Europe 1200 gets ported to Warband. With a bigger map, more factions, and loads of new content. A reallistic mod that takes the player to the Middle Ages, when more than 20 different factions fight for their own expansion and glory.

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Sep 2nd, 2011
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This release of Europe 1200 includes Western and Central Europe with a total of 32 factions and 4 military orders, including a new faction, The Kingdom of Hungary, among with a good lot of enhancements and bugfixes. Live the Middle Ages and find your way to glory...

FACTIONS: Castille, Leon, Navarre, Aragon, the Banu Gaya (Mallorca), Almohad Caliphate, France, Toulouse, England, Denmark, Norway, Kingdom of Connacht, Irish Kingdoms, Welsh Principalities, K of Mann, K of the Isles, Scotland, Sweden, Genoa, Pisa, Holy Roman Empire, Holland, Frisia, Flanders, Brabant, Venice, Sicily, Bohemia, the Papal States, the Tuscan League,Lombard League, Hungary. ORDERS: Aviz, Santiago, Calatrava, Saint George. MAP AREAS: North-West Africa, Iberia, France, Holland, British Isles, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Bohemia and Hungary. INCLUDING: Sea travel, naval warfare and a complete enhancement of the war system, among many other minor features.


- Added Kingdom of Hungary.


- Lords now defect only to nearby factions.
- Minor adjustments to the map.
- Rework of Looters (they look a little less 'nativeish' now).
- Rework of Sea Raiders (now just "Raiders", less nordic and more deserter-lookalike).
- Custom faces for Venetian, Tuscan, Bohemian and Lombard lords (thanks to DrevniDabar).
- Added some ladies and family relationships for Venice, Bohemia and the Lombard League (thx to DrevniDabar again).
- Added custom castle and prison guards to most factions (at last!).
- Added two more companions.
- Added custom mudéjar textures for the castle hall of Segovia (thanks to Revan-Shan).
- Added custom city scene for Nüremberg (thanks to quapitty).
- Villages now should increase their prosperity a bit faster (to compensate the huge swarms of naughty lords who usually plunder them).
- Added some kettle hats from Dejawolf's medieval helmet pack.


- "Dyes everywhere" solved (with great help from Gannish).
- Tournaments work again (were broken in 0.13 release)
- Agnone (village in southern Italy) can now be accessed.
- Fixed a "dark spot" in the alpine pass near Bolzano.
- Fixed a really annoying glitch in the map, between Cres island and the Dalmatian coast.
- Fixed the Great Dutch Traffic Jam (several map glitches in the Frisian region).
- No more doppelgängers (your funny impersonators with rhodok-swadian dialogue) in the streets.
- Companions will now respond well when interacted by the player while in party, instead of coming up with some weird native talk.


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Europe 1200 - Beta 5
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Darth_Siddius Sep 3 2011 says:

When I want to download it, it says 404...

+2 votes     reply to comment
Samurai_X Sep 3 2011 replied:

Same Proberlm too bro :(, so sad wanted to play this so bad straight away, when i sore on moddb updates, o well ill wait one more day :D.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Darth_Siddius Sep 3 2011 replied:

Now it works :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
SgtCbb Sep 3 2011 says:

Same here. What a bummer.

+1 vote     reply to comment
des97 Sep 3 2011 says:

Same here as well :/
By the way, the previous beta (BETA 4) had some errors which caused my game to crash several times. Is this fixed in BETA 5?


+1 vote     reply to comment
Sebastony Sep 3 2011 says:

Now downloading.

+1 vote     reply to comment
rj2long Sep 3 2011 says:

do i need to delete the old one? or is this more of a patch?

+1 vote     reply to comment
RevanShan Author
RevanShan Sep 3 2011 replied:

It is a Full Version, not a patch.

+1 vote   reply to comment
des97 Sep 5 2011 says:

thanks mate :) which version of Mount&Blade Warband do you suggest so I can avoid any future problems? I have version 1.134.

+1 vote     reply to comment
des97 Sep 5 2011 says:

i updated my game to 1.143 and serial key doesnt work. any help?

+1 vote     reply to comment
RevanShan Author
RevanShan Sep 5 2011 says:

It should work with 1.134, I think that's the one I have...

"updated my game to 1.143 and serial key doesnt work. any help?"

I dunno, you should ask on Taleworlds, but maybe it could be that you downloaded MaB With Fire and Sword and you are trying to use the key from MaB Warband.

+1 vote   reply to comment
des97 Sep 5 2011 says:

Ok never mind ... Everything is working fine :)

You rock mate :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
JoetheGrim Sep 10 2011 says:

Here's an idea, get a map of Europe, and every update, upload a version which has all the finished areas shaded...

0 votes     reply to comment
mgiglio Oct 1 2011 says:

as usually, i would like to thankyou for this great work. I bought all 3 MB and with your mod it's another game ... now i'm downloading beta 5 but i played with the 4 and i saw that you inserted IVREA, icannot believe it, it's my little city,20000 people !!! (if i 'm not wrong,i'm searchng my story book , tomorrow i ask to my girl where is it, in 1200 it's name was Yporegia ... our city was founded by Salassi in 500bc then the roman empire in 100 ac called it Augusta Eporedia ... our name is still "eporediesi" ). i love you !!! :))))

+1 vote     reply to comment
mgiglio Oct 2 2011 says:

I confirm it ... The name of Ivrea in 1200 was Yporegia.
i found another great mod , the structure was change completely and it's more realistic , surely you know about it, it' s Brytenwalda.

That structure with your map , could be the best mod EVER and EVER

+1 vote     reply to comment
The_Opportunist Oct 2 2011 says:

When i launch it it loads most of it then it closes and comes up with 'unable to open Modules\Europe 1200\sound.txt'
can anyone help?

+1 vote     reply to comment
fredbloggs Oct 10 2011 says:

Brilliant mod, but sent too long playing 4 to start again.

Is there any way to use saved games from 4 with 5? Dont mind deleting items etc

+1 vote     reply to comment
mcsweeny Oct 15 2011 says:

why did you delete my earlier comment? although i see that the above comment addresses the same issue.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Real_Hawk Oct 22 2011 says:

Yea new release!! i am downloading right now! glad the tournaments are fixed!

+1 vote     reply to comment
nems. Oct 23 2011 says:

hey guys, i have a problem with serial key! can someone help me out please? (if not here, please send on my mail ).
oh and, can you tell us aproximately when will you upgrade the version and add balkans? (im interested in serbia (rascia) mostly). thanks.
all in all GREAT mod! much better than original!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
srbija3 Nov 26 2011 says:

please add serbia in beta 6 mod or somebody give me link for mod where serbia is in the game

+2 votes     reply to comment
RexCroatorumTomislav Nov 30 2011 says:

You could ad Croatian Kingdom, because it was in war with Hungary these times, croatian king Tomislav was fighting Hungarians and Bulgarians...

+2 votes     reply to comment
MaturityLack Apr 12 2012 replied:

Well, I am for that, too.
I am Croat.

+1 vote     reply to comment
BlueberrySman Dec 4 2011 says:

im gona wait till i fin my exams to play it, as a chrisy present to my self, man it looks awsome, ireland shall conqure europe!!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
thewolfofmods Dec 18 2011 says:

i remember when i was like " ok rewrite the native" then my game was like duuuuuh that no work and i was " DX"

+1 vote     reply to comment
srbija3 Dec 24 2011 says:

please serbia please make serbia please!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
nemos Jan 9 2012 says:

I have a problem with mod instaltion....
can anyone help me and send me link with corect instalation on my mail

+1 vote     reply to comment
nemos Jan 9 2012 says:

Ah I remember to say...
e braco da li imate dobre linkove za skidanje modova koji ne prijavljuju greske pri extrakovanju

+1 vote     reply to comment
RexCroatorumTomislav Jan 16 2012 says:

well, I can say it is a very good mod. You shouldn't add Croatian Kingdom, because I've seen you've added Croatian villages. Well, you should ad villages in Istra as Croatian, not Lombard, same thing with Hvar and Korchula, their villages should be Croatian because Croats were there. Also I must report a bug, probably. Jezdziec is not a Croatian unit, it is Hungarian, and I've seen you've added Vitez as Hungarian unit. Vitez is a Croatian word, so, I think it's a bug. Also a name of "Stejpan Babonic" it is "Stjepan" not "Stejpan". City of Zara, it is Zadar, not Zara, mabye you've found some different info about the city in 1200 but I think It was Zadar in 1200 too. And You should ad more women in the mod, only good looking woman is Anna Dandolo, daughter of Vice-Doge Raniero Dandolo :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
xxlrutin Jan 18 2012 says:

RexCroatorumTomislav: form wikipedia about Croats:
"A large number of Croats were forced to leave their traditional homeland over the course of time for economic or political reasons. Thus today there exists quite a large Croat diaspora outside their traditional homeland in southern Central Europe. The first large emigration of Croats took place in the 15th and 16th centuries, at the beginning of the Ottoman conquests in today's Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. People fled to safer areas in what are today Croatia, and other areas of the Habsburg Empire, today's Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and small parts of Italy, Germany and the Ukraine. This migration resulted in Croat communities in Austria and Hungary."

+1 vote     reply to comment
xxlrutin Jan 18 2012 says:

"The earliest Croatian state was the Principality of Dalmatia. Prince Trpimir of Dalmatia was called Duke of Croats in 852. In 925 Croatian Duke of Dalmatia Tomislav of Trpimir united all Croats. He organized a state by annexing the Principality of Pannonia as well as maintaining close ties with Pagania and Zahumlje.
"Ealy Modern history: Since the creation of the personal union with Hungary in 1102, the Croats were at times subjected to enforced Germanization and Magyarization, especially from the 17th century onward.

+1 vote     reply to comment
xxlrutin Jan 18 2012 says:

Based on this, we can say that Croatia was actually handled as a part of Hungary in 1200.

The city you mentioned (now it is called Zadar) was also on the territory of Hungary in 1200's, so thats why it has a hungarian name, Zara.

The word "Vitéz" you mentioned, i can tell you for sure, is a word with hungarian origin. Croatians and Hungarians lived almost thousand years together, and Croats were undr the rule of Hungary. Hungarians and Croatians loaned a bunch of words from eachother (pekara-pékáru, objed-ebéd, tegla-tégla, kumpir-krumpli, etc.), and lot of these words have Croatian origin. But the exact word, you mentioned "Vitéz" is clearly a word eith hungarian origin. YOu can easily decide, if a word in croatian or hungarian is a loanword or not: try to explain from your language, if you can find "family word group" for it, its croatian, if you cannot explain it from croatian, its hungarian. (for ex: zsemicska-zsemle (croatian origin), csetrvtak-csütörtök (croatian origin), kuhinja-konyha (croatian origin), vasar-vásár (hungarian origin)ured-iroda (hungarian origin). The "vitéz" word is clearly hungarian origin.

+1 vote     reply to comment
xxlrutin Jan 19 2012 says:

But it is very fair from the creators of this mod that, if you go to Croatia, which is part of Hungarian Kingdom, and you recruit soldiers to your armiy, you will find croatian peasants in Croatia, not hungarian peasants. It is the same with other countries also.

One thing about the names of hungarian troops. A new kind of troop was implemented in this mod in hungarian army, the "Jobbágy". But sadly, jobbágy is one of the highest rank, that a soldier can reach.

Sadly, because teh word "jobbágy" in hungarian means "peasant". A "jobbágy" is a poorly armed troop, his arm is maximum an axe, or more probably a skythe. But I am sure that a "Jobbágy" could never be on the top of hungarian troop tree.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 30 2012 says:

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Guest Jan 11 2013 says:

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Guest Jan 21 2013 says:

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Guest Sep 22 2013 says:

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Guest Feb 13 2014 says:

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