Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a partial total conversion and balance mod for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars designed to change and make gameplay the way it was meant to be played. Unlike the original Kane's Wrath expansion for CNC3, this mod for CNC3 will not be played under most KW current gameplay changes and conditions. New gameplay changes, edited content and most units imported from KW and C&C4; (yes, they are real) will add and combine to the strength of the new gameplay experience for this mod.

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This last delta version of KW Reloaded covers some of the new and old changes from previous versions that are brought back to the battlefield.

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Finally, a new version is in the books. I have released the last delta version of KW Reloaded 1.4, so this is a good opportunity for you Desura users to upgrade to this version. This is not STZOCOM 1.4, but a full delta version of KW Reloaded 1.4 with mostly STZOCOM changes. Most of the KW unit abilities in this version are working as well as several other new upgrades from KW, but however, I was unable to bring back the three KW support powers that were working in version 0.7 due to coding issues. The biggest new change in this mod (in addition to the Kane unit) is adding in the Shogun Executioner, the biggest unit in the C&C series. That unit can only be used via the use of the C&C3 Worldbuilder and it remains as a neutral epic unit. So without further due...

KW Reloaded 1.4

Here are the changes for version 1.4:

Global Changes:
• Replaced some APT/GUI names modified to lower case letters.
• Replaced the main menu, credits, options and score themes from the ones in KW Reloaded 0.75 beta.
• Any remaining units which did not get veterancy will be included with the experience values.
• Added Mutant Glorfindel, Ironback, Scrapbus and Light Tank units via a Mutant Hovel structure.
• Added Shogun Executioner as a neutral unit only usable through the C&C3 WorldBuilder for custom mapping. Temporarily added the rage generator ability to this unit and may soon be using the typhoon shockwave ability which can destroy all ground units in a given radius. C4 explosives and mind control do not work against this unit!
• GDI/Nod Commando no longer can use C4 explosives on vehicles due to large micromanagement.
• All rocket/missile projectile speeds increased by 25% excluding Zone Raider, Stealth Tank and Rocket Bunker.
• Some units can now move backwards and attack in reverse move when they are supposed to be: APC, Pitbull, Slingshot, Shatterer, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Mirage Tank, Seeker Tank, Gun Walker, Devourer Tank, Manta.
• All harvesters are equalized at 10000 health (Heavy Harvester is at 12000 health) and Surveyor/Emissary/Explorer are equalized at 3000 health each.
• All changes from STZOCOM versions 1.1 , 1.2 and 1.3 are carried over to this version.
• Most previous changes from KW Reloaded versions 0.75 and lower are carried over to this version (not including RA3 power usages, stealth detection and limited unit spam).

GDI Changes:
• Commando and Zone Trooper are now immune to Tiberium. Health increased slightly for Zone Trooper.
• APC can now carry up to three infantry squads. Health increased slightly.
• Slingshot can no longer crush infantry. Health increased slightly. (also applies to ZOCOM faction)
• Rig and Battle Base now have equalized health at 10000. (also applies to ZOCOM faction)
• The Dig-In Bunker can now be garrisoned by three infantry. (also applies to ZOCOM faction)
• MARV cannon and grenade armor increased. MARV sonic cannon weapon range increased to 375 from 350. MARV equipped railgun and rocket weapons are now equalized at the attack range of 350.
• Missile Squad and Grenadier Squad sniper armor with composite armor upgrade decreased. Missile Squad armor versus grenade increased.
• Watch Tower requires Barracks to be built.

Steel Talons Changes:
• Added crushable and crusher level for the Conductor.
• Titan cannon and railgun attack range increased from 325 to 350.
• MRT evacuation button is replaced with an infantry portrait icon for instant evacuation.

ZOCOM Changes:
• Zone Raider is now immune to Tiberium and to the cloaking field.
• Mirage Tank armor versus grenade, cannon and rocket decreased. Changed crushable and crusher level.

NOD Changes:
• Kane can no longer be crushed by tier-4 units, not even a Shogun Executioner. Not only he’s now immune to Tiberium, suppression and the cloaking field but also he can be healed in Tiberium. Animations finalized. Removed Booby Trap ability and replaced with the Rage Generator and EMP Blast abilities.
• Re-added in Voice of Kane, Air Support, Reckoner, Specter, Redeemer Engineering Facility, Redeemer, Demo Truck and Armageddon Bomber to the NOD faction.
• Temporarily added Confessor Cabal, Awakened and Enlightened. Confessor Cabal can now use the Hallucinogenic Grenade where as Awakened and Enlightened can now use the EMP Blast ability.
• Commando, Awakened and Enlightened are now immune to Tiberium.
• Vertigo can now use the disruption pod ability, but it can only be placed on the battlefield and not on any object.
• Redeemer can now use the rage generator ability. Effect lasts for ten seconds in a range of 500.
• Militant and Militant Squad’s rocket, grenade and gun armor buffed.
• Replaced Confessor Upgrade with Black Disciples. This applies to all Militant, Militant Rocket and Confessor Cabal Squads. Research cost remains at 2000 credits in 45 seconds.
• Signature Generator and Dozer Blade upgrades moved to the Operations Center.
• Master Countermeasures support power ability moved to Nod Tech Center from Temple of Nod.
• Radar Jam support power now cost 300 to use.
• Shredder Turret requires Hand of Nod to be built
• Nod Tech Center requires War Factory and Operations Center to be built.

Scrin Changes:
• Re-added in Warp Chasm, Eradicator Hexapod, Ravager, Mechapede and Manta to the Scrin faction.
• Eradicator Hexapod can now use the Transport ability without the need of a Mastermind garrison upgrade.
• Ravager range and weapon damage increased. Resistance to gun reduced. While immune to Tiberium, it can now use the Tiberium Agitation ability.
• Manta and Harvester can now uncombine/combine buzzers. Manta attack damage increased slightly.
• Attenuated Forcefields upgrade can now be used with Gun Walkers and Seeker Tanks. Forcefield Generators now apply to Corrupters, Devourer Tanks, Stormriders, Mastermind and Mothership.
• Corrupter range increased from 100 to 200 and can now heal all new Scrin KW units.
• Stormrider cannon and grenade armor decreased.
• Plasma cannon and blink pack upgrades moved to Stasis Chamber.
• Tiberium Vibration Scan support power now cost 300 to use.
• Buzzer Hive requires Portal to be built.
• Scrin Technology Assembler requires Warp Chasm and Nerve Centre to be built.
• Manipulator mind control ability no longer works to Kane, Shogun Executioner and to ZOCOM and Steel Talons defensive structures.

As for version 1.5, the development may be a huge challenge for me. The mod will be bigger than beta version 0.7 which once stood at a whooping 915 MB download in Moddb. Version 1.5 will be released when it's done and could become one of the biggest C&C mods yet in the series. With a promising nine factions to be playable with skirmish AI, plus an epic custom music track list like you have never heard before, a new experience on viewing playable C&C3/KW maps with sky textures, the return of greater power usage, limited unit spam and limited stealth detection and much more, this mod shall raise the stakes than most other C&C3 mods out there.

Here's the partial list of changes to be noted there for a possible version 1.45 where it could become a patch instead of a full version:
- The Sandstorm needs to be a bit larger in size.
- Eradicator and other units that were made at a cheap cost will revert back to normal costs.
- Kane should take some scratch damage from the Shogun Executioner's melee attack.


1.4 seams better than patch 1.03 in KW :)

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cant get 1.4 version to work , i have followed the exact instructions ... the old version on deusra works perfectly though..

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