Half-Payne is a Half-Life mod that aims to bring some gameplay bits from Max Payne. It ended up as interesting way to replay the game and this is the first time ever I tried to mod the game by dwelling into it's source.

Here's the list of all changes that have been made:

Slowmotion ability

  • Simillar to original Max Payne game, there's hourglass icon which shows how much slowmotion charge do you have. Fill the hourglass by killing your enemies, the more dangerous the enemy - the more charge you get for the kill.
  • Slowmotion toggle button is bindable in the options and defaults to MOUSE3, you can also toggle the slowmotion using "impulse 22".
  • You can activate infinite slowmotion cheat using "impulse 24".
  • Slowmotion depends on constant framerate, which is capped to 100 FPS, it is unknown how the game will behave on slow PCs with non-constant FPS below 100. Ensure that you don't have VSync enabled.

Diving move

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you can make a dive move (shootdodge). Dive works simillar to long jump module, but isn't that far and can be done in any direction. You can make diving move only if you have enough slowmotion charge (which is 10%). Slowmotion charge won't deplete during the actual dive afterwards.
  • You can cancel slowmotion during your dive by toggling slowmotion.
  • Diving is bindable in the options and defaults to LSHIFT, you can also dive using "+alt1".

Painkillers and player's health

  • Simillar to original Max Payne games, you use painkillers to heal yourself.
  • All portable medpacks are now considered as painkillers.
  • All medical stations contain 2-4 painkillers depending on your difficulty level.
  • You can hold up to 9 painkillers.
  • Taking painkillers is bindable in the options and defaults to G, you can also take painkillers using "impulse 23".
  • All suit charging stations and batteries have been removed to counter the ability to take painkillers at any time.
  • Health regenerates up to 20.
  • Player's health is displayed with replica of Max Payne healthbar.

Weapon behavior

  • Each shot of Glock, Revolver and Shotgun has to be done by yourself. In other words, you can't hold the button to fire continiously.
  • Secondary fire of Glock has been disabled, you have to do rapid fire by yourself.
  • Shotgun annoying reload time has been shortened.
  • Revolver fire cooldown has been shortened.
  • SMG is much more accurate now.
  • Hand grenades and SMG grenades can be shot down. During marine encouters, you can shoot grenades in slowmotion while maintaining your cover.
  • If you switch weapons during slowmotion, you don't have to wait until the end of weapon switching animation to start shooting.
  • Punchangle (recoil effect) for some weapons affects your actual accuracy (especially noticeable on revolver).


  • Implemented proper 'hud_fastswitch' behavior. 'hud_fastswitch 1' only works with weapons that only take one slot in the weapon group, otherwise weapons selection works as usual.
  • Use 'hud_fastswitch 2' to make it work just like in Half-Life 2. Pressing slot3 three times selects crossbow etc.


  • You can turn off automatic weapon switching after picking up the weapon by setting 'hud_autoswitch 0'.

Black Mesa Minute gamemode

  • Rush through the levels against the minute while killing your enemies the most efficient way as possible.
  • Basically it's somewhat time attack mode where score is your time at the end. It resembles New York Minute from Max Payne 3 and has simillar time bonuses.
    • Ordinary kill - 5 seconds
    • Headshot kill - 6 seconds
    • Explosive kill - 10 seconds
    • Crowbar kill - 10 seconds
    • Projectile destroyed - 1 second (when you destroy enemy grenades)
  • Read about how to play Black Mesa Minute or set it up for custom maps in bmm_cfg\_README.txt


  • Max Payne style deathcam, complete with proper soundtrack.
  • Disabled fast bunnyhop prevention.
  • Player doesn't collide with enemies in their dying animations.
  • Marine helmet now absorbs up to 10 damage before it will stop reflecting projectiles.
  • Infinite flashlight charge.
  • White HUD colorscheme.
  • All weapons have the same white dot for the crosshair.
  • Health more than 100 (like when using infinite health door glitch) is shown on hud.
  • You can kill G-Man, seriously just screw him. (it would be cool to have a death animation for this though)


  • Glock one handed by Slartibarty.
  • Max Payne resources ripped from original Max Payne game, made by Remedy.

Random thoughts on what can be done

  • What is already done are mostly gameplay features. I wish there could be more Max Payne content.
  • This could be one of those stupid joke mods where everyone is replaced with Max Payne (think G-Invasion), or we could collaborate on an entire retelling of Half-Life, where Max Payne gets a new job at Black Mesa and has to deal with the mess instead of Freeman. It is possible to inject soundfile playback so it could play together with existing triggers in all maps, that means it's possible to make Max commenting on what happens around.
  • I want to implement pistol dual wielding, but it's not there at the moment because I don't have models for it.
  • Additional weapons can be implemented and injected in certain places on maps (like with sound triggers).
  • You might say that there are already alot of dual wielding weapon models but I kinda wish for consistent look, atleast with character hands.
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Half-Payne - Back to work

I'm back to working on Half-Payne mod, which combines gameplay bits of Half-Life and Max Payne. The main reason for no activity these months was lack of motivation to continue. I wanted the next update to be focused on having actual Max Payne content instead of providing just pure gameplay features, but unfortunately people who suggested their help with models didn't manage to finish the required work while I didn't much push for it. Not having progress on models was ruining motivation.


But several weeks ago I decided to learn basics of 3D Modelling with Blender, it's something I needed to learn anyway. Surprisingly it went fast and productive, and then in 1-2 weeks I already understand how I can use it for my GoldSource needs.
Blender workflow for GoldSource sucked though, because SMDs exported by this plugin were only compatible with StudioMdl for Source, and GoldSource version complained about bones being incorrect. The traditional solution to this problem was importing\exporting the SMD in Milkshape or manually fixing the SMD file yourself. Quickly realising that I won't tolerate working like this at all, I modified the Blender plugin so it'll correctly export SMDs for GoldSource. Developer of the plugin is aware of commit, and it should end up in the next version. The changes got into official 2.9.0 release of the plugin.

With understanding of how modelling for GoldSource works, I started with something easy: replacing medkits with actual painkillers.


Then I tried modelling a med cabinet from scratch to replace brush based med chargers.
I don't like the texture work here - there's almost no shading, but I mostly care that now it's an actual cabinet with real painkillers, the appearance can be polished later anyway.

Actually replacing med chargers with these cabinets was more difficult than you may think. The real catch here is that original med chargers were brush based - you just make a whatever brush in Hammer and declare it as med charger, the appearance of this brush can be anything, including textures. The new cabinet is now an actual model which has distinct appearance and must face the correct angle, the question is - how do we define the correct angle when brush doesn't provide such data? The problem ended up being solved in a tricky way, in short: using brush's mins and maxs values, which provide you with brush's coordinates - you can find out if the med charger is looking to the North\South or East\West, after that I'm making a trace back and forward from charger's position, the trace that doesn't end up in the wall immediatly hints at the correct angle that has to be set. The whole monstrosity is here, I think it's done in a stupid way, but if it works then it's not stupid anymore.

Painkiller positions and angles inside the cabinet are random, makes the thing look more real.


One of the most crucial things about Max Payne is being able to dual wield guns. This is something I really wanted to have from the beginning, but it couldn't be done because of my requirements to the model and it's animations.

For the next update I decided to work only on dual pistols, it's unlikely that I will do Uzi-like weapon (unless someone will bother modelling it). If you pick up a pistol while already having one - you can now shoot from two. Most games were providing dual pistols as separate weapon, which could allow for more simple implementation - you can count both clips as one. But in this case, the second pistol you pick up is same and we need to keep the option of using single pistol. Imagine if you were shooting only from one pistol and then switched to duals only to see that your ammo in clip has been replenished - this breaks immersion and is just unrealistic. I had to make both pistols independent from each other and so they would have their own clips, which would also dictate on how animations should be played while shooting, reloading or idling. Animations were messy, because you need to consider all cases, like reloading both pistols or only the left one, or reloading just the right one while the left one is unloaded.
After implementing dual pistols, I had to give a reason for using them, so I just decreased rate of fire for single pistol alittle.


Revoler (Colt Python) has been replaced with Desert Eagle from Opposing Force. It's a weapon that was present in original Max Payne and it seemed like a perfect fit. I didn't need the laser sight though, so it had to be cut.


Why would Max Payne wear HEV suit? Don't ask me why they'd allow him to do the experiment without HEV, but I think it had to be replaced. So I ended up with this funny thing. I should move it to the Freeman's closet where it would be more appropriate.


  • Try to implement bullet physics like in original Max Payne games. I can't decide yet if it should be optional, enabled by default, or only available in slowmotion - only actually trying this will tell.
  • Provide faster weapon drawing animations when you're in slowmotion, maybe increase rate of fire for some weapons in slowmotion (shotgun?)
  • Allow to use configuration files that modify the game and entities outside of Black Mesa Minute, so you could use instagib, or play the whole game like Akimbo Assassin without time limit.
    Score attack gamemode with combos instead of time limit? This will require separation of config files first.
  • Max's commentary on painkillers, damage, weapons acquired, whatever.
  • Allow to play any sound on certain triggers with usage of configuration files, this will allow for Max's commentary on game events without editing entity list inside maps (which would really blow the mod size).
  • Fix bugs that have been found out recently.
  • Something else?
  • Maybe your suggestion could end up here


Here's something you can help with: design an action scene with Max Payne diving in Black Mesa and shooting bad guys so it could be put in the main menu! If you're up to it, original model from Max Payne 1 must be used, usage of dual pistols is preferred, which should be original Valve's HD berettas, because that's what is being used in the mod. The picture must be in the 4:3 format.

Ninja_Nub[NOR] provided some of the scenes he made. I really like the first one and it might end up in the mod if there won't be any better alternative.


I made Twitter account recently with aim to post development bits here and maybe catching more attention for this mod, so you may follow me if you're interested in that.
I remind you that there's GitHub repo with Half-Payne source code. You can spot some of the features here that I didn't find worth mentioning.
I'm always open to suggestions and support. While I can handle simple modelling issues myself now - I'm still really amateur, you can see that in dual pistol animations.

Half-Payne - Gameplay polishment update released

Half-Payne - Gameplay polishment update released


New Half-Payne update has been released! Read more about fixes and how much Black Mesa Minute improved.

Half-Payne - Black Mesa Minute update released

Half-Payne - Black Mesa Minute update released

News 1 comment

Black Mesa Minute has been released! Read about mod update and what to expect in the future.

Black Mesa Minute gamemode

Black Mesa Minute gamemode

News 5 comments

From the beginning I planned implementing gamemode simillar to that New York Minute from the original Max Payne games.

What The Headcrab! Episode 19

What The Headcrab! Episode 19


What The Headcrab! is a weekly video covering the latest single player Half-life news, along with other interesting items, including a YouTube Channel...

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Half-Payne / August 01st 2016

Half-Payne / August 01st 2016

Full Version

* Fixed level states being saved in Black Mesa Minute when you restart using mouse click after dying. * Added "holdtimer" to [mods] section for Black...

Half-Payne / July 29th 2016

Half-Payne / July 29th 2016

Full Version

New update for Half-Payne which includes many fixes and Black Mesa Minute polishment.

Half-Payne / June 24th 2016

Half-Payne / June 24th 2016

Full Version 2 comments

Black Mesa Minute update. Read more about how to play the new gamemode in bmm_cfg\_README.txt

Half-Payne / June 12th 2016

Half-Payne / June 12th 2016

Full Version 3 comments

Latest version of Half-Payne. Unpack 'half_payne' folder in your Half-Life directory and launch the mod by specifying '-game half_payne' in additional...

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This mod sets host_framerate to 0.01 on every map load, which causes the game to randomly speed up and slow down unless you set that command to 0 every time you load a map. Is this intended or a mistake? None of my other Half-Life mods do this. I also saw someone else in the comments complain about their game randomly changing speeds while playing, so it isn't just me experiencing this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It also does it anytime I go into bullet time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

Indeed host_framerate is a dirty and simple way to make actual slowmotion. Unfortunately, unlike Source engine, it's tied to frames per second (FPS), which has to be capped (which is why there's VSync warning). That's the main reason why the game speeds up alot or slows down sometimes - because of FPS value changes.

I always experience speeding up if I minimize my game (it's windowed) and play it later. Maybe because ton of frames are getting into buffer uncapped when minimzed. Perhaps it could be fixed by enhancing frame capping logic or putting it's code in different place, but it never was on my priority list.

Doesn't mean that I shouldn't look into it, because experiencing FPS\speed drop on every map change sounds really bad, though it should only happen on non-modern computers.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Frame drops aren't the issue. Even when I am getting 100 FPS the speed is inconsistent. What causes the speed to be inconsistent is that host_framerate is set to 0.01. When I change host_framerate to 0, the game runs as intended. Bullet time and shootdodge still work and the speed is normal. The only problem is that everytime the map changes or bullet time is used, it changes back to 0.01. What I do now is set a bind for "host_framerate 0" and use it any time the mod changes host_framerate to 0.01, which seems to be the easiest way to make the mod run normally.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

I reminded myself why I'm not switching to 'host_framerate 0'. It's because going from 0.0025, 0.01 or any other value to 0 causes non-smooth transition, if you're moving forward - you kinda teleport alittle.

If you get inconsistent speed even at 100 FPS - now I have no idea why that happens. I didn't get much reports on this and didn't have the problem myself. Speed issues should only arise when FPS is not 100, and even if it dropped to 95-99 for a quick moment - you wouldn't really notice.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ever thought of joining #MakeItSUPERHOT ? 4 days left but you seem to have enough process. and the bullet time fits with the theme

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

funny enough, I had this thought recently. but there's no way I'll manage to finish it in a way I want.
Despite that I'm actually considering making 'superhot' an additional mod for configuration files.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can be gore?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Any News on next Version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
suXin Creator

Yes, just wait for the article to get through moderation.

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