Welcome to The Temple Of The Portals, prepare to fight hordes of giant monstrosities of hell for the control of the multiverse, Hunter's Moon is a mod for Zandronum and GZDoom that consists in bring the single-player/cooperative campaign that Quake III Arena never had, the story continues a very, very long time after the Vadrigars and the Eternal Arenas taking the warriors out of the arenas' endless battles to fight for the control of what have locked them there, The Temple Of The Portals is the place where everything connects, it is the universe between the universes, it is a source of unlimited and unimaginable power that even gods wants control it.


You can play with each character that Quake III Arena have, this includes the additional characters from the Team Arena Expansion and even a extra character from Unreal Tournament 3, currently theres a total of 29 playable characters:

  1. Sarge
  2. Doom
  3. Crash
  4. Grunt
  5. Ranger
  6. Visor
  7. Bitterman
  8. Major
  9. Razor
  10. Xaero
  11. Hunter
  12. Mynx
  13. Lucy
  14. Hossman
  15. Keel
  16. Anarki
  17. Slash
  18. Bones
  19. Orbb
  20. Fritzkrieg
  21. PI
  22. Megan
  23. Morgan
  24. Doomslayer
  25. Klesk
  26. Uriel
  27. TankJr
  28. Sorlag
  29. Tyzen


The weaponry of Hunter's Moon goes beyond the regular found in Quake III Arena, mostly to gives more options on how to kill enemies and provide better damage on them:

  • Machine Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Quake Live)
  • Shotgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Cynetik Striker Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Vorus Plasma Arc from Alien Rage)
  • Grenade Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Rocket Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Lightning Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Trakion Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament 3)
  • Railgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Plasma Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • BFG10k (Quake III Arena)
  • Dark Matter Gun (Quake 4)
  • Chaingun (Quake III Team Arena)
  • Nailgun (Quake III Team Arena)

The mod intially started public over ZDoom and Zandronum forums, there are download mirrors from MediaFire if you experience problems with ModDB servers:



Also if you want give a like on the official facebook page: Facebook.com

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Hello once more Warriors, today i decided to leave the mod in closed development again for a greater update, as the title says Version 2.9.5 will be the last monthly release for a greater update that i plan by the end of this semester hopefully, where finally the Alliance will show up as a first part of the final content to be added to the mod.

In the meanwhile i need your help to finish the abilities of the remaining characters since i am running out of ideas for them, currently the ones which i completely have no idea what to do for them are:

  • Hossman
  • Mynx
  • Bitterman
  • Xaero
  • Grunt
  • Sarge (actually nevermind this one)

Orbb, PI and Hunter are still pending to be made but the plans is:

  • Orbb:
    Active Ability: Target Lock - For 20 seconds all projectiles Orbb fires will automatically track targets.
  • PI:
    Active Ability: 1000 Knives - For 10 seconds, PI will summon knifes around her that will fly where she is looking at.
  • Hunter:
    Active Ability: Shocking Fury - For 20 seconds Hunter will be surrounded in a electrical field that damages all nearby enemies.

Currently the activity of the page here will decrease again, i invite everyone interested in online matches in Zandronum, talk about the mod or other stuff and recieve news as they appear in the official discord server:

HM Discord Server

Developer's Month Log - January 2018

Developer's Month Log - January 2018


Coming back from vacation and resuming things, let's see what is coming for this month.

Version 2.9.4 and Happy 2018

Version 2.9.4 and Happy 2018

News 4 comments

It's been a long road during this entire Year and so, well... thanks for enjoying every frag made on the demons and here is the retrospect of the mod...

Developer's Month Log - November 2017

Developer's Month Log - November 2017

News 1 comment

More 3D decorations, slight weapon and power up rebalancing and the character abilities.

Developer's Month Log - October 2017

Developer's Month Log - October 2017

News 2 comments

Future plans to the mod, the future age of abilities in all characters and farewell to actual Dungeons.

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Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.5

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.5

Full Version 9 comments

This version brings 4 characters with new abilities and the DOOM (2016) Pinky variant alongside lots of bugfixes and changes to actual content.

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.5d (Zandronum Edition)

Hunter's Moon - Version 2.9.5d (Zandronum Edition)

Full Version

Zandronum version of Version 2.9.5, this edition fixes the problem with certain sounds being too ear rape in FMOD Sound Backend in Zandronum. (Small Update...

Hunter's Moon Map Pack Version 0.3

Hunter's Moon Map Pack Version 0.3

Full Version 3 comments

Prepare to meet the true challenges intended for Hunter's Moon, this file contains the maps with intended gameplay for the mod. Update: October 6, Single...

Hunter's Moon Editor Resource (Revision 7 Update)

Hunter's Moon Editor Resource (Revision 7 Update)

SDK 2 comments

Update February 4. If you want create maps for Hunter's Moon or want adapt already existing Doom maps for personal use, load this into GZDoom Builder...

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack - Volume 2

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack - Volume 2

Music 2 comments

Second edition of the add-on that contains various tracks from movies and other games, works with pretty every megawad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack

Madness of an Epic Massacre Music Pack


This add-on contains various tracks from many sources, from movies and other games, works with pretty every megawad but mainly made for Hunter's Moon.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 180)

will the next version have the additon of keep corpses??? just to add a litle sense of carnage to the mod??? :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

I'm unsure when i will add that, but definetely i didn't forgot.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

WOW! Finally i am able to play Hunters moon!!!
For at least a year or probably more i came accross this awesome mod and each time i thought; i need to play that one!!!
But each time i tried to get it working which didn't succeed. Don't get me wrong, this was all my fault! I have no experience in playing doom mods, ( i know, how is this even possible you ask, lol!) so each time i put the HM.pk3 in GZDoom folder, instead of sliding it on to the GZDoom.exe file. Today i finally thought about looking up on how to play doom mods and voila, within 3 secs i was playing Hunters Moon! And what a great mod it is. It simply AMAZES me that this is simply possible in such a old Doom game!! Real 3D weapons and enemies! And the enemies even have great animations! As the weapons do ofcourse. Not for one sec i had the feeling of playing old Doom! Have been playing a few levels for now and simply LOVE it. Love how hard it is, did read somewere here i believe that it is best played in coop. But in SP alone it is also very well playeble. Love the enemie waves and how they splatter all against the walls and ceilings, hahaha.
So, thank you for this great mod, will be playing it for at least a few weeks i assume. And i already knew about the option of making maps with HM, and maybe i will look in to that because i am a mapper.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

the next version will be compatible with doom touch?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zanieon Creator

Even optimizing it the maximum i can, the mod still requires some standard hardware and given the updates following GZDoom and Zandronum latest versions, i can't make it suitable for Doom touch by now even more because Doom touch is based in an old version of GZDoom already so, i'm sorry but it can't be done.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Is it possible to add those 3D models into the game? Just as a modelpack, nothing gameplaywise. If that is possible could you do a pack with the normal enemies and a pack with the Doom 2016 enemies?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Zanieon ... in a word..... Brilliant. You added the one thing to Quake 3 that was missing.... single player mode! Best Doom mod.... EVER!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Cool mode but I think Quake weapons are not suitable for Doom and monsters

And how about making this a separate game on the id tech 4 engine or using its modified version (The Dark Mod) or UDK (Unreal Development kit)

Your mod would come up with weapons from Doom 4 + Demon Rune

I can tell you what will help your fashion to get to the new level

Please excuse me for my bad English, I'm Belarusian

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Zanieon Creator

I know what i am missing from using newer engines but however the explanation of why i don't move the project to another game is pretty much explained in the reply i wrote for Mort_Brain.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

can you add a keep corpses option???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

It is a thing i added to my schedule but it has no preview time to be added, there's another things with highter priority atm.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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