Total conversion mod that replaces the Rebellion with the New Republic, The Empire with the Imperial Remnant, The Zann Consortium with the Mandalorian Republic, and adds a new faction, The New Sith Empire. Revamped Galactic conquest maps as well as skirmish maps are included along with a few new ones. The Focus of this mod is to make the base game larger and more tactical as you will have to alter your fleets and tactics to match those of your various opponents.

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New Republic
K-Wing Squadron,
E-Wing Squadron,
X-Wing Squadron,
Y-Wing Squadron,
A-Wing Squadron,
B-Wing Squadron,
Corellian Gunboat,
Corellian Corvette,
Quasar Fire,
Nebulon B Frigate,
Nebulon B2 Frigate,
Nebulon C Frigate,
Alliance Assault Frigate MkI,
Alliance Assault Frigate MkII,
Bothan Cruiser,
MC30c Frigate,
Liberty Cruiser,
Home One,

Imperial Remnant,
I7 Howlrunner Squadron,
TIE Scout Squadron,
TIE Defender,
TIE Interceptor,
TIE Fighter,
TIE Bomber,
Imperial CR90,
Carrack Cruiser(soon to be replaced by the lancer),
TIE Phantom Squadron,
VictoryII Gunship,
Nebulon B Frigate Empire,
Strike Cruiser,
Interdictor Cruiser,
Victory Star Destroyer,
Gladiator Star Destroyer,
Modular Task Cruiser,
Vindicator Cruiser,
Allegiance Star Destroyer,
Admonitor Star Destroyer,
Accuser Star Destroyer,
Venator Star Destroyer,
Executor Super Star Destroyer,

CIS holdouts,
Vulture Droid Squadron,
Scarab Droid Squadron,
Hyena DroidBomber Squadron,
Droid Trifighter Squadron,
CIS Picket,
Munificent frigate,
Recusant Patrol ship,
Geonosian Destroyer,
Recusant Destroyer,
C9969 Carrier,
Providence Cruiser,
Wavecrest Frigate,
Lucrehulk Battleship,
Lucrehulk Carrier,

Mandalorian Republic,
Kyr'Galaar Squadron,
StarViper Squadron,
Dunelizard starfighter Squadron,
Gladiator Squadron,
Crusader Gunship,
Marauder Missile_Cruiser,
Harrier Frigate,
Mandaven Cruiser,
Vengeance Sniper Frigate,
Lictor Assault_Carrier,
Paladin Cruiser,
Phalanx Frigate,
Kedalbe Battleship MK II,
Krayt Class Destroyer,

Sith Empire,
Sith Bomber Squadron,
Sith Interceptor Squadron,
Sith Fighter Squadron,
Sith Scout Squadron,
Sith Heavy Fighter Squadron,
Nssis Fighter Squadron,
Longhorn Cruiser,
Assassin Corvette,
Raider Corvette,
Harbinger HSD,
Dashade Frigate,
Derriphan Frigate,
Sith Interdictor,
Inquisitor Destroyer,
Centurion Destroyer,
Harrower mkI,

Harrower mkII,

The Harbinger

Enjoy this ship list and have fun speculating on what some of the odd names might be. :D


News so old.....

News so old.....

News 0 comments

Mod not dead, GrandAdmiralLeLach returning to active development



News 0 comments

Hardware malfunction causes unexpected and detrimental delay.

Bugs And exciting news!

Bugs And exciting news!

News 1 comment

A current list of major and minor bugs, new units being added, and a small announcement.

Fear the Dark Side.bat

Fear the Dark Side.bat

Patch 6 comments

I am so sorry about this, I did not realize that the original file did not come with the .bat file. It is completely my fault and I apologize for anyone...

Beta Patch 1.3

Beta Patch 1.3

Patch 2 comments

First patch. Installation instructions: Open archive into FearTheDarkSide folder, place files from the folders in the archive in their corresponding folders...

Fear the Dark side Beta 1.2

Fear the Dark side Beta 1.2

Demo 15 comments

First (working) Beta of Fear the Dark side. IF there are major flaws I will release a patch fixing the issues. A big thanks goes to the whole mod team...

Fear The Dark Side Skirmish (Does not work)

Fear The Dark Side Skirmish (Does not work)

Demo 16 comments

Alpha build of the new space skirmish game, still experimental, but functions quite well. We will update occasionally to respond to bug reports, so keep...

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For any one who has steam you can now join the Official Mod Group

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Darth_Raius Creator

Good work Failikeapro. Brilliant Idea.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just wondering but are CIS holdouts available to battle in skirmish mode, as they don't show up in the faction selection

Otherwise, loving the mod so far

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Darth_Raius Creator

The CIS holdouts have been cut from the mod as they made little sense in the time period we are covering. However, some of their units will still be in the game and available through Black Sun or Hutt bases.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Now the planets are all working as far as I can tell. But it loves to crash during space combat.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

wow its amazing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

really enjoying this mod so far, hope you add more units to the sith empire eventually. overall a unique experience. best of luck to you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Darth_Raius Creator

I do plan of adding new units to the Sith, and many are not enabled in the beta build that is currently available. However, most units I have planned are mere concepts, and I don't currently possess the skills to make them a reality.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just to let everyone know there is new video of what's to come if the video doesn't load on moddb here is the video on Youtube :

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Cant seem to play as the New Sith Empire. when i try to select it in GC it doesnt allow me to select advanced options or click the start button to start.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Darth_Raius Creator

The sith empire is currently not playable in GC, I am working to enable them, even if it is only in one scenario.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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