Our goal is to bring into focus the Legacy Era, but more specifically the Second Imperial Civil War. Play as either the tyrannical Krayt Empire, freedom-seeking Galactic Alliance Remnant or the obscure Confederation Revenant.

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A list of planets and locations that will be featured in the mod.

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The following is a list of planet, systems, and/or locations that will be featured in the Galactic Conquest portion of Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War. Certain locations, notated by an asterisk, will be space-only. This list is subject to change by the time of release.

Deep Core
-Byss Ruins*
-Had Abbadon

Core Worlds
-Alderaan Ruins*

-Carida Ruins*

Inner Rim
-Bestine IV
-Transitory Mists*

Expansion Region
-Corsin Waypoint*

Mid Rim
-Ord Mantell
-Roche Asteroids*
-The Wheel*

Outer Rim Territories
-Aeten II Ruins*
-Concord Dawn*
-Da Soocha
-Dentamma Nebula*
-Despayre Ruins*
-Dubrillion/Destrillion (Lando's Folly)*
-Extrictarium Nebula*
-Hoth Asteroid Field*
-Ison/Ison Corridor Nebula*
-Munto Codru
-Polis Massa
-Raxus Prime
-Sernpidal Ruins*
-Sluis Van
-Taspir III
-The Maw*
-Valc VII
-Vergesso Asteroids*
-Yaga Minor

Hutt Space
-Nal Hutta/Nar Shaddaa

Unknown Regions
-Copero (Chiss Space)
-Csilla (Chiss Space)
-Rhigar (Rata Nebula) (Chiss Space)
-Zonama Sekot

I hope to upload an article soon containing all the details about my plans for GC and the progress I've made, but i'm finding a lack of time due to college. Soon enough...


Lehon with the ruins of the starforge would be cool

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Most of the starforge burned up if I remember KotOR well...

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Darth Bane travels to Lehon and saw the remains of the starforge. it had become a ring of debris around the planet.

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But that makes no sense... The Star Forge orbited the star, not the planet...

I'm not saying you are wrong about what the book says. I'm just saying that it doesn't make much sense...

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"After the Jedi Civil War, the entire Lehon system was littered with wreckage from the destroyed Star Forge and the remnants of crippled vessels which had fought in the final battle of the war. Lehon itself became surrounded with asteroid-like rings of rubble which made navigation to and from the planet extremely dangerous. Though the wreckage would have been valuable as a source of resources, the Galactic Republic chose to make the entire system a protected historical site which was not to be entered without permission."

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dark bane is only a thousands years away maybe the place is still decent to be looted

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In KOTOR I, we learn that the Star Forge maps utilized the same technology as the Star Forge itself, and that they had been repairing themselves. The technology implied seems to me to be a type of force imbued nanotechnology; if this assumption is correct, then the Star Forge nanites could contain the schematics for the Star Forge.

After having been blown apart, it would seem reasonable that the debris would all have to be brought to together in order to be solidified into one mass. Using the nanite theory, it could conceivably take thousands of years for nanites to accomplish this task. By the time frame of this mod, the Star Forge might well have been completely repaired and fully functional.

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Well got my list of planets to conquer all ready to go!

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You forgot Mon Calamari in the outer rim.

[Edit] I can't blame you for missing a planet, that list of yours is huge!

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cheesecake645 Author

Mon Calamari is present but I am using the proper name of Dac in the mod.

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Just to mention that Da Soocha is in the Hutt Space in the Cyax system (near Varl).

Also, what is this "Arkanis-Bandomeer"?

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That's alot of planets... Let's hope this dosen't turn into a RAW galactic conquest.

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cheesecake645 Author

Not sure what that means...

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I just didn't like Republic At War's galactic conquests because there were way too many planets and they were waaaaayyyy too spread out.

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