Welcome to The Temple Of The Portals, prepare to fight hordes of giant monstrosities of hell for the control of the multiverse, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the single-player/cooperative campaign that Quake III Arena never had, the story continues millenniums after the Vadrigars and the Eternal Arenas taking the warriors out of the arenas' endless battles to fight for the control of what have locked them there, The Temple Of The Portals is the place where everything connects, it is the universe between the universes, it is a source of unlimited and unimaginable power that even gods wants control it.

Have 40 millenniums since your last great battle in the Eternal Arenas, for 40 millenniums you have killed the other arena warriors again and again in endless matches provided by a unknown source of power that they only knew as The Vadrigars, but had a day that everything changed.

You are now facing a new place which still looks the arenas but feels that something changed, something tells you that you are outside the arenas and are now free from the control of the Vadrigars, with a short time you see all other arena warriors appearing in the same room you are, but they do not have a team, the announcer tells nothing what to do and without weapons they stood with a question in mind of why they are there.

After a time of everyone looking around the place a the gate opens and humanoid soldiers appears with very different uniforms and weapons telling to you and the others what happened, they says that each arena you met is located in many different places and universes, being controlled and constructed by The Temple Of The Portals, the place where the Vadrigars supposed to live when their empire was strong but with the time, they vanished and the Temple remained active with it's functions and that includes keeping the matches running in the arenas, now that they set you free and stopped the challenges, they asks for help in a war against Hell for the control of the Temple.

The mission is simple, grab your weapons and go trough each universe the Hell armies have invaded and cleanse them.


You can play with each character that Quake III Arena have, this includes the additional characters from the Team Arena Expansion and even a extra character from Unreal Tournament 3, currently theres a total of 29 playable characters:

  1. Sarge
  2. Doom
  3. Crash
  4. Grunt
  5. Ranger
  6. Visor
  7. Bitterman
  8. Major
  9. Razor
  10. Xaero
  11. Hunter
  12. Mynx
  13. Lucy
  14. Hossman
  15. Keel
  16. Anarki
  17. Slash
  18. Bones
  19. Orbb
  20. Fritzkrieg
  21. PI
  22. Megan
  23. Morgan
  24. Doomslayer
  25. Klesk
  26. Uriel
  27. TankJr
  28. Sorlag
  29. Tyzen


The weaponry of Hunter's Moon goes beyond the regular found in Quake III Arena, mostly to gives more options on how to kill enemies and provide better damage on them:

  • Machine Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Quake Live)
  • Shotgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Cynetik Striker Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Vorus Plasma Arc from Alien Rage)
  • Grenade Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Rocket Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Lightning Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Trakion Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament 3)
  • Railgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Plasma Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • BFG10k (Quake III Arena)
  • Dark Matter Gun (Quake 4)
  • Chaingun (Quake III Team Arena)
  • Nailgun (Quake III Team Arena)

The mod intially started public over ZDoom and Zandronum forums, there are download mirrors from MediaFire if you experience problems with ModDB servers:



Also if you want give a like on the official facebook page: Facebook.com

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Version 2.9 is arriving this Saturday May 27!

So after the looong wait here is the awesome news i have for everyone, this Version will bring a considerable amount of cool stuff to refresh a bit the mod's gameplay, the first being the Weapon Ultimate mechanics:


Every time you see this icon in your HUD right above the Ammo list in the right corner, this means the weapons are ready to fire their Ultimates, these ultimates are charged trough killing hordes, be aware that Forgottens doesn't count as a kill once they are just spam from Pain Elementals, every single monsters counts as one point, no matter if it is a common enemy, hell noble or boss, one kill = one point charged, 30 points charged = Ultimate Ready.

All standard Quake 3 weapons have an Ultimate fire mode, this does not count for Machine Gun only since this weapon have two siblings in the weaponry as well, the extra weapons does not have the Ultimate fire mode because by themselves they are already special weapons.


As some have seen in the latest video i posted here, certain weapons got improvements in their looking by adding some shaders to them as well some animations which is the case of Dark Matter Gun, this beast now have the rings spinning when in idle state exactly like it does in Quake 4! And since GZDoom currently does not have support for too complex shaders, that violet energy ball is what appears in the place of that mini black-hole which stood inside the rings in Quake 4 originally.

Railgun as well now have its energy tube with the same scrolling effect it have in Quake 3, the only difference is that it doesn't goes black when shooting nor starts to fade in from purple to white when recharging.

Plasma Gun is the third weapon which beneficted from this improvement, its energy tube now have energy flowing inside it like in Quake 3 as well to make the weapon more vivid instead of static.


Yes! You are not seeing ghosts, this dude is coming to the Temple of The Portals to join the Arena Warriors in purging the multiverse from the Hell Invasion.

For this current release he will remain as a regular character but there are big plans going towards him to make him have an active ability like Tyzen have which basically triggers his eternal anger for few seconds to help him exorcize these demons in the worst way possible.

Keep in mind that he is a bit taller than other regular characters so, if you are going to play him because you enjoy him, you will have to take a bit of time to get used to his height since certain doors in vanilla megawads will require him to crouch.


This is not a so relevant change but currently as i have been pondering about, my Inverse Proportion concept is something that have to be used only in certain cases which wasn't what happened in the past versions of the mod, so i'm going to leave this thing pretty restricted to the Tamers of The Dark only and Tyzen who have been added in Version 2.5 have been nerfed in this proportions along the updates, now this is his definitive proportion to him actually pairs with Sorlag in height now, so it's all great for his mobility and tower-tanking.

Speaking about him, with Quake Champions coming this year and showing a bit of Overwatch influence by adding abilities to the characters since only Tyzen have one for now, i decided to consider in add certain skills to all other characters as well, this is something i have been thinking for quite a while, even before Quake Champions but QC is what motivated me to do it, so in the future versions of the mod, i will be adding certain abilities to every character, be it passive or active, suggestions for those abilities is also welcome.


Of course i didn't forget the Map Pack and recently i have been gathering inspiration to add some effects to them (new or just using the ones bundled into the engine like fog), currently the map pack will not be updated in the exact day of Version 2.9 release, but expect an update soon because the bosses will need some code overhauling as well since in recent GZDoom versions, Veltanir is being instantly killed by Dark Matter Gun when he is with the shield up, some things in their arenas will also change to provide a charging to Weapon ultimates and furthermore making the battles against them alot shorter in single player.

Also since there's too many people which don't managed to make the map pack run properly because it is separated into 3 files, the next update will bring all those 3 into a single one, it is something that i though it would be impractical but in the end, i just forgot that the PK3 file format compresses everything inside since it is just a renamed zip file, so i though the entire package was gonna weight an absurd value but nope, instead it weights even less than the mod's core itself.

Well that's all for now folks, stay tuned for the release and happy slaughtering with the weapon ultimates and Doomslayer!

Weapon Hints

Weapon Hints

Other Tutorial

This article contains some hints about all the weapons to provide better tactics over the monsters.

Optimizing Performance

Optimizing Performance

Management Tutorial 6 comments

Here is a small configuration setup to make Hunter's Moon runs with better performance.

Things are going slow again but for a reason

Things are going slow again but for a reason

News 4 comments

Since the last news i announced that one more map will be released for the mod before the end of year, well, unfortunately i will have to postpone this.

A new dungeon arrives!

A new dungeon arrives!

News 2 comments

Today, prepare to go trough Rarlocan Main Base as well the revised Baerhon's Dungeon maps with lowered difficulty for Single Player.

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Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.1

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.1

Full Version 4 comments

This version brings the Ultimate firemodes to the Weapons, several bugfixes and glitches, effects and performance improvements, recolored monsters as...

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.1 (Zandronum Edition)

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.1 (Zandronum Edition)

Full Version 2 comments

This edition is meant to be played with Zandronum 3.0, it is almost exactly like the GZDoom edition with minor changes in code and effects to run properly...

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack


This add-on contains various tracks from many sources, from movies and other games, works with pretty every megawad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.

Total Sonic Mayhem Music Pack

Total Sonic Mayhem Music Pack


A music pack for Hunter's Moon containing tracks from Quake 2, Quake 3 and few other works from our beloved Sonic Mayhem o/

Hunter's Moon Map Core Version 0.2

Hunter's Moon Map Core Version 0.2

Full Version

The Map Core has been updated accordingly with second dungeon maps release, download this again if you still have Version 0.1.

Hunter's Moon Map Pack Version 0.2

Hunter's Moon Map Pack Version 0.2

Full Version 3 comments

Prepare to meet the true challenges intended for Hunter's Moon, this file contains the maps with intended gameplay for the mod. Update: August 26, Rarlocan...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 135)

This is honestly one of the most visually and technically amazing mods i've ever seen. Shame it runs like absolute **** on my toaster pc.

As a side note: just out pure curiousity, what's the name of the first music track in Baerhon's lair? (The one where you enter the enormous outdoor Hallway)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

Thanks for playing and enjoying it, the track you look for is Creator of Worlds from Epic Score, currently you can look the names of all music used in the maps in the text file that comes with the MapPack file, they are currently sorted by order of playing, but as i make more maps i will reformulate that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just dl'ed Hunter's Moon and I have a question. I am using a controller and I like the way my keys are set up, primarily for brutal doom, I want to mess around with the keys/commands for Hunters Moon as there are a ton of things that become irrelevant such as taunt, flashlight, reload... Is there a way to save the entire state of my settings (Custom controls, sound, display, automap, etc.) so that when I change new keys/settings when playing Hunter's Moon THEN go back to Brutal Doom I don't have to go through all the trouble of remembering every change I made to every single key and setting?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Zanieon Creator

GZDoom creates an .ini with your computer username in the same folder where the executable is, the best solution to that is copy that ini and leave one of them named like "BDGZDoom-%username.ini" and the other with the original name so the engine will read that one in the startup, then when you switch between mods you also swap their names, the engine will read the one with the proper config you want by doing that.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I downloaded the new version of the mod and played it, but the Ultimate symbol is constantly in the top right corner of my screen. And then even after wiping out tons of monsters with the rocket launcher and other weapons, the Ultimate attack that I have bound on my right mouse button does not work, even trying to see if it was an active, toggle, or hold and shoot. Also, I forgot this in my previous comment about the game, I feel like the fall damage activates too early in a fall, like newly released Skyrim where your character dies from falling five feet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

The Ult Firemode is the button you have bound to Weapon Alt Fire, now about the icon being constantly shown in your screen this can be either you using IDKFA/IDFA cheats or the Infinite Ammo flag, both can cause that.

About the falling damage, the formula is internal of the engine, all what i can do is just set between 3 formulas it have, ZDoom, Hexen or Strife, currently the maps have ZDoom set which is the one with least damage applied when falling, the other two have a wider damage threshold.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Amazing mod!

Will you add more levels in future versions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

Thanks and yes, of course i will, but maps usually takes more effort to make than work with the other features of the mod, so those delays alot more to come than other things.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok, I really love the idea of different universes, galaxies and planets, always liked that kind of stuff in video games and your
mod is one of the best.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

Heh what you have seen in the mod for now is pretty shallow, the real lore is still about to come to explain the entire thing and i hope everyone will enjoy it.

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