Hunter's Moon is a mod for The Ultimate Doom, Doom 2,Final Doom and FreeDoom that works under GZDoom and Zandronum Source Ports. The purpose of the mod is provide the player-versus-environment experience the original Quake III Arena never had, unlike its predecessors. It tries to bring all the glory of Quake III Arena frenzy into a different level of action by fusing minor characteristics from all other Quake installments with all of Doom installments as well.


You can play with each character that Quake III Arena have, this includes the additional characters from the Team Arena Expansion and even an extra character specially crafted for the mod as well the Doomslayer from DOOM (2016), currently theres a total of 29 playable characters:

  1. Sarge
  2. Doom
  3. Crash
  4. Grunt
  5. Ranger
  6. Visor
  7. Bitterman
  8. Major
  9. Razor
  10. Xaero
  11. Hunter
  12. Mynx
  13. Lucy
  14. Hossman
  15. Keel
  16. Anarki
  17. Slash
  18. Bones
  19. Orbb
  20. Fritzkrieg
  21. PI
  22. Megan
  23. Morgan
  24. Doomslayer
  25. Klesk
  26. Uriel
  27. TankJr
  28. Sorlag
  29. Tyzen


The weaponry of Hunter's Moon goes beyond the regular found in Quake III Arena, mostly to gives more options on how to kill enemies and provide better damage/crowd control on them:

  • Machine Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (Quake Live)
  • Shotgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Cynetik Striker Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Vorus Plasma Arc from Alien Rage)
  • Grenade Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Rocket Launcher (Quake III Arena)
  • Lightning Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • Trakion Cannon (New from scratch, model is originally Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament 3)
  • Railgun (Quake III Arena)
  • Plasma Gun (Quake III Arena)
  • BFG10k (Quake III Arena)
  • Dark Matter Gun (Quake 4)
  • Chaingun (Quake III Team Arena)
  • Nailgun (Quake III Team Arena)

The mod intially started public over ZDoom and Zandronum forums, there are download mirrors from MediaFire if you experience problems with ModDB servers:

Also if you want give a like on the official facebook page:

Discord Server:

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Developer Note

Dear warriors, today i'm writing this to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the mod. It has been a very long journey for me as modder and Hunter's Moon in specific have been a huge experience gatherer. The date is not precise since i don't remember, but the mod had its very first public release in this month.

When i started Doom modding back in 2006, i was pretty much like any new young modder that sees how much stuff GZDoom was capable of and immediately started a Total Conversion project with everything i could find nice to me, trying to make everything with the "WOW! NICE!" factor to it. That was the case of Doom Reinforced, my very first Total Conversion for Doom, created and developed between 2006-2011, but well when you get older you start noticing all this "wow nice" thing fading out, and with that you can see how much of a mess you did and called it a mod. By 2010 i already pretty much halted Doom Reinforced development and decided to start a new mod for GZDoom, which is Hunter's Moon, but the very purpose of HM in the beginning was just to be an experience gatherer about coding and doing things more consistently this time, then whenever i felt confident i could go back to rework Doom Reinforced in way better manner than it was. This comeback eventually became MMDCXIV - Journey Into 27 Century.

Hunter's Moon started as nothing but a merely Quake 3 weapons pack for Doom, it had no custom enemies, not even the items, only the weapons, ammo and the gore. But as time passed i saw the potential it could become as the "Quake 3 singleplayer campaign that never existed", especially after seeing some players mentioning during the matches that they wanted to see such thing when i was active in Quake 3 itself. Initially the story of the mod was still very much like Doom except in a larger scale due the whole basic plot the Quake 3 already had about the Vadrigar. The Map Pack existed since 2011 actually, but stood under heavy alpha stages until 2015 where the initial release finally happened.

As time goes, Hunter's Moon is almost entirely another mod by now if compared with its very initial stages, much of the content has changed: Characters, Weapons, Enemies and Items went in or were changed/scrapped later. 10 years of a quality grinding that myself feels it was worth it.

For those who are curious, i managed to recover the very first trailer of the Map Pack with a friend, and nowdays it's actually bad, at least for me:

Another notable old footage lies right in the Video tab here in the mod's page:

Currently the oldest and earliest footage found about the mod in the internet is this video, which is not even recorded by me but by a friend that was testing it with me (turn down volume as it is pretty loud):


So, of course i wouldn't make a post only tell stories about the mod's journey, currently i'm also gonna show some new things for Version 3.6:

New Vehicle: GEV Walker

GEV Walker

It was about time for the mod to have a brand new vehicle, so that time came and here is it. The GEV Walker is a small mechanoid vehicle brought straight from Quake 4 with much of the same functionality, it fires a seeking rocket salvo of 6 powerful rockets, perfect for dealing with sprinting or flying enemies, and it also possess a machine gun similar to the one the GEV Tank have. The special action this vehicle does is dispense 3 barrels in arc shape for more sources of explosions to cause chain reactions.

Currently, the GEV Walker and the Cyclops will share their spawn point with 50% chance for each to spawn, but both recieved their own specific spawn points if needed for patched wad and Map Pack.

Uriel Ability rework: Trauma Form

Uriel Trauma Form

During a couple talks with active players of the mod in the discord server, we all came into the conclusion that the old ability Uriel had didn't feel that much entertaining, neither useful whenever he was overstacked since that old vampirism trait could only recover his base health and not overheal. So to bring him to sorta brawler-role like Doomslayer has with his Berserk, i decided to rework Uriel's ability to allow him to transform into a hulking beast coming straight from Darksiders, the Trauma beast.

This creature only have melee attacks and only walks, but in change attacks in various forms depending where you look at and if you're crouched or not, the special action button also works with him. Trauma is meant to be a meatshield while doing plenty of damage to fodder and medium tier enemies due the high amount of HP he have. While Uriel is in this form he cannot pickup items or earn kill medals, in order to heal this secondary form, Uriel needs to do kills in his original one.

New gameplay element: Power Chests

Power Chests

These chests will be included in upcoming Version 3.6 of the mod but won't be visible in regular gameplay of unpatched wads, they are completely new items that can be added into any map to help players refilling their Weapon Ultimates and Abilities whenever necessary. They won't open by interaction but rather by using the Gauntlet on them. The color of the Quake 3 logo in the chest determines which type it will refill, white for weapon ultimate, orange for ability.

Thank You!

Thanks for all of you who got interested in this mod for whatever reason it is, even those people who "just want the monsters" or "just want the weapons", only because this mod is one of the very few competent 3D mods GZDoom ever had. Thanks for some of you showing a huge passion to the mod just as i do have while developing it throughout all these 10 years, hope even better times will come, but until there, just thanks!


Future Versions, Maps and Coop Tutorial

Future Versions, Maps and Coop Tutorial


Finally the Map Pack overhaul has released, but what happens after? Sure there are work to do, among other things such as Zandronum support and the Coop...

New Map Pack Trailer and release date!

New Map Pack Trailer and release date!

News 1 comment

After 5 years since the original release of the Map Pack, it is time to get new maps! On May 1 2020 everything will change.

Version 3.5 release and what's coming with it

Version 3.5 release and what's coming with it


Version 3.5 will be releasing this Friday! And alot of changes has been made, Hossman and Grunt recieved their abilities, and Baalgar and Astral Rage...

Developer's Log And News

Developer's Log And News

News 1 comment

New map finished, monsters added, character with new ability, weapons with specific traits, balance changes and more.

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Hunter's Moon - Version 3.6

Hunter's Moon - Version 3.6

Full Version

This version brings a brand new set of new features, such as a more Quake-like movement, a new vehicle and expanded Mod Guide.

Hunter's Moon - Map Pack Version 0.4

Hunter's Moon - Map Pack Version 0.4

Full Version 9 comments

This Map Pack refreshes the experience with the mod entirely. Here are dedicated maps created for the mod to explore its potential at maximum capacity...

Hunter's Moon - PBR Add-on V1.2

Hunter's Moon - PBR Add-on V1.2

Effects GFX

Update March 27. This is a simple add-on for GZDoom which adds back the natural shading of many models to makes them look better nearby dynamic lights.

Hunter's Moon - Version 3.5 (Zandronum Edition)

Hunter's Moon - Version 3.5 (Zandronum Edition)

Full Version 1 comment

This is Version 3.5 patched to properly work with Zandronum 3.0.

Hunter's Moon Editor Resource (Revision 10 Update)

Hunter's Moon Editor Resource (Revision 10 Update)


Update March 27. If you want create maps for Hunter's Moon or want adapt already existing Doom maps for personal use, load this into GZDoom Builder as...

NG TC Ultimate Fire Modes

NG TC Ultimate Fire Modes

Weapons Audio

Adds two new Ultimate Fire Modes, for the Nailgun and for the Trakion Cannon.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 255)

this is incredibly cool :) just had a quick question, is there a way to turn the floor blood off? tried monkeying around on my end but am n00b and didn't really find a way to do it lol any tips? if not no worries :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Should be "do not spawn bloodshed in gore effects" in the Mod Options.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there any way to disable Astral Rage? Cause an invincible super fast enemy that one-shots on contact... yeah i call ********. Ruins this mod which used to be cool. Who thought that was a good idea?

EDIT: I checked HuntersMoonV3.5.1.pk3\Decorate\Enemies\Demons\AstralRage.txt and it has
Speed 8
Health 25
which is somewhat faster and less tough than an Imp or Zombie
but also
I think +GHOST just means it can walk through walls. Which of these state flags make it invincible though?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Can you litterally just ******* read the wiki instead? I lost braincells D:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

He's not invicible, the +GHOST is also not meant to make him clip through walls it is meant to make him interact with certain weapons only.

Astral Rage is an enemy that requires energy-based weapons or splash damage to get hit, physical weapons have its projectiles passing through him, this means bullets, grenades and rockets goes through, but Plasma, BFG shots, Dark Matter and Electricity will hit.

This enemy have a very specific usage case because this specific trait they have, and not sure if you notice, but they are blind and will never react to the player on sight, only if you fire your weapon, in such cases you can use a Railgun to kill them before they can charge at you to explode. Trakion Cannon can also help with that if many appears because the pillars applies only splash damage.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

I wish there was a version of hunters moon monsters only where i could change the health of monsters to better suit the weapons mod im using Like turning off and on Hell Knight Fireballs Pinky Jumping and who spawns over who Since the original Hunters Moon Monsters Only Lacks Falling animations the universal gibs 3d mod built in which adds shootable corpses. I had to rip From Doom Remake 4 but many of the monsters still don't disappear when gibbed the monsters with colored blood may have had colored gibs. the Monsters having gib pieces pop of their corpses is much better i'd also like the 3d Blood but without the weird outlines.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

"Why I ******* hate ModDB: Part Two"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Wait a second, I'm confused....
Did you remove all of the levels that were in 2.8?
Because I remember playing this years ago and it was awesome. It was version 2.8 as I recall. I downloaded your new version here and theres nothing there and you removed all the download links to older versions.

Can you maybe put them back?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zanieon Creator

It's always been two files, one which is the mod itself, and the other that is the map pack, probably the levels you are mentioning.

The old Map Pack 0.3 had only 3 levels, 2 were scrapped for the New Map Pack 0.4 which has 5 levels with 2 of them being sorta "remakes" to the scrapped ones.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I seem to recall way more files than that. PK3 that had the music, one that had the bosses, one that had other stuff....

Whenever I loaded Hunter's Moon Ide have to load like 5 different PK3 files. Like I said, this was some time ago. Regardless, think you could repost some of the older stuff, at least the map packs, for posterity?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

You are referring to the 2015 initial release of the Map Pack, which had 4 files instead of 2, the mod itself, the maps, the assets file which these maps required and the bosses file, all that became the single pk3 which is the Map Pack nowdays.

I still have that old Map Pack, however i don't see any real reason to make it public again, the 2 scrapped maps were nothing but mistakes i did with level design such as bad navigation and sudden frustrating events, they were gone for good.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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It really brings the Quake feel in DooM, it is awesome, gory as fu*k, amazing 3D models (especially on The Tamer of Dark). This is Hunter's Moon in a nutshell.

Oct 8 2015 by ThEdRuNkSkUnK


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