Multiplayer / cooperative FPS set in Wild West times. Take part in frenzy team versus shootouts or play cooperative games against AI managed enemies. Most of the classic black powder guns are available, in single or dual wield setup.

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Anywhere [OLD] Character modeler at Fistful of Frags

character modeler fistful of frags anywhere artists fistful of frags is a wild west themed first person shooter for source engine. released 5 years ago, this is mostly a total conversion that brings unique game modes (competitive and cooperative) and lots of features as: dual wield guns, self body awareness, custom multiplayer bots or free aim revolvers for duels, just to name a few... we are in need of a character modeler to create new player models from the ground up (concept/model/skin). the only creative restriction would be some fixed proportions, given how models will be rigged into the standard sdk skeleton, team colors, and a couple of add-ons that must be present in both models (bandanna and beard). other than that, we expect a triangle count around 10-15k triangles, normal maps baked from high poly source, 2048x2048 px diffuse map and phong/env reflection maps. previous experience must be credited.

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Fistful of Frags
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Released Dec 2007
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