This is not a mod for source (Half Life 2).

It’s a skin / model mod for day of defeat source.

It replaces all models, skins, wall and floor textures with high poly, and high resolution revisions of the original skins.
This is not a pack to make day of defeat source easier to play.
Or to make it harder.
Simply make it look as good as it can.
There has been 2 packs released with 2 hot fixes.
These files should only been considered as tests or alphas, v3 will be high quality with allot more files and features.

v2 + Hot fixes (Released)
- Improved sharpness of textures
- Different player skins
- Snow covered fortifications high resolution

V3 (Coming soon)
- Better normal mapping
- More changes to textures

- High poly props
- High resolution wall texture
- High poly fortifications and static props

You will need a system of the following spec to run this even a bit.
And Need to have video settings set to high to get full effect.
If the settings are set to low you may get a purple and black checkers on some models.

My test system is a
1gb ddr 400 ram
6600gt (agp)
1.3TB storage
17' lcd

at full graphic at 1280x1024 i get 30~40 fps

Both of these have been featured as Day of defeat source file of the week at Half Life Files.

DoD: Source High Res. Allied Weapons (v1 Promotional Pack)
DoD: Source Higher Res Skins & Props (V2 Full)
Thanks guys.

This pack is also incuded now in realistic "best of" skin packs.
Thanks to all that have used it.

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