1.9, and it is awesome.

Posted by ashelia on Jul 24th, 2009

Release of MEC 1.9

MidEast Crisis 1.5 was a big deal for Isotx and its fans. Many hours of our life were lost as we played the war torn maps, exploded into brilliant fires, and demolished enemies. In many ways, we had been looking for an opportunity to go back to the mod that changed our history and brought us up from our roots. It just seemed, with all our other projects, we never had the time. Affluent modder Larry "bhones" Griffith, however, changed all of our time constraints by tackling on the project himself with a drive that astonished us all. Thus, I'm proud to present MidEast Crisis 1.9 - an homage to the fans, a great addition to the MidEast titles, and a project that would never have happened without Larry's dedicated and determined work.

MidEast Crisis 1.9 still runs for Command & Conquer: Zero Hour - this is a disclaimer, in case our recent CnC3 projects have confused anyone.

MEC 1.9 Changelog

MEC 1.9 is the result of a year of Bhone's slaving and attention to detail. Relentlessly, he picked apart bugs and added maps to the mod's repetiore. The below are just some of the vast changes he made in upgrading the game from 1.5 to 1.9:

  • Added a new unit, Quad Bikes, to Israel
  • Changed build list layout for better fit and more build options
  • Implemented all levels of difficulties
  • Implemented all units in AI
  • Replaced unfinished maps with finished versions and added new ones
  • Adjusted footprint slightly for all structures to allow for standard base sizes
  • Fixed Syrian Guard Towers: now built with troops garrisoned
  • Added all specialties at all levels with randomizer for both Israel and Syria
  • Now works with ALL EA built Official Zero Hour maps. That’s 80+ maps!
  • Easily convert custom ZH maps to MEC1 with a simple script import
  • Utilizes all Zero Hour tech structures
  • The AI utilizes everything within MEC now to its fullest compacity; previous versions left some errors.
  • Overall bug detection and removal to make MEC 1.9 run smoother and provide the best experience possible

MEC 1.9 Screenshots

You don't believe us that this is an awesome upgrade? That MEC 1.9 is pretty spiffy? Then see it for yourself in the gallery! Below are a few of our favorites:

Cruise Missiles Explosions and More!
Explosions and More! Explosions and More!

MEC 1.9 Download

You may download MidEast Crisis 1.9 right here on ModDB. In the .zip folder, all you have to do is drag it into a MidEast Crisis 1.9 folder in your Zero Hour and play. Further instructions are in the included PDF manual in the download file so be sure to read if you have any problems.

One Last Thank You

Thank you Larry “bhones” Griffith for taking a year of your life to refine MEC 1.9 into a vicious unrelenting masterpiece of carnage.

In particular, to anyone out there going to try MEC 1.9 for the first time, we suggest the Dune map. The Dune map is a whole new experience. It is so easy to get lost in this vast sprawling sea of sand, only to find yourself face to face with an enemy before it's too late. We've played against 7 AI on the 1000 x 1000 Dune map and encountered minimal lag; we're amazed that Larry was able to create maps more than 2.5 times the recommended size, and still make them playable.

So thanks Larry, and thanks to the fans who kept this project going. Dust off your copies of Zero Hour and give it a go!

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feillyne Staff Subscriber
feillyne Jul 24 2009 says:

1000 x 1000? O_o


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coolkid87 Jul 25 2009 says:

it would be nice if you had a proper installer and mod switcher, but great mod anyways.

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Bhones Jul 14 2010 replied:

I had made an installer, with a switcher, too, but when I compiled it, VIRUSTotal found that my batch files were seen as virus activity, since virus' are known to "move legit files and/or replace it with virus files", so any batch file that moves a file from one location to another, and is compressed in to a zip or exe, is seen as a virus by a few of the less known scans engines. ISOTX refused to use it because of it.

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supernova90 Jul 25 2009 says:

dude where can i get a npm to big file converter. i sick and tired of searching for the converter. why can't u just make it to a BIG file.

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Bhones Jul 27 2009 says:

The mod files are indeed .big files, and the files are zipped in to one file.

Please try the download once more. Perhaps you have corrupt files.

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Bhones Jul 27 2009 says:

I've provided a post which explains how to make Zero Hour maps in to MidEast Crisis 1 maps. The method described, and the script file, provided within the post will work for any of the previous versions of MidEast Crisis 1, as well.

Here is the link:


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Bhones Jul 27 2009 says:

A correction:

The "Dune" map was originally created by "DaRkAlEx", regular at CnCDen, who had also made another map called "Trench" for MEC 1. I've heavily edited "Trench" to adjust for the changes made to the AI and pathfinding, and while it resemebles the original, there are enough changes to call it "Trench 2", though it is still listed as simply "Trench". The original can be found in MEC 1.5 for anyone interested. The changes made to Dune were mostly to do with the AI and not cosmetically or stregically, so it remains mostly intact with the same game-play as DaRkAlEx intended. The rest of the custom MEC 1.9 maps are, indeed, maps I created.

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ayad09 May 25 2010 says:

is there jerusalem map there please reply=)

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C&CLord Apr 20 2011 says:

I have a serious problem with running mods. I downloaded this mod last week because I've been searching for RTS games that resemble modern units and conflicts. This mod happens to be one of a very few "Modern Style" RTS games.....Anyway, the problem is; I keep getting an error that says "Technical Difficulties". It looks like this: Neowin.net
It happens when I click on the Zero Hour shortcut. I meet all of the system requirements and my drivers are updated. I have tried almost everything and looked up almost every single forum on this issue, but no luck. I have uninstalled then reinstalled. I have altered the properties to run as administrator, under XP service pack 2. I have tried downloading the 1.4 Zero Hour patch. But still, NO LUCK. Can someone please help me. Gamer to Gamer. Thanks. (Operating System= Windows Vista Home Premium)

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Bhones May 4 2011 replied:

I have seen that error, but it has been a while.

Make certain there are NO other mods in the Zero Hour folder. Also, try renaming your custom map folder so it forces the game to make another one. Yeah, I know, sounds odd, but please try those two things. :)

I'll look in to this further.

Let me know.


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Freebroom Aug 3 2012 says:

Hi everyone!
I have just got my v 1.9 and it looks amazing, but does not work. After cca 20 seconds of playing skirmish game it collapses and I'm defeated.
Has anyone encountered such a problem?
I also have renamed the D:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Data\Scripts\skirmishscript.zh from .csb

Could anyone help?

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Bhones Mar 1 2013 replied:

Hmm... I apologize for not geting to this sooner. I will look in to it, but... you already renamed the scr file...

Maybe move te skirmishscripts file to another folder while you play? I'm sorry, I realize it sounds lame, but this one stumps me. I will look in to it, now that I've seen this, but truly, I' stumped, given the information you provided.

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