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Half-Payne is a Half-Life mod that aims to bring some gameplay bits from Max Payne. It ended up as interesting way to replay the game and this is the first time ever I tried to mod the game by dwelling into it's source.

Here's the list of all changes that have been made:

Slowmotion ability

  • Simillar to original Max Payne game, there's hourglass icon which shows how much slowmotion charge do you have. Fill the hourglass by killing your enemies, the more dangerous the enemy - the more charge you get for the kill.
  • Slowmotion toggle button is bindable in the options and defaults to MOUSE3, you can also toggle the slowmotion using "impulse 22".
  • You can activate infinite slowmotion cheat using "impulse 24".

Diving move

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you can make a dive move (shootdodge). Dive works simillar to long jump module, but isn't that far and can be done in any direction. You can make diving move only if you have enough slowmotion charge (which is 10%). Slowmotion charge won't deplete during the actual dive afterwards.
  • You can cancel slowmotion during your dive by toggling slowmotion.
  • Diving is bindable in the options and defaults to LSHIFT, you can also dive using "+alt1".

Painkillers and player's health

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you use painkillers to heal yourself.
  • All portable medpacks are now considered as painkillers.
  • All Medical stations have been replaced with animated Med cabinets which contain 2-4 painkillers depending on your difficulty level.
  • You can hold up to 9 painkillers and only when you have the suit on.
  • Taking painkillers is bindable in the options and defaults to G, you can also take painkillers using "impulse 23".
  • All suit charging stations and batteries have been removed to counter the ability to take painkillers at any time.
  • Health regenerates up to 20.
  • Player's health is displayed with replica of Max Payne healthbar.

Max Payne

  • You're actually playing as Max Payne now - you can see that on replaced playermodel and weapon viewmodels.
  • Instead of wearing HEV suit, you have to pickup your coat. It's located in your closet (c1a0d map).
  • Max will comment when certain things occur. Commentary on story events is achieved by map configuration files. Max will also comment on gameplay situations, such as:
    • Finding or taking painkillers
    • Taking damage
    • Taking huge damage dealt by player himself
    • Being near death while (not) having painkillers
    • Wasting bullets
    • Killing innocent people
    • Having no ammo in the gun
    • Answering a very important rhetorical question

Bullet Physics

  • Which by default is present when slowmotion is active and can only be shot by enemies. Physical bullets are simillar to crossbow bolts and also emit trail effect when shot in slowmotion.
  • Turning it on for player can be done in custom game modes.

Dual Berettas - new weapon

  • Picking up a pistol when you already have one allows you to dual wield them.
  • Both pistols have independent clips. Ammo in the clip is preserved when you switch back and forth to single or dual pistols.
  • Dual pistols rate of fire is alittle higher compared to single one.

Desert Eagle - revolver replacement

  • Replacement model comes from Opposing Force, but got it's laser sight cut off.
  • In previous versions of Half-Payne, revolver's fire cooldown has been shortened.
  • Max ammo in the clip has been increased from 6 to 7.

Weapon behavior

  • Each shot of Beretta, Deagle and Shotgun has to be done by yourself. In other words, you can't hold the button to fire continiously.
  • Secondary fire of Beretta has been disabled, you have to do rapid fire by yourself.
  • Shotgun annoying reload time has been shortened.
  • SMG is much more accurate now if you don't shoot it too much.
  • Hand grenades and SMG grenades can be shot down. During marine encouters, you can shoot grenades in slowmotion while maintaining your cover.
  • Punchangle (recoil effect) for some weapons affects your actual accuracy (especially noticeable on revolver).
  • All pistols, shotguns, MP5 and turrets produce tracer effects.
  • Weapons reload faster when in slowmotion, but turning the slowmotion off while reloading doesn't make the reload finish as fast as it had to.


  • Implemented proper 'hud_fastswitch' behavior. 'hud_fastswitch 1' only works with weapons that only take one slot in the weapon group, otherwise weapons selection works as usual.
  • Use 'hud_fastswitch 2' to make it work just like in Half-Life 2. Pressing slot3 three times selects crossbow etc.


  • You can turn off automatic weapon switching after picking up the weapon by setting 'hud_autoswitch 0'.

Classic viewmodel bobbing

  • This was present in the original WON version of Half-Life. You can turn it on by setting 'cl_bobclassic' console variable to 1.

Classic viewroll

  • This was also present in the original WON version of Half-Life. You can turn it on by setting 'cl_rollenabled' console variable to 1.

Black Mesa Minute gamemode

  • Rush through the levels against the minute while killing your enemies the most efficient way as possible.
  • Basically it's somewhat time attack mode where score is your time at the end. It resembles New York Minute from Max Payne 3 and has simillar time bonuses.
    • Ordinary kill - 5 seconds
    • Headshot kill - 6 seconds
    • Explosive kill - 10 seconds
    • Crowbar kill - 10 seconds
    • Projectile destroyed - 1 second (when you destroy enemy grenades)

Score Attack Game Mode

  • Play through familiar levels while killing as many enemies as possible and keeping your combo multiplier at max.
  • You can read additional info on scoring in README file.

Custom Game Modes

  • Play singleplayer game with a custom loadout and additional mods that change gameplay (simillar to Unreal Tournament mutators).


  • Max Payne style deathcam, complete with proper soundtrack.
  • Disabled fast bunnyhop prevention.
  • Player doesn't collide with enemies in their dying animations.
  • Marine or Barney's helmet now absorbs up to 10 damage before it will stop reflecting projectiles.
  • Infinite flashlight charge.
  • White HUD colorscheme.
  • All weapons have the same white dot for the crosshair.
  • Health more than 100 (like when using infinite health door glitch) is shown on hud.
  • You can kill G-Man, seriously just screw him.
  • Gibbable barnacles.
  • HGrunts turn around faster when playing on Medium or Hard difficulty.
  • Sentry turrets emit sparks when you hit them.
  • Fixed not being able to use certain cheats (like impulse 101) after loading save files.


  • Directed by suXin
  • Max Payne viewmodels, vanilla Barney with Beretta and minor coding help - Rara
  • Main menu background by Ninja_Nub[NOR]
  • Max Payne resources ripped from
    • Original Max Payne game, made by Remedy
    • Max Payne 3, by Rockstar
    • Med cabinet model rip from Max Payne by Xinus22
  • Several custom mods ideas by Facepunch pals and ~my buddy~
  • Code changes that allow you to walk with reversed gravity - YaLTeR
  • sys_timescale hint - SoloKiller
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Half-Payne latest update focuses on presentation issues and better delivery for your pain relief. It also brings several new game modes and other improvements.


Pretty sure you've seen it plenty of times on screenshots and videos. You can read more on implementation details in previous article.
Now most people shouldn't miss custom game modes because the menu is clearly there and you don't need to use console to launch them. Menu does more than just allowing to launch the game mode - it shows details about game mode, tracks your progress and personal bests.
While tracking progress is a good thing - I encourage you to not go for 100%, because in the next versions of Half-Payne your personal bests will not be compatible. That's because, unfortunately, I didn't get enough time to make record files future-proof.


Most of things regarding music playback that were described in previous article were implemented successfully. In this update:

  • Music doesn't stop when transitioning to the next map.
  • Music state is kept in the save file. That means you will retain music playback to the exact moment when loading save files.
  • You can play the music in custom game modes by hooking triggers, which allows to arrange custom soundtrack.
  • Formats of .wav, .mp3 and .ogg are supported, which can be stereo or have higher sampling rate.
  • Music is affected by slowmotion: it has configurable lowpass effect, negative pitch, and time which defines how long these effects are applied.
  • Main menu is no longer restricted to one soundtrack. Menu soundtrack also starts playing again when you disconnect from the game back into the menu. If you want your own music - just put it in half_payne/media/menu directory.


In previous article I was wondering if it's possible to achieve randomly changing backgrounds by overwriting background-related files each time you load the game. Turns out this is indeed possible, though I had to add a delay before making an overwrite, otherwise you see background changing into the other when loading the game.

Since it's now a thing, several new main menu backgrounds were added, made by Ninja_NUB and ZikShadow. If you make Half-Life & Max Payne crossover art that might be background worthy - contact me, and it may end up in next mod update!


Just out of nowhere, several weeks before release, I decided to implement subtitles because I realised it wasn't too hard to do, and it'd only help the presentation of the mod.
Subtitles are also powered by ImGUI, so they look pretty. Subtitles theirselves were taken from Half-Life subtitles mod. Subtitle dictionary is expendable and customizable.


In previous release you might have seen a file called:


If you had HD models, there were inconsistencies with world models being HD and view models staying non-HD. I asked Rara for assist with replacing hands on HD models with ones we already have - the problem is now solved.


Several new gameplay mods were added to tweak custom game modes even more. Most of them are auxiliary and only work well when combined with something else. Some of them were not even put in new custom game mode config files due to lack of ideas. Most notable and fun ones are highlighted:

  • bullet_delay_on_slowmotion
  • bullet_ricochet
  • bullet_self_harm
  • bullet_trail_constant
  • crossbow_explosive_bolts
  • drunk_aim
  • friction
  • infinite_ammo_clip
  • health_regeneration
  • god
  • no_jumping
  • no_healing
  • no_target
  • no_walking
  • slow_painkillers
  • slowmotion_only_diving
  • snark_penguins
  • snark_friendly_to_player
  • snark_friendly_to_allies
  • starting_health
  • weapon_push_back

Besides, several mods are now customizable even more. For example, there was bleeding gameplay mod that makes you lose health over time until it's down to 20%. Now you can change the threshold and also how fast you bleed. Check out README_GAME_MODES inside half_payne directory to find out more about available options on all gameplay mods.

More config sections were provided as avialable tools to implement new gameplay scenarios:

  • [entity_random_spawner], which allows you to randomly spawn any monster and also specify how much of them should be spawned on map and how often.
  • [intermission] - allows you to skip levels when going through map change or activating the trigger
  • [entity_prevent] - former [sound_prevent], which besides preventing ambient_generic triggering, can also prevent other triggers from activating or prevent spawns.
  • [sound], [max_commentary], [entity_prevent] and [entity_use] config file sections are no longer exclusive to map configs (defined in map_cfg directory)
  • [music] section, which will utilise new music system to play the audio or music.
  • [playlist] section, which will utilise new music system to keep playing the specified music.


Thanks to fury_161 for recorded lines.


You might remember them from Opposing Force, but they were locked down to multiplayer. Now with custom game modes you can replace snarks with penguins! By the way they are wandering around without grenades on their backs now, unless you activate snark_nuclear gameplay mod.


I already mentioned that I consider this update lackluster, but it's still an important one. There were plenty of improvements under the hood that now allow me to implement gameplay mods easier and faster. Several ideas that I have in mind would be more difficult and inconvenient to implement if I didn't lay out this foundation. I also want to believe that now people will 99% see the gameplay mods that were always there, and this will lead to new ideas and more exposure.


While working on custom game modes, I've got a sudden inspiration from Metal Gear Solid 2 VR Missions. They were really short and usually followed some kind of theme: elimination, sneaking, shooting ranges or weird variety missions. I really want to build plenty of such short scenarios to play, but I don't have the whole framework implemtened for that yet. With current version of Half-Payne, it's possible to end the scenario when going through certain level change, activating certain trigger or killing certain (mostly spawned by config) monster, but it's not enough. I'm yet to implement:

  • GOAL marker that can be optionally activated and touched to end the scenario.
  • Speedrunning game mode which will allow for personal bests or can restrict available time to complete the scenario.
  • Maybe medal award system for more challenge?
  • More tools to ease making of custom game mode configs.


Long time ago I planned that after this update, the focus should switch to new weapons only: we still don't have titular Ingrams, some Opposing Force weapons can be brought and I'd bring back Revolvers too and allow to dual wield them. But it's all model work first which is quite time-consuming atleast for me. There's a volunteer that suggested his help with modelling, I'll credit him and show the WIPs on Twitter or next article when time comes and if he actually delivers. If you want to help with weapon modelling work - contact me.
Because of how many ideas I have at bay apart from new weapons, most likely next update may have alittle bit of both: more new gameplay and a couple of weapons.


Each time update is released - I want to believe that I'm close to final version and can stop working on Half-Payne altogether, but flow of ideas just keep coming as you can see above. I find it alittle sad that there's little room for me to do more Max Payne content and I'm more into endless raw gameplay changes now. I guess only your help can bring things like new maps.

For now I'm taking a rest for maybe a week and then get back to work. During this time I may release patch if game breaking bugs will be found.

As usual, I'm always open to suggestions and support. If there's something you'd like to produce for the mod - contact me.

Next update release date estimate is late November - December

Half-Payne - Game mode accessiblity and Music enhacements

Half-Payne - Game mode accessiblity and Music enhacements

News 4 comments

Plenty of new game modes were planned for the next update, but so it's happened that I focused on something else entirely.

Half-Payne - Definitive Fixes Released

Half-Payne - Definitive Fixes Released

News 5 comments

Half-Payne latest update fixes several issues, thanks to the feedback.

Half-Payne - Definitive Update Released

Half-Payne - Definitive Update Released

News 21 comments

Half-Payne Definitive Update has been released! Play the mod the way it was meant to be from the beginning.

Half-Payne - April Progress

Half-Payne - April Progress

News 8 comments

Latest article covers Score Attack Gamemode, Max's commentary on gameplay, New ending and the Release date.

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Half-Payne / September 29th 2017

Half-Payne / September 29th 2017

Full Version 3 comments

Unpack archive contents into your Half-Life Steam directory and restart Steam. You should see 'Half-Payne' in your Games list, launch it to start playing...

Half-Payne / May 29th 2017 Patch

Half-Payne / May 29th 2017 Patch

Patch 2 comments

* Fixed Max's commentary not being played sometimes when visiting a new map. * Fixed minor annoyance in the ending.

Half-Payne / May 17th 2017

Half-Payne / May 17th 2017

Full Version 12 comments

Unpack 'half_payne' folder in your Half-Life Steam directory and restart Steam. You should see 'Half-Payne' in your Games list, launch it to start playing...

Half-Payne / May 07th 2017

Half-Payne / May 07th 2017

Full Version 10 comments

Unpack 'half_payne' folder in your Half-Life Steam directory and restart Steam. You should see 'Half-Payne' in your Games list, launch it to start playing...

Half-Payne / August 01st 2016

Half-Payne / August 01st 2016

Full Version 2 comments

* Fixed level states being saved in Black Mesa Minute when you restart using mouse click after dying. * Added "holdtimer" to [mods] section for Black...

Half-Payne / July 29th 2016

Half-Payne / July 29th 2016

Full Version

New update for Half-Payne which includes many fixes and Black Mesa Minute polishment.

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Awesome, my favotite gamemode is "Infestation" :p

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh, i forgot one thing, i love this mod 10/10

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello friend, can I translate this from English to Spanish?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

Gave it a 'good to go' on Twitter.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Why is this mod so weird?

Don't answer that... Rhetorical Question.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I hope you win rather than ESF,because you deserve it. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This mod is insane.. I love it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Is there any risk of VAC ban if I play a multiplayer game (like CS) while there is bass.dll in the same folder as hl.exe?

I still remember opengl32.dll, included with mods like Paranoia, triggering VAC bans.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

There's no risk, because bass.dll is only loaded along with Half-Payne's client.dll

I think even if it would load, nothing would happen because BASS doesn't tamper with Half-Life's process memory and just resides in it's own place.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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