This mod is a merge of work from some of the best modder's on the Stalker scene. The Merge mod is made up of a selection of mini-mods and other additions put on top of Atmosfear 3, Absolute Nature 3.1 (full version), OWR 2.1(extended version), Variation mod. Artifacts mod, Unreachable stash fix, Zone grenades(reward only), Bar music, Extra outfits and helmets. There's numerous tweaks such as how your now unlikely to find any high end weaponry in stashes(randomised content still) and the Underpass can be revisited, The read me includes the credit list. I've been meaning to move this from the Rus Trans mod page for some time so here it is.

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Aug 25th, 2014
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The final version of the Merge mod on the vanilla maps, The read me contain's a list of the mod's used and there developers.

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Merge mod 2015
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peank Aug 25 2014, 11:02am says:

Awesome, downloading now.

Mind telling us what's the latest update compared to the original version of the merge mod released last month?

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Aug 25 2014, 11:43pm replied:

It's mostly tweaks, I've made the underpass available for movement from Pripyat to Jupiter, Changed and added a few spawns, Af 3 settings changed to reduce zombie spawning, Tweaked Artifacts, Looting and HUD, Changed torch power, Reverted toolkits back to vanilla availability and removed the ability to get repairs done by the Military in Pripyat. There will be some other small tweaks I've forgotten aswell.

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LukeFerreira Aug 25 2014, 1:38pm says:

This looks very simple and yet extremely attractive to STALKERS who want to keep things simple and smooth.

Ironically, we need more simple mods like merge mod for the sake of... well... Merging and other things.

Will try it as soon as I finish my latest misery playthrough.

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cmp100 Aug 28 2014, 5:08am says:

exista diferenta intre merge mod si merge mod 2014?

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Aug 28 2014, 2:45pm replied:

Este cea mai mare parte trucuri, am făcut pasaj disponibil mișcare de la Pripyat la Jupiter pentru, schimbat și adăugat câteva icre, M 3 setări modificate pentru a reduce depunerea icrelor zombie, Artifacts optimizat, jafuri și HUD, putere lanternă schimbat, Toolkit-uri a revenit la disponibilitatea vanilie și a eliminat posibilitatea de a obține reparații efectuate de către armată în Pripyat. Nu vor fi alte trucuri mici Am uitat de asemenea.

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Guest Jan 8 2015, 11:38am replied:

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 5 2015, 4:27pm replied:

Nu Sunt folosind un traducător.

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cmp100 Aug 29 2014, 11:46am says:


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GabeG Nov 15 2014, 9:47pm says:

Can this be used with the Arsenal Overhaul mod?

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Dec 29 2014, 12:00am replied:

No sorry, I used the full version of OWR.

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Arkadios2 Nov 24 2014, 4:33pm says:

can you put this file in a torrent? i cant download because every time that i try to download it fails.

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xpuser007 Jan 8 2015, 12:06pm says:

I enjoyed playing this mod so thank you. The visuals are great at DX10. There's a lot more vegetation - trees, bushes, grasses - which is good. It did not crash! And I am glad the game did not rob me of my stuff at the end.

Abnormal - when helping Grouse, there is no dead bloodsucker on the ground by the oak anomaly. Maybe it was hidden? When Grouse called me, I ran straight over but he was already doing his walkthrough inside the building. Usually he meets me outside.

When Owl gives me the "find 3 Veles detectors job", he begins selling them!

I look forward to playing this mod again someday. Thank you again.

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Jan 9 2015, 11:56pm replied:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, I've had the bloodsuckers body not be there sometimes as well, I don't know why, Maybe it spawns under the map because of the AN3 changes, It doesn't always happen though. Grouse already starting the search is part of the way the Vanilla bugs in that quest are fixed. In vanilla you find that sometimes you get there and he is missing and other times when he is there he can get stuck at the lift and won't open it because he's going in and out of alert mode. His early start in the search is down to how those bugs are fixed. He doesn't start until you actually come into range so it shouldn't cause a problem unless you go close and then turn around and go away again once you've triggered his search. Owl selling the veles is a bit odd, I noticed that but forgot to fix it before uploading the mod.

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Amoch Apr 22 2015, 1:43pm replied:

Yes, the visuals are amazing. Add to that SweetFX w/SMAA, triple buffered vsync and 1440p screen - well, it doesn't get much better than that, even compared to recent AAA games.

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DavidSarif Apr 2 2015, 5:14am says:

Hello, nashathedog. I just stumbled across this mod of yours and I'm very excited to start playing it.

However, some details bother me and I was wondering if you could assist me so I can customize it to my liking before really jumping in :

- first of all, I'd like to remove the random anomalies. I read that you suggested simply replacing the all.spawn file with one from AtmosFear to bring things back to normal. Unfortunately, this means we can't go back to the underpass.

Do you think you could provide a all.spawn file with the underpass unlocked but without the random anomalies ? Or, maybe provide instructions on how to edit the file myself...

- Secondly, do you think you can explain what edit is necessary to remove water irradiation ?

I would perfectly understand if you refuse to assist me on this matter, I can't expect you to put time and effort for a random demand like this. On the other hand, as a modder yourself, I'm pretty confident you can understand why a player would need to customize a game to suit his taste !

Thank you for your work, I hope you can get around to helping me.

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 5 2015, 4:22pm replied:

Hi, For the water radiation remove the gamemtl.xr file in the gamedata, As for the anomalies it would take a lot of work to remake one without them so your best bet is to get a working Absolute Nature 3 (Not Atmosfear) all.spawn (make sure it is a fixed one) and forget about revisiting the underpass.

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carimabdul Apr 12 2015, 5:35pm replied:

I've tried out the merge mod, it's awesome, except the random anomalies.

I got hit by a flame anomaly in water (zaton swamps) ... really ?

You shouldn't have made them random ... or at least, put just some as random spawns, not all of them.
Awkward situations can appear...

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 13 2015, 6:55am replied:

I understand what your saying but there's not really loads of anomalies (too many affects performance) there just positioned in a way to force you to learn new routes, Once you have you can run around like you usually would, There are some that would of been better as electro rather than flame or acid rather than gravity etc but it can't be helped as I took those positions from another mod and wasn't in control of what type were put where, I did my own ones for a different mod which had a lot less but that was more down to laziness (I added around 150 per map, It may sound like a lot but it isn't when spread out across a map, the ones i used for this had double that) as you have to go around each map taking down positions which take a long time + once you've been around doing it your left with a list of co-ordinates not details on the surroundings, When I did mine I went around the map taking screenshots with the co-ordinates on screen (for a map pack) so I could get the type used correct but as I said for vanilla maps I used them from a Russian mod (can't remember which) as doing my own which would of taken a day saved me a lot of time and hassle. And I couldn't use the map pack ones as adding additional maps (or removing maps) changes coordinates. For example, If I took the co-ordinates used for the Zaton anomalies in the Merge mod and used them in the map pack I ended up with anomalies inside Yanov station.

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Amoch Apr 22 2015, 1:38pm replied:

I just wanted to say (yet again), what you have done for the STALKER community is simply amazing work. It's greatly appreciated, thanks!

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 25 2015, 7:50am replied:

I'm glad you like it, Thankyou.

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Amoch Apr 25 2015, 8:33am replied:

Btw., how you improve the colour saturation in the CoP Merge Mod? It looks much better than CoP's standard washed-out colour palette, and is different from simply changing the standard graphics menu settings. Thanks!

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 25 2015, 9:58am replied:

That is Cromm Cruac's work, Atmosfear 3 and Absolute Nature 3.

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Amoch Apr 25 2015, 10:02am replied:

Weird. I've used Atmosfear 3 and AN3 before, and they didn't change the colour palette/saturation like in your mod merge. I prefer the more vibrant colours, and wondered how it was achieved - so I could add them myself to other mods...

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Apr 26 2015, 9:43am replied:

I may of pulled some textures from mods like Devolution which had some stuff from various sources in it, I remember thinking about it but I'm not sure if I did. I was thinking about using some from Complete as well a while back, Maybe I did that but I should of mentioned that in the read me. To be honest I can't remember, Sorry.

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DavidSarif Apr 13 2015, 11:14am replied:

thanks a lot for your reply. All done, and now I must say I enjoy your mod a lot.

Maybe my best experience playing Call of Pripyat so far ! Thanks a lot for your hard work.

I just found out your upload of the Sigerous mod, it looks very appealing, might try it someday.

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Amoch Apr 22 2015, 1:32pm says:

I just play through CoP with your mod merge, this is a gaming experience even better than ShoC. Thanks! However, what settings did you change to make the graphics more saturated/colourful? The game looks much better this way. (My only real niggle is too many anamolies, but the irridated water can easily be removed fortunately.)

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SpogZallagi May 15 2015, 12:18am replied:

The coloring is done by Cromm Cruac as part of the Atmosfear 3 mod.

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Fedeman5 May 9 2015, 11:30am says:

hey can you help i did everything on the read me put the game data in and started the game iclicked new game and waited the pic loaded up and the load was nearly finished and BOOM CTD i have Static lightning and Max graphics and 1440X900 cant remember the numbers but the resolution is full i dont know what to do :(

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SpogZallagi May 15 2015, 12:17am says:

The mod's wonderful so far, I feel more like I'm trying to survive against the elements since the danger has increased.

One issue, though, which is ALMOST game ruining. It might be a problem with my files, since I've installed and uninstalled so many mods: but scopes are off-center. They bear towards the bottom of the screen, making aiming with them impossible. Is there some way I could fix this?

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nashathedog Author
nashathedog Jul 26 2015, 11:00am replied:

If you look in the read me and the extra's folder there are different scope folders for different settings. If you have DX11 files and use DX9 the scopes will be off centre. Pick the right ones and add them to the mod and it will be fine.

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Bulletpoint Jul 25 2015, 6:06pm says:

I wanted to add some much such as FOV changer, weight mod, and traders that buys everything, I hope it works, the FOV changer interfere with xrGame.dll but I think it wouldn't cause a problem. I'll try it out! Looking good.

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